Resep Tumis Daging Ular/ Stir Fried Snake Meat ala Dentist Chef

Resep Tumis Daging Ular Python

stir fried snake meat python chinese style

Finally!!!!, i’ve got a snake meat on my hand. It’s a 3 meters long python and i just bought 1,8 kg. The python meat is cleaned and still attach with the bone. I’ve been seach for snake meat for a long time, i’m curious how to cook it properly. I’m actually had a cobra snake dish in Jakarta and i found it’s delicacy. When you can access snake meat, my tips is choose 2/3 part from the head only, the 1/3 to tail end is cotains a very tiny meat and  it’s much more tougher for sure.I bought this unlucky snake in “extreme”  or “tonic” chinese food supplier in Pasar Cinde Palembang. This meat cost you around 4 USD a kilo. I’m so excited to give it a try and i did. How it is taste ???? nothing more than a chicken, the python snake fillet is  a very-very lean meat, the texture it’s ruberry, and very chewy. From my experience, i like it more when it’s chopped before. Don’t use a food processor to ground a big chunck of python meat. It’s run a messy thing with your chopper. the white long fiber with clodge your blender knive. So i,m suggest to chopped it firsh with knive and then process with your blender. You can use this as you use the ground chicken.

snake meat python  bushmeat extreme culinary

Remove the white tissue/ membrand surrond the meat, It’s so rubbery !

daging ular pithon

Remove a big messy grapes shaped fat from the snake cavity!

how fillet snake python meat daging ular pithon

cut it throughly the bone carefully!

snake meat daging ular python reticulatus

Voila, the perfect python snake fillet !

Snake meat is one of popular bushmeat. Bushmeat is meat from wild animals hunted in Africa and Asia, especially from endangered or protected species. The term has particularly been used refer to meat from animals in West and Central Africa. While not commonly thought of as food in most cultures, in some cultures, the consumption of snakes is acceptable, or even considered a delicacy, prized for its alleged pharmaceutical effect of warming the heart. Snake soup of Cantonese cuisine is consumed by local people in autumn, to warm up their body. Western cultures document the consumption of snakes under extreme circumstances of hunger. Cooked rattlesnake meat is an exception, which is commonly consumed in parts of the Midwestern United States. In Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, drinking the blood of snakes—particularly the cobra—is believed to increase sexual virility.The blood is drained while the cobra is still alive when possible, and is usually mixed with some form of liquor to improve the taste. Since the snake is killed to drain the blood, it will be our sins if we just waste the meat because it edible.

In some Asian countries, the use of snakes in alcohol is also accepted. In such cases, the body of a snake or several snakes is left to steep in a jar or container of liquor. It is claimed that this makes the liquor stronger (as well as more expensive). One example of this is the Habu snake sometimes placed in the Okinawan liquor Awamori also known as “Habu Sake”.


25o gr python snake fillet

3 chillies, slice thinly

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

3 shallot, finely chopped

3 cm ginger, finely chopped

1/2 onion, jullienned

100 gr chinese sweet snap peas, deveined

1 tbs oyster sauce

1/2 tbsp mushroom soy sauce

1 tsp sesame oil

30 ml angciu/chinese rice wine

salt and pepper to taste


  • heat up 2 tbsp oil in a wok pan, saute onion until browned
  • add garlic, ginger, chilli and shallot, saute  until browned and fragrance.
  • add  snake fillet, snap pea and the rest ingredient, stir fried until the snake meat is cooked through
  • don’t overcooked it, use your biggest flame that possible.
  • serve it with warm rice.


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