Salmon Marinated in Saffron Curry (Sous Vide) Served with Sayur Lodeh Pedas (Indonesian Spicy Vegetables Curry)

salmon curry recipe saffron marinated filet salmon trout fish sous vide coconut cream yellow spicy curry

Salmon Marinated in Safrron Curry with Sayur Lodeh Pedas (Indonesian Vegetables Curry with Chayote, Green papaya, Pumpkin & Chayote Shoots)

Salmon with Spicy Saffron Curry over Sayur Lodeh Pedas (Indonesian Spicy Vegetables Curry). Filet of Norwegian salmon fish, marinated in coconut curry spice paste with saffron, slowly cooked in low temperature sous vide waterbath than served in a bed of vegetables curry.  This is a healthy, tasty and elegant salmon dish, packed with bursting flavour, contain high protein, fibers and nutritional values. If you want the salmon fish & vegetables curry contain less calories you can use skim milk or less fat yogurt instead of coconut milk or cream for it.

recipe salmon curry tomato saffron indian style chayote pumpkin curried vegetables indonesian sayur lodeh

Salmon with Saffron Curry, Served in a Bed of Spicy Vegetables Curry

Saffron with Salmon Fillet, hmm Saffron made everything cooked with it more delish and fancy right ? so saffron and salmon isn’t it’s sounds tempting already ?  The saffron curry paste for marinating the salmon fish is similiar with my Indonesian Beef Rendang spice paste, but i replacing the turmeric with saffron thread. Using genuine Spanish saffron for my salmon fillet curry sous vide bring the simple dish to the next level of taste.

genuine spanish saffron recipe

Genuine Saffron Saffron for Best Color & Fragrance

salmon saffron curry sous vide recipe trout salmon fillet marinated beer cooler waterbath

Salmon Sous Vide with Georgeous Spanish Saffron Curry Paste

I’m using beer cooler & ziplock bag for my sousvideurried salmon fillet, just like my previously Sous Vide Eel Fillet Recipe and Sous Vide Salmon Fillet Stuffed with Tofu Curd Recipe. Instead of beer cooler, any kind of heat insulating chamber is good to go for sous vide fish fillet; thermos, dewar flask or vacuum flask, as long the chamber is big enought to completely submerging the entire salmon fish fillet and also mantaining the waterbath temperature for extended periods of time.

salmon fillet curry saffron recipe chayote shoots sayur lodeh pumpkin

Sous Vide Salmon Fillet Saffron Curry

Sous-vide is French term for “under vacuum”, a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bathor in a temperature-controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times for up to 96 hours, in some cases; at an accurately regulated temperature much lower than normally used for cooking, typically around 40°C (104 F) t0 45°C (113 F) for fish,  50°C (131 F) to 60°C (140 F) for meats and higher for vegetables.

recipe curried salmon sous vide saffron indian coconut milk chayote shoots tomato broth slow cooked trout salmon fillet

Curried Salmon Fillet Sous Vide with Saffron & Spicy Vegetables Curry

Sous vide salmon curry or other fish fillet with beer cooler is a very simple; simply fill up your beer cooler with water just a couple degrees higher than the temperature you’d like to cook your food at (to account for temperature loss when you add cold food to it), seal your food in a plastic ziplock bag, drop it into the beer cooler waterbath, and close your beer cooler until your food is cooked. You can simply adjust the temperature to your preference with hot water after the waterbath temperature drop about (1-2)°C after 20 minutes soaking your salmon fillet, that’s why it’s better you use a good insulating beer cooler. Yup, it is that simple!!!

salmon saffron marinated curried trout fish tomato chayote coconut cream curry

Salmon Marinated in Saffron Curry & Vegetabled Curry

salmon curry spicy saffron curried turmetic shallots chayote long bean turmeric coconut broth salmon sous vide

Salmon Marinated in Safrron Curry with Sayur Lodeh Pedas (Indonesian Vegetables Curry with Chayote, Tofu, Tempeh, Green Bean, Green Papaya, Pumpkin & Chayote Shoots)

