Homemade Spanish Chorizo (Dry Cured Smoked Paprika Spicy Sausage with Natural Pig Intestine Casing)

recipe homemade spanish chorizo from scratch dry cured smoked paprika sausage pork chili spicy choriso

Homemade Spanish Chorizo with Natural Pig Intestine Casing

Homemade Spanish Chorizo or Dried Spanish Spicy Smoked Paprika Pork Sausage Recipe. Spanish chorizo sausage referring to many different types of dried and cured pork sausages originally in Spain. Traditionally, Spanish chorizo is encased in natural pig intestines and then stuffed with mixture of minced fatty pork spiced with  smoked paprika and red cayenne chili pepper powder. Premium quality chorizo sausage got it’s distinct umami and smokey aromas, just like a good old ham. This chorizo sausage is one the amateur homemade charcuteries project featured on my blog, once i made my first Homemade Lap Cheung (Air Dry Cured Chinese Sausage) Recipe from Scratch, i even wanted to explored curing sausage method even more.

spanish chorizo homemade chorizo diy

Homemade Spicy Spanish Chorizo

how to make smoked sausage spanish chorizo

Homemade Spanish Chorizo with Smoked Paprika & Cayenne Pepper Chili Powder

Homemade Spanish chorizo isn’t that hard to made if you got the passion, i mean it’s not impossible to made at amateur kitchen but sure it need some patients and precision steps to made it edible. A litttle bit of passion can create a far better delicious chorizo than any professional deli store product ever sold. Chorizo preparation is time consuming because chorizo it’s fermentated, air dry cured and sometimes smoked (or not) before it’s ready to eat, but it’s also can be eaten as a cooked fresh sausage. Properly dried cured Spanish chorizo is  save to eaten raw as thinly sliced appetizer on charuteries platter alongside Homemade Beef Bresaola, Homemade Venison Deer Bresaola Di Cervo, Homemade Duck Prosciutto, Homemade Salmon Gravlax, Homemade Tea Smoked Salmon, Homemade Smoked Duck Breast, Homemade Smoked Beef and another cold cuts, pickles and cheese.

homemade smoked sausage spanish chorizo pork pig intestine casing

Pretty Huge Spanish Chorizo Sausage

recipe spanish chorizo sausages with smoked paprika chilies cayenne pepper pork sausage

Spanish Chorizo, Worth All the Effort and Patients

I mention before that making homemade Spanish chorizo need a precision; simply because improperly curing process can lead to food bourne poisoning called Botulism and causing death, no kidding!!!. Before you considering to made your homemade Spanish chorizo sausage or any other air dry cured meat, you should know about the savety about curing  first. You had to measured the proper ratio of the ingredients, especially the amount of the nitrate preservatives which is the only known additive that effective to prevent the Clostridium botulinum growing.

saltpetre for making sausage recipe consentration nitrate for fresh sausage dry curing pink salt

Dividing Saltpetre for My Chorizo Made Me Look a Like a Crack Addict, LOL

The recommendation maximum ammout of Saltpetre (Potassium Nitrate) for dry curing sausage is 500 ppm (part per million) or 500 mg per kg sausage stuffing mixture. The total chorizo stuffing weight (meat plus fat) is about 1.4 kg (1400 grams). The salt ammount for dry cured Spanish chorizo sausage is about 3 % of the weight, you gotta take a close attention on it. I’m using 1000 grams of pork loin meat and 400 grams of pork back fat for this recipe, 3% salt means  42 grams and the amout of salpetre is about 700 mg. I also added the same ammount of palm sugar with the salt (42 grams). Here’s the fun part, my digital weight scale can only measure 1 gram (1000mg), eversince i need only 700 mg of saltpetre, so i need to put the 1 gram of saltpetre in a piece of paper and divided it into three  equal part with my atm card  then using two-third of the the devided saltpetre. It made me thinking of myself “heck what i’m doing, my mom gonna be going crazy and beat the hell of my head because i seems like a crack addict doing their things ” lol

homemade spanish chorizo recipe

Hoemade Spanish Chorizo with my Grandma’s Hand

Maybe you heard that nitrate are toxic, infact nitrosamines did but the nitrate all blamed for that. Nitrosamine formed when nitrate transform into nitrite then react with amino acids or very high heat. Nitrosamines are known to be powerful DNA damaging chemicals and resulting cell mutation and cancer. But don’t really bother about it, infact a single portion of spinach or celery contain more nitrosamines than you can imagine. So don’t be affraid to use salpetre once you follow the recomendation ammount consentration in your homemade Spanish chorizo sausage because you don’t want to risk your life.

diy spanish chorizo recipe homemade chili pork sausage spicy paprika cayenne pepper

