Seared Scallops in Herbs Brown Butter with Balsamic Vinegar and Mushroom Soy Sauce Reduction

seared hokkaido scallops balsamic reduction mushrooms soy sauce pan fried scallops

Seared Hokkaido scallops recipe in herbs infused brown butter, then served with balsamic reduction that mixed with mushrooms infused light soy sauce. The scallops outside is charred and crusted with remaining tender and moist meat inside, the natural sweetness of Hokkaido scallops  meat packed with nutty and fragrant herbs brown butter. The balsamic vinegar and mushrooms infused soy sauce reduction got a salty, sweet, tangy and mushroom umami flavour. Damn delicious fusion scallops dish!!!

seared scallops hokkaido balsamic reduction brown butter mushrooms soy sauce

Pan seared scallops with perfectly golden brown charred and crunchy outside, bounchy and juicy meat inside will tickle your taste buds. Make sure you’ve got a “dry scallop” instead the ”wet scallop” for this recipe. Scallops which threated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP)  called “wet scallop” while the “dry scallops” didn’t.  STPP causes the scallops to absorb moisture prior to the freezing process, thereby getting a better price per unit of weight. It’s easy to diffrenciate the “dry” and “wet” scallop, “dry scallop” is usually got whitish creamy translucent color, while the “wet scallop” is usually got whitish opaque  color. Fresh scallops suit for every recipe, you can make Steamed Scallops with Garlic and Ginger Recipe, Steamed Sea Scallop with Black Bean Sauce and Served with Rice Glass Vermicelli, Roasted Garlic Pasta Spaghetti with Pan Seared Baby Scallop Recipe, or  Baked Scallop with melted Cheese And Herbs (Scallop Morney) Recipe.

hokkaido scallops recipe how to seared scllops with brown butter perfect crustI’m using a Japanese Hokkaido scallops for this seared scallops recipe, the most popular pricey gourmet scallops from Hokkaido Island  in northen Japan. The Hokkaido scallops is tender, sweet, and less stringy compare to USA scallops or Callo de Hatcha scallops that i dehydrated and use for making Chinese Dried Scallops or Conpoy Rice Porridge Recipe.  I’m buying vaccum packed Hokkaido scallops with sashimi grade, which is ideal too for making scallops sashimi (raw sliced scallops). There are approximately 15 of these Japanese scallops in a 500 grams package, these Hokkaido scallops are the bigggest scallops i ever seen. I thawed the frozen scallops by put  the package in fridge overnight asthe package instruction. Raw Hokkaido scallops got white creamy beige or light blonde color and all the scallops meats color become white when cooked.

seared scallops recipe balsamic reduction sauce mushrooms sauce recipe pan fried hokkaido scal;ops

Pan seared scallops with brown butter and herbs in this recipe got all savoury goodneess. The herbs infused brown butter for searing the Hokkaido scallops got nutty aromas with herbs burst of refreshing flavour. I love brown butter, no one could ever regret the brown butter in any dish, especially when it’s using for cooking seafood like my recently Roasted Spinny Lobster with Garlic Brown Butter Recipe. Making brown butter is a little bit tricky, you should know that brown butter made from regular butter that heated until the butter’s milk content solidified and browned, a little longer cooking made the brown butter turn into black burn butter.  To making the herbs brown butter, cut up the butter into pieces and place in a heavy bottom skillet. Melt the butter on medium low heat and swirl it goodly, allow the butter to foam up and recede. Watch carefully. After a few minutes, the milk solids will form and sink to the bottom. Once the milk solids begin to turn brown caramel-colored, the butter will have a lovely nutty aroma and then you need to add herbs and olive oil to slow the cooking process a little bit and prevent the brown butter got burn.  Add your patted dry Hokkaido to herbs brown  butter sauce.  To perfectly seared the scallops,  do not overfilled the skillet to let some space beetween the scallops to let the steam escape. Flip the scallops once after the bottom side of the Hokkaido scallops turn brown and crusty, then let the other side browned too. You want the inside of your seared Hokkaido scallops medium rare when you remove it from the pan, the remaining heat continue to cooking it untill medium done.

seared scallops with balsamic vinegar reduction mushrooms soy sauce recipe

I served my seared Hokkaido scallops with herbs brown butter with balsamic reduction sauce, but not a  regular balsamic reduction. I add infused the balsamic reduction with flavour of caramelized onion and deglazed with mushooms light soy sauce. I found  a small bottle of ready to use mushrooms infused light soy sauce for steaming fish in chinese grogeries. To made balsamic and mushrooms soy sauce reduction add a tablespoon of oil in a sauce pan, sautee chopped onion until caramelized, then pour a half cup of balsamic vinegar and a half cup of mushrooms infused soy sauce, bring it to boil over medium heat then add half teaspoonfull of sugar.. Once the sauce boil, turn down the heat so that boil reduces to a simmer. Stir occasionally and allow to simmer until the vinegar and the soy sauce has reduced by at least half (thin consistency reduction) or more (thick syrupy consistency). Never increase the heat to fasten the reduction process, unless you want to be left with a stiff, hardened candy mess. I like my balsamic reduction very thin, so i can mix it with the remaining herbs brown butter for searing the Hokkaido scallops.

