Recipe Maeuntang Korean Salmon Head with Kimchi Soup in Spicy Sour Chili Broth

kimchi soup salmon fish head recipe maeuntang korean hot chili fish stew broth

Salmon Head with Kimchi Soup in Spicy Sour Chili Broth

Recipe Spicy Salmon Head and Kimchi Soup a.k.a Korean Maeuntang Soup. We used to called it as Sup Kepala Salmon Asam Pedas dengan Sayur Kimchi  Salmon fish head is the best part of it, beside it’s cheap, its very versetile; grilled, boiled, stewed, deep fried, you name it. It’s obviuous that that fish head is way much more appreciated by we all Asian. I even thought i even can be a friend who didn’t like fish head. Salmon is delicious with it’s succulent, fatty, crunchy cartilagous with it’s all gelatinous and slurrpping goodnes, a truelly divine foodgasm. This some sort of Korean salmon fish head and kimchi soup is basically similiar with my Malaysian Asam Laksa Fish Head Noodle Soup, but served without the egg noodle, even it’s possible and would be agreat idea  thou.

recipe korean spicy fish soup kimchi vegetables salmon head chili hot pepper soup enoki mushrooms shilgochu

Korean Kimchi Salmon Head Soup in Spicy Sour Chili Broth

This salmon head with kimchi soup is hearthy for it’s spicy, rich, tangy and hot broth and it’s what my Indonesian licking wanted. The rich broth made of slowly boiled fish head gelatine and it’s all comes with savoury and pungent gochujang (fermented Korean chili, soy bean and glutinous rice paste)  and kelp or edible seaweed. The gochugaru (Korean chili flakes) also added to light up the heat on the broth alongside with kimchi liquid add spicy ,tangy and pleasant sourness a into it.  The kimchi vegetables added just before serving  add the extra crunch and fibers  to your healthy tummmy.


recipe korean spicy salmon head soup with kimchi vegetables maeuntang chili thread shilgochu scallion

Hot, Spicy and Sour Chili Korean Salmon Head with Kimchi Soup 

The recipe of Korean kimchi and salmon fish head soup is simple and a very healthy, no need to add extra calories from oil for stif frying because all you need to do is boiling. The gochujang paste dissolved into water, then the chopped garlic, ginger, white part of scallion,  thrown into the pot and then boiled. The salmon fish head then added along with other seasoning; soy sauce, fish sauce, and gochugaru. The hot and spicy salmon head soup mixture then boiled slowly, spoon any ugly foam or scum that floating in the surface of the broth to made the soup more plateable. Once the soup done, you can garnish with chopped scallion and shilgochu (Korean chili strand or chili thread).

recipe maeuntang spicy fish soup vegetables salmon head kimchi soup korean chili strand shilgochu

Maeuntang Korean Salmon Head with Kimchi Soup in Spicy Sour Chili Broth

recipe kimchi soup salmon head spicy maeuntang fish vegetable soup

Store Brought and Ready to Eat Kimchi

I’m using a store brought and ready to eat kimchi, you can find it in the chiller area in the Asian-Korean food section in the supermarket nearby. I guess iy’s better if you have guts to try to made kimchi from scratch. I’m lucky enought to had this “fresh” kimchi, the veggis is crisp, the seaoning is spicy enought but a little bit too sour for my licking, glad that i had to enjoy the kimchi within the salmon head broth. This kimchi had napa cabbage, radish,  and scallion on it, so you can replace it with the fresh ones if you can’t found ready to eat kimchi.

recipe spicy salmon head soup kimchi hot chili Maeuntang fish vegetables soup

Maeuntang Spicy Hot Korean Salmon Head with Kimchi Soup

Let’s say this spicy salmon head and kimchi stew is a cheat version of Korean maeuntang soup. Authentic maeuntang using fresh vegetables and whole fish, but i using salmon head and collar and ready to eat store brought kimchi instead.But this maeuntang-sort of soup is seasoned as good as the original with chili powder, garlic, soy sauce, and gochujang.

Maeuntang recipe spicy fish vegetables soup salmon head kimchi

Easy and Quicky Maeuntang Soup-sort off

Mae-un tang is Korean  hot and  spicy  fish and vegetables soup, seasoned with with gochujang (Korean red chili pepper paste), gochugaru (chili powder). Maeuntang derived from maeun or maepda (맵다), meaning “hot and spicy”; and tang, meaning “soup”. Maeuntang usually using whole  fresh or saltwater fish is cut into several pieces and boiled with green vegetables such as watercress and garland chrysanthemum. Onion, radish, chilis, crown daisy, garlic, and sometimes zucchini and bean curd are added to the mixture to absorb the chili pepper paste which is the main flavoring of this dish.

spicy salmon fish head soup kimchi korean maeuntang fish soup vegetables chili strand

Maeuntang garnished with shilgochu (Korean chili threads)

I had a new culinary crush now, shilgochu  or Korean chili threads. Shilgochu made everything fancy, looks the vibrantly dark red bright garnish over my spicy and hot salmon kimch soup. Shilgochu is not all about garnish, it’s  fruity, sweet, and mildly spicy make a  delicious garnish on Asian dishes.  One of our favorite spices, we always keep a jar on our kitchen counter to simply add a few threads on top of noodle and rice dishes, so check it in any Asian-Korean supermarket nearby you !

spicy salmon head soup eye balls tasty part hot chili kimchi fish soup maeuntang shilgochu chili thread

Salmon Eye Ball, The Best Part of Salmon Head!

This is the salmon eye balls, the best part of the salmon head. back then when i was a little kid i used to had the eyeball when my mom made a dish with fish head like Woku Ikan Belanga (Indonesian Red Snapper Fish Head Curry Soup) or Palumara Ulu Juku ( Spicy Grouper Fish Head Soup with Turmeric Based Broth)  eversince i used to be “the kid” in the house and it made both of my sisters pissed off. Well, honestly the previlledge as a youngest  and only son it’s more pleasant for me rather than the fish eyeballs itself, you can called me childish, but i really missed that argues even more now once we grown up.

recipe korean maeuntang spicy salmon fish head soup kimchi vegetables chili strand shilgochu soup

Recipe Hot Spicy Salmon Head Kimchi Soup (Korean Maeuntang Soup):

Recipe Hot Spicy Salmon Head Kimchi Soup (Korean Maeuntang Soup):