Sliced Homemade Spanish Chorizo

thin sliced spanish chorizo recipe smoked paprika sausage spicy

Sliced Fatty Spanish Chorizo

How to make sausage without sausage maker is another question, yes i did it several times actually; just check out my step by step praparation of Homemade Braised Bratwurst Sausage Recipe and Homemade Kidu-Kidu Grilled Pig Intestine Sausage Recipe. Eversince i didn’t really want to investing pretty much $$$ for it, i guess i have to do is manually. Using my chopper or food processor is not a good option, because it’s too powerfull and can easily over-grind the sausage stuffing, beside the heat possibly melt the back fat even i freeze it out priorly. So then i using my old school meat mincer knive and properly clean wood cutting board to diced the pork meat and a regular knive to diced the back fat. I’m using the natural pig intestine for encasing my homemade chorizo, but you can also use any edible artificial casings, such as collagen and cellulose, but i really want the original version with natural pig intestine casing. Is it possible to making a dry cured Spanish chorizo sausage using natural pig intestine casing ? luckily the answer is YES. The pig small intestine is needed to be cured before the sausage hung to dry cured. The pig intestine cleaned inside out, you can read about How To Clean and Preparing Pig Intestine, then  salted to enhanced the self life. Simply ask your butcher for pig small intestine, he or she probably give it for free and cleaned it for you. If you wanna take a pride of making authentic Spanish chorizo from scratch for real by cleaning pig intestine for making homemade sausage by yourself, you’re more then welcome in my kitchen

step by step making chorizo homemade pork sausage dry curing from scratch

This is How I Describe Spicy Spanish Chorizo

recipe spicy chorizo sausage chili smoked paprika pork intestine sausage air cured recipe

The Raw Spicy Spanish Chorizo Aromas is Already Amazing!!!

Making my own chorizo sausage  in my very humble amateur kitchen is one of my obsession. Eversince i start making charcuterie or dry aging meat, i was curious about homemade air dry curing sausage. Store brought chorizo sausage  may contain tons of preservatives, color dying agent, and msg (monosodium glutamat) or other flavour enhanced agents. I didn’t added any msg on my homemade chorizo, instead i’m using palm sugar to enhance umami balance flavour with the salt, simply magic as what happen to salted caramel. Spanish chorizo is made from coarsely chopped pork and pork fat, seasoned with smoked pimentón (paprika), cayenne chili pepper powder and salt. It is generally classed as either picante (spicy) or dulce (sweet), depending upon the type of smoked paprika- chili peppere used. In using smoked paprika powder, dried chili powder and also cayenne pepper flakes for a kicking up a little bit.

how to stuffed homemade sausage manual hand recipe homemade chinese sausage lap cheung

DIY Spanish Chorizo with Plastic Funnel

DIY Spanish chorizo sausage without sausage maker made me using plasting funnel to stuffed the chorizo sausage stuffing into the pork intestine. Clean hand fingers or even chopstick is much more effective and fungtional for plug the sausage stuffing, just made sure you’re wearing a sterile gloves and sterilized chopstick otherwise it’s gonna be a mess. The end of the the pig intestine tie out after you finished stuffing to let the air released, slightly different with commonly people did because my plasting funnel tube didn’t long enought to be slipped with the intestine. After i stuffed my homemade chorizo sausage stuffing into the pork intestine, the stuffing a little bit slippery on the instenstine because so many air bubble on it. The stuffing can be plugged better with your hand too, just squeese out the stuffing with the intestine tube to the end, then divide the sausage link by twisting and then tiding  it to made individual homemade fresh chorizo sausage with it’s autentix U loop or horse shoes shaped.

recipe fresh chorizo homemade pig intestine sausage recipe chorizo natural casing pork chorizo recipe

Fresh Spanish Chorizo Sausage, Tide Up and Pricked Already, Ready for Hung Air Dry Curing!!!

The air bubbles then removed by pricking the fresh Spanish chorizo with sterilized metal pin. Remember that this process also enhanced the sausage drying process too. Pricking the fresh pig intestine sausage also iniciate free oxigen entering the chorizo sausage stuffing and prevent Clostridium botulinum to grow.The fresh pig intestine Spanish chorizo sausage hung to dry in a cold, good-ventilated and dark place, then left until dry and loosen 30 percent of it’s original weight. Make sure you notes the weight of the fresh sausage before you hung it and calculate the 30 percent loss from the original weight.  In my case, the fresh chorizo sausage weight is 1500 grams and the 30% loss is 450 grams, which means my Spanish chorizo sausage is ready to be eaten when it’s weighted 1o50 grams.  Unfortunately, my homemade Spanish chorizo sausage a little bit forgotten in the fridge and the drying  goes a little bit too far until the  weight reach 990 grams in 60 days (12 November-12 December 2014)

step by step recipe chorizo sausage how to make homemade spanish chorizo smoked paprika spicy pork intestine sausage

Exposing Chorizo wt tith Fan Help Drying it Before Hung Dry in the Refrigerator

chorizo recipe dry curing refrigerator air chiller chamber air dried cured pork sausage spicy spanish chorizo

My Spanish Chorizo Hung Up inThe Fridge (Air Dry Curing Process Using Refrigerator)

