Lifull Produk Indonesia; Snack Lover Website Where You Can Get A Prize for Buzzing Around About Snacks

lifull produk indonesia You want that snack send out in front of your door ? sure yo are, all you had to do is talking about snacks and get the prize from it!!! It’s so fun and excited right! Lifull produk Indonesia is a produck of Lifull Indonesia for a Indonesia snack lover; a prize website that give information about snacks and the member can get their prize from giving testimonial, reviewing and buzzing about it in the social media.


Lifull produk Indonesia encouranging Indonesian nitizen active giving their opinion directly to the products and discuss their favourite snacks. The essence of this website is making everybody happy while tasting the snacks. Social media made aa powerfull effect for the customers buying decisions, even more than 50% based on AC Nielsen research in 2012; hence Lifull produk Indonesia exist.

review lifull

Everybody loves snack, you had your own favourite snacks for sure. There’s many many snacks sold in the store; local; Imported snacks with too many categories and niches. New snacks always created with different kind of flavour and prices; which one is yours ?
review lifull situs snack
Choosing favourite snacks ain’t  that hard and confusing no more; give you a snacks database and any information you want to know about the snacks! with Lifull produk id you get the whole picture about the snack before you even taste it.
How to be a part of snack lover nitizen ? first you gotta sign up to the website; you can use your facebook account for that, don’t get hesitated because it’s gonna be fun for sure!
Right your account verified; you can had your Lifull experience and get the prized from it now!
click the
1. Click the  Hadiah Gratis in the front page of Lifull produk website.

2. Choose your snacks from selection as your gift.


3. Read carefully the product information to ensure that you wanted that snack then click the Apply Product.

4. There’s gonna be pop out windowa that contain the address of the product to be send; make sure you fullfilled it right in the first place when you registered as a member in the first place’ then click  Yes.

5.Another step you had to do is share about it in your Social Media!

You gotta know that not every single member that plly the prize get their product; it’s all about your luck because the product ammount is limited and GOOD LUCK with that!!! you can also choose another prize to be your prize and start the process all over.

Now you can be the part of, you can be more active and buzzing about any of your favourite snacks all over the lifull product website.

Few feature you can explore;


On this tab you know the snacks got the higest ranking based on the ammount of product page view and review. The snacks for sure the most favourite and scrumptios so then many people lovin it, definitely inspired you to get it right away right ?

Semua Produk (All Product)got two niches; based on the merk or category; you can choose your preference snacks even easier now!

lifull produk indonesia ulasan produk product review

This menu pretty much giving you the information about other member testimonial and review about the product; you can made your own review if you ever had your experience about that snack!.

lifull produk indonesia blog produk
Blog Produk (Product Blog)
This menu gives you the administrator blog and review about the unique snacks n beverages; make sure you read it a lot to get updated!

Pemenang (The Winner)
For those snack lover who apply the prize snacks; you can check this to know weather you won the snack or not, hopefully you are!!! Good luck!!

Lifull product had a member poin as the requirement to present campaign program thatt requires minimum point for applying; here’s the pint you gained from  buzzing around;

  •  New member : 50 poin
  •  Give Rating     : 4   poin (Some product had taste & looks rate so you can get 8 poin)
  •  Give Review   :  2   poin

The more active you buzzing around the bigger point you’ve got and you got the better chance to winning the prize!

6 thoughts on “Lifull Produk Indonesia; Snack Lover Website Where You Can Get A Prize for Buzzing Around About Snacks

  1. I love getting sample foods like this in the mail. That way can try and sample and see what I like, and if I like, I will go to the store and buy. In your photo, the Choco Mania chocolate chip cookies look very good 😀

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