Dentist Chef 7 Days Sunpride Fruit Diary and Beyond, A Journal of Healthy Fruitarian Lifestyle for Better Living

sunpride buah segar fresh everydayDo  You Want to be Healthy ??? Become FRUITARIAN with SUNPRIDE !!! EATING FRUIT MORE and MORE

Eating Fruit Provides Health Benefits

The nutrients in fruit are vital for health and maintenance of your body. The potassium in fruit can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases and any degenerative disease. Eating fruits may also reduce the risk of developing cancers, kidney stones and help to decrease bone loss as you age.To get the most benefit out of your five portions of fruits should include a variety of fruits. This is because different fruits contain different combinations of fibres, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so then you won’t be lack one of them.

Fruit is Nutritious and Damn Delicious!!!

Dietary fiber – Important to help reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Also important for proper bowel function. Potasium – Important to help combat high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease. May also reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and help to decrease bone loss. Vitamin C – Important for growth and repair of all body tissues and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Provides antioxidant defense against infection and disease. Folate (folic acid) – Helps the body form red blood cells and helps reduce the risk of birth defects. Phytonutrients work synergistically with the vitamins, minerals and fiber in whole fruits to help reduce disease risk.

SUNPRIDE INDONESIA, PT. Sewu Segar Nusantara a leading Indonesian fruit comapany as a member of the flagship investment group Gunung Sewu Kencana,  expertise in the fresh fruits and agribusiness sector. Sunpride brand is a very popular brand across the country, even spreading the wings throught out the world by promotingthe best Indonesianl local tropical fruit product. Current brands within the company’s portfolio include Zespri of New Zealand, Pink Lady of Australia and Conference Pear of Belgium.  The company focuses on the production, distribution and marketing of locally grown as well as imported fruit. Working alongside local farmers, Sewu Segar Nusantara has developed stringent quality control measures which are trusted and relied upon by over 1,000 retailers.

Indonesia’s distinct market segments are each covered through the brands of Sunpride, Sunfresh and Sweety which enjoy significant brand awareness as a result of SSN’s pioneering efforts in promoting fruit as part of a healthy diet using innovative marketing techniques. Each brand is recognised for consistency in quality, taste and freshness achieved through tireless research into storage and packaging methods.

Why your DENTIST ask you to EAT FRUIT More and More ?

An apple won’t replace your toothbrush, but biting and chewing an fruits stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth, reducing tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria. Eating more fuits also stimulate the growth of teeth, jaw and any musculoskeletal tissues and prevent the teeth malposition and/0r third molar (wisdom teeth) impaction because eating less fiber food (soft food) deteriorate the growth the jaw and made the space of alveolar bone is insufficient for the third molar (wisdom teeth) to erupt.


pisang sunpride cavendish
SUNPRIDE Giving the best from A to the Z to asure you’ve get the best fruit you’ve ever taste!!!
Do you think that the popular smooth and flawless Sunpride Banana is imported fruit ??? SO DO I, Well we all WRONG because Sunpride Banana is locally grown in Lampung, so it’s actually product of Indonesia!!!
pisang sunpride
How did they create the perfect piece of Sunpride Banana ??? One hell of a perfection and precisious job from selecting the best cavendish banana speciment to grown, growing the banana in the best farm land, handling the fruit carefully by covering each of the banana comb to prevent the banana fruits bruising, protecting from sunlight and any pests, this methods creating a perfect smooth banana skin.
pisang cavendish sunpride 1
The Sunpride banana harvest period is divided per block, 1 bunches of bananas that had been wrapped the cut, then hung on the rail, to be brought to the packing house, using rail prevent the banana bruised compare to the conventional method transporting the whole banana comb manually that requires staging the banana comb so then the bottom part of the banana supporting the weight the upper part of the banana and got bruised. The bruised banana skin may not effect the banana flesh inside, but it affect the color of the banana skin into dark black.
sunpride cavendish banana
In the packing house,Sunpride banana cleaned, the paper that used to covering each comb relaced with padding foam. The banana then grading into sevral categories, grade A (7.5 inches lenght) for export (sold as several International brand like Victory Brand in China). The grade B banan sold in Indonesia as Sunpride banana.
SO, If SUNPRIDE take care our banana with PERFECTION, i think there’s no flaws to untrusting any SUNPRIDE fruits!!!

Journey of 7 Days Sunpride Fruit Diary:

My Sunpride  daily fruitarian is always starting with Sunpride Cavendish Banana, raw without any addtitional flavour and a single portion of  apple, pear or other fruits to replace breakfast. I also had brunch with fresh or cooked fruits appetizer as a snack. The luch i had is usually have about a 600 calories portion of carbs, protein and veggies, then ended with fresh or cooked fruit dessert. About i had a single portion of fresh SUNPRIDE fruits then the dinner i dad got less than 500 calories of carbs, protein and veggies. I never had any dessert for dinner, only simple fresh or cooked SUNPRIDE fruits appetizer.


sunpride pisang cavendish banana


Sunpride cavendish banana is the most popular products you may known, but Sunpride actually had several varieties of banana; local varieties of bananas and plantain available like Pisang mas, Pisang Tanduk, Pisang Ambon, Pisang Barangan, Pisang Kepok & Pisang Raja Bulu.

pisang sunpride cavendishWhy eating banana is important ???

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world for sure. Bananas help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. Banana also provide energy punch and sustain your blood sugar, Thats why i always starting a day with eating banana EVERYDAY. Banana protect against muscle cramps during workouts and nighttime leg cramps by eating a banana. .Counteract calcium loss during urination and build strong bones by supplementing with a banana

pisang cavendish sunpride

pisang cavendish sunpride singke and availabkleSunpride even provide a SINGLE and AVAILABLE banana, which is sold in a minimarket or small store nearby everywhere, even in my clinick there’s three modern mini market and tey all provide a single pack of banana. So if you in a hurry and forgot to consume your banana, you can get is easily then.

sunpride pisang cavendish single bananaEversince my father diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, i got my wake up call because i got sll the predispotition factor to become a diabetic patient too because i’m 60 pounds overweight of healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). There’s nothing better way to reduce my weight and body fat ratio than excersising and follow a healthy dietary plants. Nowdays i  replace my snacking with fruits. I get more fibers with comsuming fruits to felt stuffed because i can’t skipping meals, so i eating a single banana 3 times a day, in the morning, on the brunch  and after dinner. Mostly plain and withoud any other additional ingredients.

Don’t worry, you can be creative with banana, you can made almost anything with it;either raw or cooked;

A. Raw Sunpride Cavendish Banana

toasted bread banana nutella topping breakfast whole wheat bread choco hazelnut butter with sunpride pisang cavendish roti tawar panggang

Lovin Sunpride cavendish banana all the way, i used to eat it wat at least twice a day; early morning to starting a day and the night before i go to sleep. In the morning i used to be creative, serving the Sunpride cavendish banana with toasted bread & some choco hazelnut butter. A quiky damn delicious breakfast to starting a day!!!toasted bread banana nutella breakfast chocolate banana whole wheat breadB. Cooked Sunpride Cavendish Banana

resep pisang caramel sunpride cavendish banana blogging competitionThis is pisang karamel saus kopi luwak or caramerlized Sunpride cavendish banana with civet coffee caramel sauce. I made the pisang karamel with  selecting the medium ripe Sunpride banana, sliced it horizontally into three parts with the same thickness. I melted some butter and heated it in a non sticky fry pan then seared the banana for about 2 minutes until nice caramelized and gonden brown. I also wrapped some banana with puff pastry and baked it until the pastry nice browned and pluffy.

sunpride pisang cavendish banana caramel civet cofee

The pisang karamel or caramelized banana then drizzed with genuine Indonesian civet coffee caramel sauce and creamy vanilla bean fla. I arranged the caramelized banana in a serving plate to made it look fancy and add some dry raisin, dry cranberry, truffled cookies, tpasted almond and some candied mustard flower.


nanas honi sunprideWhy Eating Pinneaple is Important ?

Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of  pineapples decreases the risk of obesity and overall mortality, diabetes, heart disease and promotes a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, overall lower weight.  A higher intake of pinneaple has also been shown to decrease risk of and progression of age-related macular degeneration. Also of note, a high potassium intake from pinneaple is associated with a 20% decreased risk of dying from all causes.

nenas honi sunpride nanas madu manis tanpa garam tidak gatalSunpride Honi Pinneaple DO NOT NEED SALT to washed it before eaten because it’s had LOW CALCIUM OXALAT. Calcium oxalate is a byproduct that majorly stored under thescally skin of the pinneaple. Calcium oxalate is low irritant to mucous membrane like mouth and throat. Calcium oxalate content made the common pinneaple need to be netralized and washed with salted water before eaten unless you gonna felt itchy and burned in your mouth and throat.

nenas honi dentist chef

SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple is taste crisp, sweet, refreshingly a little bit tangy. The size is bigger than common pinneaple. The Honi pinneaple skin is regularly flat so then peeling off the skin is much more easier than common pinneaple. The hard brown spot is not puncturing too deep into the inneaple flesh so no need to remove too much good flesh when you peel SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple.

You felt that skinning pinneaple is quite an effort??? No need to worry no more.  SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple is very easy to cut open and served!!!

How to cut open and served SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple :

sunpride nenas honi nanas madu

Place the pineapple on side down then use a cutting board or other cutting surface, cut the crown and the stem off. Stand the pineapple up on one end, using a sharp chef’s knife, cut the pinneaple in the middle.

sunpride nanas honi manis cara mengupas

Cut the half part SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple in the middle using very sharp knife, do not pushed it to harder uness the fuits will be bruised.

sunpride nenas honi

Remove the SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple stalk in the middle, you can use this part to flavouring stock or using the extract juice for tenderizer beef, chicken or any tough meat.

cara mengupas nanas honi sunpride nenas honi batu manis sweet pinneaple

Cut the quarte part SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple in the middle using very sharp knife, do not pushed it to harder uness the fuits will be bruised.

nanas madu sunpride nenas honi honey pinneapple sweet how peel

Slice the skin off the sides of SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple , horizontallly cut as thinly as possible. Leave as much flesh as you can remaining on the pineapple; the sweetest part of the pineapple is the most outer flesh

how to peel pinneaple cut off pinneaple from skin

Vertically cut SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple as thinly as possible or closer to the skin without remaining the brown spot attached. Leave as much flesh as you can remaining on the pineapple; the sweetest part of the pineapple is the most outer flesh

sunpride nanas honi nenas madu cara mengupas

VOILA your SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple is ready to be served!!!

Sunpride nenas honi nanas madu manis

You can get the instruction how to open SUNPRIDE HONI Pinneaple in the labels too:

cara memotong nanas honi

Any IDEAS using SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple ?

grilled haloumi cheese pinneaple canapeGrilled Pinneaple served over grilled haloumi cheese canape.  Greece hard cheese is best for grilling or barbequing, serving it with charred grilled pinneaple is one hell of damn delicious ideas. Salty, briney paired with sweet, caramelized and a little bit tangy SUNPRIDE Honi pinneaple, DAMN DELICIOUS!!

haloumi cheese pinneaple grilled appetizerI’m Using blowtorch flames to caramelized the outer layer of the haloumi cheese and the SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple but you can using grill or pan for browning the outer layer. The pinneaple and the haloumi cheese is better be sprayed with avocado oil or olive oil for better caramelizing.

appetizer haloumi cheese grilled pinneaple charred

NEver throw the Middle stalk of the SUNPRIDE Honi Pinneaple, save it for later because you can use it many ways. This is Pindang Ikan Palembnag, a spicy, hot and a little bit sourish broth fish soup from Palembang, South Sumatra. You can use the pinneaple middle stalk to flavouring the spicy fish soup broth.

pindang pegagan palembang ikan patin gabus pindang tulang toyota agya blog contest

You can extract the pinneaple juice and using it to marinade, flavouring and also to tenderizing any hard or tough meat. Beef shank need to be soaked about 6 mours prior to cooked and steak cut need less than 30 minutes. Pinneaple contain Bromelain that can breakdown the tough collagen fibers in the meat to made it a tender steak you’ve ever taste.

sous vide beef steak veal sirloin calf striploin spicy rendang curry sauce


C. Guava (SUNPRIDE Crystal Guava)

sunpride jambu kristal tanpa biji

Why Eating Guava is Important ?

Guava is also known as Asian apple.  Guavas are one of the richest sources of vitamin C, containing four times the vitamin C content present in oranges. A single, medium-sized guava offers two times the daily requirement of vitamin C, a vitamin that is closely associated with improved immunity and protecting you against common infections and pathogens.

sunpride crystal guava seedless jambu tanpa biji kristal

The health benefits of guava include the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, cough, cold, skin care, high blood pressure, weight loss and scurvy.Guava also has white or maroon flesh and lots of small hard seeds enveloped in very soft, sweet pulp. It is eaten raw (ripe or semi-ripe) or in the form of jams and jellies.The role of guavas in immunity is also attributed to its anti-inflammatory action and its ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins released in autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis so guava is really good for elderly peop

sunpride jambu kristal gualva crystal

Sunpride Crystal Guava is also sold as Sunfresh brand,  this guava is really honest because it’s really seedless. the flesh is crisp and tender in the same time. thaste very sweet, refreshing and juicy, totally scrumptious!!!

Any Idea using SUNPRIDE Crystal Guava ???

guava chili salsa grilled fish tilapiaI like to using fresh crisp guava to serving my fish. I added it into chili sambal or chili salsa to give a nice crisp and refreshing texture. Today i served my grilled tilapia fish with Sunpride Crystal Guava chili salsa.

ikan nila bakar sambal jambu biji mujair salsa cabe jambu guava salsa chili grilled tilapia fishgrilled tilapia fish spicu chili guava salsa

Just like the pinneaple, you also can using the Sunpride guava juice for marinating and flavouring tough cut of meat before barbequing or grilling it. Lovin it for my steak too.


D. Papaya

sunpride pepayaSunpride provide two varieties of papaya; Hawaian and Californian. they all taste delicious sweet, crisp and juicy Sunpride Californian and Hawaian Papaya along  Cavendish Banana is my staple daily fruit, i really like enjoying papaya raw in the lunch, especially in the hot days.

Why Eating Papaya is Important ?

Papaya is considering the healthiest fruit on earth. Papayas offer not only the luscious taste and sunlit color of the tropics, but are rich sources of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids; the B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid; and the minerals, potassium, copper, and magnesium; and fiber. Together, these nutrients promote the health of the cardiovascular system and also provide protection against colon cancer.

gohu pepaya california sunpride

Gohu, a pickled papaya from manado or Minahasa descent people (North Sulawesi), a briny and spicy pickled young and half ripen papaya similiar to asinan,  acar or another name for pickle in Indonesia or Som Tam from Thailand.

Gohu pepaya muda sunpride papaya pickled unripe spicy chili vinegarI DAMN LOVIN GOHU, especially on my brunch break in beetween patients in my clinic. The refreshing sweet, crisp Sunpride Californian Papaya that sliced thinly in a briney pickled broth that flavoured with chilies, spices, bakasang (fermented shrimp paste), cakalang fufu (smoked skipjack tuna) and some rice vinegar, DAMN DELICIOUS!!!

gohu pepaya manado pedas sunpride papaya california

In addition, young and unripe papaya contains the digestive enzyme, papain, which is used like bromelain; enzyme found in pineapple, to treat sports injuries, other causes of trauma, and allergies and you can using it as a tenderizer for steaks or any tought meats.

E. Melon.

sunpride melon

Sunpride provide several kind of melon; Rock Melon, Honey Melon, Golden Melon. One cup of diced melon (about 156 grams) contains 53 calories, 0.3 grams of fat, 13 grams of total carbohydrate, 12 grams of sugar, 1.4 grams of fiber, 1.3 grams of protein, 106% the daily value for vitamin A, 95% vitamin C, 1% of calcium and 2% of iron needs. A one-cup serving also provides 5%, or more of the daily value needs for vitamin K, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate, magnesium and potassium.

Why Eating Melon is Important ?

Melon contains an abundance of antioxidants including choline, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene, all of which provide protection against a range of diseases and conditions from the common cold to cancer. Melons are high in essential vitamins and minerals. They contain almost no fat or saturated fat, making them an excellent choice for snacks or a side dish.