The air dry curing can be done in the room temperature in a subtropical or even better in a cold climates country. If you living in  a tropical country like indonesia, i guess it’s possible to left the fresh sausage hung to dry curing in room temperature because the temperature and the humidity is too high. Hence i use my refrigerator for dry curing Spanish chorizo, just made sure you cleaned out your fridge priorly. Simply left it hung undisturbed in the fridge door in the ideal fridge temperature (about 1– 4°C or 33 – 39°F) and the fridge humidity in “dry mode”. Do not open the fridge door too often since the temperature will fluctuated and made the dry cured chorizo sausage taste funny.

how to cook chorizo recipe thin cu before using recipe spanish chorizo dry sausage spicy paprika

My Grandma’s Hand as a Model for Cutting My Spanish Chorizo

homemade chorizo spanish sausage paprika pork intestine casing smoked sausage

Homemade Spanish Chorizo, My Grandma’s Hand made it Look More Fancy!

This is my homemade Spanish chorizo sausage look a like after air dry cured in the fridge after 60 days. The Spanish chorizo looked great dark red colour with chunky bits of fat, meat and chili flakes showing in the surface. Nice umami with distict smokey paprika and hot chili smells comes out of it and the taste just perfect for my licking; fatty, smokey, savoury and sweet, totally better than the store brought!!!. The lean pork loin meat has shrunk a lot, but i guess the fat didn’t shrink much. Because i didn’t use any artificial filler, the weight losen out greatly. To keep the homemade lap cheong in fridge or freezer. If you want to keep them for longer than 2 – 3 weeks, best in freezer. I don’t really know if it will go mouldy or turn racid if you leave it covered or wrapped in the fridge for too long, but i guaranteed that i won’t be last than longer before ended out in my tummy. The Spanish chorizo still hanging out in my fridge well time by time, but it will be toughened and firmer as well without changing the taste.

making spanish chorizo recipe fermented sausage dry cured sausage

Fatty Spanish Chorizo (Unsmoked)

recipe smoked paprika sausage chorizo

Lean Spanish Chorizo (Smoked)

My homemade Spanish chorizo  consist 40% fat because i like a fatty and chunky chorizo sausage and i really adore the rendered fat once the chorizo sausage cooked.  The meat and fat ratio in commercially chorizo  is about 80% meat to 20% fat. The spice and flavour enhancement is another optional too. Eversince , i’m using . The best fat for dry curing is solid back fat because the soft fat like in the soft tissues is really easily rancid and turn into off smells and flavour. You may see the difference, the marbled Spanish chorizo contain 40% fat and the chorizo underneath contain less fat according to my sister’s request. She also insist to put more smoked paprika instead of chili powder so then the sausage looks more deep red color.

homemade smoked chorizo sausage spanish pork choriso

Unsmoked Fatty Spanish Chorizo Vs Smoked Lean Spanish Chorizo

smoked chorizo recipe pork intestine sausage lean pig intestine casing pork fat lean recipe

Lean Smoked Spanish Chorizo VS Fatty Unsmoked Spanish Chorizo

The side by side difference of smoked lean Spanish chorizo vs the fatty unsmoked chorizo. The smoked  chorizo shrink much more than the unsmoked fatty chorizo, maybe because the moisture is within the meat instead the fat.  Eversince i add smoked salt and smoked paprika on my Spanish chorizo, so the smokey flavour is just perfect on my  licking on my fatty unsmoked Spanish chorizo. In contrast, the smoked lean chorizo smokey flavour is a little bit overpowering for me, but my sister like it even more, The lean Spanish chorizo is more suitable eaten raw in room temperature instead the fatty ones.

homemade chorizo spanish sausage recipe dry cured pork intestine casing sausage

Homemade Spanish Chorizo Sausage

how to make chorizo sausage smoked paprika pork intestine casing sauage dry curing sausage charcuteries chili pork

Ready To Cook Spanish Chorizo Sausage!

This is the most fun part, how to eat or cook Spanish Chorizo. Spanish chorizo can be eaten sliced in a sandwich, grilled, fried, or simmered in liquid. Dried Spanish chorizo sausage is usually added to enhanced the umami flavour into a dish. Chorizo sausage can be used for soup, stir fried and almost all rice dishes. Chorizo sausage is so versatile, i used it in many recipes; chorizo as topping for Broccoli Crust Pizza Recipe, stuffing for my Nasi Bakar (Grilled Banana Leaf Wrapped Spiced Rice), Peanut Crusted Roasted and Stuffed Whole Beef Tenderloin,Steamed Glutinous/ Sticky Rice Roll and Claypot of Chicken, Tofu, Sea Cucumber and Mushrooms RecipeChorizo sausage can be used to replaced any chinese sausage recipe; stir fried until charred and then added to Chinese style nasi goreng/fried rice and Lo Mai Gaior Steamed Sticky Rice with chicken, Abalone, Salted Egg Yolk and Mushrooms Stuffing in Lotus Leaves Wrap(/nuòmǐ jī), trust me that addition of chorizo sausage made simple fried noodle or vermicelli into the next level of deliciousness.