scallops recipe pan seared balsamic reduction sauce with mushrooms soy sauce brown butter

 Seared Scallop with Herb Brown Butter Recipe :

  • 500 gr scallops (about 15 scallops)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 stick butter (125 gr), cut itu cubed
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped mix fresh herbs (rosemarry, thyme, parsley and sage)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

How to Perfectly Pan Seared Scallops:

  • Drain the scallops from the remaining dripping using kitchen towel
  • Season the scallops with salt and pepper evenly

how to perfectly seared scallops brown crust outside soft juicy inside scallop recipe brown butter scallops

  • Heat up the skillet  and swirl the butter to coating it well, allow the butter to foam up and recede
  • Watch carefully, after a few minutes, the milk solids will form and sink to the bottom.
  • Once the milk solids begin to turn brown caramel-colored, the butter will have a lovely nutty aroma and then you need to add herbs and olive oil to slow the cooking process a little bit and prevent the brown butter got burn
  • Put the scallop, do not overfilled it or you’re scallops would be steamed rather than seared
  • Once the bottom turn intu crusted golden brown, flip and wait until the other side got charred too
  • Wrap the seared Hokkaido scallops with herbs brown butter in alumunium foil to keep it warm before serving it with Balsamic vinegar and mushrooms soy sauce reduction

Balsamic Vineger and Mushrooms Soy Sauce  Reduction Recipe:

  • 1 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 cup mushrooms soy sauce (or 1 cup regular light soy sauce plus 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/4 onion, finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

How to make Balsamic Reduction Infused with Mushrooms Soy Sauce:

  1. Heat up the olive oil in heavy bottom sauce pan over medium high heat
  2. Sautee the onion (and mushroms if using fresh mushrooms) until brown and perfectly caramelized
  3. Pour the balsamic vinegar  and the mushrooms soy sauce, bring it boil without reducing the heat on the stove.
  4. Once it boil, turn down the heat so that boil reduces to a simmer. Stir occasionally and allow to simmer until the vinegar has reduced by at least half,
  5. Served the balsamic vinegar reduction with the seared Hokkaido scallops with herbs brown buttter.
  6. I like to mixed the remaining herbs brown butter with the balsamic reduction before serving it with the seared Hokkaido scallops

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Steamed Sea Scallop with Black Bean Sauce and Served with Rice Glass Vermicelli/Bihoon Recipe

Resep Kerang Kukus Masak Tausi & Bihun Beras

scallop steamed scallop blackbean tausi sauce glass noodle vermicelli recipe

Steamed Sea Scallop with Black Bean Sauce and Served with Rice Glass Vermicelli/Bihoon

Steamed Sea Scallop with Black Bean Sauce and Served with Rice Glass Vermicelli/Bihoon is a popular preparation for scallop in chinese cuisine. Scallop is a marine bivalve mollusk, the scallop itself is refers to the white abductor muscle of it.  Many scallops are highly prized as a food source. Beehon or bihun (Bahasa) is a small round and translucent noodle made of rice. The beehon is used within this steamed scallop recipe to absorb the scallop dripping while steaming process to infused the natural juice into it.

recipe sea scallop steam blackbean sauce how cook sea scallop

Recipe Steamed Sea Scallop with Tausi or Fermented Black Bean and Beehoon/ Glass Vermicelli

Steamed Sea Scallop with Black Bean Sauce is really simple and easy to replicate at home. It’s preferred to use the live scallop for this recipe, you can shuck the scallop and discard the yellowish intenal organ, but you can use the fresh scallop too. First you choose the ‘dry scallop”, dry scallops is  scallop without any additives, while scallops that are treated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) are called “wet scallop”. STPP causes the scallops to absorb moisture prior to the freezing process, thereby getting a better price per unit of weight. It’s easy to diffrenciate dry and wet scallop, the dry scallop is usually got whitish creamy translucent, while the wet scallop is usually got white opaque  color.

steamed sea scallop black bean how to steaming sea scallop chinese style glass noodle

Recipe Steamed Sea Scallop with Black Bean Sauce and Served with Rice Glass Vermicelli/ Bihoon Recipe

The ingredients of black bean sauce for steaming sea scallop is similiar to my Steamed Crab or Steamed Tiger Grouper Fish with Tofu. Basic ingredients for plack bean sauce is  fermented black beans paste, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, ginger, salt and pepper use for the sauce.  Chopped chili added to give a nice hot kicking flavour, besides, you can improved the black bean paste with dried shrimp, dried scallop and other savoury and umami dried seafood ingredients to enrich the flavour. Watch over the saltiness level of the black bean paste since it could be very salty and it’s not necessary to add any salt anymore. This black bean recipe is suits as a dressing  for eeg, tofu, rice porridge or even aubergines. Black bean sauce is actually made of salted and fermented black bean called doucitausi or tauco hitam in Bahasa. Black bean paste is ready to use, it’s available in a glass jar on most asian groceries in your town. My favourite  fermented black bean paste is Lee Kum Kee Brand

 Perfecly cooked steamed sea scallop texture is superb, a combination of  bounchy, crunchy and yet easy to chew. The natural juice is come out and it’s taste superior. Make sure you use the dry scallop for steaming, the wet scallop will be ruined the whole dish with totally chewy and rubbery scallop and  the juice is tasteless. Trust me, since i had to try that.