  • 2 large salmon fish head, cut in half
  • 1 pack Kimchi (about 250 grams)
  • 1 block firm tofu
  • 1 bunch green onions, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp (or more) gochujang (Korean chili-bean paste)
  • 1 tbsp gochugaru (Korean chili powder)
  • 1-2 handfuls of bean sprouts
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce
  • 2 tbsp soju or cooking wine
  • 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp ginger root, finely chopped
  • 6-8 cups water
  • 1 sheet of kelp
  • shilgochu  or Korean Chili Threads for garnish

How to Make Hot Spicy Salmon Head Kimchi Soup (Korean Maeuntang Soup):

  • Clean the salmon head under running water, remove the gills
  • Marinade with salt and lemon juice to remove the fishy odor
  • Wash the salmon head under running water once more time, drain the excess water
  • Pour the water and the kelp into a deep pot, bring to boil and simmer about 20 minutes, remove the kelp
  • Add all the ingredients  except the shilgochu and green onion, bring to boit and simmer for about 10 minutes
  • Spoon out the floating foam and scum from the soup surface
  • Turn off the heat and add the kimchi into the soup
  • Served the salmon head maeuntang soup with the green onion and shilgochu

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Recipe Ebi Sashimi (Japanese Sliced Raw Live Shrimp or Prawn, Served with Soy Sauce Dip)

recipe raw prawn sashimi live shrimp japanese ebi sashimi

Ebi Sashimi ( Japanese Style Sliced Raw Prawn or Shrimp)

Homemade Ebi Sashimi is a Japanese simple dish consisting thinly sliced of very fresh raw flesh from live shrimp or prawn.  Sashimi lloterrary means “pierced meat”,. The preparation of ebi or prawn sashimi is quite simple, no need of cooking, just a chef’s knive skills involved. The live shrimp or prawn used to be prepared just before serving, even it’s ususally prepared by sushi chef right infront of the hungry customers. The chef twist the body of the prawn to separate it from the head, devein, cleaned, sliced  and then served, that’s it!. Most of you may think it’s sounds icky, but i’m pretty sure that i had a pretty high standard of taste buds,  you should try give it a try first!, don’t overthink and then you’ll gonna love it. I love eating raw prawn, shrimp or lobster, if you want to introduced yourself with eating  raw seafood, i think my spicy and tasty Live Lobster Ceviche Recipe will be a great starter, just adjust the ingredients with prawn, shrimp, scallops or any fish fillets you’ve got.

recipe shrimp sashimi how to eat raw prawn sashimi ebi japanese sweet shrimp

Raw Prawn Sashimi

Prawn sashimi used to be served ikizukuri style; the prawn or shrimp flesh is thinly sliced while the head laying beside is still crawling, twitching, and moving. If you didn’t had a stoneheart like mine and consider it’s over than too fresh, ask nicely to the chef to remove the head from the serving plate. Instead of discarding the prawn or shrimp head, the sushi chef used to deep fried or grill it to made a little side snacks. But i think i’m not gonna do that, i’m gonna made a shrimp or prawn head miso soup using my Japanese Lobster Miso Soup Recipe.

live prawn swimming in tank recipe making ebi sashimi tiger black prawn

Live Giant Tiger Prawn Swimming in a Tank, Ready to Catch for Making Ebi Sashimi

I’m using live giant black tiger prawn for making this prawn sashimi. The giant tiger prawn was pretty huge, weight about 150-200 grams each and about 25-30 cm long, only six of seven of giant tiger prawn for a kilo. Tiger prawn flesh got a bluish translucent color when it’s raw. Live giant tiger prawn is not available at all market here in Indonesia, you can go to trusted supplier of live prawn. In jakarta there  several live prawn supplier; Iane fish market, Everfresh fish market, Bandar Djakarta Fish Market or in Grand Lucky Supermarket. If you can’t access the live prawn or shrimp, purchase the vaccum packed ones with certified sashimi grade.

live giant tiger prawn for sashimi ebi japanese raw shrimp suchi

Live Tiger Prawn Compeletely Sedated in Ice Cold Water on a 12 Inches Shallow Porcelaine Bowl

Killing live giant tiger prawn for making sashimi is another tricky problems. My palm is almost injured once i try to grab it with my bare hands. I was trying to handle it with my hands and taking it’s photograph, but it’s keep jumping all over and made a hillarious kitchen mess.  My sister told me that she used to sedate the lobster or catfish with ice cold water and lucklily once i try it, it’s works. The ice cold water made the prawns sedated without killing them.  I put one of the live giant tiger prawn in a 12 inches (30 cm diameter) bowl filled with ice cold water to compare the  prawn size. The freshness of the ingredients is the key of delicious sashimi. Never buy raw shrimps or prawn from market stalls to make shrimp sashimi, even it’s freshly caught, the fluctuative temperature during the transportation may degraded it’s qualities. So, i personally only eat sashimi once it’s only from a live prawn or shrimp.

raw shrimp sashimi recipe prawn sashimi with soy sauce ginger wasabi rice vermicelly japanese food

Fresh Raw Prawn Meat with Bluish Translucent Color

Before you thinking to made your own prawn sashimi, you should know there’s several rules to follow for making a delicious, edible and SAVETY prawn sashimi.  Prawn sashimi is eaten raw,  any improper preparation and excessive intake can lead to food poisoning.  Any raw animal product like raw prawn flesh is a high risk food. Marine prawn or shrimp are commonly used in prawn  sashimi.  Their shells are easily contaminated by pathogens, like Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio cholera, the risk even higher with eating raw freshwater prawn or shrimp. In order to reduce the risk, you should pay extra attention on the following tips to make prawn or shrimp sashimi at home :

  • If you had live shrimp or prawn, keep it  alive as long as posible, kill it just before served as sashimi,
  • If you had a vaccum packed prawn or shrimp with cerrtified sashimi grade, thaw it in the fridge overnight or submerged the whole package in a cold water before making sashimi, never thawing it in room temperature or your sashimi prawn or shrimp gonna be spoiled.
  • Keep all the tools clean and properly desinfected for making sashimi, stop handling sashimi if there are accidentally wounds / cuts on your hands.Cleanliness is the law for the sushi chef!!!
  • Keep the shrimp or prawn cold, right after you dressed the live shrimp or prawn, put some ice to kept it cold, it’s better you served prawn or shrimp sashimi over a bed of ice.
  • Keep it fast and moving, dress your prawn or shrimp quickly and served it immediately, it’s better to served raw prawn or shrimp sashimi within 2 hours after the prawn or shrimp killed and dressed.
  • Incase your sashimi is not fresh or with a strange taste (usually from the frozen vaccum pack), stop eating it.
  • Consult the doctor  if gastrointestinal symptoms appear after eating raw shrimp or prawn sashimi
ebi sashimi how to make raw shrimp sashimi live tiger black prawn sashimi

