Nutrisari W’dank Wedang Bajigur (Indonesia Coconut Milk-Palm Sugar-Pandan Drink), Beyond the Warmness of Indonesian Cultural and Hospitality

W'dank nutrisari wedang bajigurWedang Bajigur is a hot and sweet beverage native to the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. Wedang Bajigur made of coconut milk and Palm sugar  with a little bit hint of of ginger and pandan for flavouring and some a small pinch of salt to improved the taste. Wedang bajigur is usually accompanied with traditional snacks such as steamed banana, boiled sweet potato or boiled peanuts. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur  is the brand  of modern healthy instant wedang bajigur drink that achived Cultural Award from Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for preserving and promoting Indonesian Tradition and Cultures.

Nutrisari Wedang Bajigur w'dank indonesian traditional pandan santan coconut milk drinkThe richness and wide variaty of Indonesian culture and it’s culinary made  Nutri Sari as pioneer of Indonesian healty food industry wanna explore and exposed the healty Indonesian Traditional food through out the world. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur launched on may 2013 to promoting the Indonesia traditional hot baverages in a sachet, simply to let the customer easier to access and made it what ever and when ever they want. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur made of the best of spices of Indonesia, the warmness of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur is exposed the hospitality and welcoming Indonesian people and leading the to beyond exquisite friendship.

What i really love the most about Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur, it’s LESS CALORIES then regular beverages, so don’t bother of it’s gonna ruined your perfect body image. Once pack of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur contain only 80 kcal compare to the other junk beverages with tons of preservatives and other things you won’t known about which also contain double amount of calories then Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur .

recipe wedang bajigur indonesian warm coconut milk drink palm sugar pandan beveragesNutrisari W’dank Bajigur usually served hot or warm, a true definition of comforting beverages during the cold rainy season here in Indonesia. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur made us Indonesian closer ro each other even more during the family evening conversation or during the simple break chatting among us the staffs in the hospital. My family had a certain way to served wedang bajigur; we used to served Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur with toasted rice and cenal-cenil. The raw rice is simply toasted until crisp and slighly browed to give an extra bite to the Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur. Cenal-cenil is a glutinous rice powder ball that priorly boiled until floating to give a nice chewy and bouchy texture. Making cenal cenil or glutinous rice balls is easy, simply mix 100 grams of glutinous rice with about 1 tbsp sugar or other non calories swetener with about 30 ml water and any kind of food grade food coloring agen, mix it until foldable, weighed into 5 grams balls and boiled it in gentle baubly water until floating and it’s that easy!

resep wedang bajigur nutrisari w'dank dinginNutrisari W’dank Bajigur got a nice polite sweet taste and kicking savoury and creamy coconut milk flavour on it,  a very nice scent of pandan leaves made it special even more.  Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur also can be served as a cold beverages in a modern ways with additional whipped cream topping as a common modern beverages which is popular to the youth generation these days. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur brand also named W”DANK instead of WEDANG to made the traditional indonesian beverages closer to the youth generations.

wedang bajigur recipe coco pandan drink indonesian beverages nutrisasi w'dank bajigurServing Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur as a cold beverages is that easy too, i used to mix two sachets of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur and blend it with 1 cup (about 150 grams) ice block and 50 ml water then blend it until smooth. The cold blended Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur  then served with homemade cenal-cenil or glutious rice balls, whipped cream topping then springkled with toasted rice, trust me it’s DAMN DELICIOUS modern ethnic drink.

nutrisari w'dank bajigur wedang dingin cold indonesian coco pandan palm sugar drink traditional sundanese baveragesNutrisari W’dank Bajigur is available everywhere here in Indonesia, all branch of modern mini market or traditional street vendor sold it there days,you also can purchase Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur online on Nutrimart for those non Indonesia Dentist Chef reader through all the world, Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur is available on Indonesian-Asian supermarket, or you can purchased Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur online on Amazon. So what you waiting for ??? have your own experience of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur.

13 thoughts on “Nutrisari W’dank Wedang Bajigur (Indonesia Coconut Milk-Palm Sugar-Pandan Drink), Beyond the Warmness of Indonesian Cultural and Hospitality

  1. This drink sound so good with the coconut milk and ginger. I see pandan all of the time but have no idea what it taste like. I need to find some and give it a try.

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