Resep Sup Konro Bakar Iga Sapi Khas Makassar (Indonesian Spicy Beef Ribs Soup, Barbequed with Peanut Sauce)

resep konro sop iga sapi khas makassar beef ribs soup

Sup Konro Iga Sapi Masakan Khas Makassar

Resep Sup Konro Masakan Khas Makassar. Sup Konro derived from the Indonesian word sup means  soup  and  konro means ribs in Buginese languange. Sup konro is  Indonesian spicy beef rib soup originally from Buginese cuisine, Makassar of South Sulawesi. Sup konro made with quartered whole meaty beef ribs and served within the long ribs bone bent outward from the broth.   The konro soup is spicy, rich, creamy with blackish-brown  color.

resep sup konro iga sapi karebosi makassar beef ribs peanut sauce

Sup Konro Spicy Beef Ribs with Peanut Soup

Resep bumbu  halus sup konro  or spice paste of kondro soup contain garlic, red shallots and red chilies pepper. The  blackish  color broth derived from Kkuwak or keluak (Pangium edule). Keluak or black nut is a common ingrediets to give a nutty and creamy flavour in Indonesian cuicine, just like my Resep gabus Pucung (Spicy Stewed Snake Head Fish with Keluak). Keluak or back nut used to be soaked first in a cold tab water to soften it before mmashed within other spices. The spicy and strong-tasting soup is made from a mixture of various spices, especially toasted coriander, nutmeg, cloves and white peppercorn.

beef ribs soup peanut resep sup konro masakan makassar sop iga sapi kacang tanah

Sop Konro Iga Sapi

Cara membuat sup konro or how to make spicy beef ribs with peanut soup is easy. Select the fresh beef ribs and ask the butcher to cut the whole beef ribs into quarter because  a single portion of sup konro contain two long meaty beef ribs.  The beef ribs boiled with tab water for about 30 minutes until half done, meanwhile the spice paste sauteed until caramelized and fragrant. The sup konro spice paste and other herbs then added into the soup and the heat turned down into simmer for another 30 minutes. The boiled peanut pasted then added into the sop konro and the soup boiled until tender for about 15 minutes. Sop konro usually served with chopped scallion, chilli sambal and drizzled with lime juice. Sup konro usually eaten either with burasa (soft and grainy rice cake) or bite size ketupat (dense rice cake).

resep konro sup makassar iga sapi kuah sop kacang tanah

Sup Konro Iga Sapi Khas Makassar

Sup konro got a creamy color from the addition of peanut within the broth. The spicy beef ribs soup within peanut on it’s broth bring a special nutty and creamy flavour;  similiar with coconut milk in thin curry soup. The peanut usually boiled and then mashed into paste priorly added into sup konro broth that already boiled with spice paste.

resep konro bakar iga sapi karebosi barbequed beef ribs peanut sauce

Konro Bakar Saus Kacang 

Authentic and originally sup konro served as spicy rich soup, however today the innovative  version of konro is the grilled or barbequed konro. Konro bakar or barbequed konro is actually a derivatived recipe pf konro; the beef ribs drained from the soup then glazed with special peanut barbeque sauce and then grilled over charcoal grill. The konro bakar or barbequed beef ribs then served with peanut sauce, chili sambal and the konro broth in another bowl.

resep sop konro bakar masakan makassar bugis sulawesi selatan iga sapi bakar bumbu kacang

Konro Bakar & Saus kacang

resep iga bakar konro karebosi makassar saus kacang

Peanut Sauce Glazed Barbequed Beef Ribs

The peanut barbeque sauce for glazing the grilled beef ribs or konro bakar is similiar with  satay sauce.  Konro bakar saus kacang got a slighly different taste within the satay sauce because the peanut sauce for the grilled beef ribs din’t contain any kecap manis or Indonesian sweet soy sauce and kencur (Sand ginger or Kaempferia galanga). The peanut sauce  for konro bakar also contain more cillies and  less palm sugar.

recipe konro bakar iga sapi barbeque kacang grilled ribs with peanut butter sauce

Tender Barbequed Bone-in Ribeye with Spicy peanut Sauce, Damn Delicious !!!

