Recipe Stir Fried Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with Chinese XO Sauce (Resep Kwetiau Goreng Sapi Jambi)

recipe beef char kway teow wagyu xo sauce stir fried flat rice noodle thin sliced beef egg beansprout

Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with Chinese XO Sauce

Recipe Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with XO Sauce. Char kway teow is a very popular dish in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and available all round the world. Char kway teow itself meaning  stir-fried rice  flat noodle in Chinese. Kway teow called kwetiaw or kuetiaw in Indonesia is flat rice noodles with approximately 1-2 cm width, stir-fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, sliced Homemade Chinese Sausage/Lap Cheung,  chopped chilli, Homemade Sambal Belachan or Fermented Shrimp Paste Chili Sambal , chicken or pork slices, whole prawns, cockles or clams, bean sprouts and chopped scallion or chinese chives.  The addition of cockle or clams made char kway teow itself called kwetiau kerang or cockle rice  noodle. The dish is commonly stir-fried with egg, slices of chinese sausage or lap cheung and fishcake, and less commonly with other ingredients. Char kway teow is traditionally stir-fried with lard or rendered pork fat and used to be served over banana leave on a plate. Char kway teow got many aliases of english spelling, it’s also written as  char kueh teow or char kueh tiao and the most popular version of it is Penang char kway teow that using many kind of seafood and duck egg.

resep kwetiau goreng sapi jambi stir fry beef kway teow flat rice noodle wagyu beef xo sauce recipe

Kwetiau Goreng Sapi Wagyu ala Jambi

wagyu beef char kaw teow xo sauce flat rice noodle stir fried beansprout egg chili rice cake

Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with Chinese XO Sauce

Wagyu Beef  Char Kway Teow with XO sauce is the answer of my collegue silly question; “what kind of dish that made you’ve got chances to get laid?”. My point of interest is my friend is actually already marrried and then i replied,”are you trying to cheating on your wife?” ” NO man!!: he quickly responsed and then he explained that they gonna be celebrating their first year of married and he want to made breakfast in bed surprised for his wife.   “Well i think you’ll gonna get laid anyway! what”s the point of you’re married and i just wondering why the heck that your american salary won’t let you getting laid with your OWN WIFE” i try to making fun of his situation “you know that she’ll made a big deal out ouf it and i want to made something effortless special dish because i simply can’t made fancy and complicated dish such Peanut Crusted Oven Roasted Beef Tenderloin Stuffed with Spinach, Chorizo and Cheese or even what you called simply Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon with Demi Gace Sauce and  those kind of stuffs”  My answer is STIR FRIED KWAY TEOW, because it’s still taste nice even your cooking skills is big fat zero. It’s a special day so don’t be cheap!, the only way to made some impressive dish with stir fry rice noodle is putting gourmet ingredients on it. I suggest him to purchased thinly sliced wagyu beef and chinese gourmet xo sauce, then  you’ll gonna get DAMN DELICIOUS CHAR KWAY TEOW!!!

sliced wagyu beef stir fry recipe char kway teow flat rice noodle kwetiau goreng sapi

Thinly Sliced Wagyu Beef @ Palembang Icon Foodmart Supermarket

recipe xo sauce lee kum kee dried scallops shrimp chili roe

XO Sauce (Halal-Lee Kum Kee Brand)

XO Sauce Char Kway Teow with Wagyu Beef recipe  is very easy and quicky to made in your own kitchen. Eversince the Chinese XO sauce is already has a reputation of being a savoury bomb, so i think you need to add a little bit seasoning on it. XO sauce itself made of the best seafood including dried scallops or conpoy, dried fish and shrimp, sometimes crab and shrimp roe, Chinese ham/Jinhua ham, and abalone that rehydrated, shredded and then fried and mixed into XO Sauce. The roughly chopped rehydrated dried seafood then cooked slowly with chili peppers, onions, and garlic then  cognag or other old liquor added, this is what XO (extra old) Sauce name comes from You can add some Homemade Sambal Belachan or Fermented Shrimp Paste Chili Sambal to give a little kick of chili hotness on the beef char kway teow. The wagyu beef  is the star, already thinly sliced wagyu beef that used to added to sukiyaki dish made your live easier, but the steak cut of beef will be good too, but you need to thinly sliced it priorly to cook.

