Resep Kidu-Kidu Sosis Batak Karo Saus Gota (Grilled Pig Intestine Casing Sausage with Spicy Blood Sauce)

resep kidu kidu batak karo sosis daging babi usus getah gota darah andaliman cabe pork intestine sausage

Kidu-Kidu, Sosis Tradisional Batak Karo dengan Saus Gota

Resep Kidu-Kidu Masakan Khas Batak Karo, Sosis Usus Babi dengan Getah (Saus Darah). Kidu kidu is an Indonesian-Karonese Batak descent traditional grilled pork sausages made of natural pig intestine casing. Kidu kidu usually stuffed with finely minced pork and several kind of spices, gently boiled until throughly cooked and then grilled over charcoal. Cut into bite size pieces and served with getah or gota (spicy blood sauce with andaliman pepper). Kidu-kisu sausage is a festive occation threat, if you lucky enought you can found kidu-kidu sausage in kedai or lapo (Bataknese eateries), one slice of kidu-kidu served with a portion of Babi Panggang Karo (Karonese Styke Grilled Pork). You can ask for a portion of kidu-kidu that usually consist of 6-8 slices if you come earlier for lunch because kidu-kidu usually made only limited portion. Kidu-kidu sausage got  a savoury and smokey flavour with bursting spicy and numbning sensation from the andaliman pepper, DAMN DELICIOUS!!!

recipe grilled pig intestine sausage grilled blood pork intestine sausage resep kidu kidu sosis batak karo

Kidu-Kidu Grilled Pig Instestine Pork Sausage with Spicy Blood Sauce

andaliman merica batak lada getir szechuan peppercorn

Andaliman Pepper, Essential Batak Cuisine Ingredients with Similiar Numbning Sensation with Szechuan Peppercorn and Sansho Peppercorn

Andaliman pepper (Zanthoxylum acanthopodium native citrusy herbs similiar with Japanese sansho pepper or Chinese szechuan peppercorn that give a refreshing numbning and tangy citrusy flavour. Andaliman pepper or lada batak is an essential ingredients for kicking Bataknese cuisine; Ayam panggang napinadar (Grilled Kampung Chicken with Spicy Blood Sauce), Dengke Naniura  (Raw Spicy Pickled Grass Carp Fish), Arsik Ikan Mas Khas batak (Spicy Fish Stew) and Saksang Ayam (Spicy Chicken with Blood Stew. You can replace the andaliman pepper with zcechuan pepper ot sansho pepper that usually sold in asian-chinese supermarket, it sold as a whole or ground dry herbs.

homemade pork intestine sausage pig blood sausage natural casing pig intestine spicy grilled sausage bbq kidu-kidu karo

Homemade Pork Intestine Casing Spicy Sausage with Andaliman Pepper

Making sausage from natural pig intestine as a casing need a little bit patients to process the pig small intestine before using it. I always using pig small intestine for my Homemade Fresh Bratwurst Sausage Recipe and even my Homemade Dry Cured Chinese Sausage or Lap Cheung Recipe. This is How To Clean and Preparing Pig Intestine for making sausage casing, clean the small intestine inside out without trimming any fat membrane in the outside of the intestine. Kidu-kidu sausage usually grilled within the fat membrane still intact within the intestine to keep the sausage moist and tender. The fat also rendered within the direct charcoal grill until the pig intestine wrapper browned and crisped out. No need to cure the natural pig intestine with nitrite for making fresh sausage. You also can use edible artificial casings made of collagen and cellulose for making kidu-kidu sausage, but trust me; a little bit patients to deal with natural pig intestine casing really worth all the efforts.

resep kidu kidu andaliman sosis babi masakan batak karo isi daging babi

Kidu-Kidu Homemade Pork Intestine Casing Spicy Sausage

fresh pig intestine hog casing pork grilled sausage smoked sauage spicy sosis karo kidu-kidu

Grilled Fresh Pig Intestine Sausage with Crispy Casing, Smokey and Moist Stuffing

