Recipe Quail Confit on Stewed Lentil with Chorizo & Saffron Using Lock&Lock Heat Resistant Boroseal Oven Glass Container

quail confit  slow cooked lentil chorizo tender breast crispy roasted quails skin recipe

Recipe Crispy Quail Confit, Served with Stewed Lentil with Chorizo and Saffron.

Recipe Crispy Quail Confit, Served with Stewed Lentil with Chorizo and Saffron. The quail leg and the breast confit or slowly cooked in oil (duck fat) in a low temperature oven until the meat fall off the bone once all the tough tissues breakdown into tenderlicious collagen. Right after the quail confit meat is tender, the skin is pan fried with a little bit ammount of duck fat until the skin side crisp up and golden brown. The lentil for serving the quail confit stewed with Homemade Spanish Chorizo or Dried Cured Sausage and Spanish saffron, alongside with other spices, herbs and the roasted quail cascass bone broth.

crispy quail confit recipe game bird tender slow cooked braised lentil chorizo saffron both stock

Crispy Quail Confit, Served with Stewed Lentil with Chorizo and Saffron.

quail leg confit recipe lentil spicy chorizo stew lentil saffron broth

Quail Leg and Breast Confit, Deep Fried Quail Wings Confit and Stewed Lentil

Making a delicious quail confit or other game bird is so easy. The rules of making confit is simple, simply submerged marinated quail leg and breast in 80-90ºC fat or oil for about 30-60 minutes depending the size and the toughness of the quail once it slaughtered. Never raised the oil temperature to rushed the cooking process because higher oil temperature made the water content in the quail meat boiled and evaporates, thus made the quail confit meat dried and tough even more. The oil or fat temperature for making quail confit is just enough to break down the quail meat without much drying (boiling) the water contents on it. So, basicaly the temperature and the period is the difference of deep frying and confit, confit is prolonged cooking in oil in a low temperature while deep frying is flashed dehydration cooking in oil in a high temperature.

slow cooked lentil chorizo tender spicy stock recipe how to cook lentil quail bone

Tender Slow Cooked Stewed Lentil with Spanish Saffron and Chorizo

recipe stewed lentil saffron slow cooked chorizo spicy bacon  broth

Stewed Lentil with Spanish Saffron and Choriso

The lentil stewed in a browned quail bone stock and flavoured with saffron and Homemade Chorizo Dry Cured Sausage. The fragrance of saffron and smokey peppery aromas of chorizo made the lentil heartwarming and  comforting. The slow cooked stewed lentil with saffron actually best served once it cooked one day priorly to made sure all the flavour infused into the lentil, but the fresh cooked lentils is also delicious.

recipe roasted quail confit tender slow cooked quail lentil braised chorizo

Tender Quail Confit Over Stewed Lentil

recipe quail confit fine dining braised lentil

Moist and Tender Quail Confit with Crispy Skin

The quail here in indonesia is not specifically raised for it’s meat, but for it’s eggs. The old and not productive female quail slaughtered for it’s meat, so different from the tender quail that used to sold in the western country; the quail here is quite tough and need a slow cooking process to present it to the table. I guess the French confit cooking techniques is just perfect for cooking this tough quail or any wild game bird.

resep burung puyuh goreng garing bumbu kuning crispy deep fry quail confit recipe

French Style Quail Leg and Breast Confit with Stewed Lentil

Resep Burung Puyuh Goreng Konfit ala Perancis maybe the best term for translate the quail confit in Indonesian.  French confit cooking technique isn’t that popular here in Indonesia, so i think this a great deal to use local Indonesian ingredients with french cooking techniques.

