Resep Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah Khas Palembang (Three Ways)


Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah

Mie Celor is Palembangnese curried prawn stock based noodle soup that served with hard boiled egg, scallion & sambal. Mie means noodle while celor means poached; so the egg noodle poached in hot water before dumped in a bowl and poured with the soup.


Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah, lengap dengan Kepiting, Kerang Bambu, Keong Macan, Telur Setengah Matang dan Bakmi Mewah DAGING AYAM ASLI

The broth for serving the mie celor is tick, gooey and made out of a curried prawn based stock with coconut milk and thicken with rice flout, some community also add some prawn or crab meat into the broth.


Mie Celor Palembang ala Bakmi Mewah with Lobster, Crab, Bamboo Clams, Sea Snail, Soft Boiled Egg & BAKMI MEWAH REAL CHICKEN MEAT

Mie Celor adalah hidangan mi yang disajikan dalam campuran kuah santan dan kaldu ebi (udang kering), dicampurkan taoge dan disajikan bersama irisan telur rebus, ditaburi irisan seledri, daun bawang dan bawang goreng.


Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah

Hidangan Mie Celor berasal dari kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia.Mie celor adalah salah satu menu sarapan populer di Palembang. Belum ke Palembang kalau belum mencicipi kuliner mie celor legendaris.


Bakmi Mewah

Bakmi Mewah, first ever premium instant noodle with REAL CHICKEN MEAT & REAL MUSHROOM topping inside. Bakmi Mewah adalah bakmi instant pertama dengan DAGING AYAM ASLI dan JAMUR ASLI sebagai toppingnya, benar-benar MEWAH !!!


Bakmi Mewah

When we open Bakmi Mewah box, there’s a flat style bakmi noodle, chili sauce, sesame & chicken oil, soy sauce and also dried scallion, and the most important THE REAL CHICKEN MEAT; taste really good indeed, REAL CHICKEN FILLET inside. Kemasan Bakmi mewah eksklusif, isinya juga komplit dan benar-benar Mewah untuk bakmi dengan harga terjangkau; ada mie, saus cabe, mintak ayam & nabari, saus cabe, kecap asin dan tentu saja Daging AYAM ASLI tanpa kulit yang sudah matang dan siap disajikan.


Bakmi Mewah Mie Celor Lobster Palembang

So Basicly, Bakmi Mewah is already taste Damn Delicious, then this is how i made Bakmi Mewah even beyond Tabo Nian; Mie Celor, traditionally from South Sumatra and this is really outstanding Indonesian dich with pretty much gonna be love by everyone. Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah recipe for Indonesian Food Blogger  Kreasi Bakmi Mewah Challange submission. So i made Mie Celor with Lobster & Seafoods in three ways, the authentic basic Mie Celor, the Cheesy Ifumie Mie Celor & The Cheesy Pizza Mie Celor

Kereasi Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah dengan 3 bentuk;  Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah Otentik, Ifumi Keju Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah dan Pizza Keju Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah


Basic Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah


Ifumie Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah


Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah Cheesy Pizza

Mie Celor Recipe

Resep dan Cara Membuat Mie Celor Palembang


  • 4 packs of Bakmi Mewah
  • 2 medium size lobster (about 300 gr/each)
  • 2 medium size crab (about 300 gr/each)
  • 200 gr bamboo clams
  • 200 gr tiger sea snail
  • 1/2 lemon juice

Broth :

  • 100 ml coconut milk
  • 1500 ml water
  • 2 tbsp rice flour, diluted with 1 tbsp water
  • ¼ tsp white pepper (sendok teh lada bubuk)
  • salt & sugar as needed
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil

Spice paste:

  • 6 shallots (butir bawang merah)
  • 3 cloves garlic (siung bawang putih)


  • soft boiled egg (boiled for about 5-6 minutes)

How to Make Mie Celor:

A. Making The Broth

  • Add the lemon juice to the lobster, crab, clams and sea snail, let it sit for about 5 minutes then rinse it with running clean water, set aside
  • Bring the water to boil, add the head of the lobster and let it boil until the lobster head color completely turned into red
  • Poached the lobster tail for about 3 minutes or so until it 3/4 cooked, set aside
  • Poached the crab for about 5-7 minutes or so until it 3/4 cooked, set aside
  • Poached the bamboo clams for about 2-3 minutes or so until it 3/4 cooked, set aside
  • Poached the sea snail for about 3-5 minutes or so until it 3/4 cooked, set aside
  • Sieve any foam that forming up above the broth surface, set aside
  • Meanwhile, heat up the oil in another saute pan, add the spice paste and saute it until fragrance
  • Pur the sauteed spice paste into the broth, add the Bakmi Mewah Real Chicken meat into the broth
  • Add the bakmi mewah Soy Sauce & Dried Scallion, add the white pepper, add more salt and sugar as needed
  • Add the coconut milk & thicken the broth with the diluted rice flour, set aside

B. Preparing The Noodle

  • Cook the Bakmi Mewah noodle as the package instruction, set aside
  • Toss the Bakmi Mewah oil to prefvent the noodle sticking to each other

C How To Assamble Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah


Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah

1. Basic Palembang Style  Bakmi Mewah Mie Celor;

  1. Put the noodle, lobster tail, crab, clams & sea snail in a large sieving laddle, poached it in the broth and put it in the serving bowl
  2. Add the boiling hot broth, the soft boiled egg, scallion & fried shallots
  3.  Add some Bakmi mewah Chili Sambal if you like