Any Idea using Melon ???

melon wrapped prosciuttoI like using melon as a starter or appetizer, i’m using two kind of melon; the orange color the rock melon and green golden melon or golden melon. I’m using my dendeng danging kambing or dendeng domba (lamb or goat prosciutto) to wrapping the lamb and then secure it with toothpick, voila, your fancy Melon and Prosciutto appetizer done in a secon!!!

melon wrapped prosciutto appetizer sunpride melon

sunpride melon prosciutto wrapped yellow melon appetizerSUNPRIDE Rock and Honey melon taste delicious thats for sure, i really love the crisp, tender and bouchy texture when you chew it and the flesh oozing the fresh sweet juice, totally DAMN REFRESHING!!!

sunpride melon appetizer prosciutto wrap


F. SUNPRIDE Watermelon (Semangka)

sunpride semangka

Why Eating Watermelon is Important ?

Sunpride Watermelon. One cup of diced watermelon (152 grams) contains only 43 calories, 0 grams of fat, 2 milligrams of sodium, 11 grams of carbohydrate (including 9 grams of sugar) and 1 gram of fiber. One cup of watermelon will provide 17% of vitamin A, 21% of vitamin C, 2% of iron and 1% of calcium needs for the day. Watermelon contain citrulline is converted to arginine in your kidneys, and not only is this amino acid important for heart health and maintaining your immune system, but it has been researched to have potential therapeutic value in over 100 health conditions

Do you know watermelon s contain 92% water, so i guess it’s right to put “water” on watermelon. Lovin this in a very hot days as a snack, watermelon can refreshing my mind to get me back 100 percent afterlunch, lol

Any idea using watermelon ???

smoked salmon bruschetta watermelon bacon cheese crispThis is SUNPRIDE watermelon bruchetta with some savoury touch, Lovin the texture of crispy oven toasted baquette bread topped with crisp, sweet and refreshing brightly red watermelon.  I add some salted Beef Bresaola that crisp up priorly and some Hot Smoked Salmon as a topping.  To made the watermelon bruschetta fancy even more, i put some parmigiano reggiano cheese crisp over it and some fresh greeen sweet basil leaves to add color and flavour.

watermelon brucchetta smoked salmon bacon parmigiano reggianno sunpride semangkaDay 5

G. Dragon Fruit

buah naga sunprideSunpride dragon fruit is an extremely beautiful fruit that has dazzling flowers and an intense shape and color. The dragon fruit is usually a dark red color, although some types of this fruit are pink or yellow. The skin of the dragon fruit is a thin rind. The skin is usually covered in scales, and the center of the fruit is made up of a red or white, sweet tasting pulp.

sunpride buah naga dragon fruit smoked scallop

Why Eating Dragon Fruit It’s Important ?

Eat dragon fruit as a good natural source of anti-oxidants which help to prevent the dangers of free radicals which can cause cancer and other undesirable health detriments.The number, quantity, and variety of antioxidants in dragon fruit like  phytoalbumins and flavonoids which are highly valued for their antioxidant properties.

Dragon fruit help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Studies also suggest that the the glucose found in Dragon fruit aids in controlling the blood sugar level for diabetes patients. Dragon fruit helps in digestion. Because of the richness in fibers, Dragon fruit aids in the digestion of food, Studies also suggest that Dragon fruit promotes the growth of probiotics.

scallops cold smoked appetizer dragon fruit sunpride

I like eating SUNPRIDE dragon fruit for it’s taste and texture. Lovin to made some fancy appetizer with dragon fruit. the tiny black seed on dragon fruit made it fancy for presentation. I served my dragon fruit finger food with some cold smoked scallops and gourmet popcorn shoots.

cold smoked scallops appetizer dragon fruit

H. Kiwi

sunpride golden kiwiSUNPRIDE in collaboration with Zespri Kiwi provided green kiwi and golden yellow kiwi. Golden kiwi got more soft and sweeter flesh compare to the green kiwi, my grandma really lovin it because she cn enjoy it even without her denture,lol

sunpride golden kiwi recipeWhy Easting Kiwi is Important ?

Kiwi got with more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange, the bright green flesh of the kiwifruit speckled with tiny black seeds adds a dramatic tropical flair to any fruit salad. Packed with more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange, the bright green flesh of the kiwifruit speckled with tiny black seeds adds a dramatic tropical flair to any fruit salad. Kiwi can protect DNA in the nucleus of human cells from oxygen-related damage. Since kiwi contains a variety of flavonoids and carotenoids that have demonstrated antioxidant activity, these phytonutrients in kiwi may be responsible for this DNA protection.

Enjoying just a couple of kiwifruit each day may significantly lower your risk for blood clots and reduce the amount of fats (triglycerides) in your blood, therefore helping to protect cardiovascular health.My father is a diabetic patients, kiwi is a very diabetic friendly fruits because kiwi is in the ‘low’  glycemic index, meaning it does not raise your blood sugar quickly. It has a glycemic load of 4 which means it is safe for diabetics.

Any Idea using Kiwi ?

kiwi banana smoothiesI love eating kiwi directly, but i love to have some smoothies too if i got bad mood, lovin to blended golden kiwi with some yogurt and banana then staging it with some choco nutella or hazelnut butter banana smoothies. I add some slices of fresh kiwi and then finish it with some vanilla syrup infused basil seed.

choco banana kiwi smoothies

I .Sunpride Apple

sunpride apel grannysmith apple recipe freshSunpride provide local (Malang apple) and imported apple (Grannysmith etc). Sunpride apple always be packed the best way to ensure the customers got the best quality of apples.

Why Eating Apple is Important ?

Have you heard “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, yes you may but what makes this fruit so special? What health benefits are associated with eating apples?

Eating apple could keep Alzheimer’s away and fight the effects of aging on the brain. Apples are good for neurological health. The fruit contains an antioxidant called “quercetin” which reduces cellular death caused by oxidation and inflammation of neurons. Apples also reduce your blood pressure, prevent galstone, detoxify the liver, boost the immume and also avert the hemorrhoid.

I like to eating apple raw or cooked, mostly on dessert, but if you like apple also contain quercetin  that can be used tp tenderize any tough meatjust like pinneaple or papaya.

Any Idea Using Apples ?

sunpride apel malang pie karamelThis is apple pie using caramel topping and tenpeh flour crust, I also added shredded julienned gouda cheese over the aplle pie.

apple caramel pie civet coffee

apple pie with civet coffee caramel creamDAY 6

J. SUNPRIDE  Pear ( Singo Pear)

sunpride singo pear korea pirSunpride provide three kind of pear; Golden Pear, Singo Pear and Conference Pear Truval. Lovin the size of the pear, which is big and plumply, The texture is crisp with sweet and refreshing taste. The SUNPRIDE pear aslo packed and secured individually with foam net to prevent it frum bruiosing from transporting before handed to the customers, one of the reason that i told you before to trusting SUNPRIDE fruits.

sunpride singo pear

Why Eating Pear is Important ???

One medium-sized pear contains 5.5 grams of fiber toward your daily goal of 21 to 38 grams. When you eat plenty of fiber, your digestive system works the way it’s supposed to. Fiber helps your body absorb the vitamins and minerals from your food. It also helps prevent and relieve constipation and can keep you from developing painful hemorrhoids as well.

For nutritional reasons, we’re often advised to consume the skins of fruits. However, it’s less often that research provides strong evidence in support of this advice. Recent studies have shown that the skin of pears contains at least three to four times as many phenolic phytonutrients as the flesh. These phytonutrients include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory flavonoids, and potentially anti-cancer phytonutrients like cinnamic acids. The skin of the pear has also been show to contain about half of the pear’s total dietary fiber.

Any Idea Using Pear ?


yukhoe korean raw beef pear salad marinade gochujang soy sauce, chili sesame oil pine nuts

yukhoe raw beef tartare tenderloin sousvides asian pear beef salad

This is Yukhoe or Korean Beef Tartare that served with Raw Julienned Singo Pear. The Beef tenderloin is raw but not that raw because it’s priorly “pausterized” in sous vide method using ziplock bag and rice cooker waterbath in controlled temperature.

yukhoe korean raw beef seasoned pear sesame oil garlic saladThis is the same Korean Yukhow or raw beef tenderloin tartare with diced korean singo pear,  gochujang chili sauce, sesame oil, pine nuts, and raw quail egg yolk. The spicy Korean beef tartare also dressed with chopped chili, black sesame seed, crispy garlic, garlic oil, and chives blossom.

pan fried foie gras recipe goose liver wine poached pearsThis is wine poached Conference Pear Truval that served with Pan Fried Foie Gras or Goose Liver with balsamic vinegar glazed that ethically raised.