Recipe Steamed Sea Scallop with Black Bean Sauce and Rice Vermicelli:

Ingredient :

  • 200 gr scallop, cleaned throughly, drizzle with a little of lime juice, drained
  • 100 gr rice glass noodle boil until cooked through, drained.
  • 2 tsp of fermented black beans sauce/ tausi, i use Lee Kum Kee Brand
  • 2 shallots, finely chopped
  • 2 lemongrass, thinly sliced
  • a pinch of finely chopped szechuan peppercorn
  • 3 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 2 cm ginger, chopped
  • 1/4 tbs of rock sugar
  • 2 tbs of premium light soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp of sesame oil
  • 1/3 cup of chinese cooking wine
  • 1/2 tsp chopped red chillies for serving
  • 1/2 tsp chopped garlic chieves fpr serving
  • 1/2 tsp

Instruction :

  • Mix blackbean sauce, lemongrass, szechuan peppercorn, garlic,ginger, rock sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine in a glass bowl
  • Put the scallop in a heatproof pyrex bowl, drizzle the seasoning mixture.
  • marinade about 10 minutes, meanwhile set your steamer in a highest flame as possible.
  • Put the marinated scallop in the steamer, steam about 5-7 minutes, Do Not Overcooked It!
  • Put the steamed scallop over the rice glass vermicelli, pour the broth and springkle with chopped red chilli and garlic chieves

Tips :

  • Use the dry scallop only !
  • It’s better check the donnest of the scallop every 2 minutes to prevent overcooked

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Resep Scallop Panggang Saus Paprika / Grilled Scallop with Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce ala Dentist Chef

Resep Scallop Panggang Saus Paprika / Grilled Scallop with Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce ala Dentist Chef

Scallop atau kerang kampak adalah salah satu seafood kegemaranku. Dagingnya yang gurih dengan tekstur yang lembut mungkin salah satu alasan kenapa kerang ini berharga mahal karena digemari oleh masyarakat. Tapi entah kenapa, kerang ini jarang disajikan di resto seafood pada umumnya ??? Tapi scallop lebih sering disajikan di resto masakan western. Biasanya scallop di grill dengan garlic butter dan disajikan dengan saus pendamping. Kebetulan Kemarin ada scallop ukuran besar di Diamond Supermarket, aku beli 270 gr untuk 11 buah scallop berukuran lumayan besar.
Bahan :
250 gr scallop, cuci bersih, lumuri 1 sdm air lemon, 2 siung bawang putih yang dihaluskan, 1/2 sdt rosemarry dan lada secukupnya, diamkan 15 menit
2 siung bawang putih, cincang kasar
1/4 bawang bombay
1 buah paprika merah besar, belah dua, buang biji
50 ml white/red wine (diganti sprite jg boleh)
1/4 sdt lada hitam
2 sdt butter
Garam, gula, dan kaldu secukupnya
Cara Membuat :
# panggang paprika layu dan kulitnya sedikit gosong, kupas kulitnya, sisihkan
# panaskan 1 sdt minyak zaitun, tumis bawang putih dan bawang bombay sampai layu
# blender tumisan bawang, paprika dan lada hitam sampai benar2 halus, bumbui dengan garan dan gula secukupnya
# kembalikan kedalam sauce pan, tambahkan white wine , masak dengan api kecil sampai sedikit mengental
# lap dan keringkan kerang scallop dengan tissu, taburi garam secukupnya dan taburi tipis dengan sedikit tepung terigu
# panaskan grill pan, masukkan butter sampai meleleh
# grill scallop sampai matang selama 2-3 menit setiap sisi, jangan ditekan2 agar scallop tidak mengering
# angkat dan sajikan dengan saus paprika dan Peas Sprout (don miau)

Grilled Scallop and Pepper Sauce Recipe :
250 gr Scallops
1 Roasted Red Peppers
50 ml Dry White Wine

2 cloves garlic, sauteed

1/4 onion, sauteed
2 Tbsp Butter, melted
Salt, to taste

Black Pepper, freshly ground, to taste
# marinade the scallop with garlic paste, rosemarry and pepper for 15 minutes
# Share In a blender or food processor, mix peppers until smooth.
# Pour into a wide frying pan add the white wine. Boil over high heat, stirring, until
reduced to about 3/4 cup (about 5 minutes).Remove sauce from heat and keep warm.
# Pat dry the Scallop, add some salt and flour
# Brush the grill pan generously with butter
# grill n cook, turning once halfway through
cooking time, until scallops are opaque but still moist in center (about 2 minutes, don’t overcook).
#Pour sauce onto individual plates. Lay grilled scallops in
# Serve with Peas Sprout