Stir Fry Seitan (Gluten/ Vegetarian Meat) in Fermented Black Bean Sauce: Meatless Monday Features!

stir fry seitan gluten recipe vegetarian meat mock duck  wheat meat recipe

Resep Tumis Gluten/ Daging Vegetarian dengan Sayuran Bumbu Tausi

Wheat gluten, also called seitan, wheat meat, mock duck, gluten meat, or simply gluten, is a food made from gluten, the main protein of wheat. It is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch dissolves, leaving insoluble gluten as an elastic mass which is then cooked before being eaten.

Wheat gluten is an alternative to soybean-based meat substitutes such as tofu. Some types of wheat gluten have a chewy or stringy texture that resembles meat more than other substitutes. Wheat gluten is often used instead of meat in Asian, vegetarian, Buddhist, and macrobiotic cuisines. Simulated duck is a common use for wheat gluten.Wheat gluten was first developed in China, and historically has also been popular in the cuisines of Japan and other East and Southeast Asian nations. In Asia, it is commonly found on the menus of restaurants catering primarily to Buddhist customers who do not eat meat.

seitan gluten meat daging vegetarian resep

gluten meat : just before deep fried !

Since wheat typically contains about 14 percent protein, roughly 86 percentof the original wheat flour may be disposed of or used as stock for soups. In industrial production of gluten, the leftover starch may be disposed of via the municipal sewage systems. Makers of gluten in towns and cities are typically charged a fee to dispose of their starch into the local sewage system

Wheat gluten, called miàn jīn in Chinese (traditional: 麵筋, simplified: 面筋, literally “noodle/dough tendon”; also spelled mien chin or mien ching) is believed to have originated in ancient China, as a meat substitute for adherents of Buddhism, particularly some Mahayana Buddhist monks, who are strict vegetarians (see Buddhist cuisine). One story attributes the invention of imitation meat to chefs who made it for Chinese emperors who, traditionally, observed a week of vegetarianism each year and Harmony Restaurant Menu, Philadelphia).Miàn jīn is often deep fried before being cooked in Chinese cuisine, which confers a crispy rind that enhances the texture of the gluten.

There are three primary Chinese forms of wheat gluten:

  1. Oily/oil fried gluten (油麵筋, yóu miàn jīn): Raw gluten that has been torn into small bits, then deep fried into small puffy balls of around 3–5 cm in diameter and sold as “imitation abalone”. They are golden brown in color, and braised or boiled in a savory soup or stew before eating. They are frequently paired with xiang gu (black mushrooms).Larger fried balls of gluten, called miàn jīn qiú (面筋球) or miàn jīn pao (面筋泡), which may be up to 5 inches in diameter, are sometimes seen in Asian supermarkets. These are often stuffed with meat or tofu mixtures and served as a dish called “gluten meatballs” (面筋肉圆, Miàn jīn roù yuán) or “gluten stuffed with meat” (面筋塞肉, miàn jīn saī roù).
  2. Steamed gluten (蒸麵筋, zhēng miàn jīn): Raw gluten that has been wrapped around itself to form a long sausage shape which is then steamed. This type of gluten has a dense texture and ranges from off-white to light greenish grey in color. It is torn open into strips before being used as an ingredient in recipes. When this sausage-shaped gluten is thickly sliced into medallions, the resulting form is called miàn lún (麵輪, literally “gluten wheels”). Larger blocks of steamed gluten are sometimes colored pink and sold as vegetarian “mock ham.”
  3. Baked spongy gluten (traditional: 烤麩; simplified: 烤麸; pinyin: kǎo fū): Similar in texture to a sponge, kao fu (sometimes labeled in English as “bran puff”) is made by leavening raw gluten, then baking or steaming it. These are sold as small blocks in Chinese markets and are then diced up and cooked. This type of gluten absorbs its cooking liquid like a sponge and is enjoyed for its “juicy” character. Chinese kao fu has a different texture than its Japanese counterpart, yaki-fu, due to the relatively larger air bubbles it contains. Kao fu is available in fresh, frozen, and canned forms.

resep vegetarian daging gluten enak mock wheat meat recipe

Vegetarian goodness ingredient!

Miàn jīn is also available in Asian grocery stores in canned and jarred forms, often marinated in combination with peanuts or mushrooms. Such canned and jarred gluten is commonly eaten as an accompaniment to congee (boiled rice porridge) as part of a traditional Chinese breakfast.Freshly prepared miàn jīn can be difficult to find in Chinese restaurants other than those specializing in Buddhist or vegetarian cuisine. Depending on its method of preparation and ingredients used, both fresh and preserved miàn jīn can be used to simulate pork, poultry, beef, or even seafood.

stir fry seitan gluten veggies black bean sauce vegetarian recipe


1 piece of gluten meat, cut into bite size, deep fried about 1 minutes, set aside

1/2 medium broccoli stem, cut into  florets

1/4 medium sized bell pepper, sliced

2 baby carrot, peeled, sliced

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1/2 tsp Lee Kum Kee Black bean sauce / Tausi

3 bird eye chili, finely chopped

1 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce* should i called it mushroom sauce since it made of mushrooms ????

1/2 tbsp sesame oil

1/2 tbsp corl fluor, dissolved in 1 tbsp water

a pinch of freshly grounded black peppercorn

Instruction :

  1. heat up 1 tbsp oil in a wok pan, add garlic and saute until slightly browned.
  2. add broccoly, carrot and bell pepper, cover the wokpan about 2 minutes
  3. add the the fried gluten meat, black bean sauce, oyster sauce and black peppercorn, stir occationally
  4. nearly cooked through, add corn fluor and sesame oil
  5. serve with warm steamed rice

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