Day 7

K. Baby Pacitan Orange (Jeruk Baby)

jeruk baby pacitan sunprideThis is Sunpride Baby Orang(Jeruk Baby) or Pacitan Orang, a local product fron Pacitan, East Java. The orange named after baby orange because Indonesian baby can handle this orang sweet taste.

sunpride jeruk baby pacitan manis keprok

Why eating orang is Important ???

Eating an orange a day is a good idea got thousand of reason why,  they are low in calories but full of nutrients, orange promote clear, healthy skin and can help to lower our risk for many diseases and conditions as part of an overall healthy and varied diet.An orange has over 170 different phytochemicals and more than 60 flavonoids, many of which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and strong antioxidant effects. One orange provides 130 percent of your vitamin C needs for the day!

Oranges also contain thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, selenium and copper. Because of their high vitamin C content (over twice the daily need) oranges are associated with boosting the immune system. Oranges also contain choline, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids. Choline is an important nutrient found in oranges that helps with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory. Choline also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation. Zeaxanthin and carotenoids have antioxidant effects and have been shown to have an inverse relationship with overall cancer rates and prostate cancer in particular.

Any Idea Using Orange???

Sous vide salmon stuffed with tofu prange lemon sauce with black rice salad chayote shoots winged bean sous vide carrot orange pulp bean sproutLovin to served orange pulp with seafood like seabass, salmon , scallops, lobster, prawn etc. The sweet and tangy refreshing orange can be bursting out like a caviar if you pairing it with savoury dish to create a next level of taste.

salmon orange sauce sous vide salmon fillet stuffed tofu seared trout red rice salad chayote shoots sprout

sous vide salmon recipe orange lemon sauce tangy trout rolled stuffed salmon tofuLovin to make an orange sauce for salmon like the picture of my Rolled Salmon Stuffed with Bean CuredBeside using the orange in a sauce, you can use it as a marinade because the acid can be tenderized any tough meat too.

L. Grape

anggur sunpride red globe grapeGrapes make a great snack and can also be used to make juices, desserts, salads and main dishes. These versatile fruits provide a number of essential nutrients and their phytochemicals may provide the health benefits of potentially lowering your risk for heart disease and cancer, although further research is needed to verify these positive effects, according to the American Cancer Society.

Why Eating Grape is Important ?

Grapes contain powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols, which may slow or prevent many types of cancer, including esophageal, lung, mouth, pharynx, endometrial, pancreatic, prostate and colon. The flavonoid quercetin in grape  is a natural anti-inflammatory that appears to reduce the risk of 
atherosclerosis and protect against the damage caused by low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Any Idea Using Grape

recipe eel fillet rolled sous vide fish stuffed chorizo mashed purple yam, carrot balsamic reduction micro herbs bottarga crusted fish fillet
Bottarga Crusted Saffron Infused Eel Fish Fillet Rollade Sous Vide with Spanich Chorizo, Basil and Cheese Stuffing, Served with Mashed Purple Yam, Sous Vide Carrot, Beluga Caviar and Balsamic Reduction. The fillet of swamp eel stuffed and rolled then packed with lemon juice, spices & extra virgin olive oil, vaccum packed in ziplock then slowly cooked until tender and succulent in a low temperature beer cooler waterbath (about 40-42°C) for 45 minutes, drained from the bag and rolled in grated bottarga then seared with blow torch until the bottarga crust got toasted and slighly browned in all surfaces and then served with tangy Homemade Balsamic Vinegar Reduction.
sous vide eel fillet rolled fish fillet stuffed saffron chorizo bottarga crusted
rolled fish fillet eel recipe fish fillet sous vide roll stuffed chorizo cheese basil slow cooked
This is just the part of my 7 Days Fruit Diary with SUNPRIDE INDONESIA, So far, my fruitarian diary with SUNPRIDE is quite good, in the past 3 months i can constantly and slowly  reduced my weight without feeling starving because i had SUNPRIDE fruits everyday. I felt more energetic like never before, performing several teeth extraction surgery is not made me lose my breath no more.


Have your own fruitatarian journey with SUNPRIDE FRUITS INDONESIA

Ketan Srikaya W’dank Bajigur Lapis Pandan & W’dank Bajigur Vanilla Fla (Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk Custard)

ketan srikaya glutinous rice pandan coconut milk custard pudding sticky rice puding santan pulutKetan Srikaya W’dank Bajigur Lapis PandanFla Vanilla W’dank Bajigur, a lovely Takjil W’dank Bajigur dessert from Palembang which derived from Srivijaya-Malay cuisine. Ketan means glutinous rice and srikaya or srikayo or sometimes also called sarikaya means coconut milk custard, so ketan srikaya is savoury glutinous rice pudding topped with sweet custard made of egg yolk and coconut milk. Srikaya is coconut custard usually flavoured with pandan leaves extract to give a nice green color & distinct pandan fragrance.

takjil wedank bajigurKetan Srikaya W’dank Bajigur Lapis Pandan is participating in blogging competition #TakjilWDankBajigur held by W’dank Bajigur Nutrisari. Glutinous rice  that priorly cooked with salt and coconut milk topped with coconut cream custard is definitely suits for my Moslem friend to recharge the body energy after more than 12 Hours of fasting.

glutinous rice coconut milk custard ketan srikaya coco cream vanila sauce pandan custard bajigur wedang nutrisari w'dankKetan sarikaya usually served in festive occation like wedding ceremony and also as a takdjil or break fasting dessert in the Ramadhan or Moslem fasting month here in Palembang. Ketan srikaya even one of the hantaran or a staple gift that given by the groom’s family to the bride’s family before the traditional Palembangnese wedding ceremony held.

ketan srikaya sticky rice pudding coconut milk custard wedank bajigur nutisari vanilla sauceresep ketan srikaya w'dank bajigur resep takjilKetan Srikaya Takjil W’dank Bajigur Lapis Pandan is my creation, instead using traditional pandan flavoured for ketan sarikaya, i also infused Wedang bajigur into the custard, so the custard had two different flavour; wedang  bajigur and pandan which is combined very well into upscale comforting duo. The fla also made from W’dank Bajigur that i’m infused with some genuine Indonesian vanilla bean.

ketan srikaya sticky rice topped coconut milk custard pandan wedang bajigur vanilla fla sauce w'dank nutrisariMy Ketan Srikaya W’dank Bajigur Lapis Pandan served with W’dank Bajigur Vanilla Fla. My srikaya Takjil W’dank Bajigur custard is had two different color, the green is consist pandan extract flavour and the brown one contain W’dank bajigur. I try to layered the pandan and bajigur custard for a presentation purpose, you can create your own invention; marbled, overlapping or what ever technique you want, even you can pour it all the way as you wish.

ketan srikaya palembnag sticky rice pudding coconut milk custard saus wedang bajigur vanillaThe glutinous rice or sticky rice for the base or coconut cream custard usually savoury. The sticky rice cooked in thin coconut milk or santan with addition some salt to improved the taste. So the glutinous rice base for ketan srikaya Takjil W’dank Bajigur  cooked into slighly cooked first before flatened and pressed into the steaming mold for making ketan srikaya.

Nutrisari Wedang Bajigur w'dank indonesian traditional pandan santan coconut milk drinkNutrisari W’dank Bajigur launched on may 2013 to promoting the Indonesia traditional hot baverages in a sachet, simply to let the customer easier to access and made it what ever and when ever they want.Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur  is the brand  of modern healthy instant wedang bajigur drink that achived Cultural Award from Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for preserving and promoting Indonesian Tradition and Cultures.What i really love the most about Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur, it’s LESS CALORIES then regular beverages, so don’t bother of it’s gonna ruined your perfect body image. Once pack of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur contain only 80 kcal compare to the other junk beverages with tons of preservatives and other things you won’t known about which also contain double amount of calories then Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur.

vanilla bean coconut fla wedang bajigur nutrisari w'dankThis is the vanilla bean bajigur fla made of W’dank Bajigur. I made the bajigur vanilla fla using genuine Papua Island organic vanilla bean that i dissolved with water, W’dank bajigur and some maizena, simmer with a very gentle stove until slighly bubbly and thicken a little bit. The W’dank Bajigur vanilla sauce then ready to served with the Ketan srikaya once it chilled in the refrigerator.

coconut custard brulee blowtorch caramel sugar coco cream custard ketan srikaya pandanWant to upgrade the ketan srikaya ??? i put caster sugar over the the coconut milk custard then blowtorched it until caramelized and turn into browned and slighly burnt caramel crust. This simple cream brulee method made the coconut custard fancy and delicious even more, the burnt caramel give extra crisp texture into the ketan srikaya.