The best ingredients for low temperature sous vide salmon is sashimi grade salmon or vaccumed packed and flash frozen salmon fillet because the low temperature waterbath (40-50C) in sous vide method won’t killed all kind bacteria spores or parasit, especially this salmon fillet served in mi cuit or french style half cooked, so i suggest this low temparature salmon sous vide should never be served to immune compromised individuals like baby, elderly or pregnant woman. like i mention before, low temperature cooked salmon need prolonged period of cooking, so it won’t reach the savety zone without compromising the texture into mushy mess.

salmon curry sous vide beer cooler recipe saffron marinated coconut milk curried trout fish fillet

Barely Cooked Salmon Saffron Curry “mi cuit” or “half cooked” in French

The salmon fish fillet saffron curry cooked in 45°Celcius beer cooler waterbath for 45 to 60 minutes maximum until it mi cuit or French style “half cooked” salmon with succulent, tender and a little bit flaky. Loot at the color of the saffron curry marinated salmon fillet above, it’s moist, orange and barely cooked. The sous vide method retains the salmon fillet vibrant orange color, its briny juices, and produces a soft texture and nothing like tough, dry, greyish, and flaky fish in agressive high heat traditional cooking.

salmon spicy coconut curry saffron chili turmeric

Salmon curry saffron sous vide chayote shoots curry sayur lodeh

Georgeous Vibrant Yellowish Orange Color of Low Temperature Sous Vide Salmon in Saffron Curry Paste

Never cooked the salmon fillet in sous vide low temperature waterbath more than 60 minutes because it will compromised the salmon texture into mushy and losen it’s succulent texture. The maximum temperature for cooking salmon in sous vide is about 55°C because higher temperature will be contract and expelled the water content within the fish flesh and made the salmon become dry and too flaky.

crispy salmon skin fried crackling trout fish skin sous vide salmon saffron curry

Crispy & Crackling Pan Fried Salmon Skin

I fried the salmon skin until crispy and crackling. To make a stunning presentation of straight fried crispy salmon skin is easy, first you should have a scalled salmon skin and a non stick fry pan. Heat a little bit avocado oil on non sticky pan than seared the scale side down of the salmon skin, just before the salmon skin wringkled, i put some flat heavy goods (porcelain ramekin, small caseroll, etc) over the salmon skin to press the skin down and prevent it wringkled. Let the salmon skin pan fried slowly until crispy with a very gentle heat. Don’t forget to spray some oil too on the surface of the heavy thing you put over the salmon skin to prevent the skin sticking. Once the salmon skin scales side is crispy, you need to flip it out and finish to crisp up the other side.

spicy curried salmon fillet saffron chili turmeric coconut milk marinated trout fish fillet sous vide

Salmon Sous Vide with Sayur Lodeh Pedas

Sayur lodeh is an Indonesian vegetables in coconut milk curry, a herritage of Javanese cuisine. The coomon vegetables for sayur lodeh ingredients are young green jackfruit, eggplant, chayote, melinjo beans, pete or green stinky beans and leafs, long beans, green chili pepper, tofu and tempeh, which cooked in pale white coconut milk soups. This sous vide salmon curry served with sayur lodeh vegetables curry inspired by Chef Degan from  Letter D Cuisine & Bar Jakarta, he served the sous vide salmon mi cuit in a bed of white curried sayur lodeh and then served with some culinary foam made of the sayur lodeh broth.

recipe salmon curry saffron coconut cream sous vide trout fish fillet chayote pumpkin shoots recipe

SalmonSous Vide with Sayur Lodeh Pedas (Indonesian Vegetables Curry with Chayote, Tofu, Tempeh, Green Bean, Green Papaya, Pumpkin & Chayote Shoots)

My sayur lodeh pedas consist my absolute comfort vegetables with is chayote, chayote shoots and pumkin. I also add some diced young green papaya on it. The spice paste for sayur lodeh recipe contain shallot, garlic, candlenut, coriander, kencur or sand ginger powder, dried shrimp paste, salt and sugar. The redish-yellowish sayur lodeh is made with ground turmeric (or saffron) and chillies pepper , that’s why the additional name pedas or “hot” derived from.

salmon spicy curry with chili saffron turmeric chayote long bean pumpkin shoots

Recipe Salmon Fillet Saffron Curry (Sous Vide with Beer Cooler & Ziplock Bag), Served with Sayur Lodeh Pedas