homemade char kway teow beef wagyu asian flat rice cake noodle xo sauce stir fried with chinese sausage lap chong chili cilantro soy sauce

Xo Sauce Char Kway Teow with Wagyu Beef

recipe beef char kway teow stir fry rice cake wagyu beef xo sauce egg beansprout

Damn Delicious Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with XO Sauce, Smokey and Charred with NOT Oily Texture

I don’t know the term “char kway teow” is  related with the charred and smokey stir fried  rice flat noodle or not, but delicious char kway teow is used to be charred and smokey , so it’s necessary to stir fried the ingredients in a smoking and sizzling hot oil in wokpan.  The chinese restaurant chef used to  had it’s own method to stir fried char kway teow and trnasfer from generation to bgeneration with specific family flavour preverence. The thinly sliced wagyu beef need to be stir fried quickly and cooked separatedly because the fat it’s easy to rendered and the texture is naturally tender so no need to add water to little “stew” to tenderized the meat like you do on regular beef.

kway teow beef recipe xo sauce stir fry rice cake noodle wagyu beef soy sauce cilantro chili

Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with Chinese XO Sauce, Homemade Chinese Sausage or Lap Chiong, Bean Sprouts, Chopped Chili and Cilantro

char kway teow with wagyu beef xo sauce asian rice noodle  beansprout chili egg chinese sausage lap cheoung cilantro

Generous Ammount of Charred Wagyu Beef on Char Kway Teow with XO Sauce

Making delicious beef char kway teow  is easy, if you want to made the char kway teow into perfection you need to follow several steps:

1. Stir Fried The Wagyu Beef Slices

First the wagyu beef, marinade the thinly sliced wagyu beef with dark soy sauce, sesame oil and freshly ground black pepper for 30 minutes in the fridge. The thinly sliced wagyu beef need to be stir fried quickly and cooked separatedly with other ingredients because the fat it’s easy to rendered. Wagyu beef is naturally tender so no need to add water even to a little bit to “stew” the beef to tenderized the meat like you do on regular beef. Never cooked the wagyu beef within the noodle unless your pricey wagyu beef will be overcooked and all your money is wasted once the wagyu beef delicious marbled fat dissolved and the texture is dried.  The stir fried beef then set aside and then added into the char kway teow just before it’s done.

2. Stir Fried The Kway Teow or Flat Rice Noodle with Duck Eggs

Freshly made flat rice noodle (sometimes also called rice cake strips) is preferred then dried ones because it’s texture and natural rice grain flavour and also more easy to charred without any unpleasant bitter taste. You can get the fresh flat rice noodle in the chiller rack on chinese groceries store. The flat rice noodle then washed with warm water to remove any excess flour on it, then marinated with soy sauce and beaten duck egg, and YES,  duck egg mixed with the fresh rice flat noodle before cooking it. The Mixture poured  on smoking hot oil in wok pan with very high heat and  quicky stirred to separate the rice noodle and make sure each noodle covered with charred egg. This method made the kway teow itself smokey and damn delicious!!!

3. Making the  XO Sauce Beef Char Kway Teow

Using a clean wok pan,  any of your the char kway teow seasoning is sauteed with oil (finely chopped garlic and red shallots).  All other ingredients then added the chicken, pork, shrimp, cockle, fish cake, shrimp or prawn, crab, Homemade Chinese Sausage/Lap Cheung etc. Add the sauces to enhanced the flavour (xo sauce, kecap manis or Indonesian sweet soy sauce, soy sauce and Homemade Sambal Belachan or Fermented Shrimp Paste Chili Sambal).  Some water added and the lid covered the wok pan  to cooked the meat throughly. The previously charred stir fried rice flat noodle with duck eggs added and stirred to made the seasoning distributes evenly. The fresh vegetables like cabbage and beansprout and stir fried wagyu beef then added just before the char kway teow done.

beef kwetiaw xo sauce stir fry char kway teow wagyu beef asian flat rice noodle cake spicy chili bean sprout

XO Sauce Char Kway Teow with Thinly Sliced Wagyu Beef

stir fry asian rice noodle wagyu beef xo sauce char kway teow resep kwetiau goreng sapi jambi

Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with Chinese XO Sauce

My family recipe of char kway teow is seems to be complicated, but i guess it’s all woth the efforts. You can simply stir fry all the ingredients directly once but you’ll gonna missed the authentic charred and smokey flavour of char kway teow. Moisture is the  enemies of stir frying cooking method because it’s rather steamed instead of charred the ingredients, just like what you’ve expecting once you seared scallops, beef or fish. You want the char kway teow rice flat strips allowed to be fried and the magic maillard reaction happen and turn the sugar and protein ito awesomeness damn delicious!!!

beef char kway  teow wagyu beef flat rice cake noodle stif fry egg chinese sausage lap cheong bean sprout

Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with Chinese XO Sauce

kwetiau goreng sapi jambi beef char kaw teow stir fry wagyu beef xo sauce rice cake noodle beansprout egg scallion

Kwetiau Goreng Sapi Wagyu dengan Saus XO

Kwetiau Goreng Sapi was Indonesian name for beef char kway teow. Beef or chicken and seafood is the common ingredients for kwetiau goreng because mostly population in Indonesia is Moslem and pork is considered as haram or forbidden. Lots of chili sambal added within the seasoning and  kecap manis or sweet soy sauce also added to milder the hotness and spicyness of kwetiau goreng. Kwetiau goreng sapi or beef char kway teow is popular dish in Jambi Province. There’s also javanese style char kway teow or kwetiau goreng jawa that usually sweeter due generous addition of kecap manis with minimun amount of chili sambal. Kwetiau goreng jawa also including lots of cabbage that cooked within the flat rice noodle and then served with thinly shredded fresh cabbage too. In Medan, Kwetiau goreng Medan it’s refers to Hokkien Penang style char kway teow with generous ammount of scrambled duck eeg. Even most of restaurant and cafe including halal version of char kway teow in Indonesia,  Chinese restaurants in Indonesia that mainly serve non-Muslim customers might use pork and pork fat on it.

recipe beef char kway teow wagyu beef xo sauce stir fry wagyu beef rice flat noodle singapore stree food recipe resep kwetiaw sapi

Recipe Wagyu Beef Char kway Teow with XO Sauce

Recipe Wagyu Beef Char kway Teow with XO Sauce:


  • 1 pack (about 350 gr) fresh or dry kway teow/ flat rice noodle/ strips 
  • 200 gr thinly sliced Wagyu beef (Marinate: 1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce, 1/1 tsp ground black pepper, and 1 tsp sesame oil)
  • 2 Homemade Chinese Sausage/Lap Cheung, thinly sliced (marinate: 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, a pinch of salt and 2 beaten duck egg)
  • 50 gr scallion, thinly sliced (optional)
  • 200 g bean sprouts
  • 4 tablespoons vegetables oil
  • 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 red shallots, finely chopped
  • 2 cm ginger, finely chopped
  • 1 duck egg, beaten
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • (Fish cake, shrimp,cockle, chicken) #Optional

XO Sauce Char Kway Teow Seasoning:

  • 40 gr Chinese XO sauce (about 1/2 cup)
  • 3 tbsp Sambal Belachan or Chili Fermented Shrimp Sambal
  • 1 tablespoon kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
  • tablespoon soya sauce
  • 2 teaspoons Chinese wine
  • tablespoons oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp sesame oil

Garnish: Chopped Chilied and Chopped Cilantro

How to Stir Fried XO Sauce Char Kway Teow with Wagyu Beef:

  1. Mix the wagyu beef with the marinade the ingredients , set aside, leave the wagyu beef to marinated about 30 minutes
  2. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a wok until smoking hot, pour the marinated wagyu mixture then stir fry the beef until charred for about 2 minutes, set aside.
  3. Mix the kway teow or rice strip noodle with the marinade the ingredients, set aside
  4. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a wok until smoking hot, pour the flat rice noodle and duck egg mixture then quickly stir fry the rice noodle until charred for about 3 to 5 minutes, set aside.
  5. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a wok pan, sauté the garlic, shallots and ginger untill golden brown, add the chinese sausage and the seasoning mixture (Chinese XO sauce, Sambal Belachan or Chili Fermented Shrimp Sambal, soya sauce, Chinese wine,  oyster sauce, and sesame oil)
  6. Add charred rice noodles and stir fry for about 4 minutes till lightly browned
  7. Add the stir fried beef, scallion, beansprout, then pour the remaining 1 beated duck egg and then quickly stir fried it for another 2 minutes
  8. Served the Stir Fried  Wagyu Beef Char Kway Teow with XO Sauce, garnish with chopped cilantro and chopped chili

