Resep Daging Se’i Asap Khas Nusa Tenggara Timur, Hot Smoked Cured Meat (Beef, Pork, or Venison Deer)

resep daging se'i asap sapi babi ntt hot smoked beef pork venison meat strips

Daging Se’i, Indonesian Hot Smoked Cured Meat Bacon from East Nusa Tenggara Island

Daging Se’i is an Indonesian style bacon from East Nusa Tenggara Island, an authentic dish of Rote descent people. Daging sei derived from the word daging which is meat and se’i that means thin strip sliced, so daging sei is  thinly slide meat strip that hot smoked until dried and throughly cooked. Daging se’i mostly made from a pork or beef, but the anchester used to made daging se’i from wild boar or games venison deer.

resep daging sei babi asap ntt kering warna merah hot smoked cured pork tenderloin recipe

Daging Sapi Sei Asap, Indonesian Hot Smoked Cured Beef

Daging sei babi or hot smoked pork meat is iconic food souvenir from Kupang City, you ain’t travelling to East Nusa tenggara Island unless you give daging sei babi a try. Daging babi se’i also the most popular food souvenir people expecting if you’ve got a chance to travelling there. For those who can eat pork such local moslem tourist, you can taste the daging sapi sei or hot smoked beef instead the pork because there’s also several halal daging sei restaurant there.

resep daging sei sapi asap kupang ntt cara membuat daging asap bow to make hot smoked beef meat recipe

Homemade Hot Smoked Beef

Daging se’i  or hot smoked beef, pork or venison meat  traditionally only contain with salt and salt petre as seasoning, that’s it!. The smokey flavour is what made it taste specials. Nowdays, manufactured bacon usually stuffed with tons of preservatives and stuffs you even don’t wanna know about, but this traditional daging sei asap is usually remain contains that simple ingredients, the only additional ingredients usually added is mono sodium glutamat (MSG) and i bet it’s still much more healthier than the store brough smoked bacon.

hot smoked pork tenderloin recipe cured meat resep daging asap sei kupang nusa tenggara timur

Daging Sapi Sei, Cured Hot Smoked Lean Beef

Daging sei making is begin with the selection of the meat first; what ever kind of meat you want to made daging sei; beef, pork or venison, make sure  you choose the lean cut. The loin, the eye round or the silverside of the beef, pork or venison usually using for this recipe. Removed any silver skin, fat or sinew because it’s will not be rendered  from the low temperature hot smoking. The meat then sliced into 1 inch maximum thickness then seasoned and cured with spices, salt and salt petre. Traditionally, the seasoned meat is hung first in a perforated sack to let the dripping liquid running out off the meat during the curing process for at least 6 hours. Once the cured meat had a firmer and dry texture, the meat then hung and exposed with air to develop a pellicle for another 4 hours before ready to hot smoking.

resep sei babi kupang daging babi asap ntt hot skomed pork tenderloin cured from indonesia

Beef Tenderloin Hot Smoked Meat, Daging Sapi Sei Asap Has Dalam

Sei daging asap usually using native wood called kayu kosambi (Schleichera oleosa). Kayu Kosambi is called Ceylon oak in English, Malay lac tree or Macassar oil tree contain essential A number of wood smoke compounds act as preservatives. Phenol and other phenolic compounds in wood smoke are both antioxidants alongside other formaldehyde, acetic acid, and other organic acids,, which slow rancidification of animal fats, and antimicrobials, which slow bacterial growth. But i can’t find any of kosambi wood nearby, so i’m using mangoo wood instead .

recipe beef hot smoked cured meat red resep daging sapi asap sei merah khas kupang nusa tenggara timur

Damn Delicious Daging Se’i or Hot Smoked Cured Meat from East Nusa Tenggara

For hot smoking you need to inisiate the fire first and let the block of dry wood turned into charcoal first. Never let the fire had any contack with the meat you want to hot smoked, so i keep enough distance beetween the meat with the firing wood. Once the wood turend into red charcoal, you can put it in the smoking chamber or a simple grill  like me.  Put the meat in a metal net with at least 15 inches from the charcoal, you want the smoke that cooked the meat, not the direct heat from the charcoal.

cara membuat daging sei se'i asap ntt babi sapi rusa

Starting the Charcoal by Firing the Wood Block Away from The Meat, DO NOT LET THE DIRECT HEAT from CHARCOAL CONTACT the Meat

Once your charcoal is ready, now let’s begin  to make the smoke, shall we ? The smoke can be initiate by putting some dry wood chips that priorly soaked in water for about 10 minutes to enchanced the smoke formation. The other method is using fresh green leaves, you can lay the green leaves over the charcoal and let the magic happen.

hot smoked cured meat beef strip grilled barbeque pork tenderloin venison recipe resep daging asap sei babi sapi ntt

Once the Charcoal Ready, Scatter The Soaked Woodchips to Generate the SMOKE and let the SMOKE Gently Cook The Cured Meat

Hot smoking process is between 165 and 1850 Fahrenheit (73-85C) and this temperature is definitely cooked the meat .”Hot smoking exposes the foods to smoke and heat in a controlled environment.. Although foods that have been hot smoked are often reheated or cooked, they are typically safe to eat without further cooking. Within this temperature range, foods are fully cooked, moist, and flavorful, if you let the temperature raised more than 185 °F (85 °C), the meat will shrink excessively, buckle or even burned.

resep daging sei babi asap sapi khas ntt kupang pembuatan daging asap hot smoked meat cured pork tenderloin beef meat

