Recipe Sambal Stingray (Grilled Stingray-Skate with Chili Barbeque Sauce) Ikan Pari Bakar Bumbu SambalPedas

sambal stingray recipe grilled ikan pari bakar spicy chili sauce barbequed skate wing

Sambal Stingray Grilled Stingray with Chili Barbeque Sauce on Banana Leaf

Sambal stingray is grilled stingray or skate fish with spicy chili sambal barbeque sauce over banana leaf. Sambal stingray claimed as Singaporean dish, it’s also popular across South East Asia including Indonesia and Malaysia. The stingray or skate wings , marinated with salt and lime or kalamansi juice, wrapped with banana leaf then barbequed with lots of chili sambal over charcoal until the fish throughly cookeand , the spices and also dripping liquid evaporated and slighly charred. Sambal stingray is no.7 of the list of CNN 40 Singaporean foods we can’t live without.

grilled stingray sambal chili sauce grilled skate firh fillet hot spicy malaysian style

Sambal Stingray Grilled Stingray with Chili Barbeque Sauce on Banana Leaf

resep ikan pari bakar sambal stingray chili sauce recipe grilled skate fish

Ikan Pari Bakar dengan Sambal Terasi

Sambal stingray is called ikan pari bakar here in Indonesia. Sambal is  chili sauce in Bahasa Indonesia, while ikan pari means stingray, the word bakar is describe the grilling or barbequing process.  Fresh Stingray or ikan pari used to be abandoned and unpopular source of seafood protein here in Indonesia. Stingray used to be  salted and dried first and locally known as ikan pari asin. Other well known Indonesian dish from stringray is mangut iwak pe, a thick and spicy curry of hot smoked stingray. Banana leaves wrapped fish is a very popular way to cook fish here in Indonesia, i even made japanese style fish Grilled Sanma Fish with Spicy Miso and Chilli Sauce in Banana Leaf Recipe. If you can’t find any stingray or skate, just use other flatfish like sole or flounder, or even dory fish fillet for this recipe.

recipe grilled stingray sambal chili sauce barbequed skate stingray flatfish bbq

Sambal Stingray Grilled Stingray with Chili Barbeque Sauce on Banana Leaf

sambal stingray grilled skate fish ikan pari bakar

Flaky, Succulent and Tender Stingray Flesh with Spicy and Hot Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce

Sambal stingray is one of my favourite dish, my grandma used to grilled it over charcoal, but eversince i live in a very populated areas i guess barbequeing and sort of  cooking that induced smoke is not the best choice unless my neighbor gonna complain about it. But then i found about making sambal stingray with wokpan and i guess it’s worth to give it a shoots. I love the cartilagous and meaty texture of stingray or skate wings, the smokey, spicy and hot kicking chili sambal made the flaky, meaty and succulent stingray meat hearthy even more.

sambal stingray recipe grilled skate fish with chili barbeque sauce ikan pari bakar

Sambal Stingray with Lots of Spicy and Hot Chili Barbeque Sauce over Fragrant Banana Leaf

The chili sambal barbeque sauce for grilling the sambal stingray made of lots of chilies. Bird eye chili pepper and cayenne pepper mashed with shallots, garlic, and then sauteed with oil until throughly cooked and the oil separated or driven of from chili sambal paste. Chili sambal for grilling fish also contain terasi or belachan (solid fermented shrimp paste), tamarind paste, tomato or cherry tomatoes. Palm sugar added to balanced the spicy and hot tone and bring the umamai flavour instead using any mono sodium glutamat or flavour enhancement.