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Recipe Homemade Bratwurst Sausage with Natural Pig Intestine Casing Sausages, Braised in Spicy Balsamic Vinegar

recipe bratwurst sausage braised balsamic vinegar reduction beef sausage grilled

Homemade Bratwurst Sausage Braised in Balsamic Vinegar

Homemade Bratwurst Sausage Recipe. Bratwurst  is a Bavarian/Germany sausage made of ground pork and-or beef (veal). Bratwurst is derived from  German Brätwurst, from brät-, means ground meat and Wurst means sausage.  Bratwurst is usually grilled or pan fried, and sometimes cooked in broth or beer, but this time i like to braised my homemade bratwurst with sweet and spicy aged balsamic vinegar.

recipe bratwurst humemade sausage pig intestine casing sausages stuffed ground beef pork veal

Braised Homemade Bratwurst Sausage in Spicy Balsamic Vinegar

recipe homemade bratwurst sausage balsamic vinegar glazed brown sugar pork intestine casing sausage

Braised Homemade Sausage in Spicy Balsamic Vinegar

Making my homemade bratwurst sausage in my very humble amateur kitchen is one of my obsession. Eversince i start making Lap Cheoung Air Dry Cured Chinese Sausage, i was curious about homemade fresh sausage. Store brought bratwurst sausage  may contain tons of preservatives, color dying agent, and msg (monosodium glutamat) or other flavour enhanced agents. The ratio beetween the emat and filler content is incredibly low, trust mea you won’t eat it if you know what it made of.  I didn’t added any msg on my homemade bratwurst, instead i’m using palm sugar to enhance umami balance flavour with the salt, simply magic as what happen to salted caramel.

recipe braised homemade sausage balsamic vinegar bratwurst pork veal meat in pig intestine sausage

Homemade Bratwurst Sausage Baraised in Spicy Balsamic Vinegar, Fresh Chilies and Celery Leaves

How to make bratwurst sausage without fancy  sausage maker is another question, eversince i din’t really want to investing pretty much $$$ for it, which mean i have to do is manually. Using my chopper or food processor is not a good option, because it’s too powerfull and can easily overdo the sausage stuffing grinding, beside the heat possibly melt the fat even i freeze it out priorly. So then i using my old school meat mincer knive and properly clean wood cutting board to finely diced the pork and beef meat and a regular knive to diced the pork back fat, freshly ground meat can made you life easier actually.

braised sausage balsamic vinegar chili sweet sticky homemade bratwurst sausage pig intestine casing

Braised Bratwurst Sausage in Finger Licking Good Sweet, Salty, Tangy and Spicy Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

recipe sausage braised balsamic vinegar homemade bratwurst beef pork pig intestine casing

Homemade Bratwurst Sausage in Sticky Spicy Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Before making your homemade bratwurst or other fresh sausage, you should know about the savety about handling the ingredients first. All the utensil must be clean and the meat ingredients must be kept cold (about 4°C) to ensure the meat in the prime condition. Improper prepared  fresh bratwurst sausage can be derived to botulism, a serious, potentially fatal and lethaly disease. Botulism is an intoxication usually caused by ingestion of potent neurotoxins in contaminated foods. You should know first that the neurotoxin excrete by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. The  neurotoxin  destroyed by heating  more than 85°C (185 °F) for more than 5 minutes, but the bacteria spores that are heat-resistant. The bacteria usually in a spores (inactive form) and usually germinate, grow and then excrete toxins in the low or absence of oxygen. So in my opinion the additional of nitrate (pink salt, salpetre etc) is absolutely  important because it’s an effective agent agains Clostridium botulinum.  Maybe you heard that nitrate are toxic, infact nitrosamines did. Nitrosamine formed when nitrate transform into nitrite then react with amino acids or very high heat. Nitrosamines are known to be powerful DNA damaging chemicals and resulting cell mutation and cancer. But don’t really bother about it, infact a single portion of spinach or celery contain more nitrosamines than you can imagine. So, did salpetre or curing salt it essensial for making fresh bratwurst ? it’s a tricky question, If you made a small quantity like mine and cooked it directly in a fresh state without any further dry aging process i guess it’s not really essensial.