Homemade Hot Smoked Beef or Daging Sapi Sei Asap

My brother in law is running a Pentacostal Church in Sungai Lilin, about 3-4 hours drives from my place in Palembang City. My sister’s house  had a very wide yard so nobody will probably complain about the smoke if we held a barbeque party there, so i love to practice my barbeque skills there. Several members of the church congregation had Nusa Tenggara descent, so i’m lucky to practice making daging sei with their family secret recipes and techniques.

resep daging sei babi asap ntt kering warna merah hot smoked cured pork tenderloin recipe

Recipe Hot Smoked Meat or Daging Se’i from Kupang City

I’ve try making daging sei or hot smoked meat bacom from beef, pork and also venison deer meat and it’s turned out really good. My favourite is the venison or daging sei rusa. I love the flavour and the texture, smokey and natural mild gamey flavour of venison deer meat is really got my taste buds.

resep sei daging rusa asap hot smoked venison meat dear cured tenderloin

16 Pounds Hot Smoked Beef, I kinda Nailed it !!!!

This is hot smoked beef or daging sapi sei, my big sister “trick” me to made this for her gathering party. This is 16 pounds of beef that i cured with a very simple salt, sugar, garlic and red coloring agent. I’m using red yeast rice powder for the curing marinade. I’m not using any salt petre for my hot smoked beef because it won’t be last for more than next 2 hours and definitely did’t need to be preserved with salt petre or other nitrate preservatives.

resep sei daging sapi asap kupang ntt recipe hot smoked beef tenderloin cured meat

Daging Babi Sei or Hot Smoked Wild Boar Meat

This is daging babi sei or hot smoked pork that i made several days after making the daging sapi sei or smoked beef. I’m using wild boar tenderloin meat for this recipe and i kinda like this even more compare to the commom farm raised pig. Hot smoked wild boar is taste nutty, sweet and very succulent and tender, i’m not a fans of lean meat but i’m really digging this .

resep sei daging babi asap kupang nusa tenggara timur smoked pork meat cured dry

Daging Rusa Se’i, Hot Smoked Cured Venison Deer Meat

This is daging rusa se’i asap or hot smoked venison deer meat. This smoked venison deer bacon made from wild Sambar Deer meat (Cervus Unicolor), Sumatra island native large deer with large and rugged antlers with uniform brown to dark grey colour. Sambar deer meat is considered as delicacy and also healthy choice of meat because it high in protein and low in cholesterol and trans fat. I like the venison deer steak simply because i like it’s natural light gamey flavour and if you lucky enough the traditional market in Sungai Lilin  provide venison deer meat occationally.

resep sei daging asap babi sapi rusa khas nusa tenggara timur ntt recipe hot smoked pork beef venison deer cured meat

Daging Se’i Masakan Daerah Khas Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur

Daging Se’i atau Se’i adalah daging asap tradisional suku Rote di Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur. Daging sapi, babi ataupun rusa dibumbui dengan garam dan sendawa, digantung selama 6 jam (kyuring) didalam karung berpori agar cairan dapat keluar dari daging, lalu diasap dengan kayu bakar yang berjarak cukup jauh sehingga panas dari asap yang mematangkan daging tersebut bukan lidah panas api secara langsung. Daging sei dapat dimakan langsung, tapi  jika sudah disimpan beberapa hari, harus digoreng lagi, atau dimasak dalam tumisan bunga pepaya ataupun sayuran lainnya.

daging sei asap ntt babi asap hot smoked pork recipe cured tenderloin

Resep Daging Sei Asap Khas Nusa Tenggara Timur/Kupang

Resep Daging Sei Asap Khas Nusa Tenggara Timur/Kupang :

Homemade Hot Smoked Meat Bacon (Beef, Pork, Venison) Recipe:


  • 1 kg lean meat (beef or pork or venison deer)
  • wood block, for making charcoal (you can use charcoal )
  • woodchips, soaked in water for 10 minutes for generate the smoke

Homemade Curing Smoked Beef Recipe:

  • 1/4 tsp *sendawa/ salt peter/ curing salt
  • 2 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar*optional
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder*optional
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg*optional
  • 1/2 tsp cardamon*optional
  • 1/2 tsp rosemarry*optional
  • 1/2 tsp blackpeppercorn*optional
  • 1/2 tsp  caraway*optional
  • 1/2 tsp red food coloring (i’m using red yeast powder)*optional

Cara Membuat Daging Sei Asap Khas Nusa Tenggara Timur :

How to Hot Smoked Meat Bacon from Scratch:

  • Mix the meat with the curing ingredient, let it rest in fridge for at least 12 hours, discard the dripping liquid, patted dry.
  • Once the meat is already cured, the texture will be firmer and the color turned darker
  • Hung or exposed the meat with fan, let the it the outside layer form a dry pellicle before hot smoking process
  • Meanwhile, fire the wood block or charcoal until ready, put the wire netat least 45 inches above the charcoal, so the direct heat won’t too much contact the meat (you want the heat of the smoke touch the meat)
  • Scatter the soaked woodchips or sawdust, springkle with a little bit of water if necessary, let the smoke released
  • Put the meat above the wire net, do not overloded and kept some space beetween the meat so the heat of the smoke have a greater contact with the meat
  • Keep the heat constant, let the smoke generate gently, ass more soaked wooodchips if necessary and cooked the meat until dry and the internal temperature reach 200 F (90 C), it takes above 3-4 hours for 1 inch thickness with gentle heat hot smoke
  • Now your Daging Se’i or Hot Smoked Meat Bacon is ready to eat, sliced thinly and enjoy with some chili sambal.

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