Cheese Stuffed Ifumie Mie Celor Lobster bakmi Mewah

2. Ifumie Keju Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah

Extra Ingredients: 50 gr mozarella cheese, cut into 2x2x2 cm cube and 1 tbsp all purpose flour, diluted in 2 tbsp water, pan fried quail egg


Ifumie Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah

How To Make Cheesy Ifumie Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah;

  1. Get one pack boiled Bakmi Mewah noodle, grab about a nice quarter of a handful of noodle and then wrapped around the cheese
  2. Pour a little bit of diluted flour that act as the glue for the noodle to let it not puffed too much
  3. Deep Fried the cheese stuffed noodle
  4. Pat dry the noodle then served it with the Seafoods, the broth & the pan fried quail egg

Pizza Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah

Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah Cheesy Pizza

3. Pizza Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah

Extra Ingredients: 100 gr mozarella cheese, 1 beaten egg, pan fried quail egg, Bakmi Mewah Chili Sauce 7 tomato sauce or ketchup

How To Make Pizza Mie Celor Bakmi Mewah;

  • Get one pack boiled Bakmi Mewah noodle,mix with beaten egg, about 50 ml Mie Celor broth, add some scallion,  salt & white peppercorn to taste
  • Pan Fried or oven baked the base of the noodle mixture until it slightly browned
  • Spread some chili sauce & tomato sauce all over the noodle pizza base, add pan fried quail egg, Bakmi Mewah REAL CHICKEN MEAT topping, put the mozarella cheese over it
  • Broil until the cheese browned and melte


    Pizza Mie Celor Lobster Bakmi Mewah


Recipe Perfect Beef Wellington or Boeuf en Croute ( Puff Pastry Wrapped Beef Tenderloin with Morel-Black Chanterelle & Porcini-Shiitake Mushroom Duxelle, Prosciutto & Foie Gras Stuffing)

beef wellington puff pastry wrapped beef tenderloin stuffed mushrooms foie gras spinach prosciutto boeuf en croute

Beef Wellington a.k.a Boeuf en Croute

Beef Wellington, a very luxurious dish made of beef tenderloin that wrapped in puff pastry, in between the meat and the pastry there’s a layer of foie gras or goose liver, duxelle or sauteed chopped mushrooms ragout and thinly sliced of prosciutto. Perfectly cooked beef Wellington is beyond scrumptious, a next level of taste.

beef wellington recipe homemade puff pastry beef tenderloin mushrooms prosciutto liver pate foie gras spinach boeuf en croute

beef wellington recipe puff pastry prosciutto foie gras porcini mushrooms black chanterelle mushrooms

Beef Wellington Anatomy; Puff Pastry, Spinach Leaves, Prosciutto, Mushrooms Duxelle, Foie Gras & Dry Aged Beef Tenderloin

Beef Wellington is DAMN DELICIOUS, no question about it; the puff pastry that wrapping the beef tenderloin is crispy, light and buttery with eye catching golden brown color. When you cut open through out the beef wellington parcel, all the goodness will revealed; the beef filet, mushrooms duxelles, and prosciutto. If you lucky enough the buttery foie gras is not completely melted and you can dig and taste each of the elements.

beef wellington porcini mushrooms duxelle porcini morelBeef wellington usually made of a whole beef tenderloin, then sliced  into individual portion just before serving,  but in a restaurant style preparation, the beef tenderloin may be sliced into individual portions prior to wrapping and baking and then cut into half once served in a plate.

beef wellington medium rare pink color tenderloin spinach mushrooms prosciuttoThe origin of the name is unclear, with no definite connection to Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.There is a mention of “fillet of beef, a la Wellington” in The Los Angeles Times of 1903, but the first occurrence of the dish itself is in the Oxford English Dictionary which cites a 1939 New York food guide with “Tenderloin of Beef Wellington” which is cooked, left to cool and rolled in a pie crust.

boeuf en croute beef wellingto puff pastry stuffed mushrooms foie gras prosciutto

Beouf en Croute a.k.a Beef Wellington

Leah Hyslop, writing in The Telegraph, observes that by the time Wellington became famous, meat baked in pastry was a well-established part of English cuisine, and that the dish’s similarity to the French filet de bœuf en croûte (fillet of beef in pastry) might imply that “Beef Wellington” was a “timely patriotic rebranding of a trendy continental dish”.However, she cautions, there are no 19th century recipes for the dish.


Beef Wellington Puff Pastry Wrapped Beef Tenderloin Filet Mushrooms Prosciutto Foie gras boeuen croute chanterelle porcini cepes

Here Few Tips, Tricks and Element For Ultimately Perfect Beef Wellington:

dry aged beef tenderloin wellington filet mignon puff pastry mushrooms

A. The Beef  Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin is the highlight of the beef welington or boeuf en Croute. Beef tenderloin is must be tender and delicious, no matter what kind of cattle breed you use for the recipe. Tenderloin is not used for any movement or even support the weight by the catte itself, hence the marbling fat ratio within the musscle in the beef tenderloin is low, even in A5 Kobe, Matsusaka or the  best US Black Angus with 12 BMS. Tenderloin is also rather bland compare to the other beef cut, so it’s ery crucial to improved the flavour with seasoning or consentrated the beef flavour with DRY AGING BEEF TENDERLOIN.