Prawn Sashimi Served Over Rice Vermicelli

Prawn sashimi  is typically draped over a garnish. The typical garnish for serving sashimi is shredded or grated daikon white radish, sisho or perilla leaf, sliced lime or lemon, and boiled rice vermicelly. Sashimi is normally served only with a dipping soy sauce, wasabi paste, and  thinly jullienned fresh ginger. I used to add some chopped birs eye chillies and chinese black vinegar. Chilli and vinegar may overpowering the natural sweetness of the raw prawn or shrimp flesh, but a splash made the sashimi tasty even more. Wasabi paste give extra hotness flavor and it’s  also killing harmful bacteria and parasites that could be present in raw seafood

recipe prawn sashimi ebi amaebi shrimp raw soy sauce wasabi glass vermicelli recipe

Giant Tiger Prawn Sashimi

raw prawn sashimi ebi amaebi shrimp sashimi tiger prawn sashimi succulent sweet flesh

Raw Live Prawn Sashimi with Savoury , Sweet, Succulent, Bounchy and Crisp Flesh

How does raw prawn or shrimp flesh taste like ?? well to answer that question, at least you’ve gotta try once. Raw prawn or shrimp meat taste savoury and umami sweet with a hint of the sea, live prawn or shrimp meat  isn’t fishy at all . The texture is succulent and bounchy with a tone of crisp, just like a cross combination of konyaku jelly and agar with a little bit of crisp when you chew it. Giant tiger prawn flesh got a pretty nice flavour, eventhough the meat isn’t as sweet as Amaebi shrimp that used to be served as ebi sashimi in Japan.

Ebi Sashimi Recipe ( Live Prawn or Shrimp Thinly Raw Sliced Meat):

  • 1 kg of live giant tiger prawn or shrimp
  • ice box with crushed ice block
  • ice cold freshwater
  • 1 medium size daikon radish, peeled
  • 1 lemon or lime, thinly slice
  • 1 pack rice vermicelly, cooked with package instruction, set aside
  • sisho or perilla leaves
  • Sesame Seed, toasted

Ebi Sashimi Prawn or Shrimp Sashimi Dipping Sauce Recipe:

  • Kikkoman (Japanese sauceapanese soy sauce)
  • Wasabi Paste
  • Thumb size fresh ginger, thinly jullienned*optional
  • Chinese black vinegar*optional
  • Bird eye chillies, finely chopped*optional

 How to Make Ebi Sashimi (Thinly Sliced Raw Prawn or Shrimp Meat):

A. How to humanely killed live shrimp or prawn:

  • Add about 3 -4 cups crushed ice in 1 litre water, put the live shrimp or prawn on it, close the bown with lid incase the shrimp trying to jumped out
  • Wait until 2-3 minutes until the shrimp or the prawn  is totally onconcious but still alive
  • Hold the live shrimp or prawn with both of your hand, twist the body againds the head to compeletely seperate it
  • Washed the head and also the body under running ice cold water and put the cleaned shrimp or prawn on ice box
  • Repeat this step one by one until all your shrimp or prawn is cleaned

B. How to Prepare or Dress Shrimp for Sahimi:

  • First you have to devein the prawn or shrimp, using a sharp tiny scissor, cut the back of the shrimp and pierce the middle side of the back longitudinally
  • Discard the entire vein
  • Peel off the shrimp or prawn meat from the shell
  • Washed it with running ice cold water from any debris or shell fragment and put it in the ice clean box
  • Repeat this steps until all the shrimp or prawn meat is compeletely peeled
  • You can thinly slice, or butterflied  the meat first, but i like to split it in half and then cut into bite size
how to slice live prawn sashimi japanese raw shrimp ebi sashimi serve over rice vermicelly

Raw Giant Prawn Sashimi, Deveined and split into two, ready to cut into bite size

  • Keep the sliced raw prawn or shrimp meat for sashimi in ice box before serving

C. How to Arrange Prawn or Shrimp Sashimi Platter:

  • The simple platter of prawn or shrimp sashimi may vary a lot, but i like to put mine in a shallow plate
  • Put the grated daikon and sisho leaf side by side
  • Lay the rice vermicelly and arrange the sliced raw prawn or shrimp sashimi over it
  • Put few slice of lemon or lime as a garnish
  • Served the raw prawn or shrimp sashimi aside with the dipping sauce
  • I like to hold the sliced raw prawn or shrimp sashimi and the rice vermicelly with chopstick and then dip it into the dipping soy sauce, then eat and enjoy it!!!

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Homemade Peking Duck Recipe with Crispy Crackling Skin, Served with Homemade Soft Chinese Pancake

homemade roasted peking duck recipe chinese pancake from scratch homemade rost duck bebek peking panggang dentist chef

Homemade Roasted Peking Duck with Crispy and Crackling Skin

Peking duck is the most popular duck dish in chinese cuisine around the world. Roasted Peking Duck is prized for its thin, crispy and crackling skin. Authentic versions of peking duck used to be dish served or carved the skin and little meat, skillfully sliced by the cook in front of the diners. The rest of the meat is eaten with scallion, cucumber and hoisin sauce with homemade chinese pancakes rolled around the fillings.

roasted peking duck recipe chinese pancake hoisin sauce homemade roast duck resep bebek peking dentist chef

Homemade Version Roasted Peking Duck

Homemade Roasted Peking Duck Recipe is quite an effort with hectic and prescise step by step preparation. All the effort worthed when you’ve making your homemade peking duck that mostly away cheaper than chinese restaurant along the fact that you’ve could adjust the test of your homemade peking duck. Once you’ve try making peking duck  very on kitchen,  it’s actually not really that hard, i even adjust the bycycle pump that used to plump the duck skin with ball pump as long as you can lifted up and seperate the skin from the meat. I’ve try  this method for making Crispy Roasted Chicken with Herbs Butter Recipe, ant it’s turn out successfully.

roasted peking duck recipe chinese crispy skin roast duck dentist chef bebek peking panggang

Crispy and Crackling Homemade Roasted Peking Duck

how to carving peking duck recipe crispy chinese roasted duck crispy skin moist tender duck breast meat

