Poor’s Man Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup (Shark Fin Soup/Buddha’s Delight) ala Dentist Chef

buddha jump over the wall soup chinese new year recipe

Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup Recipe

Resep Sup Hisit Buddha Jump Over The Wall/ Buddha Delight

budda jump mover the wall soup recipe buddha delight homemade

Buddha’s Delight or Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, or fó tiào qiáng, is a variety of shark fin soup in Cantonese and Fujian cuisine.Since its creation during the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912),the dish has been regarded as a Chinese delicacy known for its rich taste, usage of various high-quality ingredients and special manner of cooking. The dish’s name is an allusion to the dish’s ability to entice the vegetarian monks from their temples to partake in the meat-based dish.It is high in protein and calcium.

resep sup hisit sirip hiu buddha jump over the wall

Recipe Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup

There are many stories on the origin of the dish. A common one is about a scholar traveling by foot during the Qing Dynasty. While he traveled with his friends, the scholar preserved all his food for the journey in a clay jar used for holding wine. Whenever he had a meal, he warmed up the jar with the ingredients over an open fire. Once they arrived in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, the scholar started cooking the dish. The smells spread over to a nearby Buddhist monastery where monks were meditating. Although monks are not allowed to eat meat, one of the monks, tempted, jumped over the wall. A poet among the travelers said that even Buddha would jump the wall to eat the delicious dish.

The soup or stew consists of many ingredients, especially animal products, and requires one to two full days to prepare.A typical recipe requires many ingredients including quail eggs, bamboo shoots, scallops, sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, chicken, Jinhua ham, pork tendon, ginseng, mushrooms, and taro. Some recipes require up to thirty main ingredients and twelve condiments.Use of shark fin, which is sometimes harvested by shark finning, and abalone, which is implicated in destructive fishing practices, are controversial for both environmental and ethical reasons.


resep sum sirip hiu hisit enak mudah

Basic ingredient !

shark fin hisit sirip iksn hiu

Artificial Shark Fin/ Hisit/ Sirip ikan hiu

marble goby fish fillet

marble goby fisf fillet/ daging ikan malas/betutu

fish maw hipio perut ikan resep

Fish Maw/ Hipio/ Perut ikan

sea cucumber haisom resep sapo

sea cucumber/haisom/ timun laut/gamat

ginkgo biloba nuts recipe

Ginkgo biloba nuts/ Kacang ginkgo biloba

lotus root akar umbi teratai resep

Lotus root /akar teratai

chinese mushroom jamur shitake resep

Chinese mushroom/ Jamur shitake


  1. Heat up 2 tbsp oil in a big sauce pan, saute 2 tbsp chopped garlic and 2 tbsp ginger until fragrance.
  2. Add all ingredient except marble goby fillet,add whole bulb garlic, saute another 5 minutes
  3. Add 2 tbsp oyster sauce, 2 tbsp mushroom sauce, 1tsp sweet soy sauce and 3 cups water, bring to boil
  4. Simmmer for couples hour until the sauce thicken by the collagen, nearly done, add marble goby filllet and 1 tbsp sesame oil
  5. Serve with steaming hot rice

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Resep risotto sapi masak bir a.k.a beef and beer risotto ala Dentist Chef

resep risotto

Risotto adalah masakan khas Milan, Italia. Risotto adalah hidangan nasi yang ditanak dengan minuman yang beralkohol dan biasanya ditambahkan dengan daging ataupun seafood.
Tapi biar unik, aku masukkan risotto dalam paprika dan dipanggang sebentar baru kemudian disajikan.
Ya sud…..
Mari membuat risotto!
150 gr beras pulen, cuci bersih dan tiriskan
1,5 cup bir
100 gr daging silver side/gandik, potong dadu
1 sdm minyak biji anggur
3 siung bawang putih, cincang halus
1 sdm bawang bombay cincang
2 cabe rawit
1 sdt garam
1 sdt lada
1 sdt garam
1 buah paprika berukuran besar, potong atasnya, buang bijinya
1 lembar alumunium foil
Cara membuat :
Dalam panci penanak nasi, masukkan minyak biji matahari, tumis bawang putih sampai harum
Masukkan bawang bombay dan daging sapi, tumis sampai berubah warna, masukkan bumbu2
Masukkan beras, tumis sebentar, lalu tambahkan bir, aduk sebentar dan tunggu sampai medidih
Tutup dan masak sampai 3/4 matang dan air habis
Masukkan nasi kedalam paprika
Olesi aluminium foil dengan sedikit minyak, bungkus paprika dan panggang dengan api atas bersuhu 180 derajat selama 10 menit
keluarkan dari oven, buka alumunium foilnya dan sajikan segera……

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