Homemade Sun Dried Tomato & Cherry Tomato ala Dentist Chef

homemade sun dried tomatoes dried cherry tomato

Homemade sun dried tomatoes

Homemade Sun Dried Tomato Recipe with Tips and Tricks making it. Sun-dried tomatoes are dehydrated tomatoes that lost most of the moisture after drying with sun ray.The tomatoes are usually springkled with salt before placed in the sun.Typically, tomatoes spend 2-6 days and cherry tomato need more in the sun in order for the sun-drying process to be complete, the thickness of the tomatoes slice is the responsibility with the process period .  Cherry types of tomatoes will lose 88 % of their initial (fresh) weight, while larger tomatoes like plum tomato can lose up to 93% during the process. As a result, it takes anywhere from 16 kilos of fresh tomatoes to make a  kilo of sun-dried tomatoes.

sun dried tomato slice blanched unblanched dried tomatoes homemade

Can you note a diffrent between the blanche and the unblanched sun dried tomatoes???

After the procedure, the dried tomato fruits retain their nutrition. The tomatoes are high in lycopene, antioxidants, and vitamin C, and low in sodium, fat, and calories. The flavour of tomato is concentrated and make some kick’in taste to the dish.Sun dried tomato can be made with oven in low heat or in fooddehydrator, but the result is similiar with the sun dried, but i think the  sun dried version much more better due to oxidisation. The tomatoes can be blanched with steaming water or heated in oven before drying or applied with sulfur dioxide to denaturate the active enzim, this can retain the color and prevent it blakened. Even the blanced tomato is more appeallling, but the taste is not as tangy as the blakened unblanched tomatoes.

homemade sun dried cherry tomato recipe

sun dried tomato pesto recipe ingredient

Sun Dried Cherry Tomato

Homemade usn dried tomato recipe is quite flexibele, you can use sliced tomato to made it dried quickly rather than halved tomato, but don’t cut it too thin since it will crisped up during the drying process. The best texture of sun dried tomatoes is as pliable as dried dates. Commonly, the large tomato is cut into 3 cm thick and the cherry tomato is cut in half. You can peel the tomato first before drying with simply put it into boiling water for maximally1 and plung it onto ice  water and then peel the skin off carefully, But i did’t recomended this since it can lose not only the water content but also the nutritional content. Put the skin side in the bottom side of the rack, dont flip it since the liquid can easily dripped off, if you want the flavour concentrate even more, let it drain slowly from the cut side.

How to make oven sun dried tomato sun dried cherry tomatoes

Homemade sun dried cherry tomato


Homemade Sun dried tomato recipe:

plum tomato sun dried homemade

Fresh plum tomatoes

  • 1 kg ripeand firm tomato
  • 1/4 tbsp salt

Homemade Sun dried cherry tomato recipe

  • 1 kg ripe and firm cherry tomato
  • 1/4 tbsp salt


How to make homemade sun dried tomato and cherry tomato:

  • Wash the tomato and dried tomato in running water and drained  it cafefully
  • Measure and note the tomato weight
  • Cut the tomato into 1 inch thick
sliced tomatoes ready to sun dried

Sliced plum tomato

  • Cut the cherry tomato in half
  • Arrange the tomato and cherry tomato in baking rack
  • Springkle with the salt evenly
  • Put it into oven (easy blanching) and heated with 100 degree celcius for 30 minutes to 1 hours*you can ignore this step
  • Arrange the tomatoes in the metal rack, covver the tomato with cheese cloth , make sure the cheese cloth did’t touching the the tomato
  • Put above any metal, like your house roof of even your  car roof under the hooest sunny day
  • Bring it home on night
  • Let it dry under the sun light until the weight is losen 90%.

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36 thoughts on “Homemade Sun Dried Tomato & Cherry Tomato ala Dentist Chef

  1. great recipe and healty too!! the versatile of sun dry tomate is so big…you can use them in many different way,and always nice on the palate!!
    thank you for sharing my friend!!

  2. I often make my home-made sundried tomato pesto but never attempted to make sundried tomatoes myself at home! You learn me new culinary skills, every time, i come here! 🙂 Waw!!! Easy to do too! 🙂 Thank you! xxx

    • tomato concase itu sbenernya gampang bgt sih to,
      tomatnya disayat tipis kulitnya, trus cemplungin air mendidih bentar aja(3o detik)
      trus lgs dicemplungin ke air es, klo kulitnya dah nyiut, tinggal di kupas aja kulitnya
      diblender n dimasak brg garlic sama onion dll, ditumis bentar
      trus bs dikasih dry wine atau air trus dimasak pake api kecil sampe kental
      jadi deh

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