recipe homemade bratwurst sausage pork intestine veal beef homemade sausage

Bratwurst Ingredients: Fresh Pig Intestine for Casing and Ground Pork and Beef for Stuffing

I’m made my homemade bratwurst sausage with pork and beef meat,  commercially bratwurst sausage using 20-30 percent of beef but i’m using 1:1 beef and pork ratio for my bratwurst sausage. The seasong for my homemade bratwurst sausage consist of  marjoram, parsley, nutmeg, celery seed, ginger, mace, cardamon and splash with red wine. Most bratwurst sausage wrapped in an edible artificial casings, such as collagen and cellulose, but i really want the original version with natural pig intestine casing. Is it possible to making a dry cured sausage using natural pig intestine ? luckily the answer is YES. The pig small intestine is needed to be cured before the sausage hung to dry cured. The pig intestine cleaned inside out, you can read about How To Clean and Preparing Pig Intestine, then  salted to enhanced the self life. Simply ask your butcher for pig small intestine, he or she probably give it for free for you.

how to stuffed homemade sausage manual hand recipe homemade bratwurst sausage lap cheung

Stuffing The Pig Intestine Casing Bratwurst Sausage with Plastic Tunnel

I’m using plasting funnel to stuffed the bratwurst sausage stuffing into the pork intestine, just like my previously Homemade Lap Chong or Dry Cured Waxed Chinese Sausage. Clean hand fingers or even chopstick is much more effective and fungtional toplug the bratwurst sausage stuffing, just made sure you’re wearing a sterile gloves and sterilized chopstick otherwise it’s gonna be a mess. The end of the the pig intestine tie out after you finished stuffing to let the air released, slightly different with commonly people did because my plasting funnel tube didn’t long enought to be slipped with the intestine.

how to make bratwurst sausage remove air prick

Fresh Bratwurst Sausage with Lots of Air Bubbles

step by step how to make bratwurst sausage homemade bavarian veal pork sausage

Prick The Fresh Pig Intestine Casing Bratwurst Sausage with Metal Pin to Remove The Air Bubbles

homemade bratwurst sausage recipe how to make bavarian pork veal sausage pig intestine

After you stuffed your homemade bratwurst sausage stuffing into your pork intestine, the stuffing a little bit slippery on the instenstine because so many air bubble on it. The stuffing can be plugged better with your hand too, just squeese the stuffing out with the intestine tube to the end, then divide the sausage link by twisting and then tiding  it to made individual homemade fresh bratwurst sausage

recipe bratwurst homemade sausage germani pork beef pig intestine sausages braised in balsamic vinegar

Braised Bratwurst Sausage in Spicy Balsamic Vinegar

How to braised bratwurst sausage with balsamic vinegar is the easy part. The homemade bratwurst sausage pan fried in a butter until the casing slightly charred, cut into bite pieces and then set aside. The balsamic vinegar infused with spicy caramelized onion, shallots and garlic and chilies. Brown sugar then added to made the balsamic vinegar reduction sweet and sticky and glazed the bratwurst sausage evenly. Just before serving the balsamic vinegar braised bratwurst sausage then garnished with chopped chilies and clery leaves.

homemade bratwurst sausage pig intestine pork veal beef sausage

Recipe Homemade Bratwurst Sausage Recipe

Recipe Homemade Bratwurst Sausage with Pig Intestine Casing

Ingredients: (i’m using half of the recipe)

  • 500 gr pork loin
  • 500 gr beef topside
  • 200 grams pork back fat
  • 2-3  pig intestine, cleaned (2-3 m sausage casing)
  • 2 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp freshly ground blackpeppercorn
  • 4 tbsp brown/palm sugar
  • 2 tbsp red wine
  • 2 tbsp of fresh chopped herbs (marjoram, parsley &thyme)
  • 1 tsp Homemade Garam Masala Powder
  • 1/4 tsp ground celery seed
  • 1/4 tsp ground cardamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

How to Make Homemade Bratwurst Sausage :