Recipe Salmon Fillet Saffron Curry (Sous Vide with Beer Cooler & Ziplock Bag) :

  • 1 Pound (500 gr) skinless salmon fillet, cut into 2 portion
  • 1 tbsp saffron curry spice paste (the spice paste recipe HERE)
  • 1/4 gram genuine Spanish saffron, crushed with mortar & pestle a little bit
  • 1/2 tbsp kaffir lime juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 30 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • Ziplock plastic bag

Garnish : Poached chayote shoots, crispy salmon skin & confit cherry tomato

How to Make Sous Vide Salmon with Saffron Curry Paste:

  • Season the salmon fillet  generously with kaffir lime juice, saffron curry paste, salt, and pepper, rubbed the seasoning and let it sit marinated in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  • Springkle some more genuine Spanish saffron until it covering the salmon fillet generously
  • Put the saffron curry marinated salmon fillet in a ziplock bag and then pour the olive oil
  • Submerged the ziplock bag in the water partially to pushed the air out ouf it.
  • Secure the ziplock seal once the air removed from the bag
  • Place ziplock packed saffron seasoned salmon fillet  in the preheated beer cooler  waterbath in 45°C (i assume the temperature will drop to 40C after a couple minutes the salmon fish added)
  • Let it sit in the waterbath for 1 hours, put some weight to let the bag completely submerged.
  • Take away the sous vide salmonfish fillet bag from the beer cooler waterbath, set aside until it reach room temperature
  • Pop out the sous vide salmon fish fillet from the ziplock bag, patted dry a little bit, keep it warm until served
  • Served the the Saffron Curry Marinated Salmon Fillet Sous Vide with Sayur Lodeh.

Sayur Lodeh Pedas Recipe (Indonesian Spicy Curried Vegetables)


  • 1 tbsp vegetables oil
  • 1 cup diced chayote
  • 1 cup chayote shoots
  • 1 cup diced tofu
  • 1 cup diced tempeh (optional)
  • 1 cup green bean (cut into 3 cm )
  • 1 cup diced young green papaya
  • 200 ml coconut milk
  • 1 L chicken or vegetables stock
  • 1 dried Indonesian bay leaves (daun salam)
  • 400ml can coconut milk
  • 1 lemongrass, bruised
  • 1 tbsp palm sugar

Sayur Lodeh Spice Paste:

  • 6 cloves red shallots
  • 3 cloves ginger
  • 1 tsp corriander
  • 3 red chilies pepper
  • 1/4 tbsp cumin
  • 3 cm turmeric
  • 3 cm galanggal

How to Make Sayur Lodeh Pedas (Indonesian Spicy Curried Vegetables)

  • Heat up the vegetable oil in a wok pan, saute the spic paste until fragrance
  • Put the lemongrass & bay leaves into the spice paste and continue to stir another 2 minutes
  • Pour the vegetables broth, the coconut milk, tofu, tempeh and the rest of the vegetables (except the chayote shoots) into the pan
  • Boil and simmper until the vegetables in throughly coked & tender
  • Just before serving, add the chayote shoots and heat a little bit unil it cooked
  • Served the Sayur Lodeh Pedas with Sous Vide Salmon Fillet Marinated in Saffron Curry Paste

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Resep Barbeque Sirloin Steak with Saffron Mashed Potatoes And Crispy Tempeh Salad: Fusion Features Recipe

sirloin steak recipe how grill sirloin meat saffron mashed potato tempeh salad

Sirloin Steak with Saffron Mashed Potato

I found this thin little piece of sliced sirloin steak in the meat stationary. The weight about 249 rgams and 1-1,5 inch thick. Sctually i like sirloin better than tenderloin since it had mush better fat content. Since that the tenderloin will dried out easily and cost you a lot than sirloin do. That’s why some fancy restaurant will serve tenderloin with some bacon wrapped the outer layer.

The sirloin steak is a steak cut from the rear back portion of the animal, continuing off the short loin from which T-bone, porterhouse, and are steaksThe sirloin is actually divided into several types of steak. The top sirloin is the most prized of these and is specifically marked for sale under that name. The bottom sirloin, which is less tender and much larger, is typically marked for sale simply as “sirloin steak.” The bottom sirloin in turn connects to the sirloin tip roast.