Recipe Beef Wellington Puff Pastry Tenderloin Stuffed Mushrooms Foie Gras Spinach Prosciutto Dry Aged Beef Filet en croute boeuf

I’m using 14 days dry aged whole beef tenderloin that i hung to dry undisturbed in my fridge.  My previously Dry Aging Beef Tenderloin in The Home Refrigerator recipe takes 14 days to change a relatively cheap local beef tenderloin into a prime steak house quality tenderloin steak taste a like. Commercially dry beef aging is the whole cut of beef placed in a controlling enviroment in 1– 4°C (33 – 39°F) temperature, and 80–85% relative humidity and some air velocity. The principal of this home refrigerator dry aging whole beef tenderloin is to let some moistures evaporated from the meat to  consentrated the flavour without completely drying it off and let the microbial organism and natural enzyms works jut enought to break down the meat collagen and tenderize the beef  without further rotten it.

beef wellington crispy puffpastry beef tenderloin mushrooms prosciutto foie gras Boeuf en croute

Using dry aged beef tenderloin also good for the sake of the moisture in the beef wellington filling because some of the moisture within the beef tenderloin is gone while the dry aging. Fresh beef tenderloin is contain too much moisture which is tend to be leaked out when cooked and steamed the filling, this ain’t good for sure.Too much moisture in the filling of beef wellington made the parcel soggy & wet.

beef wellington boeuf en croute boeuf

B. The Mushrooms Duxelles

Mushrooms duxelle is a sauteed finely chopped (minced) mixture of mushrooms butter and other ingredients like or  onions, shallots, garlic and herbs. Mushrooms duxelle or sometimes called mushrooms ragout is slowly cooked until completely wilted and most of the moisture evaporated then reduced to a paste (sometimes cream is used, as well). Mushrooms duxelle is a used as stuffings for savoury pastry, chicken or fish.

I’m making 2 kind of mushrooms duxelle; the dark mushrooms duxelle made of a mixture of black chanterele or black trumpet mushrooms (trompette de la mort) and some caps of morel mushrooms; the brownish mushrooms duxelle is made of porcini or penny bun mushrooms (cepes), wild oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.

duck foie gras beef wellington stuffing liver boeuf en croute

C. The Foie Gras.

Beef Wellington traditionally using a liver pate, but how about we using the real pieces of fresh foie gras ? i guess fresh foie gras is be a better option than liver pate.  I’m using  a few ounces of sliced foie gras  that vacuum packed for individual portion. The fresh foie gras sliced thinly and then adeed to cover the upper part of the beef tenderloin to upgrade the beef wellington filling.  Once the Boeuf en Croute parcel baked in the oven,the foie fat slowly renders, basting the beef in its juices so that when you slice into the finished beef wellington to give extra creamy flavour.

violino di capra goat prosciutto homemade dry curing ham mutton lamb leg whole hind smoked hung to dry

prosciutto di capra goat ham dry cured whole mutton goat lamb leg homemade charcuterie

D.The Prosciutto

Beef Wellington usually using thinly sliced pork prosciutto, but today i’m using my Homemade Goat Prosciutto Violino di Capra. The goat prosciutto made of very young mutton, so it’s taste mild and sweet without overpowering gamey aromas. The prosciutto gives a nice rich salty flavour into the beef wellington stuffing and the fat on it also rendered once baked and it help to retain the moisture inside the puff pastry parcel.

beef wellington gravy brown sauce boeuf encroute porcini mushrooms chanterelle prosciutto foie gras

E. The Puff Pastry

I made my own puff pastry for this beef wellington using this Homemade Puff Pastry. Actually this is my first trial of making puff pastry myself, the result is not that bad and i find it’s not that hard to made. If you will,  there are some excellent frozen puff pastry brands on the market that made your life easier, my favourite puff pastry brand is Edo and actually it’s the most popular puff pastry here in Indonesia.

Homemade Beef Wellington Puff Pastry Tendeloin mushrooms foie gras prosciutto spinach

F. Spinach, The Moisture Barrier for Beef Wellington

Beef wellington is really nice if the natural juices from all the filling and the beef tenderloin retained inside the filling. In the other hand, as the parcel baked too much moisture will steam the beef tenderloin and become another problem. Traditionally, beef tenderloin and the mushrooms duxelle wrapped in crepe pancake before wrapped in puff pastry, but i think it’s a terrible idea because the parcell turned soggy once it absorbed the juices. The other suggest a fillo pastry dough, nope! it’s just as terrible as the crepe because it’s too thin and can’t handle the moisture that leaked out. Using dry aged beef tenderloin is also really good because the concentrated juices that leaked out is not as much as the fresh beef tenderloin because the natural moisture evaporated due the dry aging process.

The sollution of Moisture barrier that good enought to prevent the juices leaking out and also absorbed the excess moisture to prevent the fillling steaming the beef tenderloin: SPINACH LEAVES. Wide whole spinach leaves that already sauteed and patted dry layered overlapping to each other act as a moisture barrier, because it won’t ever become soggy. You can using other wide edible leaves (at least 10 cm diameter) like amaranth leaves for this recipe, so baby spinach or diced spinach leaves is no good for as a moisture barrier for making beef wellington.