Barbequed bone-in beef ribeye is meaty and tender or konro iga sapi bakar with a hint of smokey aromas, even i just grilled it over my gas stove. I guess my barbequed beef ribs or konro bakar got more intense flavour if i grilled it over charcoal flame. Konro bakar or grilled beef ribs with spicy peanut sauce is one of my favourite dish. I’m using bone-in beef ribeye for making konro bakar,it’s obvious the result is stunning!

resep sup konro karebosi iga sapi sulawesi selatan makassar sup sapi kacang tanah

Resep Sop Konro Iga Sapi Khas Makassar

Resep Sop Konro Iga Sapi Khas Makassar (Spicy Indonesian Beef Ribs Soup with Peanut)  :

Ingredients :

  • 3 kg meaty beef ribs  or 2 long bone-in beef ribeye (1/2 iga sapi utuh dibagi 2)
  • 6 L air  (water)
  • 3 sdm minyak goreng untuk menumis (vegetable oil for stir frying()
  • 6 lembar daun jeruk (kaffir lime leaves)
  • 4 sereh, memarkan  (lemongrass, bruised)
  • 3 cm  lengkuas, memarkan(galagal,bruised)
  • 2 lembar daun salam (Indonesian bay leaves)
  • 5 cm kayu manis  (cinnamon)
  • 50 g kacang tanah mentah, rebus dan haluskan (raw peanut, boiled andmashed)
  • salt for taste

Resep Bumbu Halus Sup Konro (Spice Paste):

  • 12 butir  bawang merah (red shallots)
  • 12 buah cabai merah besar (red chili pepper)
  • 8 siung bawang putih (garlic)
  • 2 buah keluak, rendam dalam air (black nut, soaked in water)
  • 2 1/2 sdm ketumbar (tbsp corriander)
  • 1 sdt lada (tsp white peppercorn)
  • 1 sdt cengkih (tsp cloves)
  • 1 buah pala (whole nutmeg)

Resep Bahan Pelengkap Sop Konro (Garnish):

  1. Bawang daun, iris halus (Chopped scallion)
  2. Jeruk nipis (limes wedges)
  3. Chili Sambal

Cara Membuat Sop Konro Iga Sapi:

  1. Rebus iga di dalam air, masak hingga setengah matang.
  2. Di tempat terpisah, panaskan minyak di atas wajan. Gunakan api sedang, tumis bumbu halus hingga harum.
  3. Tambahkan daun jeruk, serai, lengkuas, daun salam, dan kayu manis, tumis sekitar 5 menit
  4. Masukkan bumbu yang telah ditumis ke dalam rebusan iga.
  5. Kecilkan api dan masukkan kacang tanah rebus yang telah dihaluskan, rebus sampai iga sapi empuk
  6. Sajikan dengan taburan bawang daun,  air jeruk nipis, dan sambal.

How to make Spicy Beef Ribs with Peanut Soup:

  1. Boil the bone-in beef ribeye for about 30 minutes until the beef ribs half done
  2. Meanwhile, saute the spice pate with medium high heat until fragrance
  3. Add the lemongrass, galagal, bay leaves and cinnamon stick, saute another 5 minutes
  4. Put the sauteed spice paste into the boiled ribs
  5. Lower the heat then add the mashed boiled peanut and simmer until the beef ribs is tender
  6. Served the konro soup with chopped scallion, lime wedges and chili sambal.
konro bakar resep iga bakar karebosi saus kacang grilled beef ribs with peanut sauce barbeque

Resep Konro Bakar Bumbu Kacang

Resep Konro Bakar Bumbu Kacang (Barbequed Beef Ribs with Peanut Sauce):


  • Cooked ribs or sop konro matang
  • peanut sauce
  • Butter or margarine

Resep Bumbu Kacang (Peanut Sauce):

  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 200 gr peanuts, deep fried, drained
  • 6 shallots, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 tsp dry shrimp paste (terasi)
  • 6 red chilli pepper, chopped
  • 1 tbsp palm sugar
  • 1 tsp tamarind paste
  • 1 tbsp dark soy sauce
  • 2 cup water
  • salt n pepper to taste

How to make Indonesian peanut sauce :

  • Heat up the vegetable oil, saute shallot, garlic, chilli and dry shrip paste until slighly browned.
  • Process peanut and the sauteed ingredient into a  paste( don’t over do this, a little peanut chunck is taste great)
  • Heat up the peanut paste in a heavy bottom sauce pan, bring to boil
  • Reduce the heat and simmer until the peanut sauce  thicken.

Cara Membuat Konro Bakar:

  • Tiriskan daging iga dari sop konro, sisihkan
  • Oleskan bubmbu kacang dan margarin
  • Bakar diatas bara api sampai iga sapi konro bakar sedikit kering
recipe barbequed ribeye bone-in peanut sauce grilled whole beef ribs ribeye

Grilled Bone-in Ribeye Beef Glazed with Peanut Sauce

How to Make Barbequed Bone-in Ribeye with Peanut Sauce:

  • Drain the beef from the broth, set aside
  • Drizzle and glaze the cooked bone-in beef ribeye with the peanut sauce
  • Grill the bone-in beef ribeye until the peanut sauce slightly charred and the meat smokey.