I serve the sirloin steak with saffron infused potato because i’m quite happy for this holiday. Last but not least, i need some fibers, vitamin and antioxidant to balanced my carcinogent doses from che charred carbon due to grilling meat. You know, mostly goddness in taste comes with bad impack to out health.

Ingredient :

Sirloin Steak Recipe:

  • 225 gr sirloin steak
  • salt and pepper to  taste
  • 1 tbsp barbeque sauce (plus 1 tbsp for serving)
  • a pinch of rosemarry
  • 1 tsp olive oil

Safron Infused Mashed Potato :

  • 1/2 cup warm mashed potato
  • a pinch of saffron
  • 2 tbsp heavy cream
  • 1 tbsp melted butter
  • salt and pepper to taste

Crispy Tempeh Salad:

  • 1 small tempeh, slice into jullienne, season witl salt and pepper, deep fried until golden browned, drained, set aside
  • 1/4 cup thinly sliced purple cabbage
  • 1/4 cup thinly sliced  daikon,
  • 1/4 cup thinly sliced carrot
  • 1 tsp lime juice/ balsamic vinegar
  • salt and sugar to taste
  • 1/2 tsp olive oil.
Sirloin prime beef recipe steak barbeque grill how to make steak sirloin

Sirloin Steak Recipe with Saffron Mashed Potato

My favourite part is the charred fat on the sirloin steak !


How To Make Crispy Tempeh Salad:

  1. Mix cabbage, daikon and carrot with lime juice, salt, sugar and olive oil, let it rest in the fridge about 5 minutes until the liquid comes out.
  2. Drain any liquid, add the crispy tempeh just before serving.

How To Make Saffron Infused Mashed Potato :

  1. Soaked saffron in the heavy cream until the colour tuned out yellow.
  2. Mix the saffron infused heavy cream, mashed potato and butter. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. keep it in rice warmer before serving

How To Make Barbeque Sirloin Steak:

  • Mix the meat witl all ingredient, marinate about 1 hour or overnight.

cara membuat steak daging sapi empuk enak mudah simpel

Threat the baby with good marinade !

  • Grill untill your preference doness.

how to grill sirloin steak prime meat recipe easy step

Smells the goodness!

  • Mine was about 2-2,5 minutes each side for medium done ( 249 grams and 1,5 inch thickness)
  • Serve the sirloin steak with saffron infused mashed potato and crispy tempeh salad

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Resep Tempe Cordon Bleu ala Dentist Chef

Bosan dengan olahan tempe goreng atau oseng oseng tempe ????Siapa bilang kalau tempe tidak bisa disajikan dengan gaya Perancis?

Tempe cordon bleu adalah salah satu variasi hidangan tempe gaya western  yang pasti akan menggugah selera makan anak anda. Paduan cincangan daging sapi dengan tempe dengan lelehan keju mozarella dan potongan daging asap  dalam balutan tepung panir yang digoreng garing.

Bahan Tempe Cordon bleu:
300 gr daging tenderloin premium, cincang halus
200 gr tempe, kukus, cincang halus
1 butir telur
2 sdm tepung roti
1 sdm krim kental
1 sdm tepung terigu
1/2 sdt lada hitam
1/2 sdt garam
30 gr keju mozarella
1 lembar dagi, potong2ng asap



Cara Membuat  Tempe Cordon Bleu:
# campur semua bahan tempe sampai rata
# bagi dua adonan, sisihkan satu adonan untuk membuat RESEP STEAK TEMPE SAUS TERIYAKI
# isikan adonan dengan keju mozarella dan potongan daging asap
# baluri dengan bahan pencelup dan tepung roti, goreng sampai matang dam kecoklatan
# taruh diatas piring saji, sajikan dengan kentang goreng dan TUMIS SAYUR PELANGI ALA DENTIST CHEF

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Resep Steak Tempe Saus Teriyaki ala Dentist Chef