Let’s made the beef wellington!!!

blowtorch seared beef tenderloin dry aged filet mignon making beef wellington porcini mushrooms en croute boeuf

Making the beef wellington started with searing the beef tenderloin. First i generously season the 14 days dry aged beef tenderloin with salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Then i sear the beef tenderloin with blow torch until all surface  browned & perfectly seared. Even this process is scientifically didn’t significantly seal the moisture as people believe, it’s sure made the beef looks and taste nicer once it cooked later. I’m using the highest flame on my blowtorch to let it searing only the outside of the beef tenderloin and prevent it cook the meat inside.

beef tenderloin brushed mustard yellow making beef wellington boeuf en crouteAccording to the most popular beef wellington recipe by Gordon Ramsay, adding mustard to the beef tenderloin is a pretty good idea. Despite his evil bitch tongue, he is F-word right, adding mustard to beef tenderloin give a nice kick; a little bit of heat and spiciness. So i brushed my beef tenderloin with dijon mustard right after i seared it with blowtorch, make sure you did this when the beef is still warm to let the flavour infused better to the beef tenderloin.

making beef wellington jamon iberico puff pastry goat prosciutto spinach leaves en croute boeuf fillet mignonTo final wrapping the beef wellington; lay a double layer of plastic wrap about 2 feet long and 1 food wide on your cutting board. Lay the homemade puff pastry dough on top of plastic wrap. Lay the wide spinach leaves, overlapping to each other until it layered twice  and it can be completely wrapping the beef tenderloin. layer the goat prosciutto on top of spinach (crepe or filo pastry) to create a thin, even, overlapping layer.

beef wellington Boeuf en croute stuffed porcini mushrooms black chanterelle morel muchrooms prosciutto spinach lamb prosciutto

Spread the mushrooms duxelle (each or brown porcini-shiitake mushooms mxture & the dark black chanterele-morel mushrooms mixture) leaving a 2-inch border along the bottom and top of the puff pastry evenly over the prosciutto layer. Place the seared beef tenderloin along the very bottom edge of the prosciutto/mushroom layer.

recipe beef wellington stuffed foie gras porcini mushrooms black chanterelle morel prosciutto spinach leaves puff pastry homemade beef filet mignon boeuf en croute

beef wellington porcini Duxelles mushrooms morel porcini chanterelle boeuf en croute foie gras liver pate

Spread the sliced fresh foie gras evenly over top of tenderloin. Roll the beef wellington parcell carefully roll using the plastic wrap to help tighten it as you roll. Trimm the excess pastry with a sharp knife or fold sides of puff pastry protruding from either end of the beef roll towards the center, then fold the top flaps down. Trimm off the bottom flaps carefully. Once the beef tenderloin  is completely rolled up, re-wrap with more plastic wrap, twisting the ends to make sure roll is very tight. Return the completely wrapped beef wellington parcel to refrigerator.

beef tenderloin wellington puff pastry wrapped filet mignon mushrooms foir gras liver pate prosciuttoJust before oven baked the beef wellingto, it’s necessary to brush the puff pastry with egg yolk wash. You can score the puff pastry a little bit (but NEVER SCORE THROUH ) to improve the looks. You also can make some ornamental garnish from the remaining excess puff pastry .

beef wellington check internal temperature doneness thermometer tenderloin puff pastry parcel Boeuf en crouteBaked the beef wellingto in the oven UNTIL the TENDERLOIN REACH YOUR PREFERENCE DONESS. That’s why a Thermometer gauge it’s a MUST HAVE KITCHEN TOYS, trust me; you won’t ever wanted to ruined your prescious luxurious beef wellington. Oven baked the chilled  beef tenderloin wellington parcel 225°C; it take about  40 and 45 minutes to reach an internal temperature of 45-52°C (rare to medium-rare). Remember that sometimes that period isn’t enought to properly brown the puff pastry parcell, so you need to adjust the temperature, which is precisely how long you need to properly brown your puff pastry.

beef wellingtom recipe homemade puff pastry stuffed tenderloin spinach mushrooms liver pate foie gras prisciutto

Dentist Chef tips to had a perfectly cooked beef wellington with pingkish medium done tenderloin & nice golden brown puff pasry is to adjust the oven planning. Starting by put the beef wellington parcel in the oven center rack and baked it in 225°C preheated oven for 30 minutes until the center of beef tenderloin reach about 38-40°C. Transfer the beef Wellington to the oven top rack then broil with 250°C for another 15-20 minutes (WITH THE OVEN DOOR OPENED) until the puff pastry is golden brown & the beef tenderloin reach medium rare (about 54-55°C).


beef wellington recipe homemade puff pastry beef tenderloin mushrooms prosciutto liver pate foie gras spinach boeuf en croute Always remember to stop the cooking a couple degree before your preference doneness tempetarure because the interna temperature will be raising while the beef welling parcell resting. Carefully slice the beef wellington & served it to your guess, served it with some gravy if you like.

how to make beef wellington Boeuf en croutetenderloin puff pastry stuffed mushrooms foie gras prosciutto morel chanterelle porcini spinach

recipe beef wellington tenderloin filet mignon boeuf en croute spinach mushrooms prosciutto foie gras

Perfect Beef Wellington Recipe:


  • 1, 25 kg center cut 14 days dry aged beef tenderloin (filet mignon), trimmed
  • 400-500 grams ready to use puff pastry
  • 100 grams foie gras
  • 12 wide & large spinach or amaranth leaves, sauteed until wilted & dry
  • 100 grams thin slices prosciutto (Homemade Goat Prosciutto)
  • 1 tbsp dry mix herbs (thyme, rosemarry etc)
  • 2 tablespoons dijon mustard
  • 2 large eggs yolk, beaten
  • salt & pepper to taste

Porcini, Morel, Chanterelle & Shiitake Mushrooms Duxelles Recipe:

  • A. 300 grams mixture of  porcini mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms & wild oyster mushrooms, finely chopped
  • B. 200 grams mixture of black chanterele mushrooms & morel mushrooms, finely chopped
  • 6 red shallots,  finely chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic,finely chopped
  • 2 sprigs fresh thyme, finely chopped
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How to Make Mushrooms Duxelle:

  • Heat 2 tbsp  butter in a fry pan, add half ammount of red shallots & garlic, saute until slightly browned
  • Add the A mushrooms mixture,  saute for 8 to 10 minutes until most of the liquid has evaporated and add thyme then season with salt and pepper and set aside to cool
  • Repeat the step with the B mushrooms mixture in another frying pan

How to Assemble The Beef Wellington Parcel:

  • Season the beef tenderloin with salt & pepper, lightly brush with avocado oil & seared with blowtorch.
  • While the beef tenderloin is still warm, brush the dijon mustard all over the surface, set aside.
  • To final wrapping the beef wellington; lay a double layer of plastic wrap about 60 cmx30 cm wide on your cutting board.
  • Lay the homemade puff pastry dough on top of plastic wrap.
  • Lay the wide spinach leaves, overlapping to each other until it layered twice  and it can be completely wrapping the beef tenderloin.
  • lay the goat prosciutto on top of spinach (crepe or filo pastry) to create a thin, even, overlapping layer
  • Spread the mushrooms duxelle (each or brown porcini-shiitake mushooms mxture & the dark black chanterele-morel mushrooms mixture) leaving a 2-inch border along the bottom and top of the puff pastry evenly over the prosciutto layer.
  • Place the seared beef tenderloin along the very bottom edge of the prosciutto/mushroom layer.
  • Spread the sliced fresh foie gras evenly over top of tenderloin.
  • Roll the beef wellington parcell carefully roll using the plastic wrap to help tighten it as you roll.
  • Trimm the excess pastry with a sharp knife or fold sides of puff pastry protruding from either end of the beef roll towards the center, then fold the top flaps down.
  • Trimm off the bottom flaps carefully.
  • Once the beef tenderloin  is completely rolled up, re-wrap with more plastic wrap, twisting the ends to make sure roll is very tight, return the completely wrapped beef wellington parcel to refrigerator to retain the shape.
  • Carefully score the puff pastry for aesthetic purpose (DO NOT EVER SCORE THROUH )
  • Brush the puff pastry with egg yolk wash
  • Oven baked the beef wellingtonthe oven center rack and baked it in 225°C preheated oven for 30 minutes until the center of beef tenderloin reach about 38-40°C.
  • Transfer the beef wellington to the oven top rack then broil with 250°C for another 15-20 minutes (WITH THE OVEN DOOR OPENED) until the puff pastry is golden brown & the beef tenderloin reach medium rare (about 54-55°C).
  • Let the beef wellington or boeuf en croute rest about 5-10 minutes before sliced & served to the special guess.

Fun Family Trip Ke Danau Ranau plus Tips Travelling Bersama Keluarga Besar ala Dentist Chef

Danau ranau muara dua oku selatan wisata agya blog competition

Ranau Lake with Seminung Mountain Background

Keluarga Dentist Chef berkesempatan berlibur ke Danau Ranau di Provinsi Sumatera Selatan.Akomodasi tercepat mencapai Danau Ranau dari Jakarta adalah menempuh perjalanan udara sampai ke Kota Palembang dan dilanjutkan dengan perjalanan darat selama 9 jam dari Palembang menggunakan mobil travel.

Liburan keluarga Dentist Chef kali ini menggunakan jalur darat, termasuk keluarga kakakku yang tinggal di Jakarta. Titik temu dan tempat beristirahat yang disepakati adalah kediaman orang tua kami di Muara Dua, Oku Selatan yang berjarak kurang lebih 1 jam dari Danau Ranau.

peta sungai lilin muara dua

Sungai Lilin- Muara Dua, 360 KM

 Keluarga kakakku yang pertama adalah pemilik Grand New Avanza mobil MPV keluarga terbaik Indonesia, mereka tinggal di Sungai Lilin dan untuk sampai di titik temu kami di kediaman orang tua kami di Muara Dua makan mereka menempuh perjalanan sejauh 360 Km dengan waktu tempuh 10 jam.

jalan jalan ke muara dua oku selatan

Cililitan, Jakarta-Muara Dua,South Sumatra, 500 KM

Keluarga kakakku yang kedua adalah pengguna mobil keluarga stylish Toyota New Veloz karena mereka diberikan fasilitas mobil dari kantor tempat Abang Iparku bekerja. Mereka menempuh perjalanan yang cukup jauh dari Cililitan, Jakarta ke Muara Dua, perjalanan sejauh lebih dar 500 km ditempuh selama 16 jam.

beda eksterior avanza velozSelama liburan aku memperhatikan bahwa eksterior mobil Avanza sebagai MPV keluarga terbaik di Indonesia dengan banyak fitur tampil lebih elegan dan mewah karena desain front grille menggunakan sentuhan chrome.Veloz sebagai mobil keluarga stylish tidak ketinggalan dengan desain grille baru dilengkapi new projector head lamp halogen serta garnish fog lamp menjadikannya sporty dan eye catchy. Inovasi velg ban Veloz dan Avanza dengan lapisan aloy metal menjadikan keduanya terlihat lebih eksklusif dan berkelas. Desain rear lamp keduanya baru dan terdapat penambahan lens garnish pada  AvanzaRear reflector pada  Veloz membuatnya dapat memantulkan cahaya lebih optimal di malam hari. Rear spoiler dengan desain baru pada keduanya dilengkapi dengan high mount stop lamp.