  • Clean out and sterilize all of the utensils
  • Mix and rub the salt to the pig intestine, let is marinated about 24 hours in the fridge, washed it properly under running water and drain in properly, set aside
  • Meanwhile, dice the beef and pork meat and fat with a knife into a very fine diced
  • Combine all the seasoning in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add the meat and fat and mix well
  • Stuffed the bratwurst sausage stuffing to the pig intestine using the plastic funnel and chopsticks or finger.
  • Tie off one end of bratwurst sausage casing and then plugged out the stuffing to the tie
  • Tie the casing into 15cm links.
  • Prick the links and the sausage all over with a sterilized metal pin to allow the  air bubbles to escape from the sausage.
  • You can directly cooked the fresh bratwurst or vaccum packed then freeze it, it last about 1 month in the frezzer
recipe braised bratwurst sausage balsamic vinegar reduction sticky sweet glaze

Braised Fresh Homemade Bratwurst Sausage in SPicy Balsamic Vinegar

Braised Sausage in Balsamic Vinegar Recipe:

  • 1 kg of bratwurst sausage (or any kind of fresh sausage)
  • 1 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup white wine/ anggur putih (sunstitude with 2 cups of rice wine)
  • 3 large fresh ripe tomatoes/ Tomat,  deseeded, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp Homemade Garam Masala Powder
  • a pinch of mixed italian herbs
  • 2 tbsp chopped red chilies
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 6 small red shallots, diced
  • 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup chicken stock
  • 3 cups stock/kaldu
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil/minyak
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Freshly chopped chili and celery leaves for garnish

Instruction :

  • Heat up 1 tbsp oil  until sizzling hot, sear the sausageall over until got a nice golden brown color, set aside and cut into bite pieces
Homemade sausage bratwurst recipe pork beef veal pig intestine sausagean fried butter

Pan Fried Bratwurst Until Golden Brown

  • Heat up the 2 tbsp oil in a heavy bottom sauce pan or a crock pot, saute the onion, red chilies, shallots and garlic with a low heat until slightly brown
  • Add the tomato and saute another 5 minutes
  • Put the bratwurst sausage into the pot
  • Pour the balsamic vinegar, stock and white wine, season with salt,brown sugar, pepper and herbs,
  • Reduce the heat and simmer until the balsamic vinegar is thicken  for about 30 minutes. Add more wine or stock if necessary.
  • Served it immediately with freshly chopped chilies and parsley leaves.

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Resep Angsio Hipio

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Stewed Fish Maw with Minced Meat, Mushrooms and Superior Sauce

The fish maw, swim bladder, gas bladder, or air bladder is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy to stay at the current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming. This fish maw function principles is applied on submarine ship.  In some Asian cultures, the swim bladders of certain large fishes are considered a food delicacy. In China they are known as fish maw, 花膠/鱼鳔, Hipio or Hipiaw and are served in soups or stews.

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Recipe Braised Fish Maw with Meat Stuffing : Super Delicacy!

In Chinese Tradition, fish maw considered  as a luxury and pricey item and served on special occation like Chinese New Year or Wedding Ceremony. Fishmaw itself actually testeless but when cooked properly, fish maw takes on the flavour of the surrounding ingredients and release the collagen to make a superb broth.  It is an excellent source of collagen, when purchased dried, it comes as a hard, solid, hollow, translucent  tube or flatened and must be deep fried then soaked to soften before use.  When it is cooked, it has a soft, slippery texture. Due to the tons of collagen on fish maw soup, it is belived that  eating fish maw will improve and repair skin and, for pregnant women, the skin of their infant/children.  Some also believe fish maw can help with fertility and will drink and eat fish maw when attempting to become pregnant.

resep angsio hipio hipiaw perut ikan chinese food

Angsio Hipio dengan Jamur Enoki dan Jamur Kuping dalam Saus Superior

Fish maws are sold dried in two forms,  pre-deep fried or non-deep dried. Deep fried fish maws are puffy, light and look like a yellow sponge or pork/beef rind or ” Krecek” or beef skin rind in Indonesia.  Non-deep dried fish maw is in poor translucent, stiff, and pale yellowish cream-colored sheets. Most recipes that require fish maw will tell you how to prepare it and they may vary. Some requires you to simmer it while others simply soak it using cold water. Basically, all fish maw should be deep-fried before anything else. If you bought the non-deep fried one, deep fry it in moderately hot oil until it puffs up and become white. Then soak it until pliable, rinse and scrub clean. Squeeze out the excess water after the soak to remove the oil. Repeat the soaking and squeezing process until you are comfortable with the level of its greasiness. Lastly, cut them into slices of desired size and they are good to go. If the fish maw smells fishy, you may want to deep fry it again so that it becomes fluffy and free from odor again. Alternatively, boil for 5 to 10 minutes with a stalk of scallion (spring onion) and a slice of ginger.  Like the sea cucumber, it takes on the flavor of surrounding ingredients it is cooked with like a sponge. Fish maw is mostly used in soups and the delicious fish maw soup is often served in the Chinese households during their New Year Celebration.

fish maw hipio soup recipe with mince pork chicken meat stew fish maw oyster sauce

Recipe Braised Fish Maw for a Healty and Beauty Skin: Collagen Overload !