Steak Tempe Saus Teriyaki ala Dentist Chef

Salah satu olahan tempe yang istimewa adalah steak tempe. Steak tempe ini sebenarnya campuran antara daging sapi has dalam yang dicincang dan dicampur dengan cincangan tempe yang terlebih dulu dikukus sampai matang kemudian di grill dan dilumuri dengan saus teriyaki.
Ceritanya kemarin aku diminta mama beli oven gas 8 loyang pesanan orang. memanfaatkan kesempatan, aku minta bonus dong sama si encik, jadilah aku punya pisau pencincang daging yang beratnya lumayan, mana bilahnya benar2 tajam lagi. Sebagai percobaan, aku kebetulan punya daging tenderloin di kulkas dan dalam waktu 5 menit jadilah daging has dalam cincang. Setelah jadi malah akunya bingung dan agak menyesal mencincang daging yang rada mahalan dikit…hahaha
Jadilah aku berniat membuat steak tempe. Adonannya aku bagi dua, satu aku jadikan steak, yang satu lagi aku isi tengahnya dengan keju mozarella dan rencananya mau bikin RESEP TEMPE CORDON BLEU ALA DENTIST CHEF.

Bahan Steak Tempe:
300 gr daging tenderloin premium, cincang halus
200 gr tempe, kukus, cincang halus
1 butir telur
2 sdm tepung roti
1 sdm krim kental
1 sdm tepung terigu
1/2 sdt lada hitam
1/2 sdt garam
1/4 sdt rosemarry
1/4 sdt thyme

Saus teriyaki:
1 sdm saus teriyaki instan
1 sdm mirin/ white wine
1/2 sdt kikkoman
1/4 sdt wijen putih, sangrai
1/4 sdt wijen hitam, sangrai

Cara Membuat Steak Tempe Saus Teriyaki:
# campur semua bahan steak tempe sampai rata
# bagi dua adonan, sisihkan satu adonan untuk membuat RESEP TEMPE CORDON BLEU ALA DENTIST CHEF
# panaskan grill pan, beri sedikit margarin, gril kedua sisi steak sampai kecoklatan, hati2 saat mengangkat dan membalik steak tempenya
# taruh steak tempe diatas pinggan tahan panas, lumuri dengan saus teriyaki, panggang dengan suhu 180 derajat selama 5 menit
# taruh diatas piring saji, lumuri dengan sisa saus teriyaki dan taburi wijen sangrai diatasnya.
# sajikan dengan kentang goreng dan sayuran yang telah diblansir

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Resep Oseng Tempe Pedas Manis ala Dentist Chef

Resep Oseng Tempe Pedas Manis ala Dentist Chef

Oseng tempe bercitarasa pedas manis sering menjadi side dish yang sering disajian di rumah orang tuaku. Warna hitam tempe didapat dari premium soy sauce Lee Kum Kee agar penggunaan gula merah dapat dikurangi dan rasa manis hidangan ini menjadi pas di lidah. Penambahan irisan cabe hijau besar dan cabe rawit memberi rasa pedas dan tambahan bawang merah goreng, bawang putih goreng dan teri medan goreng memberi rasa gurih pada oseng tempe ini. Serat dan protein yang terkandung didalam sajian i ni menjadikannya cocok sebagai menu sarapan karena cukup untuk memenuhi kebutuhan  energi serta mengenyangkan.

2 papan tempe besar, potong kotak serong
50 gr teri medan, goreng kering
10 siung bawang merah,iris tipis, goreng
4 siung bawang merah, iris tipis, goreng
1/2 bawang bombay, iris memanjang
10 buah cabe rawit, belah dua
5 buah cabe merah besar, iris serong tipis
2 sdm gula merah
1 sdm kecap asin pekat hitam premium(dark soy sauce Lee Kum Kee)
1 sdt ketumbar bubuk
2 sdm kecap manis
1/2 sdt lada
2 batang daun bawang, iris serong tipis

Cara Membuat:
# Bumbui tempe dengan lada dan garam, goreng setengah matang, tiriskan
# panaskan minyak sisa menggoreng bawang, tumis bawang bombay sampai layu
# masukkan semua cabe, tunggu sampai aromanya keluar
# masukkan semua kecap, gula merah, ketumbar dan lada sampai gula mencair
# tambahkan air secukupnya, masukkan tempe dan masak dengan api kecil sampai bumbu meresap
# sebelum diangkat, masukkan semua bawang goreng dan teri yang sudah digoreng garing
# sajikan segera