Sticky rice coconut pandan milk custard glutinous rice ketan srikaya puding wedank bajigur nutrisariThis is coconut cream creme brule with pandan and bajigur flavour.  Crème brûlée also known as burnt cream, crema catalana, or Trinity cream is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. This torched caramel brulee coconut custard cream & glutinous rice puding is best served chilled.

coconut milk custard pandan caramel creme brule ketan srikaya wedank bajigur

I love savoury sweet on my dessert, so i also add some fine grain salt when i put the caster sgar before i blowtorch it until it caramelized. the interaction of salt and caramel is amazing, more than umami, salted caramel over ketan srikaya a.k.a coconut cream with pandan and bajigur flavoured custard is totally worth the effort!!!

pandan coconut milk custard sticky rice puding glutinous rice cream brulee caramel topping blowtorchThe key to make this smooth and silky coconut custard is the temperature of the steaming, use gentle medium flames as the custard set and cooked slowly. Too high heat will made the coconut custrd expand and let the water contest expelled from the stable custard and turned ito spongy and bubbly custard which had not nice texture. Also do not forget some cloth to cover the steamer to prevent the water dripping ruining your cucunot custard.

coconut custard pandan creme brule sticky rice pudding blowtorch caramel castor sugar

resep ketan srikaya pandan wedang bajigurSAVETY PRECAUTION!!!

You need to know about any food ingredients before you try to cooked it. W’dank bajigur contain Aspartam, aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener used in foods and beverages in more than 90 countries around the world, so Aspartam is TOTALY SAVETY for FOOD. The deal about aspartam is when you want to cooked it using heat, DO NOT COOK or HEATED ASPARTAM OVER 100ºC !!!

Dr. Roberts states in his book, Aspartame Is it Safe? said that exposing aspartam in prolonged high heat (MORE 100ºC) will  derived Diketopiperazine, a toxic metabolite that you don’t wanna know about, but the point this is bad for your health. beside, cooking aspartam too long resulting in a loss of sweetness, therefore, aspartame is not recommended for use in recipes requiring lengthy heating. It may, however, be added at the end of the cooking cycle in some recipes. SO you ONLY CAN WET COOKING ASPARTAM like Boiling, Steaming, Poaching,  and i’m NOT RECOMMENDED DRY COOKING ASPARTAM (conducted heat more than 100ºC) like baking, deep frying or grilling.

ketan srikaya sticky rice topped coconut milk custard pandan wedang bajigur vanilla fla sauce w'dank nutrisari

Recipe Ketan Srikaya Pandan W’dank Bajigur (Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk Custard Recipe)

Ingredients :

A. Sticky Rice Layer

  • 300 gr glutinous rice/sweet rice, soaked for 1 hour, drained
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 150 ml coconut milk
  • 1 pandan leaves, tide a knot

B. Pandan Srikaya Custard (Green Layer)

  • 3 egg yolk
  • 1/2 cup castor sugar
  • 2 tbsp sweet condensed milk
  • 1 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 150 ml coconut milk
  • salt to taste
  • organic pandan leaves extract

C. W’dank Bajigur Srikaya Custard (Brown Layer)

  • 2 Sachets W’dank Bajigur Nutrisari
  • 3 egg yolk
  • 1/2 cup castor sugar
  • 1 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp sweet condensed milk
  • 150 ml coconut milk
  • salt to taste

Directions :

A. How to Cooking Glutinous Rice

  1. Steam rice until half-cooked. Remove from steamer. Set aside.
  2. Mix coconut milk, salt and pandan leaf, stir well, bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
  3. Add coconut milk to the half-cooked rice. Stir until absorbed.
  4. Put the rice sticky back on the steamer. Steam for 30 minutes unti nearly done and cooked.

B. Mixing Coconut Custard

  1. In a separated bowl for the pandan and bajigur custard, mix all the coconut milk custard ingredients, you can processed it in the blender too to prevent any lump
  2. Sieve the coconut in a siever, set aside

C. Making the Pandan & Bajigur Ketan Srikaya

  1. Preheat the steamed in a medium heat, put some cloth to prefent the dripping water drop into the custard batch
  2. Put the cooked glutinous rice in the bottom of heatproof ramekin bowl, condensed it then pierced with fork a little bit in the middle to make the custard sticking well over the glutinous rice.
  3. Pour a quarter part of the pandan custard (A) then cover it to steam for about 3 minutes until the custard is set, then pour another quarter part of the W’dank Bajigur custard (B), let it steam for another 3 minutes and so on until all the custard set
  4. Chill and refrigerate the Ketan Srikaya W’dank Bajigur Lapis Pandan, served with W’dank Bajigur Vanilla fla.

Recipe W’dank Bajigur Vanilla Fla:


  • 2 Sachets of W’dank Bajigur Nutrisari
  • 300 ml water
  • 1 tbsp corn flour
  • 1 vanilla bean, scrapped

How to Make W’dank Bajigur Vanilla Fla:

  1. Whisk W’dank Bajigur Nutrisari,vanilla bean,  water and cornflour in a mixing bown until smooth and no lump
  2. Put the mixture into heavy bottom sauce pan, simmer down with very gentle heat, keep stirring
  3. Once the fla mixture is slighly bubbly and thicken, turn off the heat and transfer the fla to refrigerator to chill
  4. Swrved the W’dank BajigurVanilla Fla with Ketan Srikaya W’dank Bajigur Lapis Pandan


Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis Palembang ala Wak Din (Beef Satay Marinated with Tamarind & Kecap Manis), A Worth to Hunt Herritage Cuisine of Palembang Even Through A Traffic Jam

sate sapi manis palembang kecap manis asam jawa tamarind marinated beef satay grilled bbq

Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis: Grilled Beef Tenderloin Satay Marinated with Cuko or Tamarind and Kecap Manis Sauce

Resep Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis ala Wak Din Palembang. Sate cucuk manis is a skewered beef satay originally from Palembang, South Sumatra. The beef tenderloin cut  into chunky bite pieces, marinated with spices, kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) and tamarind paste, then  skewered on bamboo skewer and grilled over charcoal.  The name of Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis derived from Sate which is Indonesian word for satay, sapi means beef, cucuk means skewered or pierced and manis is translated as sweet. You may think the Sate Sapi Manis must be sweet, not completely wrong because it’s actually taste sourish or tangy sweet because the additional of tamarind paste or locally called asam jawa.

skewered beef tamarind glazed marinated sweet soy sauce sate sapi manis palembang

Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis: Grilled Beef Tenderloin Satay Marinated with Cuko or Tamarind and Kecap Manis Sauce

beef tenderloin satay bamboo skewered beef with tamarind paste sweet soy sauce kecap manis sate manis palembang

Sate Cucuk Manis usually served with  cuko or thinner version of sourish tangy sweet sauce which also used for marinating the beef. Cuko sauce made Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis  different with Sate Madura(Chicken/Lamb Satay), which used to be served with peanut sauce. The same thing for both is they using kecap manis for marinade. Kecap manis is made of fermented black soy with a nice umami flavour and mixed it with some palm sugar and also spices into some dark, sweet, caramelized and lovely sauce as the most common ingredeints in most of Indonesia cuisines. Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis also commonlt served with some pickled chili and cucumber relish, sliced shallots and bawang goreng or deep fried red shallots.

Sate daging sapi kecap manis beef satay skewer beef tenderloin marinated tamarind sweet soy sauce

Grilled Beef Satay glazed with Tamarind and Kecap Manis Sauce

Beef satay tamarind soy sauce sate sapi manis kecap manis palembang

Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis: Grilled Beef Tenderloin Satay Marinated with Cuko or Tamarind and Kecap Manis Sauce

Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis is DAMN DELICIOUS, the beef tenderloin is cooked into perfection, tender and heavenly melted in the mouth. The sourish tangy caramelized tamarind cuko sauce hit you with some umami gastrononic orgasm sensation and it just perfectly combined with the smokey grilled beef satay. I’m not kidding or made it out for you, eversince beef tenderloin is tender and not much needed tenderizer so 1 hour of marinating is just perfect. The kecap manis and spices flavour is penetrated into the meat, meanwhile the acidic tamarind paste break down the collagen in the meat protein fiber resulting a melting tender and flavourfull meat satay.