Ingredients :

fish maw fish bladder hipio perut ikan goreng hipiaw

Deep Fried Fish Maw: Perfectly Puffed!

Stuffed Fish Maw/ Hipio/Hipiaw Recipe :

  • 50 gr pre-deep fried fish maw
  • 50 gr fresh enoki mushroom
  • 50 gr fresh woodear mushroom
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1/2 onion, slice thinly
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp mushroom sauce
  • 3 cups beef stock
  • 1/2 tsp maizena, dissolved with 1 tsp water

Fish Maw/ Hipio Meat Stuffing Recipe :

  • 100 gr minced chicken/pork
  • 100 gr mince beef
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 cm ginger, finely chopped
  • 1/2 tsp chili flake
  • 1/4 tsp crushed szechuan peppercorn
  • 1 tsp oyster sauce
  • 1/2 tsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 tsp maizena
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Soak the fish maw till soft and blanch with hot boiling water.  Drain, squeeze out the water
soak fish maw before cooking rendam hipio perut ikan dalam air

Rendam Hpio Dalam Air Dingin Sampai Empuk

  • Combine all stuffing ingredient, set aside
  • Applied and stuffed the curled surface of the fish maw with stuffing mixture
stuffed fish maw recipe step by step hipio hipiaw fish maw recipe

Spread it Fish Maw Stuffing evenly ! Like you really MEAN it……

  • Stabbed the stuffing mixture to the fish maw with fork to make sure the suffing is sticked into the fish maw.
resep hipio hipiaw perut ikan isi daging

Forked the Stuffing to the Fish Maw!

  • Put the stuffed fish maw on a heatproof plate, steam over high heat until done about 12 minutes.

steamed minced meat for stewed fish maw angsio hipiostuffed fish maw with chicken pork meat recipe soup

  • Drained, cut the fish stuffed fish maw into pieces.
  • Heat up oil in a sauce pan, sauce the onion and garlic until slightly browned.
  • Put the enoki and wood ear muahrooms, saute another minute.
  • Put  all ingredients except the dissolved maizena, bring to boil, simmer until thicken
  • Just before done, pur the maizena and stir until the sauce is thicker.

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Resep Bakso Ayam & Jamur Kuping ( Woodear Mushroom Chicken Meatball)

Resep Bakso Jamur Kuping

woodear mushroom meatball

Bakso or meatbal are related to all kind of asian descent communnity, from top to bottom, young to adolence, even the US President Mr.Obama loves bakso.  There’s once a time when i grew up with meatball as literary  became my staple food during my childhoo. The streeet verdor nearly my elementary school sell many kind of meatball, chicken, beef, fish or even shrimp ball.  Day by day until i’ve got a meatball overdose when i entering my high school, no more meatball since, just one a mont or even two,

bakso ayam jamur kuping

Today i’m coming back with meatball recipe, chicken meatball everyone…..

i’m a big fan of earwood mushroom, tou can buy it fresh or dried, but u need to soaked it first to soften and don’t forget to washed it over and over again to get rid the woody smells. Today i’m wake up with a question mark stumblled my forehead, so then why did’t i combine a meatball with woodear mushroom ??? it’s great option, protein and fibers comes in one dish, an d then slurppping suddenly hear in my table since….


how make chicken meatball

fibers and protein comes in one


  • 250 grdeboned chicken breast/ dada ayam tanpa tulang
  • 50 grams of cassava starch/ tepung kanji
  • 150 gr woodear mushroom/jamur kuping, julienned
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 / 4 teaspoon baking soda*optional for cruncy texture
  • 1 tsp garlic powder/ bubuk bawang putih
  • 1 tsp chilli flake/ cabe bubuk kasar
  • salt and pepper to taste

To make the broth :

