Homemade Duck Prosciutto (Air Dry-Cured Duck Breast): Perfect Way of Game Meat Preserving

duck prosciutto homemade recipe dry cured duck breast

Homemade Duck Prosciutto Recipe

Prosciutto is known world wide as Italian dry-cured ham. Etymology of prosciutto derived from Latin word pro or before and  exsuctus or drained out the moistures. Prosciutto  usually served uncooked or raw with greens leaves  salad and vinegar or lemon juice dressing. Beside that, prosciutto can be served as sandwich filling, rolled in the veggies and roasted and many more. Italian ham prosciutto in Indonesian is kinda damn pricey, it cost me about 10 USD for only 100 grams, fivefold than regular ham.

duck breast prosciutto recipe homemade prosciutto

Recipe Duck Breast Prosciutto

Duck prostiutto is popular among the hunters because it can be made of lean cut of dark meat poultry like duck, goose or even pigeon instead of regular pig or wild boar ham. But actually the prosciutto mostly made of gamey bird breast. Properly dry cured method of prosciutto can save the good amount of hunting harvest. Than tey can enjoyed  for a long day since it can last for months or even years. Some would love to inocculate a good white mould in the exposed meat to make it last longer. To mantain the red meat color and prevent spoiling and poisoning from botulist, prosciutto cured with nitrites like salt peter (sendawa) or potassium nitrid. The nitride oxide  binded and reacted with the remaining myoglobin in the flesh and make a red pigmentation. This process get even better when the water is drained out from the flesh.

homemade prosciutto duck breast recipe

Duck Presciutto: look at that georgeos ruby red cured meat!

To make duck breast prosciutto, you must have the duck breast first. Make sure you deboned the duck breast properly and cleaned it from any silver skin or it won’t be well cured. The duck breast then cleaned, salted and cured with good seasoning for about 2-3 days, depend on your duck breast size. During this time the duck breast is gently pressed to drain all the blood that remains  in the meat.  After the curing process, the duck breast is carefully washed in running water,  patted dry and hung in a dark, good-ventilated environment. The  humidity and temperature of the inviroment is the key success of making a good quality of duck prosciutto. The best enviroment for making cured meat is cold climate with low humidity. The duck prosciutto  is then left until dry and loosen  30 percent of it’s weight. When you lived in a tropical country with high temperature and humidity, don’t worry about it, as long as you can set your refrigerator in “dry mode” you can made your own dry cured meat or prosciutto.

Duck prosciutto recipe homemade prosciutto hoe to cured duck breast


Homemade duck prosciutto recipe:

  • 1 duck breast (you can use goose or pigeon too)
  • 1/2 tbsp seasalt
  • 1/2 tbsp freshly grounded black peppercorn
  • a pinch of rosemarry
  • 1/4 tsp juniper berry, coarsly grounder
  • a pinch of mix italian herbs
  • a pinch of salt peter/ pottasium nitride (you can either use pink salt)

Instruction :

How to make homemade duck prosciutto:

  • Clean and pat dry the fresh deboned duck breast
fresh duck breast cured duck prosciutto

Fresh duck breast: ready to cure

  • Mix all ingredient and rub it evenly, put it in a tupperware container
  • Let it cured for about 2-3 days, flip twice a day and discard any liquid that dripped off.
goose breast marinade recipe

Curing the duck breast: look at the liquid that dipped off from the flesh!

  • Gently press the cured duck breast  and discard the liquid before you flip it over
  • When the curing process is done, your duck breast should be slightly flatened and firm to touch
cured duck breast prosciutto duck recipe step

Cured duck breast, ready to hung dry

  • Washed it gently in running cold water to dissolved the remaining curing salt
  • Pat it dry with clean paper towel
  • Rolled with a gently  press to remove any air in the duck breast, tide it thightly with butcher  twines*optional
hang  homemade prosciutto step by step

Roll the duck breast just like you’ve made pancetta!

  • Rub it with a little of seasalt*optional
  • Wrap it with clean cheesecloth
  • Measure and note the weight of your cured duck breast
  • Hang it in your refrigerator (make sure you set it in dry mode)
refrigerator prosciutto fridge homemade cured prosciutto

Presciutto: hang to dry cured

  • Let it dry- cured for about 2 weeks up to 2 months
  • Make sure you watch the weight loss
  • Your duck presciutto is ready when it losen 30 percents of it’s weight.
  • You can either serve it raw on salad or cook it in your pasta, your choise…..

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Pigeon Breast Steak with Wine Berries Sauce and Fresh Garden Salad ala Dentist Chef

Pigeon Breast Steak with Wine Berries Sauce and Fresh Garden Salad

Resep Steak Burung Merpati dengan Saus anggur dan salad segar

Since i have a whole giant baby pigeon, i wonder if i can make a delicacy dish with it. Thanks to the Zespri Kiwi Fruit official site that inspired me to make the kiwi sauce for pigeon breast steak. I add some strawberries and red wine to the sauce and drizzle it to the pan seares pigeon breast


pigeon steak:
1 giant baby pigeon, deboned the breast
1/2 tsf thyme
1/2 tsf rosemarry
1 tsf worchestershire sauce
L&P sauce
2 tsp cream
Salt n pepper to taste

Wine Berries Sauce:
1/2 gold kiwi/ chinese ghooseberries
2 strawberries
30 gr chopped onion
1 clove garlic, chopped
50 ml red wine
Salt n pepper to taste

Fresh Garden Salad:
20 gr red cabbage, jullienned
20 gr japanese cucumber, jullienned
20 gr lettuce, sheddered
20 gr carrot, jullienned
1 tsf grape seed oil
1 tsf cider vinegar
1 tsf sugar
Salt n pepper to taste
20 gr daikon, jullienned

Mashed Potato:
1 large potato
20 ml cream
Salt n pepper to taste


Pigeon steak:
# marinated the pigeon breast in the fridge for about 30 minutes
# grilled or pan seared for about 1 minute each side with high heat to lock the juice within till the surface is nice golden brown
# put it in preheated oven for 10 minutes and 180 C untill cooked through

Wine berries sauce:
# stirred all ingridients until all soften up, add the wine
# blender untill smooth consistency
# put the sauce in the saucepan, simmer until the sauce is thick, set aside

Mashed potato:
# combine all ingridients, set aside

Fresh Garden Salad:
# combine all ingridients, set aside


# Put the mashed patato in the serving plate
# Stacking with the fresh garden salad
# Put the pigeon breast in the top of the salad
# drizzle with the wine berries sauce
# serve immidiately