homemade chorizo recipe

Recipe Homemade Spanish Chorizo Sausage

Recipe Homemade Spanish Chorizo Sausage (Pig Intestine Spicy Smoked Paprika Pork Sausage) :


  • 1 kg pork loin
  • 400 grams pork back fat
  • 2-3  pig intestine, cleaned (2-3 m sausage casing)
  • 1 cup salt for cleaning  the pig intestine
  • 42 grams salt (i’m using 21 grams sea salt & 21 grams smoked salt)
  • 42 grams palm sugar
  • 700 milligrams saltpetre (0,7 grams)
  • 20 grams smoked paprika powder
  • 10 grams fine red chili flakes
  • 10 grams cayenne pepper powder
  • 10 grams Homemade Garam Marsala Powder
  • 10 grams garlic powder
  • 4 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons red wine

How to Make Homemade Spanish Chorizo Sausage :

  • Measure the weight of each Spanish chorizo ingredients properly
  • Clean out and sterilize all of the utensils
  • Mix and rub the salt to the pig intestine, let is marinated about 24 hours in the fridge, washed it properly under running water and drain in properly, set aside
  • Meanwhile, dice the pork loin meat and fat with a knife into half centimetres cubes.
  • Combine all the Spanish chorizo seasoning in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add the meat and fat and mix well and let it marinated overnight in the fridge.
  • Stuffed the Spanish chorizo sausage stuffing into the pig intestine using the plastic funnel with some help of chopsticks or finger.
  • Tie off one end of Spanish chorizo sausage casing and then plugged out the stuffing to the tie
  • Measure the 30 cm links and then fold the chorizo into it’s authentic U loop horse shoes shape.
  • Prick the links and the chorizo sausage all over with a sterilized metal pin to allow the  air bubbles to escape from the sausage.
  • Hang the Spanish chorizo sausage to dry curing in a well ventilated place until dehyrated and losen it’s 30 percent of it’s original weight.

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Cold Cut Sliced Braised Beef Shin or Beef Shank in Spicy Soy Sauce

braised beef shin recipe chinese style slow cooked shank tender cold sliced thin beefBraised Beef Shin or Shank in Spicy Soy Sauce Recipe. Thinly sliced of braised beef shank that served chilled as Chinese style cold beef appetizer is a very pupular dish in Chinese restaurant. The whole beef shin or shank muscles is slowly cooked for several hours in a spicy soya sauce and fragrance spices braising liquid until turning into deliciously tender and fragrance beef meat with beautiful stripes of translucent collagen patterning once the it chilled overnight and thinly sliced.

braised beef shin recipe soy sauce slow cooked beef shank chinese style recipe cold beef appetizer charcuteriesrecipe cold sliced beef shank chinese braised beef shin thin chili oil chinese style appetizerThe Chinese style cold cut beef shank braised in spicy soy sauce is one of my favourite appetizer once i visit Chinese restaurant, even my sister used to judge the Executive Chef’s personal licking from it; either the chef got bland or kicking taste buds. Braised beef shank is also a part of classic siu mei (燒味) or roasted meat and cold cut meat platter appetizer. I usually saved the cold cut beef shank for the last bites once i ordered siu mei.

beef shank braised recipe beef shin tender slow cooked soy sauce chinese beef cold cutBeef shank or shin is a very versatile cheap beef cut,  mostly slowly cooked with liquid until tender. Slow heat cooking break down the beef shin’s  tough sinewy muscle (meat with tendon, ligament and silver skin) protein into tender translucent collagen within easily breakable meat. Beef shank is considered as second cut, a little bit of passion can turn that cheap beef cut into a very delicious hearty dish. You know why this braised beef shank will be lovely??? the spicy soy sauce braising liquid is very rich; garlicky, gingery, natural umamy savoury from the beef juice dripping, hot and spicy from chilies, numbning sensation from the szechuan peppercorn, sweetness from  kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) and palm sugar and also tangy flavour from chinese black vinegar; isn’t it not quite seducing your taste buds???

braised beef shin chinese style soy sauce chili slow cooked beef shank roasted recipeRecipe braised beef shin soy sauce beef shank chinese style beef cold appetizerIn Indonesia, we used to called beef shank as daging sengkel sapi, it’s one of the most favoutire beef cut in Indonesian cuisine dishes. My Grandma used to make  soup or Indonesian Beef Rendang with beef shank. Bone-in beef shank with  a little bit meat attach is the best ingredients in Indonesian Pindang Tulang Soup, a dish similiar with Chinese Hot and Soup Beef Bone Soup. I actually love all kind of shank, you’ll find several lamb shank featured on my blog; Braised Lamb Shank with Chilies RecipeBraised Lamb Shank with Baked Navy Beans Recipe and Lamb Shank and Goat Shank Indian Vindaloo Curry Recipe. Pork shank or wild boar shin is also lovely to made rich stock for making Homemade Tontkotsu Ramen Broth from Scratch Recipe.