Peking Duck with Moist, Aromatic and Tender Meat

How to pump air under the duck skin is quite tricky, you can’t skip this step if you wanted your peking duck crispy. Air is pumped to separate the skin from the fat and let the fat under the skin renderred and being “fried” out the skin until crisp. The trick is you put your pump tips under the duck skin without pierching it’s meat through the neck cavity, seal the airway to make sure all the air from the pump entering the soft tissue underneath the duck skin. Once the duck skin is raised up, you may push or slightly palpate the duck skin to distribute the air underneath the duck skin. After one side, flip out the duck and doing the same treatment with another side.

pump air duck skin blow air peking duck crispy skin recipe resep bebek peking

Pump The Peking Duck with Balloon Pump from The Neck Skin

I like my roasted peking duck meat is tasty, quite spicy with  nice aromatic, moist and fork tender. Sometimes the chef in the chinese restaurant is too focus on the crispy skin highlight and let the meat overcooked and dry. Honestly, i think it’s a kinda unnecessary waste . That’s why one of my friend who is a junior executive chef in famous chinese restaurant in Palembang told me that i need to spiced up the duck cavity and then seal it good. He recommended to rub salt throught out the skin and cavity and then dust the cavity with a generous amount of bumbu ngohiang or chinese five spice powder, sliced ginger, chopped scallion and few cloves of crushed garlic. Once you’ve stuffed the duck cavity, seal it with bamboo skewer or you can sew it with butcher twines. The cavity stuffing gives a nice aromatic flavour and keep the moisture in the cavity, then the peking duck would be flavoursome, moist and tender. Never forget to discard the oil gland (Uropygial Gland) from the duck tail since it’s had stink aromas, but you should keep the pope’s nose since it’s quite meaty there.

crispy peking duck recipe step by step instruction making peking duck tide the belly

After the duck skin being pumped or blown out and the cavity is well sealed, now it’s the glazing step.  The duck is glazed with soy sauce, maltose and chinese red yeast rice or angkak as natural coloring agent mixture.  You can purchase the red rice in almost chinese groceries store nearby your place, if you can’t find any, instead you can simply use food coloring  and adjust the consistency of the glazing mixture with cornstarch.  While the duck is hung, the duck is glazed with the boiling glazing mixture until the duck skin is thighten, and the duck skin changing it’s color into nice reddish brown.

recipe peking duck glaze maltose soy sauce rosted crispy duck bebek peking

The Peking Duck is Glazed Until The Duck’s Skin is Thighten and The Skin Color is Nice Reddish Brown

Drying out the duck skin is the next crucial step. You can expose the glazed peking duck with blowing fan for a couple of minutes then let the duck stand for 24 hours until the skin is totally dry in a dry cold place. This steps is sounds easy to do if you live in a cold climates, but if you live in tropical climates like me; letting the duck standing in room temperature for 24 hours may iniciate the bad bacteria and fungus spores to ruined out your duck. That’s why i suggest to hung dry your duck in your fridge. Instead, you can laid it down in a shallow and hollow metal rack to allow the air circulated all over the duck skin, but i more like to hung out my duck in my fridge door, just like what i did to dry cure my Homemade Bresaola Recipe and Homemade Duck Prosciutto.

hung duck dry skin glazed maltose soy sauce recipe peking duck resep bebek peking dentist chef

The glazed peking duck is hung to dry in a fridge door!

dry skin peking duck recipe hung in fridge cara membuat bebek peking

The peking duck skin is totally dry and it’s ready to be roasted!

Peking Duck is traditionally roasted in either a closed oven or hung oven, but eversince my oven is to small for that, i used my shallow and hollow baking rack with a tray underneath.  Preheat the oven to 170ºC/325ºF. Place the duck in a roasting tray and put it in the oven for about 2 minutes. You should discard the excess water and oil dripping from the duck every 10 minutesor your duck is steamed instead of roasted. This will make the skin go wonderfully crispy. Generally, after a 40 minutes it will be perfect,the leg meat will pull off the bone and the skin will be wonderfully crisp. You don’t always need to, but I sometimes turn the heat up to 200ºC/400ºF/for 5 or more minutes until it’s really crispy and cracking.

recipe peking duck crispy skin chinese pancake moist meat recipe bebek peking dentist chef

Shining Roasted Peking Duck, The Oli Gland is Totally Removed from the Duck’s Tail

Serving  your homemade roasted peking duck is quite optional; you can eat it either with steaming hot rice, steamed buns or mandarin pancake.To made youer live easier, you can buying a couple of packs of pre-made chienese pancakes which you can place in a steamer or microwave and slowly steam until nice and hot. But eversince i’m too lazy to work out my butt to the supermarket, i like to made the chinese pancake from scratch. The basic recipe is quite simple, just like my Homemade Tortilla Recipe, but you just recplace the water with boiling water.

how to make roasted peking duck wrap in pancake hoisin plum scallion spring onion cucumber

Roasted Peking Duck, Chinese or Mandarin Pancake with Condiments and Vegetables

Once the duck has cooled a little bit, use two forks to cut out the meat off the carcass and place it in a plate. You can served it with plenty of greens and condiment sauce. i prefer using sweet bean paste sauce a.k.a hoisin sauce and spicy chilli sauce. I also add plenty of veggies within the roasted peking duck and pancake roll; thinly sliced scallion and cucumber, thinly shaved carrot, baby romain lettuce hearth and some pea sprout.

Chinese roasted peking duck hoisin plum sauce wrap pancake scallion spring onion cucumber recipe

Nic Stuffing for Chinese Peking Duck Pancake Roll

 I would love to tell you the way how i roll out my chinese pancake with my thinly sliced roasted peking duck. Starting by spreading the hoisin sauce and some spicy chilli sauce in the middle of the pancake and followed by placing the vegetables and the sliced roasted peking duck. After that i fold the base of the pancake and then fold out with slightly rolleing movement the pancake horizontally and let the other side of the pancake exposing the goodness inside.

recipe chinese pancake wrapped roasted peking duck hoisin sauce plum sauce bebek peking bungkus roti dentist chef

Step by step instruction how to wrap the roasted peking duck with chinese pancake

recipe roasted peking duck homemade chinese pancake wrapped meat spring onion scallion hoisin plum sauce

Enjoy Your Roasted Peking Duck Wrapped in Chinese Pancake!

chinese pancake wrapped roasted peking duck hoisin sauce ginger scallion spring onion

Another Shoots of Roasted Peking Duck Wrapped in Chinese Pancakes!