beda interior grand new avanza dan velozUntuk urusan interior, ruangan kabin  Grand New Veloz dan Avanza  cukup spacious sehingga nyaman dan lega untuk penumpang. Bangku penumpang yang didesain khusus menjadikannya nyaman untuk perjalanan jauh saat berlibur. Panel dashboard berwarna hitam secara keseluruhan pada Veloz mempertegas kesan sporty, sedangkan dashboard panel Avanza berwarna coklat memberikan kesan elegan dan klasik.

beda interior toyota veloz avanza warna mobimeterLampu indikator combimeter pada Avanza berwarna kuning tembaga, sedangkan  pada Grand New Veloz berwarna putih-biru. Keduanya nyaman untuk mata dan mendukung  visibilitas informasi yg tertera .desain baru pawer window, shift knob. Kemudi berlapis kulit ekslusif yang ergonomis untuk mengatur kendaraan dan sistem audio. Pada panel new shift knob design. Kemudi Toyota Veloz terdapat panel pengatur sistem audio, cocok dengan  lifestyle trendy keluarga Indonesia.

 Liburan keluarga berkesan tidak terlepas dari persiapan segala aspek baik tempat tujuan, itinerary, budget dan akomodasi, untuk urusan mobil, selain eksterior dan interior maka anda harus memperhatikan beberapa hal berikut ini sebelum mempersiapkan perjalanan travelling bersama keluarga



Grand New Avanza & Grand New Veloz. Keduanya memiliki performa yang tangguh karena dimotori mesin dual new VVT-i dengan tenaga sebesar 104 hp pada 6000 rpm bertipe bertipe IL dengan 4 Cylinder, 16 V, DOHC, VVT-I yang akan membuat mobil low MPV ini memiliki tenaga hingga sebesar 104 hp pada 6000 rpm dengan torsi maksimal mencapai hingga 137 Nm pada 4400 rpm. Denganperforma kendaraan yang maksimal pasti perjalanan anda menjadi lancar tanpa hambatan. Mobil Toyota Avanza dan Veloz juga sangat irit bahan bakar dan terdapat lampu indikator eco driving yang membuat berkendara menjadi lebih efisien sehingga dapat menghemat biaya perjalanan.
fitur keselamatan toyota avanza dan veloz

2. Keselamatan

Fitur keamanan Grand New Avanza & Veloz sangat diperhatikan oleh Toyota, inovasi terbaru seatbelt dengan pretensioner dan force limiter yang dapat mencegah cidera fatal pada saat terjadi benturan keras.3-point seatbelt pada kursi bagian tengah serta side beam impact pada pintu samping diciptakan untuk menjaga keselamatan penumpang pada kabin dari benturan samping. Pengemudi juga dapat mengetahui apakah penumpang telah menggunakan seatbelt dengan indikator padapanel combimeter. ABS anti Lock Bracking system memberikn proteksi optimal pengontrolan mobil  saat pengereman mendadak.  Bagi anda yang memiliki bayi atau balita maka fitur Isofix yang sesuai standar keselamatan internasional untuk pemasangan kursi anak. Teknologi  Imobilizer, kunci canggih inovasi dari Toyota maka mobil anda aman dari pencurian.


3. Kenyamanan

Fiturkenyamanan berkendara dengan Avanza dan Veloz menjadi salah satu faktor yang diperhatikan Toyota. Kabin Toyota Avanza dan Veloz senyap dari kebisingan jalan raya, sangat penting agar anak-anak dapat beristirahat dan tidak terlalu letih saat sampai di tempat liburan. Suspensi yang nyaman juga menjadi syarat kenyamanan bagi penunpang, dengan penyesuaian suspensi Mac Pherson Strut dan suspensi belakang per koil meningkatkan stabilitas dan kenyamanan saat berkendara. Fitur one touch tumble membuat kursi tengah langsung terlipat saat penumpang ingin mengakses kabin belakang. Kursi penumpang belakang baris ketiga dapat disesuaikan (50-50) folding untuk penumpang atau bagasi  barang juka anda membawa bagasi yang cukup besar. Jangan lupa untuk selalu berikan jeda untuk istirahat setiap 4-6 jam perjalanan  agar anak-anak  tidak merasa bosan dan memberikan waktu relaksasi bagi pengemudi.

new-advanced-audio4 .Hiburan

Sistem entertaintment canggih tersedia pada Toyota Avanza dan Veloz dengan  layar sentuh berukuran 6,1 inchi, dilengkapi pemutar CD, DVD, radio AM/FM, USB & AUX, blootooth & iPod nirkabel siap digunakan untuk membuat perjalanan semakin menyenangkan. Selain lagu dan fil favourit anak, siapkan mainan favourit anak yang ampuh untuk mengatasi rengekan “kapan sampai ?” sepanjang perjalanan.

toyota avanza vacation

Fun Family Trip with Toyota


Enjoying Pretty Long Family Travelling Trip with Toyota Avanza & Veloz

Perjalanan jauh tetap terasa menyenangkan karena mengunakan mobil Toyota Avanza dan Veloz yang mumpuni baik dari segi performa, kenyamanan, keselamatan dan penampilan. Ketika sampai di kediaman orang tua kami di Muara Dua keponakanku yang masih kecil terlihat tetap ceria walaupun baru saja menempung perjalaann yang jauh. Kami beristirahat satu malam dan melanjutkan perjalanan ke Danau Ranau keesokan harinya.