  • 250 grams of chicken wings
  • 1 / 2 teaspoon pepper
  • 3 cloves garlic, crushed and fried
  • 1 stalk celery, finely chopped
  • 1 leek, finely chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • 750 ml water


  • Mix chicken, baking soda, egg whites, salt, peper and grind them in a food processor until it is sticky.
  • Mixed the chicken mixture with chilli, garlic powder and woodear muahroom. Then put in freezer for 45 minutes to an hour. Meanwhile, boil water to cook the meatballs.

bahan cara membuat bakso ayamadonan bakso ayam

  • Scoop with 2 tablespoons and make round balls and put the meatballs into the NEARLY boiling water. When it floats, it means it’s done. Set aside.

resep bakso rebus

  • Make broth:  boiled in the wings with 750 ml of water, add salt, pepper and remaining ingredients. Cook until it boils. Then add the meatballs in it.
  • Serve meatballs ibowl with the broth, slurrrpppp……….

resep bakso ayam enak


Resep Udon Kari Seafood ala Dentist Chef

Resep Udon Kari Seafood ala Dentist Chef


It’t seems so long time ago i’m not posted a recipes…

well, actually i’m just simply persuing my thesis yet…

Kari udon ini mirip2 laksa seafood  khas Malaysia yang biasanya menggunakan bihun, tapi berhubung karena stok bihun lg kosong dan adanya cuma udon, ya aku pake mie jepang ini.  Hidangan pas menemani sore hari anda yg cloudy, dingin2 emang paling pas klo nyeruput makanan berkuah yang pedas..


1 pak udon (200 gr), bilas dengan air panas dan tiriskan

4 buah capit kepiting + 1 kaleng daging kepiting

6 buah bakso ikan (pake 100 gr fillet ikan pasti lbh enak)

6 buah udang berukuran sedang

2 sdm red curry paste ( kalo rajin buat sendiri aja pake cabe, bawang merah+ putih+ curry powder)

125 ml santan instan

1 buah jeruk nipis

Taburan: Cabe, bawang goreng dan daun bawang

Cara Membuat :

1. Tumis red curry paste sampai cukup harum

2. Masukkan  2 cup air dan santan , didihkan lalu masukkan kepiting, udang dan bakso ikan

3. Matikan api setelah semua seafood matang dan berikan air lemon secukupnya.

4. Susun udon dan seafood pada piring saji, siram dengan kuah kari

5. Taburi dengan bahan taburan dan sajikan segera

Serve: 2

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Resep Bola Ayam Panggang Tomat Berbumbu (Baked Chicken Balls in Tomato & Herbs) ala Dentist Chef

Weekend kemarin gak ada kerjaan tapi males buat ngapa2in. Tapi karena  nonton acara Rachel Ray, aku jadi terinspirasi untuk  membuat bola daging sapi yang dipanggang dengan potongan tomat segar. Karena di freezer gak punya daging sapi, aku menggantinya dengan daging ayam dan menambahkan herbs untuk menambah aromanya.

Hidangan Gaya Italia ini ternyata memiliki rasa yang tidak sesederhana penampilannya. Semakin banyak tomat yang digunakan maka gravy atau kaldu yang dihasilkan akan semakin banyak. Kaldu ini sagat segar dan gurih alami tomat dan daging ayamnya.


Untuk bola daging ayam :

250 gr daging dada ayam, cincang halus

1 sdm olive oil

1/2 sdt garam

1/4 sdt thyme

1/4 sdt rosemarry

1/4 sdt lada hitam

1/4 sdt daun dill

1/4 sdt parsley

Bahan Taburan

2  buah tomat ukuran besar, kupas, buang biji, potong otak kecil

1 siung bawang putih, cincang

1 sdm bawang bombay cincang

1/4 sdt garam

1 sdt brown sugar

1/2 sdt mixed italian herbs

i sdt daun parsley cincang

Cara membuat :

# Campor semua bahan bola daging ayam, bulat2kan seperti membuat bakso, sisihkan

# siapkan loyang tahan panas, olesi dengan sedikit minyak, taburi bawang bombay dan bawang putih cincang

# susun bola daging ayam, beri sedikit jarak diantaranya

# taburi dengan tomat dan semua bahan

# panggang selama 30 menit dengan suhu 180 derajat

Sajikan segera dengan nasi hangat ataupun pasta……