braised beef shank shin chinese style thinly sliced beef

braised beef shank soy sauce thin slice beef shank slow cooked beef cold appetizer chinese restaurant style

In Indonesia, this Chinese styke braised beef shank with spicy soy sauce is similiar with  Semur Daging Sapi (Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce Beef Stew), but the kecap manis is a dominant ingredient that made semur pretty much sweeter than the Chinese style soya sauce braised beef. Chinese style braised beef shin got a fragrance aromas from excessive uses of spices; sichuan peppercorn, cinnamon and anise star within  garlic, ginger and scallion, while the semur daging sapi pretty much spiced with Homemade Garam Marsala.

recipe sliced beef shank braised soya sauce beef shin spicy appetizer cold sliced beef

recipe braised beef shin shank spicy soy sauce chili ginger garlic slow cooked beef shank cold appetizer thin sliced

Braising beef shin or shank with spicy Chinese soy sauce  is a very simple and easy following steps recipe. There are three basic steps or braising; marinating, pan searing and simmering. The whole beef shank is trimmed from excessive fat without touching the sinews (whitish fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone or bone to bone; a tendon or ligament or silverskins). The sinews is the highlight of the Chinese style braised beef shin with soy sauce once it become translucent. The  fat definitely needed to trimmed off the beef shank because the braised beef shank is chilled before serving and any fat will ruined the dish.

recipe beef appetizer thin sliced braised beef shin shank slow cooked chinese style sliced beef chili

recipe slow cooked beef shank tender sliced beef shin soy sauce chili chinese style beef recipe

The trimmed whole beef shank then marinated with salt, peppercorn and chinese five spice powder. The beef shank then seared on smokey hot cast iron pan until all surface browned and charred. Extra sliced bruised ginger, garlic, chilies and white part of scallion added and stir fried until slighly browned too. Plenty amount of premium soy sauce then added into the pan to stop the searing process. The bottom of the pan then scrapped off to remove any sticking seasoning then the mixture is transferred into a crock pot then boiled. Right after the mixture is boiled, spices like cinnamon, daun salam (Indonesian bay leaves), Szechuan peppercorn, and star anise. The pot then simmerred several hours above the stove of in a a medium high heat oven (about 160 C) until the beef shank is tender. The braising liquid is not compeletely submerged the beef shank, so it’s better be to turn the beef shank every 30 minutes to ensure the spices is transfered and penetrated throughly into the meat. To test the tenderness of the braised beef shank, insert a fork and it should be penetrate without any difficulty into the deepest part of the beef shank.

slow cooked beef shank recipe thin slice cold appetizer beef shin soy sauce chinese stylerecipe braised beef shin soy sauce sliced beef shank cold appetizer chili szechuan peppercorn recipe

Once the beef shank is braised until tender on spicy soya sauce, don’t be too greedy to cut the beef shank immediately. The beef shank is needed to be chilled overnight before serving. Remove the beef shank from the spicy soy sauce braising liquid, rolled into simmetrical cillindrical tube with a help of translucent cling wrap plastic. Let it sit in the coolest part of the fridge chiller to let the braised beef shank collagen and gelatine set and  made it more easy to thinly sliced. The Chinese style beef shin braising liquid is actually can be strained and then chilled until set, cubed and then served within the thinly sliced beef shank meat too if you like.

braised beef shin recipe thinly sliced beef shank slow cooked soy sauce spicy beef sichuan pepercorn recipe

chinese style braised beef shin soy sauce beef shank cold thin sliced beef appetizer

The chilled cold braised beef shank carefully sliced into very thin slices and then arranged in a serving plate. I personally love anyting hot and spicy, so i add some chili oil with a touch of toasted ground Szechuan peppercorn husk for serving my braised beef shin with spicy soy sauce. The kicking hot chili pepper and numbning sensation of Szechuan peppercorn balanced the savoury sweet braised beef shank. I also added some bean sprout and local herbs micro greens called daun kenikir (Cosmos Caudatus sp) or daun ulam raja for a extra crisp and refreshing bites

thinly sliced beef shank recipe cold appetizer chinese style beef shin soy sauce chili szechuan peppercorn

Recipe Braised Beef Shank with Spicy Soy Sauce, Chili, Garlic, Gingger and Scallion ( Cold Cut Thin SLiced Beef Shin)


  • 1.5 – 2 kg whole  beef shank or beef shin
  • 1.5 cup premium soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp chinese black vinegar
  • 1 tbsp dark soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp mushrooms sauce #optional
  • 1 cup water or beef stock
  • 3 red chillies, halves, roughly chopped
  • 1 onion, quartered
  • 12 cloves garlic (whole bulbs), bruised
  • 1 tbsp toasted szechuan pepeprcorn
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 5 cm ginger, bruised, thinly sliced
  • 5 cm cinnamon stalk
  • 3-5 star anise
  • 2-3 green cardamon #optional
  • 1/2 nutmeg #optional
  • 1 daun salam (Indonesian bay leaves)
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

