Recipe Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

recipe beef confit recipe how to braised beef brisket in duck fat fork tender melted confit poitrine de boeuf

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

Beef Brisket Confit Served with Gravy, Sauteed Spring Vegetables & Popcorn Shoots. A chunky single portion of beef brisket, cured or seasoned with spices then cooked ala confit using duck fat and rice cooker for 24 hours then flash seared with blowtorch flames. The result of perfectly cooked beef confit method is obviously the most moist, fork tender &  renderred beef brisket you can imagine.

Recipe beef confit sauteed vetetables gravy french style blowtorch seared beef

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

confit de boeuf poitrine  Beef brisket confit duck fat recipe

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

Confit (pronounced “con-fee”) is a classic of French culinary method of cooking for various kinds of food that have been submerged in oil or animal fat for both flavour and preservation. Sealed and stored in a cool place, confit can last for several months. Confit is one of the oldest ways to preserve food, and is a speciality of southwestern France.

Confit beef brisket in duck fat tender meat gravy sauteed spring vegetables gourmet popcorn shoots microgreen sweet corn

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

confit de boeuf beef brisket confit french recipe

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

Beef confit  maybe not as popular as duck confit (confit de canard) or goose confit (confit d’oie), but any kind of meat can be prepared this way; chicken, pork, seafood etc, you named it. This far i’ve made Homemade Goose Confit, Homemade Duck Confit , Homemade Turkey Leg Confit & Homemade Crayfish Confit, i even made Homemade Quail Confit with very tough egg laying quail that not raised for it’s meat and yet it resulting  a fork tender, moist and delicious quail meat i’ve ever taste compare to other coventional cooking method. So, the toughest the meat the better for confit cooking.

confit beef sauteed vegetabes bell pepper eggplant carrot chayote pumpkin brown gravy sauce

Perfectly cooked Beef Brisket Confit; Moist, Fork Tender & Delicious!

beef confit duck fat slow cooked beef brisket rice cooker

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf with Rice Cooker

CONFIT is NOT DEEP FRYING, that’s the basic information you had to know first. The difference beetween CONFIT & DEEP FRYING it the TEMPERATURE;  confit done in 70-90ºC while deep frying in much higher temperature than confit (about 170ºC). COnfit most likely using animal fat (mostly duck), but these day people even used vegetables oil and even some infused oil. Beef confit is best done in 65-90ºC duck fat, the rules of making beef confit is simple, simply completely submerged marinated or cured beef brisket in 90ºC rendered duck fat for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours minutes depending the size and the toughness of the beef confit, the lower the oil temperature the longer the period of confit cooking. Try my method of making beef cooking using rice cooker (or slow cooker), simply put tconfit the beef brisket in 90ºC (very gentle simmmer) for about 30 minutes or so then finished confit the beef brisket it in the rice cooker or slow cooker for another 12 to 24 hours.

Confit Beef Brisket recipe poitrine de boeuf gravy sauce sauteed begetables using rice cooker

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

Beef Confit tender meat brisket slow cooked in duck fat oil

Moist, Tender &  Succulent Beef Brisket Confit

If you want to make beef confit, DO NOT LET THE CONFIT BATCH BOILING, make sure it’s very gentle simmer and only one tiny bubbles comes out once at a time. If you let the beef confit batch boiling or you simply want to rushed the cooking process you will ruined your beef confit and resulting a dry, tough and very flaky meat.  Boiling confit batch oil temperature made the natural juice or water content in the beef meat boiled and evaporates, thus made the beef confit meat dried and tough even more. The oil or fat temperature for making beef confit is just enough to break down the beef meat collagen into gelatine without much drying (boiling) the water contents on it. So, basicaly the temperature and the period is the difference of deep frying and confit, confit is prolonged cooking in oil in a low temperature while deep frying is flashed dehydration cooking in oil in a high temperature.

confit poitrine de boeuf beef brisket duck fat oil served with sauteed spring vegetables gravy

Confit Poitrine de Beouf

Confit Poitrine de Beouf is the French name for the beef brisket confit. Traditionaly, beef confit is served during the winter because human body need more fat in our daily diet intake to encounter the cold climates. Beef confit can be served many ways, usually with simple carbs like mashed potato or mashed celeriac, but it’s common to to served beef confit with tender stewed navy bean like the way i served my Braised Lamb Shank.  many people also concern about the duck fat that used in confit, my sister even colled me insane simply judging the ammout of rendered duck fat i’m using thou, never mind!. You should know that DUCK FAT is HEALTHY FAT, packed with many mono unsaturated fatty acid that actually keep you away from any cardiovascular disease. Even the rendered duck fat is healthy, doesn’t mean it didn’t contain high calories, so be wise for what you eat, i recommended that confit dish is served once or twice a week maximum.

recipe confit beef brisket popcorn shoots microgreen yellow sweet corn sauteed vegetables gravy

Confit Poitrine de Beouf

Now shall we make the beef brisket confit ?

recipe confit beef brisket rice cooker duck fat slow cooked cured beef cured seasoning

Beef Brisket Confit in Duck Fat Using Rice Cooker

First, rubbed the beef brisket with salt, herbs and spices then then refrigerated for up to 24 hours, do not forget to cover it with plastic cling wrap or even better vaccom packed it to prevent oxidation and discoloritsation. Salt-curing the beef meat prior to confit cooking acts as a preservative and flavour infusion. Prior to cooking, the spices are rinsed from the cured beef meat, which is then patted dry. The meat is placed in a cooking dish deep enough to contain the meat and the rendered duck  fat, bring it to 90 C and let it gently simmer for about 30 minutes then placed in a rice cooker container and finished to confit the beef brisket for another 24 hours. Once again, when you simmer the cured beef brisket,  the confit batch should not be hard boiling, but only very gently little bubbles once at a time allowed.