Sosis Karo kidu-kidu or grilled fresh pig intestine sausage stuffing consist of pork meat and fat with 20% or more of pork fat content. The stuffing ingredients minced finely manually with wooden chopping board and knives, that’s why the texture of cooked kidu-kidu sausage stuffing is a little bit coars.  The seasonig for my kidu-kidu sausage consist of  shallot, garlic, ginger, turmeric, corriander seed, nutmeg  and andaliman pepper  that processed until smooth paste. Finely chopped spring onion or scallion and  bunga kincong or patikala (torch ginger flower) also added. Some chopped blanched cassave leaves and chopped cooked pork liver and other offal parts sometimes added within the stuffing, it’s improved the texture and flavour of the authentic kidu-kidu sausage.

pig intestine sausage grilled pork sausage intestine casing barbeque spicy sausage recipe kidu kidu karo

Kidu-Kidu Homemade Pork Intestine Casing Spicy Sausage with Blood-Andaliman Pepper Sauce

kidu-kidu resep sosis babi batak karo natural pork intestine casing sausage grilled charcoal hog intestine casing sausages

Kidu-Kidu Indonesian-Karonese Batak Descent Pig Intestine Sausage

Stuffing the pork meat inside the hog intestine is another fun part or making sausage. I’m not willing paid any money for fancy sausage maker made me using plasting funnel to stuffed my kidu-kidu sausage. Clean hand fingers or even chopstick is much more effective and fungtional to plug the sausage stuffing, just made sure you’re wearing a sterile gloves and sterilized chopstick otherwise it’s gonna be a mess. The end of the the pig intestine tied out after you finished stuffing to let the air released, slightly different with commonly people did because my plasting funnel tube didn’t long enought to be slipped with the intestine. the stuffing a little bit slippery on the instenstine because so many air bubble on it. The stuffing can be plugged better with your hand too, just squeese the stuffing out with the intestine tube to the end, then divide the sausage link by twisting and then tiding  it to made individual homemade fresh sausage. Prick the fresh pig intestine casing kidu-kidu sausage with metal pin to remove the air bubbles is very important steps unless your fresh sausage will burst out during the cooking process.. After finished stuffing the kidu0kidu sausage, the pig skin sausage need to be simmered in gently boiling water to cooked it throughly. After that the kidu-kidu sausage grilled over low heat charcoal to render the fat on the pig intestine casing until browned and crispy. The grilling process also infused some smokiness within the kidu-kidu sausage.

recipe grilled pig intestine sausage barbeque  pork intestine casing sausage charcoal grill smoked sausage

Grilled Pig Intestine Sausage Over Charcoal Grill for Infused The Smokey Aromas and Crisped Out The Casing

getah gota saus darah babi andaliman cabe asam cikala kidu kidu ayam napinadar saksang spicy pork blood sauce andaliman pepper chili

Gota or Getah Spicy Blood-Chili and Andaliman Pepper Sauce

Now the  gota or getah or spicy blood sauce, it should be rich, tangy, citrusy, spicy and how with bursting flavour of numbning andaliman pepper flavour. The pork blood dripped in a mixture of kaffir lime juice, salt and some water directly once it slaughtered. Mixed the blood gently to prevent it clotted, but if it’s clotted, simply processed it in a blender until the clot blood turn into a thick paste before added it to the sauce. You probably won’t slaughter your own pig, so please visit the chinese-asian market, they usually sold cloted block of pork blood, process it with some water before using it to make blood sauce. The basic  seasoning is red shallots, ginger, galagal, turmeric, toasted corriander seed, bird eye chili pepper and andaliman pepper. All the ingredients of bumbu gota or seasoning is processed info coarsly paste and then sauteed with oil until the spice paste is cooked, fragrance and the oil dripping is separated from the edge of the spice paste. Juice from cracked and squeesed out buah asam tikala (torch ginger flower fruit) also added into the sauce. The heat is turn off and the blood mixture is poured and the bumbu gota  sauce is gently stirred until smooth and then the stove turn on and the sauce is bring to boil and simmerred for about 5 minutes.

pig intestine sausage grilled pork sausage intestine casing barbeque spicy sausage recipe kidu kidu karo

Kidu-Kidu Pork Intestine Casing Sausage

resep cara membuat kidu kidu sosis babi batak karo usus babi isi daging sayuran pedas gotah getah darah andaliman cabe pedas