roasted quail confit recipe quails leg breast cooked

Easy Quail Confit in Duck Fat


Lock&Lock Heat Resistant Boroseal Oven Glass Container

Once i do my weekely groceries shopping, i spot this 630 ml Lock&Lock Heat Resistant BOROSEAL RECTANGLE OVEN GLASS CONTAINER in the Diamond Supermarket Palembang. The brochures within the heat resistance glass container told me that unlike other glasses (especially tempered glass), heat-resistant boroseal glass uses boron tioxide and silicone dioxide material that contains strong heat resistant properties which could withstand sudden change in about 120ºC temperature, thus it could be used not only in a refrigerator, a microwave and a dishwasher but also in a 400℃ oven. Normal glass or tempered glass may broken and scratches when there is a themal or physical shock even with a very small stratch. Lock & Lock uses heat-resistant glass for more safety so no need to worried your table and kicthenwares suddenly cracked or exploded and harm you. The best featured of this fancy looking  Pretty much i enjoy my new kitchen toy so i also purchased the 1L BOROSEAL RECTANGLE OVEN GLASS CONTAINER.

OVEN GLASS LOCK N LOCK retangle 630 ml wadah kaca tutup silikon locknlock

Lock&Lock Heat Resistant Boroseal Oven Glass Container, sorry for the lame tablet camera photograph!

The Lock&Lock 630ml BOROSEAL RECTANGLE OVEN GLASS CONTAINER tagged IDR 99.000 while the 1 L tagged IDR 127.000, pretty much a great deal because it so handy and versetile to use in the kitchen. Heat resistant glass is safe for use in the oven and microwave, expanding your range of cooking from roasted risotto, spaghetti, baking and more! even curries and stews can be easily stored in the refrigerator and reheated later.

recipe quail confit fine dining game bird slow cooked tender lentil with chorizo butter garlic

Fine Dining Quail Confit Made in Lock&Lock Heat Resistant Boroseal Oven Glass Container

crispy quail leg confit recipe slow cooked quail in duck fat

Tiny Crispy and Damn Delicious Quail Leg Confit

tender quail breast confit slow cooked quail bird

Tender, Moist and Succulent Quail Breast in a Fancy Rolled Shaped

I making confit with Lock&Lock Boroseal Container because the oven heat spreaded throughly by the boroseal body and made the perfect quail confit. The lid made excellent airthighness and prevent the food oxidation and made the quail meat color changes once it cured or marinated with salt, herbs and spices before cooked.

recipe how to butcher quail breast leg crispy confit duck fat quail

Butchered and Cured Quail Legs, Breast and Wings

The quail is butchered into 3 major parts; legs, breast and wings. The quail leg removed from the body and then the leg cut above the knee joint to made an impressive presentation of leg confit.  The entire quail breast compeletely deboned, rolled, thighten with a timy twines to kept it’s shape once it cooked. Once i just about to discard the wings, my grandma think that it will be nice and crisp up once deep fried right after confit, glad that i listen to her! Nothing going to waste, the remaining quail carcass and edible visceras browned and then boiled to extract the juice out of it to make a delicious stock for cooking the lentil.

how to confit quail recipe tender slow cooked quail leg breast duck fat confit tender quail meat

The Quail Boiled in Duck Fat Over Stove Before Transfered to Lock&Lock Boroseal Oven Glass Container

The marinated quail leg and breast then submerged in a rendered duck fat dripping from making my Homemade Roasted Peking Duck. The marinated or cured quail and duck fat mixture then heated into small boil over a medium stove flame before tranfer it into prolonged confit in the oven, kinda usefull cheating short cut. Never hard boil or frying the quail !!! high heat will shock the quail meat and made it tough even more.

lock n lock boroseal oven glass container recipe quail breast confit

Oven Roasted Quail Confit in lock&Lock Boroseal Oven Glass Container without it’s Lid

The entire quail leg, breast and wings with rendered duck fat then transfered into the BOROSEAL RECTANGLE OVEN GLASS CONTAINER and then put it into about 130ºC preheated oven. Noted the boiling bubbles in the roasted  quail confit oil, if it’s too much bubbles comes out into the surface it means you need to lower the oven temperature. The goal is set the duck fat oil temperature about 80-90ºC. If you didn;t had any temperature gauge to measure it, simply noted there’s one little bubles; once at a time comes up to the surface, then you’ve got the perfect confit temperature.