Beef Shank or Shin Marinade Recipe:

  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp chinese five spice
  • 2 tbsp oil for pan searing

Garnish and Dressing :

  • Chili and Szechuan Peppercorn oil (Recipe below)
  • Bean Sprout
  • Micro greens leavy herbs

How to Make Thin Sliced Cold Cut Braised Beef Shank with Spicy Soy Sauce:

  • Marinade the beef shank with salt, chinese five star  and peppercorn, marinade 2 hours in the fridge.
  • Heat up 2 tbsp oil  until sizzling hot, sear the whole beef shank all over, make sure all surface are throughly seared. set aside
  • Heat up the 2 tbsp oil in a heavy bottom sauce pan, saute the garlic, ginger, onion, and chilies until charred and browned
  • Pour the  stock and put the rest of the ingredients, scrapped the sticking ingredients in the botton of the pan
  • Transfer the beef shank and the braising liquid mixture in a heavy botton crock pot, bring the liquid to boil.
  • Reduce the heat, put the lid and simmer, turn the beef shank every 30 minutes
  • Simmer the beef shank until  tender for about 2-3 hours
  • Remove the beef shank from the spicy soy sauce braising liquid, set aside
  • Wrapped and rolled tthe tender braised beef shank with plastic cling wrap to make a regular cillindrical tube shape
  • Refrigerate the braised beef shank with Chinese spicy soy sauce overnight
  • Carefully thinly sliced the braised beef shank
  • served the cold cur braised beef shank with chili and szechuan peppercorn oil, bean sprout and micro greens leaves.

Recipe Chili and Szechuan Peppercorn Oil:

  • Heat up 1 tbsp oil, add 1 tbsp chopped fresh deseeded bird eye chilies, 2 tbsp chili flakes and1 tbsp toasted Szechuan peppercorn husk
  • Slowly saute with low heat and then springkle some salt
  • Add 1 cup olive oil and let it simmer in a very low heat (one small bubbles comes out at a time) for about 45 minutes
  • Turn off the heat and the chili oil is ready to use

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Resep Kepiting Asap Bakar Pedas (Recipe Barbequed Spicy Crab Wrapped in Banana Leaves)

resep kepiting asap pedas grilled spicy crab wrapped in banana leaves with chili shrimp paste

Kepiting Asap, Banana Leaves Wrapped Spicy Crab with Special Chili Sambal

Resep Kepiting Asap Bumbu Pedas,Barbequed Spicy Crab Wrapped in Banana Leaves Recipe. Kepiting asap is literrary translated as smoked crab in English. Kepiting asap also called kepiting bakar, a very popular crab dish in Indonesia.  Gigantic mud crab stir fried with spicy and hot shrimp paste chili sambal, wrapped in banana leaves into a parcel and then grilled over high heat charcoal until the banana leaves charred and blistered to provoked smoke and let the smokey aromas infused into the crab flesh. The blakish brown curry-like seasoning or bumbu bakar kepiting asap for the smoked crab is very rich and savoury from fermented shrimp paste, ground dried shrimp and cuttlefish, i can even compare it with Chinese XO Sauce.  Every restaurant chef had it’s own secret recipes, but for sure i will to share my version of kepiting asap secret recipes.

banana leaves wrapped crab recipe grilled over charcoal spicy chili garlic shallots shrimp paste resep kepiting asap bumbu pedas ala resto kepiting kalimantan papua

Kepiting Asap a.k.a Smoked Crab


kepiting bakar asap resep kepiting papua bumbu pedas grilled crab spicy chili shallots garlic shrimp paste wrapped banana leaves

Kepiting Asap Bumbu Pedas Bungkus Daun Pisang

Resep bumbu kepiting asap or smokey barbequed crab contain chilies, shallot, garlic, ginger, turmeric, candlenuts, curry powder or Homemade Indian  Garam Marsala Powder, galangal, lemongrass, toasted corriander seed, fermented shrimp paste, dried cuttlefish and shrimp alongside fragrance leavy ingredients like daun jeruk purut (kaffir limes leaves), daun salam (Indonesian bay leaves) and daun kunyit (turmeric leaves). The spice paste for spicy barbequed mud crab in banana leaves is actually a chili sambal, similiar to sambal belachan, but it’s also contain either santan (heavy coconut milk) or ground toasted grated old coconut called kelapa sangrai tumbuk. So basically i think the spice paste for kepiting bakar asap is a fusion of Shrimp Paste Chili Sambal with Beef Rendang seasoning with a little touch of kecap manis or Indonesian sweet soy sauce to balance the spiciness and the hotness flavour. I’m using both of santan and  kelapa sangrai for this recipe, simply because i don’t wanna spent my calories limitation on crappy food.

resep kepiting bakar daun pisang asap pedas bumbu rendang kepiting papua bakar ala resto