veloz avanzaSejujurnya, sulit untuk memilih antara Avanza dan Veloz karena aku menginginkan keduanya karena memenuhi kriteria mobil keluarga untuk Indonesia. Toyota Veloz lebih garang, sporty, gagah dan sesuai dengan jiwa mudaku, terutama karena adanya konsol pengaturan audio pada setirnya dan aku ingin memilikiknya saat telah berkeluarga dan memiliki rumah tangga sendiri.

muara dua ranau

Muara Dua-Ranau Lake, 68 km


Challanging Small Road with Rocky Hill on One Side & Deep Canyon in the Other Side

Melanjutkan perjalanan dari kediaman mamaku di Muara Dua, kami bersama-sama menempuh perjalanan singkat namun berkelok-kelok menyusuri tepian perbukitan sejauh 56km dengan waktu tempuh 1,5 jam sebelum sampai ke Danau Ranau di Kota Banding Agung. Berkendara dari Muaradua ke Banding Agung akan menempuh jalan dengan jalur yang cukup ekstrim. Jalan yang dilintasi tepat berada di samping jurang dan berada di tepi perbukitan dengan tikungan tajam. Anda harus berhati-hati dan jalanan berukuran sempit serta tanpa pembatas jalan di kedua sisi ini akan menguji keterampilan mengemudi anda.

Setelah perjalanan menegangkan dari Muara Dua, akhirnya kami sampai di Kota Banding Agung, Danau Ranau (Ranau Lake)

gunung semenung danau ranau mountain semenung ranau lake agya blog competition

Ranau Lake with Clear & Calm Water

Danau Ranau adalah danau terbesar  di Sumatera Selatan  yang menjadi tempat wisata yang layak dikunjungi. Danau ini tercipta dari gempa besar dan letusan vulkanik dari gunung berapi yang membuat cekungan besar. Danau Ranau terletak di bawah Gunung Seminung dengan ketinggian puncak 1.880 mdpl.

danau ranau pusri hotel cottage resort agya blog competition

Dentist Chef on PT.Pusri Cattage & Resort


Ranau Lake South Sumatra Volcanic Hot Spring water Indonesia Toyoya Agya Blog Competition

PT.Pusri Cottage in Ranau Lake

Kami tiba di villa milik PT Pusri yang terletak persis di sebelah Danau Ranau. Kami Memilih meninap wisma villa PT.Pusri  yang terletak persis di tepi Danau Ranau. Villa Pusri Danau Ranau menjadi pilihan terbaik karena fasilitasnya cukup memadai, selain itu cukup luas, bersih dan nyaman untuk ditempati.  Udara segar perbukitan dengan suhu yang cukup dingin (16-18 C) membuat anda tidak mebutuhkan pendingin udara, malah  jangan lupa membawa jaket jika ingin berjalan-jalan ketika malam hari karena udaranya ketika malam sangat dingin.

Danau ranau hotel pusri penginapan sumatera selatan ranau lake hotel cottage agya blog competition

Spacious Cottage on Ranau Lake

Villa Wisma PT.Pusri cocok untuk keuarga besar karena tidak ada batasan jumlah pengunjung yang menginap. Rate rata-rata adalah sebesar 300-500 rb per malam. Ada beberapa villa lain di sekitar wisma PT Pusri, jadi jangan takut karena banyak pilihan akomodasi hotel dan penginapan yang lebih terjangkau selain villa PT.Pusri.

dentist chef danau ranau liburan vacation ranau lake agya blog competition

Boat Cruising The Ranau Lake

Untuk berkeliling danau anda dapat menyewa kapal kecil dan menyusuri danau ranau dengan tarif sewa Ro.100-200 rb untuk perjalanan singkat 2-3 jam. Kami menyebrang ke tempat wisata pemandian air panas  yang terletak di seberang wisma villa Pusri dengan biaya sewa Rp.150 rb.   Aku lebih memilih duduk di atas atap kapal selama perjalanan menggunakan kapal karena mendapatkan pemandangan dan semilir angin yang lebih kencang dibanding di dalam kabin kapal.


danau ranau wisata air sumatera selatan agya blog competition

Pulau Marisa

Tepat di tengah danau terdapat pulau yang bernama Pulau Marisa Pulau kecil di tengah Danau Ranau yang tidak berpenghuni ini berukuran sekitar 1/2 hektar ini ditumbuhi tanaman kelapa.

danau ranau pemandian air panas indonesian volcanic spring hot water lake agya blog competition

Ranau Lake Hotspring

Danau Ranau terkenal dengan pemandian air panas hasil fenomena geotermal pada Gunung Seminung yang membuat air permukaan bertemu dengan bebatuan panas dibawahnya. Mineral belerang yang terlarut di dalam air pemandian Danau Ranau membuatnya ampuh mengatasi masalah kulit pengunjung yang berendam didalamnya.

hot spring water volcano ranau lake south sumatra danau ranau pemandian air panas agya blog competition

Steaming Hot Ranau Lake Hotspring

Suhu pemandian air panas Danau Ranau berkisar andara 30-40C, semakin dekat dengan sumbernya maka akan semakin panas. Di tepi kolam terdapat tunel yang menghubungkan air kolam dengan  air danau. Aku suka duduk berendam disitu karena ada sensasi tersendiri saat air panas kolam dan air dingin bergantian menentuh badan. dari danau

danau ranau changing room volcanic hot spring water vandalism agya blog competition