The Old Sign Board of Sate Sapi Wak Din Restaurant


The Legend: Wak Din

I love culinary adventures, not only to taste the food but also explore the philosophy underneath the dish from the original and authentic version. Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis invented by Wak Din (wak means uncle in Palembangnese) back then in the 1940-ish. Wak Din is a former blue colored job man who loves to cook for his family; eversince he couldn’t afford to purchased pricey beef tenderloin so he purchased the cheap cut of beef. Here comes the problem; cheap cut beef wouldn’t bee tender if grilled over charcoal, hence he used acidic marinade made of tamarind to tenderized the beef and voila!!! everybody lovin Sate Cucuk Manis Wak Din and then He usedh to use beef tenderloin eversince he sold it out for the first time .

Sate sapi cucuk manis wak din palembang 7 ulu bawah jembatan ampera

Sate Sapi Manis Wak Din, The Authentic !!!

In the 1940-ish Wak Din sold his Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis with a bakul or street vendor style gigantic hampers made of rotan wood that carried on his shoulder. Right after he think he can afford some building for his restaurant, he open his warung Sate Cucuk Manis shop in Jl. KH. A Azhari Palembang then times swing byand Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis become on of the herritage cuisine of Palembang.

Sate sapi manis wak din palembang

The Beef Satay Grilled Manually Over Charcoal with Some Help of Hand Fan made of Bamboo.

resep sate daging sapi manis wak din palembang pangkal jembatan ampera

Sate Sapi Manis Over Charcoal Grill

When you reach the sighboard of Sate Manis Wak Din, you pretty much will be under estimated it just by looking the ambience. The restaurant itself is self explanatory and simple with six table that can afoord about 30 people, you won’t believe that former Indonesian President, South Sumatra’s Governor, celebrities and famous food critics had ever dining there. Then a humble and polite smiling of a middle aged Lady welcomed me when i enter the restaurant. The Wak Din youngest daughter who take over the place explained the menu and also the story about Wak Din. Excuse me if any mistaken information taken  because the satay galore already tickled my taste buds in the very beginning, i even forgot to photograph the interior of the restaurant.

sate sapi manis palembang wak din tamarind glazed beef tenderloin satay

Legendary Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis Wak Din with Cuko Sauce (Tamarind, Kecap Manis and Spices)

Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis Wak Din  usually contain five skewered beef with a large chunky of beef meat satay for a single portion. served with the cuko sauce, chili rfelish, lime wedges and deep fried shallots. I assume a single portion of beef satay contain about 175-200 grams of beef and it cost you only IDR 25.000 (about 3 USD). They will charge extra IDR 5000 for one extra skewer. You know what; i’m a true carnivour with big appetite (judging from many beef recipe feature on Dentist Chef) and 7 skewer  is enought for me. What i really ADORE about Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis Wak Din is how they didn’t put a hint of hesitate to share the recipe for me. They told me that if you made some dish passionately with love hence people will taste it within bites and i couldn’t more agree with it. There’s so many seller of Sate Cucuk Manis in Palembang; from the street vendor to a fancy restaurant of five starred hotel but the original always got it’s place in Palembangnese people heart.

resep pepes ikan patin tempoyak

Pepes Ikan Patin Tempoyak

resep daging sapi malbi manis kecap palembang

Malbi (Braised Beef Curry with Kecap Manis)

resep sup iga sapi pedas pindang

Pindang Tulang (Spicy Sour Beef Ribs Soup)

Beside the legendary beef satay, sate cucuk manis Wak Din also served several Palembangnese traditional dishes; Brengkes Ikan Patin Tempoyak (Banana Leaf Wrapped Spiced Fish with Fermented Durian Paste). A local catfish from Musi  River, spiced with chili, shallots ginger, turmeric and tangy fermented durian or tempoyak. Pindang Tulang (Spicy sour Beef Ribs Soup with Chili and Tamarind Paste) and also Malbi Daging Sapi ( Indonesian Braised beef in Sweet Curry with Kecap Manis /Sweet Soy Sauce)

jembatan ampera palembang ampera bridge

Ampera Bridge: Landmark of Palembang City!!!

How to reached the Sate Cucuk Manis Wak Din is not that hard if you can located the landmark of Palembang city; the Ampera Bridge, well all i can say is you’ve been found Wak Din’s beef satay shop. Ask anybody about Sate Wak Din and they would be gladly pointed it out to you.

traffic palembang city crowded city mobil toyota agya

Quite Busy and Crowded Traffic in Palembang City Daily Basic

Sate Sapi Manis Wak Din restaurant is in front of  small clinic called Klinik 7 Ulu which  can be seen from the ampera bridge if you standing onn the left section of the ampera bridge and facing the Agung Mosque. Prepare yourself for a ride of slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing ahead of you.

toyota agya palembang jalan macet traffic

Traffic Congestion in Hectic Palembang City Street

Here comes the tricky part; before you get to nearby the Ampera bridge,  make sure you going there in a stable state of mental, better be happy because you gotta deal with some crowded and busy street of Palembang city. If you get lucky there’s no traffic jam and traffic congestion.  This is daily basic life in Palembang, just look out the photograph of Palembang street with heavy traffic congestion, hence you definitely need some ride which affordable, comfortable, safety and yet had a great performance on the road. Palembangnese busy street need Toyota Agya for enhancing and support a hectic and mobile citizen like me.


TOYOTA AGYA: Outstanding Performance and Agressive Looking Low Cost Green Car

My collegues friends bugging me about Toyota Agya which had been ride it for one year. My tree hugging-go vegan chick fling-pro envirometal maniac lady friend always told that she’s been saving so much money for the fuel efficency of Toyota Agya (21 km per litre, aided by its 740 kg kerb weight). Toyota Agya is one of the  Low-Cost and Green Car (LCGC) programme that’s dominating the local automotive industry in Indonesian market segment for the  first-time family car owners. Toyota Agya sold started at 11.000 USD (in Jakarta) and i guess a first jobber can afford it because the tax breaks offered under the LCGC regulation.

toyota agya lomba blog kuliner

Spacey Trunk of TOYOTA AGYA, incase i need to carry large groceries and dentistry stuffs

Low cost city car is considered as responsible way of life nowdays, no one argues it for sure.  My comfort zone of ride is had quite an impressive and aggresive exterior presentation, spacey interior with nice air conditioner, anual and automatic transmission, Dual SSR Airbag for savety concern and the most important things is spacey trunk. Why i needed a large trunk? simply because i had a few groceries shopping and sometimes i need to bring my dentistry stuffs for clinical and laboratory purpose. It’s all complete feature of Toyota Agya!

toyota agya blog competition

Spacey Cabin of TOYOTA AGYA; incase i’m going travelling with my family and friends

I’m a 25 years old single young dentist with a very mobile and hectic lives; between the clinics; the hospital, the supermarket, the gym, the malls, the cafes, the futsal place, the few imaginary girlfriend(s) place(s) (which i wish had someday latter) and for sure for by big craving tummy that made me always  travelling and exploring through out the city to Eat more and cook more. I’m very wishing that i had Toyota Agya, AGYA names even  derived from Sanskrit word which means FAST, which is just perfect for my youth lifestyle.

beef satay tenderloin marinate tamarind sweet soy sauce sate sapi manis palembang kecap manis asam jawa

Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis: Grilled Beef Tenderloin Satay Marinated with Cuko or Tamarind and Kecap Manis Sauce

beef satay tamarind glazed beef tenderloin marinated soy sauce sate daging sapi kecap manis palembang

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Satay Marinated with Cuko or Tamarind and Kecap Manis Sauce (Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis)

Now were back to the Sate cucuk Manis, this recipe is courtesy of Wak Din and i just adjust if with the ingredients that available and suits with my taste buds:

beef satay recipe skewered tenderloin tamarind glaze kecap manis marinated beef grilled sweet soy sauce sate sapi manis palembang wakdin

Resep Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis ala Wak Din

Resep Sate Sapi Cucuk Manis ala Wak Din

Jl. KHA Azhari, Depan Ps Klinik 7 Ulu Phone :085382263677
Palembang – Sumatera Selatan.