Barbequed Banana Leaves Wrapped Crab with Spicy Fermented Shrimp Chili, Shallot and Garlic Sambal

recipe spicy crab chili shallot garlic curry wrapped in banana leaves barbequed mud crab resep kepiting asap pedas

Papuan Giant Mud Crab (1.2 Kg) with Smokey, Leavy Fragrance, Spicy and Hot Chili Curry-like Sambal

Kepiting asap or spicy barbequed crab in banana leaves gain the popularity in the last decade, as far as i know it’s served eversince many live seafood restaurant mushrooms all over the Indonesian Cities, that’s why i think why my fellow colleagues considering to take cardiovascular recidency programs, lol. Way before kepiting asap become a staple menu on every seafood restaurant, my grandma actually used to prepared  not only crab but also chicken, freshwater giant prawn, and squid. My grandma also used to wrapped Ikan Mas Arsik or Spicy Andaliman Pepper Stewed Grasscarp Fish with banana leaves and then grilled it over coconut husk charcoal, guess what; she is a very healthy and active 82 years old lady.

recipe crab wrapped banana leaf spicy curried mud crab curry hot chili shallot garlic barbequed bbq grilled crab

Damn Delicious Smoked Spicy Crab Wrapped in Banana Leaves

barbequed crab recipe spicy chili shrimp paste crab garlic barbequed mud crab grilled charcoal resep kepiting asap ala resto bumbu pedas

Barbecued Crab Wrapped in Banana Leaves a.k.a Kepiting bakar Asap Bungkus Daun Pisang

Banana leaves wrapped spicy crab ia a very representative  of Indonesian cuisine. Banana leaf is a very versatile ingredients in Indonesian traditional kitchen. Banana leaves used to be a platter for serving food, wrapped food before cooking process either for steaming or  grilling. The epidermis cuticle in the upper side of the banana leaf, preserved the food moisture while cooking and it had special features works like a non sticking teflon that prevent food burned out and sticking while grilling. Banana leaves usually wrapped raw ingredients that usually seasoned first before cooked. There’s so many banana leaf recipe in Indonesian and South East Asian cuisine, this is few of the recipes that featured in my blog :

Beside banana leaves, i always obsesed using many kind of leaves for wrapping my dishes, including;

recipe mud crab spicy chili shrimp paste seasoning barbequed crab wrapped banana leaves grilled charcoal resep kepiting asap bumbu pedas

Kepiting Asap Bursting with Fragance Aromas

resep kepiting asap papua recipe smoked crab spicy chili shallot garlic paste curry mud crab

Kepiting Bakar Asap Bumbu Pedas

Kepiting Asap or barbequed spicy chili sambal crab in banana leaves requires quite an effort to prepares at home. The bursting of fragrance leavy, smokey and spicy aromas of steam coming out when i open the banana leaves  parcel and that’s the moment of truth of you should cross your fingers above your head, but before that moment you should leard how to made the kepiting bakar asap bumbu pedas. The raw mud crab is usually steamed or deep fried first then stir fried with the bumbu kepiting asap or specia cooked spicy sambal sauce. The crab is actually ready to eat, but the kepiting asap needed the authentic pungent aromatic leavy and smokey aromas so then the crab is wrapped into parcel with  banana leaves then grilled over charcoal until the outside layer of banana leaves blistered and charred. After few seconds or a minutes over charcoal, the smokey flavour is throughly infused on the spicy seasoned crab, no need no proloonged grilling times because the crab is already done unless the crab will be overcooked.

recipe banana wrapped crab spicy chili garlic kepiting asap bumbu pedas

Barbequed Banana Leaves Wrapped Spicy Crab with Fermented Shrimp Chili, Shallot and Garlic Paste Sambal

Barbequed Banana Leaves Wrapped Crab with Spicy Fermented Shrimp Chili, Shallot and Garlic Sambal

I’m using 1.2 kg kepiting Papua jantan or live local male mud crab from Papua Island. The clawn is pretty huge and the meat is very firm, sweet and succulent. Totally worth every cent, it cost me less than 10 USD, pretty great deal compare to the restaurantthat usually tagged it about 35-40 USD per kilo. The square platter that i use in the photograph was about 12 inches  or 30 cm long, just look how huge the clawn compare to the plate. This spicy crabs recipe is really not an option for your diets due to tons of calories instead you willing to paid it off  with move your butt out in a treadmill.

resep kepiting papua asap banana wrapped mud crab spicy curry recipe smoked crab

Gigantic Mud Crab Clawn from Papua compare to 30 cm (12 Inches) square plates

Once again i said this kepiting asap is DAMN DELICIOUS, i even think it’s even worthed as my last meal. The succulent sweetness of of the crab with a kick of creamy hot chili and spices then burst with leafy refreshing fragrance of banana leaves, kaffir lime leaves and turmeric leaves that infused with smoky aromas. Please visit asian groceries store in nearby, banana leaves usually sold fresh of frozen, the fresh is preferred,but the frozen banana leaves also work well with this recipe. If you can’t find any banana leaves, you can replace it with turmeric, ginger, lotus or taro leaves.

