Resep Lempah Kulat Pelawan Khas Pulau Bangka (Vegetarian Mushrooms Curry)

resep lempah kulat pelawan khas bangka stewed mushroom curry

Resep Lempah Kulat Pelawan Khas Pulau Bangka

Resep Lempah Kulat Pelawan Khas Pulau Bangka. Lempah kulat pelawan is stewed mushrooms curry from Bangka Island, Indonesia. Lempah is a yellowish spiced soup with turmeric based seasoning, while kulat pelawan or jamur pelawan is an endemic Indonesia gourmet mushrooms that only grown in Bangka Island.  There’s two type of lempah; lempah darat and lempah kuning. Lempah darat literrary means ‘land’  lempah, mostly consist of vegetables (vegetarian), while lempah kuning means yellowish lempah soup that mostly consist seafood proteins. Even all the lempah soup got yellowish color, lempah darat consist coconut milk which made the color more creamy yellow. Lempah kuning broth color is lighter, similiar with my Palumara Ulu Juku (Spicy Fish Soup with Tamarind Broth)

lempah kulat pelawan khas bangka jamur pelawan

Lempah Kulat Pelawan, Masakan Khas Pulau Bangka

Lempah kulat pelawan is one of the typical lempah darat or veggies lempah. Different range of vegetables can be added within lempah kulat pelawan. I used to add chayote, taro, french beans, egg plant, young papaya, cucumber, long bean, and many more. But today i want my lempah kulat pelawan is naked, literrary without any additional vegetables. The basic seasoning for making lempah kulat pelawan in similiar with  Gulai Ikan (fish curry). The spice paste contain turmeric, garlic, shallots, chillies, and ginger, beside, it  contain terasi or shrimp paste as a typical Bangka island cuisine. To give a refreshing and tangy flavour in the broth, cubed pinneapple added, but since i develop allergic stomach discomfort with pinneaple, i omit this ingredients.

resep lempah kulat pelawan masakan bangka belitung

Lempah Kulat Pelawan, Mushrooms Curry

Jamur pelawan or kulat pelawan in local Bangka Island language is possibly the most expensive mushrooms in Indonesia. Dried kulat pelawan tagged about Rp.2.000.000 (200 USD) for a single kilo, and the price could be rocked high even more once kulat pelawan is off the season. I purchased this kulat pelawan in Pasar Sayangan, chinese town traditional market of Palembang City, South Sumatra, 38 USD for only 200 grams. Kulat pelawan prized for it’s texture and flavour, it’s got a complex pungent smoky aromas and the texture resemble of a flaky meat with a crunchy and bounchy texture like a perfectly cooked pan seared scallops. Trust me, i’ve tried fancy gourmet mushrooms like almond, brazillian, porcini, chanterelle, and lobster mushrooms, you named it.  Once you’ve tried pelawan mushrooms, i guess it’s gonna be your favourite too. William wongso, an Indonesian cuisine expert even said that a French chef in Jakarta thought kulat pelawan is chanterelle in a blind tasting test.

kulat pelawan jamur bangka lempah darat

Kulat Pelawan Pulau Bangka

jamur pelawan kulat pelawan bangka

Jamur Pelawan

Jamur pelawan or kulat pelawan is symbiotically grown under Pelawan Tree (Tristaniopsis merguensis).  Fresh  kulat pelawan got a burgungy color and it’s turn out reddish brown once it dried and aged. It grows only during the rainy season in agust to march. There’s a mith that kulat pelawan blooms right after a heavy rain with  thunder lightening. I guess it’s not only a myth, but scientifically proven that lightning produced nitrogent which induced the growth of mushrooms underneath. Kulat pelawan hand picked one by one in the pelawan tree forest and carefully covered with some cloth and then exposed with heat or sun ray until the mushrooms dried.

recipe mushrooms curry stew lempah kulat pelawan

Mushrooms Curry, Lempah Kulat Pelawan Masakan Khas Pulau Bangka

Once  you’ve handle dried wild mushrooms, pay attention with some dirt that usually attached in the bottom of the stalk. Brush it evenly under running water until it’s free from all debris and dirt. No need to cut it off, you won’t wasting your prescious wild mushrooms. Before making the mushrooms curry, you need to soaked the mushrooms in the refrigerator overnight to soften it. DO NOT WASTE THE MUSHROOMS SOAKING LIQUID, added it to your mushrooms curry broth  because it’s retain the mushrooms flavour.

Resep Lempah Kulat Pelawan Khas Pulau Bangka (Mushrooms Curry Recipe)

Resep Lempah Kulat Pelawan Khas Pulau Bangka (Mushrooms Curry Recipe)

Resep Lempah Kulat Pelawan Khas Bangka (Mushrooms Curry Recipe)


  • 10 gr jamur pelawan or kulat pelawan (you can replace with any dried or fresh mushrooms)
  • cubed veggies*optional
  • 1/4 cup cubed pinneaple (i omit this since i’m allergic with it)
  • 1 lemongrass (sereh), bruised
  • 2oo ml coconut milk (santan)
  • 2 cups water (air)
  • 1 tomato (tomat), diced
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • salt  and pepper to taste
  • a pinch of sugar (gula)*optional

Resep Bumbu Gulai or Fish Curry Spice Paste Recipe:

  • 12 shallots (bawang merah)
  • 6 cloves garlic (bawang putih)
  • 6 cayenne pepper (cabe merah)
  • 6 or more bird eye chilli (cabe rawit)
  • 2 cm ginger (jahe)
  • 2 cm galagal (lengkuas)
  • 3 cm turmeric (kunyit)
  • 2 candlenuts (kemiri)
  • 1 tsp shrimp paste


  • Clean and brushed any dirt from the bottom of your dried mushrooms stalk, set aside
  • Soak it overnight in the fridge with 1 cup tab water
rendam kulat pelawan jamur bangka lempah kulat pelawan

Soak Dried Mushrooms Before Making The Curry

  • Heat up the 1 tbsp oil in a heavy bottom sauce pan, saute the spice paste with a low heat until the spice is throughly cooked. Visual aspect is the key! the oil is slowly separated and formed in the edge when it throughly cooked.
  • Add lemongrass, soaked or rehydrated mushrooms and tomato,  keep stirring for another minutes.
  • Pour the coconut oil and water and the mushrooms soaking liquid, bring to boil.
  • Reduce the heat and cook until the coconut milk is throughly cook, keep stirring
  • Simmer until the mushrooms is tender and the curry broth is reduced in half.
  • Served the lempah kulat pelawan mushrooms curry with steaming hot rice

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44 thoughts on “Resep Lempah Kulat Pelawan Khas Pulau Bangka (Vegetarian Mushrooms Curry)

  1. This dish is exactly what I love! Those mushrooms look similar to shitake, are they sweet too? I’ll have to look around in my Asian grocery stores for it. I would omit the pineapple too, since I don’t love it in savoury dishes. The coconut milk sounds like a very tasty base for this curry.

  2. Not sure if I can find the exact kulat over here but sure something similar should be available. That thick gravy with it is so good and I find it hard to resist.

  3. Dedy the curry looks amazing and the spice paste is making me salivate as I read the ingredients. I like how there is only mushrooms. Of course now I am so curious to taste this specific one.

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  5. Never tried Jamur Pelawan before, but I always cook shiitake mushrooms in cooking. Mushrooms have great flavor and add very nice umami. Love to try this curry. Looks amazing (as always… your dishes are like 5 star restaurant food!).

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