recipe fresh stingray wing fillet skate how to cook stingray grilled ikan pari

Fresh Stingray Wing Filllet

To make sambal stingray, first you should choose very-very fresh  stingray with firm, bounchy and slighly translucent flesh. Choose the meaty stingray wings from the female stingray rather than the male, ask your butcher about it. The male stingray fish got a very fishy, stringy, dried and hard flesh. Make sure you SMELL the stingray, sometimes the stingray fillet got a ammoniak  or urine smells when it not handled properly and  not stored in a cold storage. I once purchased a very fresh stingray in the  moring market, then i had a rice breakfast in a restaurant before going home for about 2 hours, unfortunately i forgot ask the fish monger add some ice on it; the heat in my trunk iniciate the fermentation of urea become amonia and made a very unpleasant piss or urine smells that made me had to discarded it. So, it’s very important to keep your stingray cold as possible from the freshmarket to your own kitchen, ask the fish monger to put some ice on the shopping bag.

recipe chili sambal barbeque sauce grilled fish recipe belachan lemongrass tomato chili pepper onion shallor banana leaves

Ingredients to Make Sambal Stingray

Beside the sambal terasi or belachan chili barbeque sauce, i add thinly sliced onion, lemongrass, ginger and cherry tomato to the sambal stingray. The spices gives more bursting refreshing flavour into the grilled stingray.  The banana leaf gives a nice aroma and i guess it’s very essential ingredients for unthentic sambal stingray. You can use heavy duty alumunium foil only instead of any banana leaf for making sambal stingray actually, but you’ll gonna missed authentic asian banana leafy aromas.

recipe stingray sambal grilled skate how to barbeque stingray with chili sauce

Put the Alumunium Foil, Banana Leaf, Sambal and Other Spices

This is how you make sambal pari, it’s actually so easy to grilled stingray with chili barbeque sauce on banana leaf with wok pan and kitchen stove. Firstly once you got back from market is to clean your stingray fillet and then marinated it with salt and kaffir lime or kalamansi juice 30 minutes priorly to cooked. Lay heavy duty alumunium foil over skillet or wok pan,  you need to dis this if you didn’t want to deal with the sticky mess after you cooked the sambal stingray. Put two layer of banana leaf over the alumunium foil and then spread the thinly sliced lemongrass, onion, ginger and cherry tomatoes over the banana leaf and then pour the chili sambal all over it. Spread it evenly and do not overfilled the banana leaf.

how to grilled stingray chili sauce sambal banana leaves barbequed stingray skate flat fish recipe

Put Generous Ammount of Chili Sambal Over the Stingray Fillet

Turn on the stove into medium high heat then put the stingray fillet then over the chili sambal that you’ve spreaded before. Added more chili sambal barbeque sauce generously to cover the stingray fillet entirely. Put some metal lid to cover the wok and let the magic happen

sambal stingray recipe grilled stingray fillet with chili sauce garlic onion lemongrass tomato ikan pari bakar

Cover with Lid and let the Dripping Liquid Evaporated

This is how what you’ve got sfter you cooke whe sambal stingray with the lid cover on and Itake a brief shoots into the sambal stingray, you’ll seen a lot of the liquid driven off from the stingray fish meat and cherry tomato. make sure you let this liquid evaporated before you flipped it over to cooked another side.

sambal stingray recipe barbequed skate fillet chili sauce spicy wrapped banana leaves

Flipped the Sambal Stingray with a Help of a Plate

Ater the sambal stingray spices and dripping liquid evaporated, put some banan leaf and another heavy duty alumunium foil and then flipped it over upside down with a help of big flat plates. Let the other side of the sambal stingray cooked until ste spices and fish charred a lil bit.

grilled stingray sambal barbequed skate fish spicy chili sauce lemongrass

The moment of truth! TAA..DAAH your Sambal Stingray is Done!