Ingredients of the Skewered Beef Tenderloin Satay

  • 800 gr beef tenderloin
  • 25 bamboo skewer, submerge in water for about 2 hours, drained
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Saus Cuko ( Tamarind Sauce for Marinate the Beef Tenderloin):

  • 6 red shallots
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 6 tablespoons tamarind paste (removed the seed)
  • 6 tablespoons kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
  • 3 cm ginger
  • 1/2 tbsp chilli/cayenne pepper flakes
  • 1/2 tsp black peppercorn
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 200 ml water

How To Make Beef Tenderloin Satay Marinated with Tamarind & Kecap manis (Cuko):

  • Cubed the beef tenderloin about 1.5 inch (about 3.5 cm)
  • Prepare the tamarind sauce for marinade by process the red shallots, garlic, ginger, chili and water in a food processor until smooth
  • Combine all the tamarind marinade ingredients, bring to boil and simmer until reduced half it’s original volume
  • Devide the cuko sauce into two (one for marinade and one for serving)
  • Mix the tamarind marinade with the beef tenderloin, let it marinated about one hour
  • Put the tamarind marinated beef into the bamboo skewer(about 4 piece in one skewer)

    tamarind marinated beef satay grilled beef skewer satay tamarind soy sauce glazed sate sapi manis kecap

    Grilled Beef Satay glazed with Tamarind and Kecap Manis Sauce

  • Griled the beef tenderloin satay over a charcoal grill until your preference doneness
  • Glaze with the remaining sauce from the marinade if needed
  • Served the Tamarind glazed beef tenderloin satay with the cuko sauce (you can adjust the consitency of the cuko/sweet tamarind sauce), deep fried red shallots, chili relish and sliced raw red shallots.




Recipe Salt Crusted Roasted Beef (Salted Meringue & Herbs Wrapped Sirloin) and Dealing with Allergic Friedly Gluten Free Snack: Tropikana Slim Alergon Cookies

recipe roasted beef in salt crust baked striploin beef rosemarry thyme sirloin steak oven

 Roasted Beef Sirloinin Wrapped in Salt & Herbs Crust. Herbs marinated beef sirloin roast wrapped in a herbs-salted meringue crust then baked in the oven until the salt crust harden and the meat reached the desireable doneness. This is one simple method with a stunning results; juicy, tender and flavourfull roasted beef.

beef roasted herbs salt crust sirloin steak striploin baked in salt tender moist meat recipe

Roasted Beef sirloin in salt herbs crust moist tender roasted beef baked striploinThis Salt crust meringue wrapped beef roast is inspired by the ancient Spanish dish Lomo al Trapo or coarse salt wrapped grilled beef tenderloin in a cloth. This version or sirloin or solomillo al trapo using salted whipped egg whites meringues as the insulating agent instead of wet cloth and coarsed salt.

roasted beef salt herbs crust sirloin steak salted meringue baked striploin

Salt crust beef sirloin baked oven roasted thyme rosemarry striploinRoasting beef on salt crust is an ancient technique of cooking that applied by our ancestors. This salt crust using a whipped egg whites meringes instead of salted dough that i’m using for my Salt Crusted Roasted Chicken Ayam Betutu (Balinese Style Spiced Whole Chicken) which is turned out really good. The salted dough crust creating an “oven” inside the oven while i’m roasting it, resulting the most tender and moist roasted chicken i ever had; all the flavour and aromas also preserved, superb!

roasted beef herbs salt crust tender moist sirloin striploin beef oven baked on salt meringueBeef Sirloin baked in salt crust roasted striploin with salt herbs meringueDespite the delicious looking meringues that wrapped the roasted beef sirloin, it’s totally inedible because it’s obviously too salty, hence therefore it’s named salt crust meringues. This is the cheaper version of salt crust because using fine salt instead of tons of coarse salt in common salt crust recipes. For a presentation purpose, i blakened the salt crust meringues with blowtorch further more after it’s popped ot from the oven,

sirloin steak herbs salt crusted roasted beef striploin rosemarry oregano thyme

Making salt crust beef striploin starting by selecting a nice striploin, mine was about  one and half inches thick striploin weighed about 400 grams, you can use bigger chunk of beef too for this recipe for sure. The meat was marinated overnight with herbs; rosemarry, thyme, oregano and bayleaves. Freshly ground black peppercorn, fennel and cumin also lovely too for flavouring the beef. Do not add any salt to your beef because the salted meringue crust is very salty and just perfest to salting the beef.

Searing beef steak blowtorch herbs crust sirloin striploin salt crust beef roast

The beef need to be seared first before rosted in a salt crust. You can use a mad smoking hot sizzling skillet for do the tricks, b ut i’m using the blowtorch instead. You don’t want to cook the meat to the middle section, searing the beef means just want the other layer nicely browned.

Salt Crust Beef Roast sirloin steak in Salt baked sirloin salted eeg white puff meringue

The salt crust consist of one egg white from a very large egg or two (medium size egg) which is mixed with about 1/2 cup salt then whipped until stiff peak. This salted meringues crust is sufficient for about one pound (500 grams) of beef, You can add any  herbs or other flavouring agent too into the salted eringues as a seasoning that give flavour into the beef meat while  roasting it in the oven.  Put the whipped egg in the bottom of the roasting pan as a base, then put the herbs marinated and seared beef sirloin over it, after that apply another salt crust meringues to cover the beef completely  and evenly to sealed the moisture and make an even cooked roasted beef.

Beef Cover salt crust roasted eeg meringues herbs moist sirloin striploin steak caveman ancient lomo el trapo

This is the salted whipped egg wrapped beef sirloin after i compeletely done my job, i’really put myself into it feeling #PicassoWannaBe. Just make sure you didn’t missed a spot of uncovered beef. I also put some black mustard leaves over the salt crusted meringues for a presentation purpose.

Roasted Beef salt crust herbs oven baked sirloin steak rosemarry meringue striploin steakThe salt and herb wrapped beef sirloin then popped into preheated 220 C oven for about 20 minutes for about 400-500 grams of beef roast or until the internal temperature reached desireable doness.Eversince you can use a visual or tactile method for examine the roasted beef doneness, hence using the meat gauge or meat thermometer for do this job. The Internal temparature medium rare roasted  beef with warm pinkish red center & juicy tender texture is about 55–58 °C, 60 -65°C for medium well with firm less pink center and  more than 70°C for well done with firm gray center, but i really recomend the medium rare for the best juicy and tender roasted beef

roasted beef herbs salt crust sirloin rosemarry thyme oregano basil salted meringue oven baked steak

The salt crusted roasted beef is taken out of the oven after the internal temperature reach 58 °C because the internal temperature still increase about 3–5 °C (5–10 °F) after it is removed from an oven.  The salt crusted beef roast meat should be allowed to “rest” for at least 5-10 minutes before being served, which makes the meat easier to carve and its structure firmer and more resistant to deformation; its water-holding capacity also increases and less liquid is lost from the meat during carving to the guess.

baked beef in salt crust roasted sirloin herbs salted crusted striploin

roasted beef sirloin salt crust with red pepper sauce burnt chili pesto

Salt Crust Wrapped Roasted Sirloin with Chili Pepper Sauce

After the salted meringues wrapped roasted beef sirloin for about 10 minutes, the beef can be carved and served with your favourite sauce, mine paired well to my favourite Red pepper and Chili Sauce. i also had several selection of Sauce for Roasted Beef :

  1. Beef Rendang Sauce
  2. Simple Gravy or Brown Sauce
  3. Spicy Romesco Sauce with Grilled Chili Pepper and Pine Nuts
  4. Savoury Chocolate Sauce for Steak, Bbq and Grill
  5. Blue Cheese Butter with Chili Basil Caramelized Shallots
  6. Roasted Garlic Sauce
  7. Creamy Mushrooms Sauce
  8. Roasted Pepper Sauce
  9. Creamy Green Peppercorn Sauce
  10. Spicy Balsamic Vinegar and Shallots Jam
  11. Salsa Verde Sauce
  12. Sambal Matah (Balinese Raw Shallot and Chillies Spicy Salsa)

Oven Roasted beef sirloin salt crust herbs striploin steak oven bakedsalt crust beef steak roasted sirloin lomo trapo oven baked striploin with herbs thyme rosemarry

Recipe Herbs Salt Crusted Roast Beef Sirloin:


  • 2 pound whole Beef Sirloin Roast
  • 1 Tbsp dry rosemarry
  • 1 Tbsp thyme
  • 1/2 Tbsp oregano
  • a sprig of tarragon, finelly chopped
  • 2 Tbsp freshly ground black peppercorn
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp mix Italian herbs *optional

Recipe Salted Meringue (whipped egg white for wrapping the roasted beef)

  • 4 egg white from 4 medium size eggs
  • 1 cup fine salt
  • a pinch of lemon juice/cream of tartar #optional (using for stabilized the meringues)

How to make Salted Meringues for Wrapping the Beef Roast:

  • Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl
  • Whipped the egg whites with medium speed until stiff peak
  • Fold in the herbs (if you using)

How to Make Salt Crust Wrapped Beef Roast with Salted Meringues:

  • Mix the beef sirloin roast with olive oil, peppercorn and herbs, rub the beef all over , let it marinted for at least 1 hour or overnight in the fridge
  • Take out the sirloin beef roast and let it reach room temperature
  • Seared the beef in all surface with blowtorch or skillet, set aside and let it rest for about 10 minutes
  • Spread some of the salted meringues in the bottom of the pan, about 1 inch thick as a base for the beef roast
  • Put the seared beef sirloin roast over the meringues, then apply the rest of the meringues all over the beef
  • Roast in a preheated oven 220 C until the internal temperature reach 57 C for medium rare (remember the internal temoerature will raised 3-5 C after out of the oven)
  • Let the salt meringues wrapped roasted beef sirloin rest at least 10 minutes before carving to mantain it’s juice
  • Served the salt crust roasted beef sirloin with  your favourite sauce

Now were talking about Alergic, an allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to a substance that’s harmless to most people. But in someone with an allergy, the body’s immune system treats the substance (called an allergen) as an invader and overreacts, causing symptoms that can range from annoying to serious or life threatening. In an attempt to protect the body, the immune system of the allergic person produces antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE). Those antibodies then cause mast cells and basophils (allergy cells in the body) to release chemicals (including histamine) into the bloodstream to defend against the allergen “invader”.

alegon biskuit gluten free cookies

Tropicana Slim Alergon Cookies : Gluten Free!!!

alergon cookies biskuit anak alergi autis berkebutuhan khusus non gluten free

Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free: Less Calories!!!

The tendency to develop allergies is often hereditary, which means it can be passed down through your genes. However, just because you, your partner, or one of your children might have allergies doesn’t mean that all of your kids will definitely get them, too. And someone usually doesn’t inherit a particular allergy, just the likelihood of having allergies. But a few kids have allergies even if no family member is allergic. And a child who is allergic to one substance is likely to be allergic to others. It’s really painfull to see my niece who suffer from gluten, eeg, peanut and sesame allergy who always be craving for snack that she couldn’t stand for, hence no worried now; Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit gluten free cookies!

tropicana slim alergon biskuit gluten free alergi

Allergen Free Healty and Tasty Cookies: Tropicana Slim Alergon Gluten Free Cookies

Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free  is Gluten Free, organic and alergen free (nuts & eggs), made of selected best quality ingredients.  Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free is free of preservatives and unhealty junk ingredients you don’t even wanna known about. Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free packed with flavours and fibers  and save for alergic person even for any children with special need like autism, ADHD and down syndrome who need a gluten free diet. Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free also save for elders and imuno compromised person. What i love the most about Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free, it’s LESS CALORIES, one single portion of FIVE cookies only  100 Kkal, and it’s also DAMN DELICIOS!!!

Tropikana Slim Alergon Cookies Gluten Free biskuit aman alergi anak autis adhd

Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free Displayed on Supermarket

Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free available in any supermarket or mini market in your city in Indonesia, but you also can  purchased it online on Nutrimart and the next thing you’ll know that Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free delivered to your front door. Tropicana Slim is leading in healthy and less calories food product, you really wanna chech their stuffs, and it’s also taste goo, so you don’t worried sick about your weight while snacking.

micro herbs holy basil growing in window with salad plastic box cookies

Holy Basil Micro Herbs Sprouting in the plastic box of Tropikana Slim Alergon Gluten Free Cookies

The Tropicana Slim Alergon Biskuit Gluten Free cookies plastic box is really handy too. I even grown my holy basil micro herbs on it. Simply poke some holes in the bottom of the box, add dirt and holy basil seed, place it in indirect sunlight spot and watering it every two days, then the next thing you know is your gourmet micro herbs for Michelin Gourmet wannabe food presentation plating will be sprouting in the next 7 days.

Nutrisari W’dank Wedang Bajigur (Indonesia Coconut Milk-Palm Sugar-Pandan Drink), Beyond the Warmness of Indonesian Cultural and Hospitality

W'dank nutrisari wedang bajigurWedang Bajigur is a hot and sweet beverage native to the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. Wedang Bajigur made of coconut milk and Palm sugar  with a little bit hint of of ginger and pandan for flavouring and some a small pinch of salt to improved the taste. Wedang bajigur is usually accompanied with traditional snacks such as steamed banana, boiled sweet potato or boiled peanuts. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur  is the brand  of modern healthy instant wedang bajigur drink that achived Cultural Award from Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for preserving and promoting Indonesian Tradition and Cultures.

Nutrisari Wedang Bajigur w'dank indonesian traditional pandan santan coconut milk drinkThe richness and wide variaty of Indonesian culture and it’s culinary made  Nutri Sari as pioneer of Indonesian healty food industry wanna explore and exposed the healty Indonesian Traditional food through out the world. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur launched on may 2013 to promoting the Indonesia traditional hot baverages in a sachet, simply to let the customer easier to access and made it what ever and when ever they want. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur made of the best of spices of Indonesia, the warmness of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur is exposed the hospitality and welcoming Indonesian people and leading the to beyond exquisite friendship.

What i really love the most about Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur, it’s LESS CALORIES then regular beverages, so don’t bother of it’s gonna ruined your perfect body image. Once pack of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur contain only 80 kcal compare to the other junk beverages with tons of preservatives and other things you won’t known about which also contain double amount of calories then Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur .

recipe wedang bajigur indonesian warm coconut milk drink palm sugar pandan beveragesNutrisari W’dank Bajigur usually served hot or warm, a true definition of comforting beverages during the cold rainy season here in Indonesia. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur made us Indonesian closer ro each other even more during the family evening conversation or during the simple break chatting among us the staffs in the hospital. My family had a certain way to served wedang bajigur; we used to served Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur with toasted rice and cenal-cenil. The raw rice is simply toasted until crisp and slighly browed to give an extra bite to the Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur. Cenal-cenil is a glutinous rice powder ball that priorly boiled until floating to give a nice chewy and bouchy texture. Making cenal cenil or glutinous rice balls is easy, simply mix 100 grams of glutinous rice with about 1 tbsp sugar or other non calories swetener with about 30 ml water and any kind of food grade food coloring agen, mix it until foldable, weighed into 5 grams balls and boiled it in gentle baubly water until floating and it’s that easy!

resep wedang bajigur nutrisari w'dank dinginNutrisari W’dank Bajigur got a nice polite sweet taste and kicking savoury and creamy coconut milk flavour on it,  a very nice scent of pandan leaves made it special even more.  Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur also can be served as a cold beverages in a modern ways with additional whipped cream topping as a common modern beverages which is popular to the youth generation these days. Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur brand also named W”DANK instead of WEDANG to made the traditional indonesian beverages closer to the youth generations.

wedang bajigur recipe coco pandan drink indonesian beverages nutrisasi w'dank bajigurServing Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur as a cold beverages is that easy too, i used to mix two sachets of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur and blend it with 1 cup (about 150 grams) ice block and 50 ml water then blend it until smooth. The cold blended Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur  then served with homemade cenal-cenil or glutious rice balls, whipped cream topping then springkled with toasted rice, trust me it’s DAMN DELICIOUS modern ethnic drink.

nutrisari w'dank bajigur wedang dingin cold indonesian coco pandan palm sugar drink traditional sundanese baveragesNutrisari W’dank Bajigur is available everywhere here in Indonesia, all branch of modern mini market or traditional street vendor sold it there days,you also can purchase Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur online on Nutrimart for those non Indonesia Dentist Chef reader through all the world, Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur is available on Indonesian-Asian supermarket, or you can purchased Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur online on Amazon. So what you waiting for ??? have your own experience of Nutrisari W’dank Bajigur.