resep kepiting bakar asap ala resto bumbu pedas kepiting papua kalimantan bumbu rendang cabe

Kepiting Asap, Giant Mud Crab Stir Fried with Spicy Chili Sambal, Wrapped on Banana Leaves Parcel and Grilled over Charcoal until The Leaves  Charred and Blistered

kepiting asap bumbu pedas smoked crab wrapped in banana leaves with spicy chili shallots garlic shrimp paste

Resep Kepiting Asap Bumbu Pedas Bungkus Daun Pisang

Resep Kepiting Asap Bumbu Pedas Bungkus Daun Pisang:

Banana Wrapped Crab with Spicy Chili and Fermented Shrimp Paste Sambal Barbeque


  • 1 kepiting jantan ukuran besar, (huge mud crab, about 1-1.5 kg)
  • 1 air jeruk purut/nipis (kaffir lime juice to marinate the crab)
  • daun pisang (banana leaves), for wrapping the crab
  • heavy duty alumunium foil#optional
  • 1/2 sendok makan daun kunyit (tablespoon of shredded turmeric leaves)
  • 1 sendok makan daun jeruk purut (tablespoon of kaffir lime leaves, julienned)
  • 1 daun salam (Indonesian bay Leaves)
  • 2 cup Bumbu Kepiting Asap (Spicy Chili-Shrimp Paste Sambal Barbequed Crab Sauce)


  • Curled Sliced Chilies
  • Curled Sliced Scallion

Cara Membuat Kepiting Bakar/Asap Bumbu Pedas

(How To Make Barbequed Spicy Crab Wrapped  in Banana Leaf)

  • Brush the mud crab with a teeth brush to remove the remaining mud and debris,discard the gills and clean it under running water
  • Marinade the crab with kaffir lime juice and salt
  • Deep fried or steam the crab for about 2 minutes until partially cooked
  • Heat up the oil in a wok pan, then stir fried the spice paste chili sambal for about 1 minutes
  • Add the turmeric leaves, salam leaves and the kaffir lime leaves, stir another 30 seconds
  • Add the crab and stir fried another 2 minutes
  • Put the seasoned crab over few layered banana leaves and then wrap it into a parcel like an envelope
banana leaves wrapped crab recipe barbequed mud crab grilled charcoal spicy seasoning chili

Wrapped The Crab just Like You making Envelop Parcel

  • Secure the banana leaves crab parcel with toothpick, butcher’s twines or the fibers from the banana leaves
  • You can use heavy duty alumunium foil for further wrapped the banana leaf crab parcel before grilling it
  • Grilled it over high heat charcoal or stove flame to provoke smoke until the ouside layer or the banana leaves is slighly burned, blistered and charred for about 2 to 3 minutes
recipe barbequed crab spicy chili wrapped in banana leaf bbq mud crab recipe

Barbequed the Banana Leaves Crab Parcel over Charcoal (or Stove) until the Leaves Charred and Blistered

  • Open the banana leaves wrapped crab in front of the dinner guess with scissors
  • Garnish and serve immediately.

Resep Bumbu Kepiting Asap Pedas:

Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce Recipe for Smoked Crab Wrapped in Banana Leaves Recipe:

  • 50 gr cabe merah keriting (cayenne chili pepper)
  • 50 gr cabe rawit merah (bird eye chili pepper)
  • 100 gr bawang merah (shallots)
  • 50 gr bawang putih (garlic)
  • 15 gr jahe (ginger)
  • 15 gr lengkuas (galangal)
  • 15 gr kunyit (turmeric)
  • 5 gr ketumbar sangrai (toasted corriander seed)
  • 10 gr kemiri (candlenuts)
  • 5 gr bubuk kari India (Homemade Indian  Garam Marsala Powder)
  • 100 ml santan (coconut cream)
  • 30 gr bubuk kelapa sangrai  (ground toasted grated coconut)
  • 3 sereh, hanyak bagian putih (lemongrass, use the tender white part only)
  • 5 gr asam jawa (tamarind paste)
  • 15 g terasi or belacan (fermented shrimp paste)
  • 30 gr ebi/udang kering (dried shrimp)
  • 30 gr cumi kering/juhi (dried cuttlefish or squid)
  • 30 gr gula merah, sisir (palm sugar, roughly chopped)
  • 20 ml minyak sayur (vegetable oil)
  • 10 ml kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
  • salt and pepper to taste

How To Make Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce for Smoked Crab in Wrapped Banana LeavesRecipe

  • Put all the ingredients except the kecap manis and olive oil in a food processor and  grind it into a fine paste
  • Stir-fry sambal paste with vegetable oil over medium heat untill fragrant, the oil is separated from the chili paste and the colour is darkens, about 15 minutes .
  • Add the kecap manis and season it with salt and pepper, adjust the seasoning if necessary.
  • Turn off the heat and your homemade chili sambal barbeque sauce is ready to use.

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