This is how the sambal stingray looked a like once t done and i flip it over from a wok pan to a flat plate. The sambal stingray or grilled stingray with chili barbeque sauce is done and ready to served. Scrapped some of the burnt a little bit of you like, but i like it very much jst like a soccarat or charred and slighly burnt rice on my Rabbit and Snail Paella ala Valenciana Recipe

grilled stingray sambal chili sauce rice nasi ikan pari bakar

Sambal Stingray with Smoking Hot Rice

recipe sambal stingray grilled flat fish with chili sauce ikan pari bakar sambal terasi belacan

SAMBAL STINGRAY RECIPE (Grilled Stingray with Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce)

SAMBAL STINGRAY RECIPE (Grilled Stingray with Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce):


  • 1 kg stingray or skate wing, cut into individual portion
  • 1 kaffir lime juice to marinate the stingray
  • banana leaf
  • heavy duty alumunium foil
  • 50 gr ripe cherry tomato, thinly sliced
  • 3 lemongrass, use the tender white part only
  • 1/2 onion, julienned
  • thumb size ginger, peeled, julienned
  • Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce


  • Chopped tomato
  • Sliced Chilies
  • Sliced Scallion

How To Grilled Stingray with Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce:

  • Marinade the stingray fish with kaffir lime juice and salt, keep it in the fridge
  • Lay some heavy duty alumunium foil over wok pan, then add 2 pieces of banana leaf sheet over it
  • Spread the sliced chery tomato and lemongrass and the julienned ginger and onion
  • Spread some of the chili sambal barbeque sauce and put the stingray over it
  • Put chili sambal barbeque sauce over the stingray fillet generously to cover it entirely and then turn on the stove to medium high heat
  • Cover the wokpan with lid and wat for about 10-15 minutes until all the spices and the dripping juices evaporated
  • Put another sheet of banan laf and alumunium foil and then flipped the stingray with a help of a plate
  • Slide the sambal stingray back into the wok pan and then let the other side of the stingray charred and done
  • Flipped the sambal stingray again with the help of the serving plate, peel of the banan leaf and pur some more chili sambal barbeque sauce
  • Garnish and serve immediately.
  • Slide foil, leaf and fish onto serving plate. Pull foil from underneath banana leaf and discard.Garnish and serve immediately.

Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce Recipe for Grilling the Stingray or Skate Fish:

  • 100 gr cayenne chili pepper
  • 50 gr bird eye chili pepper
  • 100 gr ripe cherry tomato, finely diced
  • 100 g shallots
  • 50 g garlic
  • 15 g ginger
  • 2 lemongrass, use the tender white part only
  • 1 tbsp tamarind paste
  • 15 g terasi or belacan (fermented shrimp paste)
  • 30 g palm sugar, roughly chopped
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

How To Make Chili Sambal Barbeque Sauce Recipe

  • Put all the chili pepper, shallots, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, shrimp paste and red chillies in a processor and  grind it into a fine paste
  • Stir-fry sambal paste with vegetable oil over medium heat untill fragrant, the oil is separated from the chili paste and the colour is darkens, about 15 minutes .
  • Add palm sugar, tamarind and season it with salt and pepper, adjust the seasoning if necessary.
  • Turn off the heat and your homemade  chili sambal barbeque sauce is ready to use.

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Resep Pepes Ikan Tempoyak (Banana Leaf Wrapped Spiced Fish with Fermented Durian Paste)

resep pepes tempoyak ikan pedas brengkes durian palembang

Pepes ikan tempoyak is a popular dish in across southern Sumatra. Pepes is an indonesian spiced dish that usually wrapped  with banana leaf. It possibly consist of chicken, fish, shrimp, tempeh, egg, frog or even tofu.  Pepes called Pais in West Java, Brengkesan in Center Java, Pelasan in West Java (Banyuwangi), Brengkes in South Sumatra.  Palai in West Sumatra, and Payeh in Aceh. Pepes can be steamed, broiled, grilled, or even baked, sometimes people like to steaming it first until throughly cooked and then drained and infused some smokey aromas by following grilling or broilling. The banana leaf wrapper remain the food moisture inside while giving some nice leafy scent too. Today i’m making pepes using ikan tapah (Wallago attu), a rather rare freshwater giant predatory catfish with some tangy fermented durian called tempoyak.

resep ikan tapah pepes tempoyak palembang

Pepes Ikan Tempoyak khas Palembang

ikan tapah wallago attu fish

Ikan Tapah (Wallago Attu)

ikan tapah gigi wallago attu fish teeth

Gigi Ikan Tapah (Walago Attu Teeth)