Resep Kidu-Kidu Sosis ala Batak Karo

Resep Sosis Kidu-Kidu ala batak Karo (Recipe Grilled Pig Intestine Pork Sausage)

Ingredients: (i’m using half of the recipe)

  • 800 gr daging (babi pork butt meat)
  • 200 gr lemak punggung babi (pork back fat)
  • 2-3 m  usus babi, bersihkan bagian dalam dan luar (2-3 m sausage casing pig small intestine, cleaning inside out)
  • 1 cup garam untuk membersihkan usus babi (salt for cleaning the pig intestine)
  • 5 gr lada hitam bubuk (freshly ground blackpeppercorn)
  • 10 gr gula merah (brown/palm sugar)
  • 5 gr bumbu kari (Homemade Garam Masala Powder)
  • 1 cup daun bawang cincang (finely chopped spring onion )
  • 100 gr bawang merah cincang (finely chopped red shallots)
  • 30 gr bawang putih cincang (finely chopped cloves garlic)
  • 5 gr  lengkuas cincang (finely chopped galangal)
  • 10 gr ketumbar sangrai bubuk (toasted corriander seed powder)
  • 5 gr jahe cincang (finely chopped ginger)
  • 3 sereh, ambil bagian putih, cincang (finely chopped lemongrass, take the soft white inner part only)
  • 1 tbsp Andaliman pepper powder (you can replace with szechuan peppercorn or sansho peppercorn)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup hati babi matang cincang (chopped cooked pork liver) #OPTIONAL
  • 1 cup daun singkong rebus cincang (chopped blanced cassava leaves) #OPTIONAL

Cara Membuat Kidu-Kidu Sosis ala Karo (How to Make Homemade Kidu-Kidu Sausage) :

  • Bersihkan semua peralatan (Clean out and sterilize all of the utensils)
  • Bersihkan bagian dalam dan luar usus babi dengan menggunakan garam, diamkan di lemari es selama 24 jam dan bersihkan dibawah air mengalir (Mix and rub the salt to the pig intestine, let is marinated about 24 hours in the fridge, washed it properly under running water and drain in properly, set aside)
  • Cincang daging dan lemak babi sampai halus (Meanwhile, dice the pork meat and fat with a knife into a very fine diced)
  • Campurkan semua bumbu dan cincangan daging pada wadah (Combine all the spice ingredients and chopped meat in a large mixing bowl).
  • Ikat salah satu ujung usus babi dan masukkan isian kedalamnya (Tie off one end of pig intestine sausage casing and then plugged out the stuffing )
  • Isikan ke dalam usus babi dengan bantuan corong plastik dan sumpit (Stuffed the sausage stuffing to the pig intestine using the plastic funnel and chopsticks or finger).
  • Ikan sosis kidu-kidu sepanjang 30 cm (Tie the pig intestine casing sausage into 30 cm links).
  • Tusuk sosis dengan jarum metal untuk mengeluakan gelembung udara agar sosis tidak pecah saat dimasak (Prick the links and the sausage all over with a sterilized metal pin to allow the  air bubbles to escape from the sausage to prevent is bursting out while cooking).

recipe pig intestine sausage boiled pork sausage broth stew recipe homemade sausage

  • Rebus sosis kidu-kidu dengan api kecil selama 45 menit (gently boil the pig intestine sausage for about 45 minutes)

boiled pig intestine sausage recipe how to make pork intestine sausage meat spicy stuffing kidu kidu resep sosis karo

  • Tiriskan sosis babi kidu-kidu (Drain the liquid from the boiled pig intestine casing sausage)

resep cara membuat kidu kidu sosis karo usus babi sosis isi daging babi pork intestine sausage

  • Panggang sosis diatas arang bara api sampai kulit kidu-kidu kecoklatan dan garing (grill the pig intestine casing sausage over charcoal grill until the pig intestine browned and crispy)
  • sajikan kidu-kidu dengan saus gota (served the pig intestine pork sausage with the spicy blood sauce)

Cara membuat Saus Gotah or Getah Darah Kidu-Kidu DISINI! (Here the Link for Making the Spicy Blood Sauce)

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