 Homemade Peking Duck Recipe with Step by Step Instructions:


  • One 2- 2.5 kg Peking Duck
  • Salt for rubbing

Peking Duck Stuffing Recipe:

  • few slice ginger
  • 1 bunch of roughly chopped scallions

Peking Duck Glazing Recipe:

  • 4 cups Water
  • 1 tablespoon Salt
  • 1 cup Chinese Cooking Wine/dry sherry
  • 1/2 cups Rice Vinegar
  • 1/4 cups Red Yeast Rice powder or Angkak (replace with 1 tbsp red food coloring plus dissolved 2 tablespoons cornstarch)
  • 1/2 cup Maltose or Honey
  • 2 tbsp Chinese Five Spice Powder
  • Few slices of Ginger
  • 1 roghly chopped Scallion

How To Make Homemade Roasted Crispy Peking Duck:

1. Making The Peking Duck Glaze:

  •  Place the water into a large wok pan, add the chinese five spice powder, ginger and scallion, bring it  to boil and let it boil gently for about 10 minutes
  • Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and discard the solid ingredients, put the liquid back into the large wok
  • Dissolved the rest of the peking duck glazing ingredients and keep stirring and bring it to boil, turn off the heat and set aside

2. Preparing the Peking Duck

  • Clean duck inside out and wipe dry
  • Discard the oil gland from the tail and cut the wing’s tips and the duck feet
  • Rub  the duck all over  with salt
  • Pump the skin to seperate it from the meat with bicycle or balloon pump from the neck skin
  • Put the stuffing ingredients inside the ducks cavity and seal it good with  bamboo skewer
  • Bring the glazing ingredients to boil
  • Hung the duck and then pour the glazing mixture all over the duck skin until it thighten out and the skin color is rurn into nice reddish brown
  • Expose the glazed peking duck with blowing fan for about 30 minutes and let it stand for another 24 hours in a cold and dry place (i placed the duck in my fridge)
  • When the duck duck is really dry, preheat oven to 170ºC, put the duck in a shallow and hollow baking rack and make sure the roasted duck dripping can’t touch the skin
  • Let the peking duck roasted for about 10 minutes and discard or spoon out the dripping from the tray and continue to roast another 30 minutes (discard the dripping every 10 minutes)
  • Increase the heat to 200ºC/400ºF and let it roasted for another 5 minutes until the skin is very-very crispy
  • When your homemade peking duck is done, carved it and served it with the homemade pancake and other condiments

Homemade Chinese Pancake Recipe for Roasted Peking Duck:


  • 450 grams plain flour
  • 310 ml boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup sesame oilplus 1 tbsp cornstarch

Samgyetang Recipe (Korean Chicken Soup with Ginseng & Sticky Rice Stuffing)

recipe samgyetang korean chicken ginseng soup recipe sweet rice stuffing

Samgyetang Soup (Korean Chicken Soup with Ginseng & Sticky Rice Stuffing)

Korean Chicken and Ginseng Soup Samgyetang Recipe. Samgyetang is an ancient Korean variety of  soup, that  consists of a whole junvenile chicken and ginseng root. Samgyetang soup is special even more because the chicken cavity filled with a mixture of sticky rice or sweet glutinous rice along with other korean medicinal herbs. The sweet rice stuffed baby chicken then boiled in broth containing extra ginseng root, bulb of garlic and traditional herbs. Samgyetang itself literally translates as “‘ginseng chicken soup” in English. Samgyetang is traditionally served in the summer and considered as a body tonic which replace the body liquid due to excessive sweating during  hot summers in Korea, beside it’s provide nutritional and medicinal values.

samgyetang recipe korean ginseng baby chicken soup stuffed with sweet rice

Korean Samgyetang Chicken Soup with Ginseng & Stuffed with Sticky Rice

I love samgyetang, my first and only experienced eaten samgyetang soup is on Bibigo Korean restaurant, Pacific Place Jakarta. My friend told me that Bibigo Restaurant is quite authentic within the acquired korean taste. The samgyetang soup was tagged for about 15 USD exclude the taxes and service charges. The presentation is pretty simple, the stuffed chicken sinking in round metal bowl and then topped with chopped scallion. Samgyetang broth is still boiling hot, and what’s surprise me is they using young ginseng root instead of old ginseng that used to be added in chinese herbal soup.

korean samgyetang soup baby chicken ginseng recipe stuffed sweet rice

Korean Chicken with Ginseng Soup (Samgyetang)

Authentic Korean samgyetang soup got intens ginseng root flavour, which is resemble of bitter parnish or green mustard. My friend also told me that Korean people even used to eaten the young ginseng root as a vegetable. Well, actually i personally didn’t really like the bitter after taste of ginseng root that overpowering the natural sweetness of the chicken meat, that’s why i use a tiny little  ginseng for my samgyetang soup. A little bitter hint of ginseng root on chicken soup will be pleasant for my licking.

ginseng root soup recipe

Ginseng Root for Making Samgyetang

baby chicken soup recipe samgyetang

Baby Kampong Chicken

Best Korean samgyetang sup using a young baby chicken or cornish hen, but i’m using junvenile kampong chicken weighed about 300 grams. Kampong chicken or Malay Chicken is a tougher meat than many other breeds, but kampong chicken considered a premium by people living in urban areas and costs more in supermarkets and wet markets than conventionally raised broiler chickens, due to its supposedly better flavour. Young kampung chicken needed longer time to tenderized compare to the cornish hen, this provide a sufficent time to cooked throught the sweet rice stuffing without overcooked the chicken.