Ikan tapah (Wallago attu) got many name around the world, it is known as Boal and Borali in Bengal. Sareng in Manipur,  Valah in Malayalam, Mali In Pakistan, Nim Yue in China (Cantonese). Ikan Tapah is common called for wallago fish in  Indonesia and Malaysia, it’s originnaly from athe name of a Malaysian town, Tapah, where wallago fish is easily catch. Other known name of wallago fish is  Boal Fish, Mully Catfish, and Freshwater Shark due to its ferocity. This catfish can reached 2.4 meters long and weighted more than 50 kilos. The mouth of ikan tapah is fullfilled with several colonnade of gillette sharp teeth. Contrary to the ugly and scally looking, ikan tapah got a very sweet,  white and succulent meat. The best part of ikan tapah is actually the head because it’s mostly consist of collagen tissue and carlilageous-like bone.

pepes ikan tempoyak palembang banana leaf wrap fish

Resep Pepes Ikan Tempoyak, Banana Leaf Wrap Spiced Fish with Fermented Durian Paste

tempoyak duren fermented durian paste

Tempoyak Durian (Fermented Durian)

Tempoyak is a salted and fermented durian. It usually made from over ripe durian that is unsuitable for direct consumption. You can  made tempoyak by yourself, simply add about 3 tbsp coarsed salt to  about 500 grams over ripe durian flesh, then put it in a sterilized glass jar and let it fermented in a dark and cold place for about 7 days until it got a nice tangy flavour. Some local descent people like to eat tempoyak either cooked or uncooked. Tempoyak  eaten with rice, and can also be used for making gulai (curry), usually fish curry like my Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Belido. Tempoyak is usually served as Sambal Tempoyak, it’s a Sumatran dish made from the mixture of tempoyak, shallots and chilli pepper. Once you using tempoyak to flavouring your dish, don’t forget to watch over the saltiness level, you probably didn’t need any salt addition due the salt content of the tempoyak.

Resep Pepes Ikan Tempoyak :


  • 1 kg Ikan Tapah (You can substitude with tilapia, red snapper,mekong catfish, grass carp or any kind of fish), cut into single portion
  • banana leaf for wrapping the spiced fish, heated in direct flame to soften it
  • butcher twines for tide up the pepes ikan (i’m using the banana leaf fiber)
  • 100 gr Tempoyak (Fermented Durian Paste), you can replace with 100 gr fresh durian flesh and 2 tbsp lime juice
  • alumunium foil for wrapping the pepes ikan
  • 10 cherry tomato, halves
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • salt for taste
resep bumbu pepes tempoyak ikan palembang

Resep Bumbu Pepes Tempoyak khas Palembang

Bumbu pepes/ spice paste:

  • 50 gr red cayenne/chilli pepper (adjust the amount for your preference hotness)
  • 10 shallots
  • 6 cloves garlic
  • 5 cm turmeric
  • 4 lemongrass, use  the soft white part only
  • 3 cm ginger
  • 3 cm  galagal


  • Preheat oven on 175 C
  • Season the fish with salt and lime juice, le it marinate for about 30 minutes on fridge
  • Mix the spice paste with tempoyak, cherry tomato, salt and sugar. (i add some turmeric powder too)

resep tempoyak duren pepes ikan pedas

  • Drain the fish and  mix it with the spice paste mixture until the fish is well coated

resep ikan tapah pepes tempoyak

  • Wrap the pepes ikan mixture with banana leaf
  • Tide the banana leaf  pepes ikan parcell with the butcher twine (or the banana leaf fiber)

resep pepes ikan tempoyak palembang

  • Wrap it with alumunium foil and bake it for about 45 minutes

resep ikan tapah pepes bumbu pedas

  • Keep it warm in the oven
  • Grill or broil it for about 5 minutes, open the peppes ikan banana parcel and served it immediately

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