quail confit recipe tender quail breast leg recipe succulent game bird recipe

Tender and Moist Quail Leg and Breast Confit

The quail leg and breast confit is tender enought once the meat it easily fallen off the bone. Removed the quail confit from the cooking fat and then drain it from excess oil. Removed the tiny twines  that hold up the quail  breast and now the quail leg and breast confit is ready to be flashed pan fried.

pan fried quail recipe crispy skin quail breast confit leg quail

Pan Fried Quail Breast Confit Until the Skin Golden Brown and Crispy

Heat up about 1 tablespoon of duck fat in a pan and heai it up until slighly smokey. Carefully browned and seared the skin side of the quail confit until the skin is crispy and golden brown.

deep fried quail recipe crispy quail wings recipe burung puyuh goreng garing

Deep Fried Quail Wings Confit, Crispylicious!!!

Heat up about half cup of the duck fat fo cooking the quail confit and then deep fried the quail wings confit in a medium high heat until the wings totally crispy. The quail wings is a litle bit bony and crispy, totally bring some extra bites to the dish.

recipe pan fried quail confit crispy skin breast leg recipe

Crispy Skin Quail Leg and Deboned Breast Confit with Tender Meat

This is the ready to served quail leg and breast confit!!! the meat is tender and moist, while the skin is fried until crispy and golden brown, what a damn delicious conbination!!!
quail confit recipe tender slow cooked quail leg breast slow cooked lentil saffron broth stock recipe

Recipe Crispy Quail Confit with Tender Stewed Lentil with Saffron and Chorizo

Recipe Quail Leg and Breast Confit:


  • 4 quails, removed the leg from the joint and deboned the breast
  • 3 clove garlic, finely choped
  • 3 sprig thyme, roughly chopped
  • 1 sprig of rosemarry, roughly chopped
  • 1 shallot, roughly chopped
  • 1 tsp freshly grounded black pepper
  • 1 cup (250 mL) duck fat


  • Black mustard micro greens
  • Basil micro greens
  • Radish shoots
How to Make Quail Confit:
  • Mix salt, garlic, thyme, rosemarry, shallots and pepper together, spread evenly over quail legs and breast and marinate overnight.
  • Rinse off marinade, rolled and thighten the quail breast with twines to maintain it’s shape while cooking
  • Cover the quail with duck fat in a sauce pan and bring it to boil over medium high heat stove
  • Transfer the duck fat and the marinated quail into  a BOROSEAL RECTANGLE OVEN GLASS CONTAINER then put it into a preheated 120-130ºC oven for about 45 min.
  • Once cool, remove from the quail leg confit and breast from the duck fat.
  • Pan fried the skin side of the quail breast and leg confit until crispy and golden brown, served it with stewed lentil with chorizo and saffron.

Recipe Stewed Lentil with Chorizo and Saffron:


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 100 grams bulk Homemade Spanish Chorizo Sausage
  • 1 cup dried lentils
  • a pinch of Spanish saffron
  • 1/2 tsp Homemade Garam Marsala
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 cups stock from browned quail bone and edible visceras

How to Make Slow Cooked Stewed Lentil with Saffron and Spanish Chorizo:

  1. Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat.
  2. Stir fried garlic,  onion and shalots, cook until it turns golden brown.
  3. Add the chorizo sausage; cook and stir until the sausage is crumbly and beginning to brown.
  4. Add the saffrom and stir another 30 seconds
  5. Pour the stock and lentil.
  6. Season with salt, pepper, and homemade garam marsala powder.
  7. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until the lentils are tender, about 40 minutes.
  8. Served the Stewed Lentil with Saffron and Chorizo with Crispy Quail Confit

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