Sticky rice stuffed chicken recipe samgyetang korean ginseng chicken herbal soup

Sticky Rice Stuffed Baby Chicken Soup with Ginger Root, Jujubes and Goji Beries

korean chicken ginseng soup samgyetang sticky rice stuffed glutinous rice ginseng red dates

Korean Samgyetang Stuffing: Sticky Rice, Ginseng Root, Garlic, Ginger, Red Dates, Sliced Abalone*optional

Samgyetang or Korean baby chicken and ginseng soup is stuffed with glutinous or sweet sticky rice. Actually it’s not only using sweet rice, but its a mixture of whole cloves of garlic, sliced ginger, and dried seeded red dates or red jujube. Depending on the recipe, other medicinal herbs such as Astragalus propinquus (hwanggi), wolfberry or goji berry (gugija), Codonopsis pilosula (dangsam), and Angelica sinensis (danggwi) may also be added. I also add some thinly sliced Rehydrated Dried Abalone within the sweet stuffing. The abalone is actually almost forgotton rehydrated abalone in my freezer that supposed to be added into my Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup. Another important tips for making samgyetang is Do Not Over Stuffing  the chicken cavity because the sweet rice is tend to be expanded once it cooked and it’s will explode if you overfilled the chicken cavity.

recipe korean ginseng chicken soup samgyetang stuffed sweet sticky rice

Korean Ginseng and Chicken Soup,  Stuffed with Sweet Sticky Rice

Best sticky rice stuffed chicken and ginseng soup or Korean samgyetang soup recipe need tasty and delicious broth for making it. Even the autentic samgyetang recipe using nothing flavoured stock but tab water for boiling the stuffed chicken. Well, actually i prefer healthy and tasty  into my daily dish term. You know, healthy food is sometimes didn’t take place in our society simply because it’s mostly taste like a crap. I recommended using Homemade Superior Stock or Homemade Roasted Bone Stock for making samgyetang, then you didn’t need to add any artifisial flavoured into it. Beside the broth, I also add two  3×3 inches pieces if konbu or japanese seaweed that used to make dashi or japanese stock. Konbu brings umami hint that blended well with dripping juices from the kampong chicken along the bitter hint of ginseng root.

samgyetang korean baby chicken ginseng soup

Samgyetang Korean Baby Chicken Soup with Ginseng Root

recipe samgyetang sweet rice stuffed chicken soup with ginseng red dates jujube herbs

Korean Samgyetang Soup

Samgyetang soup is a very healthy meals, if you want to trimmed some of your belly fat, i guess this is the perfect recipe for your diet. Samgyetang is high in nutritional values, the lean chicken is rich in protein and essential amino acids but it’s low in calories.  It is no wonder that samgyetang is an unrivaled healthy food, but i didn’t have any reason why it’s usually consumed during the hottest day of summer and once the person is sick, but n0t in the coldy winter. Not very scientific reason but Korean people belive that  blood flow increases near the skin and decreases in the internal organs during the hotters days of summer. This condition leading to cooling of the internal organs and reducing appetite and energy. Incontrary to common believes, eating a hot dish like samgyetang can facilitate blood flow in the internal organs and recovering the appetite and energy. Samgyetang soup and ginseng also lowers body heat by emitting sweat.

Samgyetang Korean Chicken and Ginseng Soup Recipe

Samgyetang Korean Chicken and Ginseng Soup Recipe

Samgyetang Korean Chicken and Ginseng Soup Recipe :

Ingredients :

  • 1 small chicken (baby chicken or cornish hen)
  • 1/4 cup of sweet glutinous rice
  • 2 small ginseng roots (1 for broth , 1 for stuffing)
  • 2 cloves of garlic for stuffing +1 bulb for broth
  • 1 stalk of scallion or green onions
  • 6 red dates or red jujubes
  • 1 tbsp wolf berries or goji berries
  • 1 dried chinese mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 abalone for stuffing, thinly slice*optional
  • 2 pieces (3×3″) of konbu/seaweed*optional
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 6 cups of water (Homemade Superior Stock or Homemade Roasted Bone Stock)

How to Make Korean Samgyetang Soup Recipe:

  • In a large metal pot, bring 6 cups of water or stock to boil
  • Add the konbu, scallion, chinese mushrooms, 1/2 tbsp wolf berries,1 bulb of garlic plus 1 ginseng root into the pot
  • Simmer the broth for about 30 minutes, set aside
  • Wash and rinse your chicken in cold running water
  • Season and rub the chicken all over with salt and pepper, set aside
  • Soak 1/4 cup of sweet rice for about 1 hour, drained
  • In a glass bowl, combine the sweet sticky rice, 3 jujubes, 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 tbsp goji berries and thinly sliced abalone
  • Stuff the chicken cavity with the sweet rice mixture, DO NOT OVER STUFFING IT!!!
Samgyetang recipe korean chicken soup ginseng stuffed sticky rice red dates

Stuffed Chicken with Sticky Rice Mixture

  • Secure the chicken cavity with 2 bamboo skewer or kitchen twines to prevent the stuffing submerged in the broth during cooking.
Recipe Stuffed chicken soup sticky rice grutinous sweet rice samgyetang soup

Secure the Stuffed Chicken Cavity with Bamboo Skewer

  • Place the stuffed chicken it in a pot. Pour water into the pot until the chicken cavity is completely submerged in broth, boil it over high heat for 20 minutes.
korean chicken ginseng soup samgyetang recipe

Boil Submerged Stuffed Baby Chicken

  • When it starts boiling, skim off any foam and fat that rises to the surface Then pour in more water and boil it over medium heat for 40 minutes.
chicken ginseng soup herbal korean samgyetang recipe

Discard The Floating Foam from the Samgyetang Broth

  • The samgyetang is done when the chicken will be easily pulled apart by chopsticks and the sticky rice is throughy cooked.
  • Serve the samgyetang Soup immediately

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Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Recipe (Shark Fin Soup with Abalone, Dried Scallops, Fish Maw, Ham, Fat Cai & Sea Cucumber)

buddha jump ovet the wall soup shark fin abalome sea cucumber

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Recipe

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Recipe. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall,佛跳墙? or fó tiào qiáng, is an ancient Fujian originally variety of shark fin soup that created during the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912). This soup is well known as a chinese delicacy for its rich savoury taste with various high-end quality ingredients and specially prepared within 2-3 days prior to serving. Sinsfully non-vegetarian Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup aromas even made a meditated Buddha Monk jump off  the Buddhist monastery wall once they smells the festive soup even they were vegetarian and prohibited to eat meat. That’s the phillosophy behind Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup name. The cheap version called as Poor’s Man Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup, usually without addition of abalone and shark fin.