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Resep Palumara Ulu Juku, Spicy Red Snapper Fish Soup Recipe with Tomato, Chilli, Tamarind, Lemongrass and Turmeric-based Seasoning

palumara red snapper fish head soup turmeric yellow ikan bumbu kuning

Palumara Spicy Red Snapper Fsh Head Soup with Turmeric-based Broth (Ikan Kuah Kuning)

Palumara ulu juku is a savoury light turmeric-based fish (head) soup that not really popular in Indonesia. Palumara in Makassar natives language refers to a soup dish while ulu juku means fish head. Palumara is a light and refreshing turmeric based fish soup with a pleasant hot, spicy, and tangy broth but not as kickin as Fish Head Asam Laksa (Malaysian Spicy and Sour Noodle Soup with Grouper Fish Head). Palumara is a popular soup across southern Sulawesi (Celebes) island, especially in Makasaar and Palu. Palumara ulu juku origin is not really known, but it well know  as ikan kuah kuning or yellowish turmeric-based broth fish soup.

resep palumara makasar ikan kakap ulu juku

Resep Palumara Ulu Juku Khas Makassar dan Palu

This spicy red snapper fish basic  broth seasoning was chilli, garlic and shallot.  Asam jawa (tamarind) paste and sometimes belimbing wuluh (bilimbi) or asam potong (garcinia) added to give a tangy or sour after taste. Kunyit (turmeric) root and leaves is one of the most important ingredients for palumara broth,it gives vivid yellow color and nice scent to melt down the fishy after taste from the broth. Since palumara fish soup recipe is not contain any coconut milk like Gulai Ikan (Indonesian Fish Curry) and Woku Ikan Belanga Khas Manado (Manadonese Spicy Fish Curry Soup).The creamy flavour of palumara ulu juku is purely derived from grounded kemiri (candle nut). You can sautee the spice paste before adding the water if you like, but eversince i concern about my weight issue, i prefer not using any oil within this recipe. That’s why all the ingredientswithin this recipe  is simply boiled.

resep palumara ulu juku palu kepala ikan kakap kuah kuning

Resep Palumara Ulu Juku (Sup Kepala Ikan Kakap Kuah Kuning)

Resep palumara usually using ikan kakap (red snapper), but ikan bandeng (milk fish), ikan ekor kuning (yellowtail) and also ikan kerapu (grouper) is commonly used too. Palumara ulu juku using a rather a large fish head, the caltilagous bone and also soft tissues in the head that slowly simmered in the spicy broth released it’s collagen  and made a rich and naturally savoury broth. This made palumara ulu juku fish soup is special, just perfect to serve in a rainy days from october to march in Indonesia.

spicy red snapper fish head soup recipe tomato chilli lime lemongrass palumara ulu juku

Spicy Red Snapper Fish Head Soup Recipe with Tomato, Chilli, Tamrind, Lemongrass and Turmeric-based Seasoning (Palumara Ulu Juku)

Fish Soup recipe palumara ulu juku sup kelapa kakap

Resep Sup Kepala Ikan Kakap Merah Kuah Kuning (Palumara Ulu Juku)

Palumara ulu juku or spicy red snapper fish soup is a very healthy, refreshing, low in calories but contain essestial protein and amino acid and the most important thing it’s  tasty. Light broth fish soup with many herbs and spice infussion is an Indonesian signture. My asian descent taste buds like almost anyting as long it’s tasty, spicy and preferly hot. Note that tangy or sour is mostly pleasant flavour for any seafood too, including this fish soup.

Resep Palumara Ulu Juku :

(Spicy Red Snapper Fish Soup Recipe with Tomato, Chilli, Tamrind, Lemongrass and Turmeric-based Seasoning)


  • 1 kg whole red snapper fish/or the head (ikan  kakap merah), cut into pieces
  • 2 tbsp lime juice  (air jeruk nipis) for marinade the fish
  • 6 shallots (bawang merah), thinly slice
  • 6 cloves garlic (bawang putih)
  • 2 tomato (tomat), diced
  • 6 red cayenne chilli pepper (cabe merah), crosswisely sliced
  • 3 green cayenne chilli pepper (cabe hijau), crosswisely sliced
  • 1 tbsp tamarind paste (asam jawa)
  • 1 bilimbi (belimbing wuluh), crosswisely sliced
  • 1 turmeric leaf (daun kunyit), tide up or thinly slice
  • salt, sugar, white pepper to taste
  • 2 L water (air)

Bumbu Palumara (Spice paste):

  • 3 shallots (bawang merah)
  • 2  cloves garlic (bawang putih)
  • 2 lemongrass, only using the soft white inner part (sereh)
  • 3 cm turmeric (kunyit)
  • 2 cm ginger (jahe)
  • 3 candle nuts (kemiri)


  • Season red snapper fish with salt and lime juice, let it marinade 30 minutes on fridge, set aside, drained
  • Bring  the spice paste, water  and all the rest of the ingredients (instead the fish) to boil
  • Once the mixture is boiling, add the red snapper fish, bring it to boil again, season with salt, saugar and white peppercorn
  • Simmer and let the broth thicken for about 10-15 minutes
  • Served with daun kemangi (lemon basil leaves)

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