blowtorch seared beef confit de beouf pan fried seared beef cooked in oil

Searing the Beef Brisket Confit with Blowtorch

The beef confit is done in one more important step; searing. You can heat up about 1 tablespoon of duck fat in a pan and heai it up until slighly smokey. Carefully browned and seared the tender beef confit with the fat cap side down first until the beef fat is rendered  golden brown first then finished to seared the beef brisket confit all over. I like to sear my beef brisket confit with blowtorch, way more efficient and easy to do. You can served the beef confit with gravy and anything you want.

how to confit beef brisket de boeuf confit with duck fat oil served with spring vegtables gravy

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

French recipe beef confit poitrine de boeuf recipe

Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

Sauteed spring vegetablest that i paired for serving the beef brisket confit is very simple. I cut eggplant, chayote, pumpkin, celery, red bell pepper, green jalapeno pepper & some carrot into bite pieces then sauteed until slighly browned with the duck fat from the beef confit. Without adding any broth i had quite strong beefy flavour infusion from the duck fat itself.

popcorn shoot corn sprout microgreen sweet corn yellow baby popcorm shoots

Popcorn Shoots or Microgreen Sweet Popcorn: Tender, Crisp, Sweet & Refreshing Delicacy!

This is popcorn shoots or microgreen sweet popcorn  that i’m using a as a garnish for serving my beef brisket confit. Popcorn shoots is simpy made made like conventional planting, but WITHOUT any sunlight exposure what so ever. The yellowish popcorn shoots is tender, sweet and taste amazing, like delicate raw sweet corn. Popcorn shoots is considered as a pricey gourmet food ingredients, so i guess home grown popcorn shoots is worth the effort.

beef brisket confit de boeuf tender moist meat fork flaky gravy sauteed vegtables

Recipe Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf

Recipe Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf :


  • 1 kg Beef Brisket, cut into 4 equally portion (250 gr each)
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely choped
  • 3 sprigs thyme, roughly chopped
  • 1 sprig of rosemarry, roughly chopped
  • 1/2 tbsp whole juniper berries, crushed
  • 1 tsp freshly grounded black pepper
  • salt & peppercorn to taste
  • 2 tbsp smoked paprika powder#optional
  • 1 tbp powdered bbq seasoning#optional
  • 6 red chilies pepper, finely chopped#optional
  • 10 cups (2 L) rendered duck fat
How to Make Beef Brisket Confit:
  • Mix salt, garlic, thyme, rosemarry and the rest of the seasoning together, spread evenly over the beef brisket, wrapped it with cling wrap or vaccum packed it to prevent oxidation and discoloration, marinate it overnight.
  • Rinse off marinade from the beef brisket gently, you want some of the spices remaining stick in the beef brisket, dust with extra peppercorn powder if needed
  • Cover the beef brisket with duck fat in a sauce pan and bring it to 90 C or very gentle simmer and only tiny little bubbles comes out once at a time, let it confit for about 30 minutes
  • Transfer the duck fat and the marinated beef confit batch into  a rice cooker ot slow cooker container,  cover and let the beef confit finished for another 12 to 24 hours.
  • Once the beef brisket confit is fork tender, pat it dry (you can refrigerate the whole beef confit batch to make it more easy to remove the beef confit from the duck fat)
  • Pan fried the fat cap  beef brisket confit until crisp and browned or seared it with blowtocrh, served the beef brisket confit with sauteed summer vegetables

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52 thoughts on “Recipe Beef Brisket Confit Poitrine de Beouf, Served with Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Gravy & Popcorn Shoots

  1. So interesting this dish, Dedy. Love how you show us how you sear and blow torch the beef. It looks so cool…almost like you’re burning the beef but I’m sure you didn’t. You must teach me how to do it if I come over for a meal 😀

  2. Beef! Sighhhhhh!!!! So expensive here – I saw one not very big chunk of chuck tender, Australian…over RM30.00. I’d just have to learn to live without it. Sobssss!!!!!

  3. An amazing talent you have Deky ~ I miss good beef during my travels in China and I can always find it here… I’ll be back in the States soon and look very much forward to have just a little taste of it again (although nothing like what you’ve prepared, it looks amazing).

  4. What a lovely dish Dedy, I’ve not heard of beef confit before so thank you. I’ve poached salmon in ghee before and it was gorgeous, so moist, so I can just imagine how delicious and moist your brisket turned out.

  5. good looking dish indeed, and I need to try planting the popcorn too as I love growing mini edible plants like beansprouts and green onion. And also the beef looks succulent and not dry, how long it will be cooked in the slowcooker on low?

  6. Beautiful!!! I’m so excited I actually have all the ingredients…wait I don’t have 10 cups of rendered duck fat…plating is an exceptional! You’re incredibly talented.

  7. i don’t like beef like this usually, but even i must admit that your preparation sounds fantastic! and popcorn shoots must be fun! 🙂

  8. Have never had or made confit before- but I remember I used to be pronounced as it was spelt haha. Your beef confit looks so delicious!! Love how you use the rice cooker- such a great idea!

  9. Hi Dedy, so impressed with the popcorn shoots, they sound amazing, did not realize such a thing existed. My husband would go crazy for this brisket. You should have your own restaurant with all the detail in your meals.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten popcorn shoots but I want to. I’ve cooked a lot of things confit and the meat is always so soft and tender. This looks delicious!

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