Recipe Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Shark Fin Abalone Sea Cucumber

Fully Loaded Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup with Shark Fin, Abalone, Sea Cucumber,  Scallops, Fish Maw, Fat Chay, Dried Oyster and Ginseng

Buddha jump over the wall soup is fully loaded with several high quality product such shark fin, abalone (Pau Hi), dried scallops (Conpoy), sea cucumber (Haisom), fish maw (Hipiaw), hair vegetables (Fat chay), bamboo shoots, beef tendon, ginseng root, Chinese Huan ham, chicken, pork ribs, pork feet and chinese flower mushroom. Sometimes it even extended with more than 30 ingredients including quail egg, taro,cordycepts, ginkgo biloba nuts, lotus seed, lotus root, chicken and many more. You can replace it with beef instead of pork for a kosher or halal version of Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup

recipe soup buddha jump over the wall shark fin abalone sea cucumber

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup, High-end Chinese Delicacy

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup is a high end delicacy soup that represent the wealth and status of the Chinese descent family during a special occations like wedding, birthday or Chinese New Year dinner. Some fancy chinese restaurant even tagged fully loaded  Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup over 150 USD for a single bowl. Even Guinnes world record rewared Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup as The World Most Expensive Soup. I guess this soup is just perfect to impressed your chinese descent Mother in Law gonna be.

shark fin soup recipe buddha jump over the wall expensive soup

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup with Stringy Translucent Shark Fin

Shark Fin Soup Recipe Buddha Jump Over The Wall

Slurrping the Stringy, Chewy and Crunchy Shark Fin on Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup…..

The using of shark fin and abalone in Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup implicated in destructive fishing practices, are controversial for both environmental and ethical reasons. Indonesia is one of the coutry that legaly the ethical shark finning practice, ethical shark finning (actually it’s not a cruelty shark finning) means the entire shark body must be landed first with the fins attacheed, which means shark finning with removing the shark’s fin and discarded the carcass to the ocean directly after catched is banned. Instead of discarded to the ocean. the shark fillet is used for making a fish paste, cracker or fish satay (shark fillet kebab) that famous in Bali Island.

homemade buddha jump over the wall soup recipe shark fin double boiled

Homemade Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup recipe

Making Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup is actually easy, but i guess it’s require time and energy (LPG or Electric Power) effort  for waiting it done. If you using the dried ingredients, you should rehydrate the dried ingredients first before using it, started with Soaking and preparing dried sea cucumber and then followed by Soaking and preparing the dried abalone. Don’t forget to Deep frying, soaking and preparing the fish maw. Some ingredients need to be soaked hours or minutes before cooking, just counting your  estimated dinner time. One of the most important things is DO NOT DISCARD THE SOAKING LIQUID !!!, except the tasteless liquid for soaking sea cucumber  and shark’s fins. The soaking liquid of dried abalone, dried scallops, dried oyster and dried squid is tasty, make sure you save it for the soup. I guess it’s better be budgeting the ready to use products, either frozen or canned shark fin, sea cucumber and abalone if you don’t want to wasting your time to prepare it from scracth.

shark fin soup sea cucumber abalone soup recipe

Double Boiled Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup with Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw and Dried Scallops

Basic recipe how to make Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup is simple, the soup is boiled with the roasted bone broth or superior stock first and then transferred into a heat proof porcelaine jar or pot and then the prescious parcell were boiled or steamed in a larger metal container. It’s sounds pretty simple, just like covered au bain marrie; but Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup required 12 HOURS to mantain the constant low heat. This process called double boiling or double boiled Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup, just make sure you won’t run out of the LPG once you made it. Don’t forget to check the doness of your soup every 1 hour if it’s  after first 6 hours, mine was ready for about 9 hours, DO NOT OVERCOOKED it!!!.The extensive long simmerring made all the flavour extracted and the ingredients tenderized. Here the picture of the ingredients of Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup, but before that:

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi…

shark fin recipe dried processed shark fin

Dried Processed Shark Fin (Sirip Hiu/Hisit)

dried abalone soup recipe buddha jump over the wall

Dried Abalone (Pauhi/ Kerang Mata Tujuh)

dried scallops recipe soup conpoy

Dried Scallops (Conpoy)

sea cucumber ready to cook soaked haisom

Ready to Use Sea Cucumber (Teripang/Haisom)

dried fish maw soup hipio recipe

Dried Fish Maw (Hipio “Malong” & “Manyung”

dried oyster chinese ingredients

Dried Oyster with Smokey Flavour

fat coi fat chay black moss hair vegetables

Fat Coi, Fat Chay Black Moss or Hair Vegetables

pig tail recipe pork tail oxtail

Pig or Pork Tail

Buddha jump over the wall soup sea cucumber shark fin abalone mushrooms pork dried oyster

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Recipe

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Recipe:


  • 300 gr Dried Shark Fin, soaked 6-12 hours and steamed 30 minutes
  • 12 piece Dried Abalone, soaked 2-3 days
  • 3 piece of dried Sea Cucumber, How to Soaking and Prepare Sea Cucumber
  • 100 gr Dried Scallop (Conpoy), soaked 6-12 hours
  • 50 gr Dried Oyster, soaked 30 minutes
  • 100 gr Beef Tendon
  • 1 Ginseng Root, soaked 30 minutes (use a tiny ginseng root or it’s overpowering the soup)
  • 50 gr Chinese Mushrooms, soaked 20-30 minutes
  • 1 medium size Dried Cuttlefish, soaked 20-30 minutes
  • 1 medium size Bamboo Shoots, cut into pieces
  • 1 medium size Lotus Root, thinly slice
  • 30 gr lotus seed
  • 100 gr Ginkgo Biloba Nuts
  • 100 gr Beef Tendon
  • 10 gr Black Moss(Fat Choy/ Fat Cai)
  • 500 gr Pork Ribs 0r Oxtail (you can replace with chicken)
  • 10 gr Dried Goji Berry (Keichi)
  • 10 Dried Jujube (Angcho)
  • 2 L Roasted Bone Broth or Homemade Superior Stock

How to Make Double Boiled Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Recipe:

  • Put all the  Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup ingredients (plus the soaking liquid) and the roasted bone broth to a large pot, bring it to boil
  • Once it boil, turn off the heat
  • Transfer the Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup to heat proof pocelain pot or jar, put the cover on
  • Wrap the entire porcelaine jar with aluminium foil
  • Put the prescious Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup parcell to a larger metal pan or steamer
  • Boil or steam with low heat the parcell for about 8-12 hours, depend on the size of your Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup ingredients
  • Adjust the level of water during the double boiling  Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup
  • Check the doness of your Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup within every 1 hours after first 6 hours, DO NOT OVERCOOKED IT!!!
recipe homemade bone broth roasted bone stock

Roasted Bone Broth or Stock Recipe Ingredients

Homemade Roasted Bone Broth Recipe:

  • 2 Beef Bones, crack in the middle
  • 500 gr beef oxtail (i’m using pork tail)
  • 6 cloves garlic, bruised
  • 3 shallots, cut into big chunck
  • 1 thumb size piece of ginger, thinly slice
  • 2 scallions. cut into 3 inches
  • 1 lemongrass*optional, bruised
  • 1/2 nutmeg, bruised
  • 3 green cardamon
  • 2 inches cinnamon
  • 3 cloves
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 L water

