Resep Acar (Indonesian Sweet & Sour Dressing Salad) ala Dentist Chef

Resep acar (Indonesian Sweet & Sour Dressing Salad)

This is one of the authetic indonesian salad. Acar or Indonesian Sweet & Sour Dressing Salad used to served as an accompanion dish in any occations. Even a plate of simple nasi goreng or fried rice serve within acar. The sweet and sour dressing usually toss with the vegetables and let it sit for hours in the fridge. The remain dressing with the liquid from the vegetables can be use as and dressing too.

Timun / Japanese Cucumber (Kyuri), jullienne
Lobak/ Daikon, julienne
Kol putih/ Cabbage, jullienne
Kol Merah/ Red Cabbage, julienne
Wortel/ Carrot, jullienne
Bawang Bombay Merah,/Red Onion, jullienne
(Bean Sprout, Baby Corn, Young Mango, chilli padi)*Optional

Sweet and Sour Dresssing:
1 tsf cuka apel/ apple vinegar
3 tsf gula/ sugar
1 tsf garam/ salt
2 tsf lemon juice
2 tsf minyak biji anggur/ grapeseed oil

# In a big glass bowl, combine the veggies
# drizzle with the dressing
# keep it on the fridge for at least 6 hours
# drain out, serve it immidiately

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