How to make Homemade Roasted Bone Broth Recipe:

  • Preheat oven in 250 C
  • Put all ingredients in a baking tray, season with salt and pepper
  • Drizzle olive oil over it
  • Roasted for about 30-45 minutes until the bone is charred and browned
homemade bone broth recipe roasted bone stock

Roasted Bone for Making the Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup

  • Put all the roasted bone mixture and water to the sauce pan, don’t forget to scrapped the bottom of the baking tray with wooden spoon
  • Bring it to boil and simmer until the liquid is reduced into half amount, it’s requires about 4 hour or more
  • Sieve the liquid through a fine cheese cloth and save the oxtail
  • Now you can use the homemade bone broth

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Dried Scallop Rice Porridge or Conpoy Congee Recipe

Dried Scallop Rice Porridge or Chinese Conpoy Congee Recipe

Dried Scallop Rice Porridge or Chinese Conpoy Congee Recipe

Dried scallop porridge or conpoy congee is one of the most earthy and comforting chinese dry seafood delicacy. Just like my JEONBOKJUK or Korean Abalone Porridge, this scallop porridge or conpoy congee is considered as a immune system booster for elderly people, newly giving birth mother and also post sickness patients. In chinese descent culinary, dried scallop is one of luxury items. Luxurious ingredients deserved to be paired with my Homemade Superior Stock/Broth that made of  beef bone marrow, malay/kampung chicken, and mushrooms and conpoy soaking liquid. Actually, i used to made a superior stock with crumbled dried scallop/conpoy, but fot this recipe i let the scallop whole.

Dried Scallops Conpoy

Dried Scallops Conpoy

Dried Scallops (Daging Kerang Kampak Kering)

Dried Scallops (Daging Kerang Kampak Kering)

Conpoy is actually dried scallop that made of the adductor muscle of scallops or shell clams that preboiled and then dried with under the sun ray or electric oven. Once the liquid content reduced, the flavour is contentrated, that’s what made the smell of dried scallop or conpoy is pungent, oceanic and reminiscent of certain salt-cured meats. Dried scallop got a concentrated rich and umami  taste due to its high content of  amino acids, such as glycine, alanine, and glutamic acid that easily blown your taste buds.

conpoy porridge recipe dried scallops rice porridge

Chinese Conpoy Porridge Recipe Dried Scallops Rice Congee

I’m using an kerang kampak (axe clams) dried scallop for this poriddge  recipe. This scallop also called kerang kapak in Indonesia or callo de hacha Scallops in Mexico. The shape and the size of the kerang kampak scallops is a sort of kidney. This scallop is much more bigger than common scallop, as you seen the comparison beetween the axe clams scallop with  the medium size common scallop on photograph above.The shell of kerang kampak could reach more than 30 cm and the size of the scallop (abductor muscle) could reach 10 cm. Since finding dried scallop is not that easy in Indonesia, i dried it for myself, beside i can make sure there’s no additive and also preservatives on my dried scallop.  The medium size of regular scallop on the second photograph cost me about 22 USD for only a 100 grams, pretty damn pricey!.
Soaking and Preparing Dry Scallops before Cooking

Soaking and Preparing Dry Scallops before Cooking

How to soaking and preparing dried scallop before cooking is another following step that actually a key for making a delicious porridge. I like to soaked the scallop in the fridge overnight, you can add some ginger and also rice wine on this step to reduce the fishy smells. Once the dried scallop is soften you can shredded it or cooked it whole. NEVER WASTE THE DRIED SCALLOP SOAKING LIQUID! make sure you retain the soaking water as it will be highly flavored and can be added to whatever you are cooking. For preparing the rice for making the porriddge, mix the rinsed rice with a bit of oil and salt before boiling it. The rice will be broken down very quickly and produce a very nice starchy texture.
Recipe Dried Scallops Rice Porridge Conpoy Congee

Recipe Homemade Dried Scallops Rice Porridge Conpoy Congee

Rice porridge with dried scallop or conpoy congee is called bubur kerang scalop in Bahasa Indonesia. You could find this menu on several kopitiam or chinese cofee shop in your town. Conpoy rice porridge is usually served as a morning supper. Common condiment fot it is sambal (chilli sauce), runny poached egg, cakweh (deep fried savoury buns) and garnished with chopped  chillies, bawang goreng (deep fried shallots), garlic chieves and scallion. A dash of white peppercorn and also sesame oil as a last touch made it just perfect.

Dried Scallop Rice Porridge or Conpoy Congee Recipe

Dried Scallop Rice Porridge or Conpoy Congee Recipe

Dried Scallop Rice Porridge or Conpoy Congee Recipe:


  • 100 gr prepared/rehydrated dried scallop or conpoy
  • 100 gr rice, cleaned in running water until the water is clean, soaked 30 minutes and drained, rub with 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp oil, set aside
  • 1/2 deboned kampong/malay chicken breast (similiar with free range chicken)
  • 3 chinese mushrooms, soaked 30 minutes before cooking, thinly slice
  • 2 bulbs or garlic (yes, you it’s BULBS, not cloves!)
  • 3 shallot, finely chopped
  • 3 cm ginger, bruised
  • 2 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp shaoxine rice wine
  • 1 tbsp light soy sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Heat up the oil in the wokpan until sizzling hot, quick saute the garlic, shallot and the ginger until slightly browned
  • Add the mushrooms and chicken breast , continue saute for about 2 minutes, set aside
conpoy dried scallop rice porridge recipe

Step By Step Chinese Style Dried Scallops Rice Porridge Recipe

  • Meanwhile, put the soaked rice, SUPERIOR STOCK,  garlic bulbs, prepared dried scallop, and the soaking liquid into a crockpot or heavy bottom pan, bring it to boil
  • Put the sauteed chicken breast mixture into the pot
  • Add the oyster sauce, rice wine, soy sauce and season with salt and pepper
  • Pour the chicken stock into the pan, bring  to boil
  • Simmer and continue stirring to prevent the rice sendiment sticking in the bottom of the pan
  • If you like , pour the raw egg just before it serve and cover the pan
  • Serve with the garnish

Garnish for serving:

  • poached  egg
  • sambal
  • chopped bird’s eye chillies
  • chopped garlic chieves

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