Rasnau Lake Hotspring Changin Room

Fasilitas di tempat pemandian air panas Danau ranau memang seadanya dan tidak terlalu terawat. Ruang berganti pakaian dan toilet tersedia dengan kebersihan yang kurang memadai, sehingga kami hanya mengeringkan badan dan mengganti pakaian tanpa mandi di pemandian ini. Kami memilih mandi  ketika kembali ke Villa Wisma PT.Pusri. Satu hal yang kurang mengenakkan adalah penarikan retribusi liar oleh oknum preman setempat, kami menolak membayar karena memang tidak ada tiket resmi terbitan Pemerintah untuk memasuki area pemandian ini. Semoga dikemudian hari pungutan liar seperti ini tidak ada lagi.

lake ranau danau saouth sumatra banding agung agya blog competition

My Mom & My Causin Try The Ranau Lake Cold Water

Seluas mata memandang Danau Ranau adalah kolam raksasa yang siap anda jelajahi asalkan tahan dengan suhu dingin airnya. Mamaku dan adik sepupuku memutuskan untuk menjajal dinginnya air danau, namun aku memilih tetap berendam dalam kolam air panas karena tidak tahan dengan suhu airnya yang sangat dingin.

waterboom danau ranau

Ranau Lake Waterboom

Waterboom Danau Ranau dapat anda kunjungi dengan biaya masuk RP.50. Fasilitas Waterboom Danau Ranau memang tidak terlalu banyak, anda dapat menikmat beberapa wahana permainan air; diantaranya kolam renang, seluncuran air dan water bucket yang setiap 10 menit akan menumpahkan air dengan jumlah banyak ke atas kepala anda.

danau ranau lake ranau south sumatra agya blog competition

Capturing The Surrounding

Saat anda berwisata ke Danau Ranau jangan lupa mempelajari kearifan masyarakat lokal, bagaimana nelayan setempat menangkap ikan dan aktivitas transportasi, perikanan serta pariwisata yang semuanya terjadi karena anugerah Danau Ranau. Tepian Danau Ranau dipenuhi bebatuan kerikil kecil dengan air yang bening, anda dapat bermain-main air dan mengumpuklan kulit kerang disitu. Jangan lupa menggunakan alas kaki karena terkadang terdapat bebatuan atau pecahan kulit kerang yang cukup tajam dan dapat melukai kulit.

ikan bakar mujahir nila bakar danau ranau

Grilled Tilapia, Breed in Fresh & Clean Ranau Lake Make It Taste Damn Delicious!

ikan seluang goreng pindang musi rawas

Crispy Deep Fried Tiny Seluang Fish

Makanan paling terkenal dari Danau Ranau adalah ikan nila atau mujahir bakar serta ikan seluang goreng. Ikan mujahir dari Danau Ranau terkenal memiliki daging yang gurih dan tidak berbau amis karena dipelihara di perairan yag bersih. Ikan seluang adalah ikan berukuran kecil penghuni danau ranau.

danau ranau pelabuhan port lake ranau south sumatra agya blog competition

Pariwisata Danau Ranau masih banyak membutuhkan pembinaan, salah satunya adalah faktor transportasi yang terlalu jauh untuk dikunjungi dengan jalur darat karena bandara SMB II sebagai bandara terdekat berjarak 9 jam. Fasilitas umum seperti ATM yang belum memadai di Kota Banding Agung turut menjadi masalah tersendiri, terlepas dari kekurangan tersebut, kemurnian Danau Ranau dari industri pariwisata massal menjadi daya tari tersendiri untuk mengunjunginya. Ayo jalan-jalan ke Danau Ranau!!!

600 x 1200 pxl toyota

600 x 1200 pxl toyota

Authentic Indonesian Cuisine Delicacy at Signatures Restaurant Kempinski Hotel Indonesia

signatures restaurant kempinski hotel jakartaSignatures Restaurant in Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is presenting a selection of authentic Indonesian cuisines from five different regions of Indonesia archipelagoe over a five-week period for embracing Indonesia 70th  independence day, as well as the hotel’s 53rd birthday.

signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesia jakartaSignatures Restaurant Kempinski Hotel Indonesia is had a spacey dining room and outdoor smoking room

soekarno jfk kempinski signatures restaurant jakarta

The famous Jfk and Soekarno photograph on Signatures Restaurant

Indonesian food promotion 5 island 5 weeks signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesia

  • First Week . Sumatra Islands cuisines. 5-11 Agustus 2015 by Chef Marco Lim dan Chef Partogi Samosir.
  • Second Week. Java islands cuisines. 12-18 Agustus 2015 by Chef Budiyana Ramelan
  • Third Week. Bali-Lombok islands cuisines. 19-25 by  Chef Ketut Sumerata.
  • Fourth Week. Borneo islands cuisines . 26 Agustus – 1 September 2015 by Chef Meliana Christanty.
  • Fifth Week. Sulawesi & Muluccas islands cuisines. 2-8 September 2015 by Chef Petty Elliott
dedy oktavianus pardede dentist chef chef ketut sumerata

Mr.Dentist Chef with Chef Ketut Sumerata

Mr. Dentist Chef luckily can attend the Balinese-Lomboknese cuisine and here what i spot on; well this is actually not the first time i had Chef Ketut Sumerata’s dish, i’m pretty much known what i’m gonna had; a tasty Balinese meals!

The Appetizer

balung mekuah
Balung Mekuah is Balinese  beef ribs soup similiar to pindang tulang from Palembang. Balung means ribs and mekuah means soup, so it’s literrary translated as rbs soup; despite it’s spicy looks, it’s actually very light and i guess this just perfect to tickling the taste buds as apptizer, slurrpingly delicious!!!
Bali Beef ribs soup balum mekuah signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
I really lovin it, hence i photogrpah it over and over; people used to served balung mekuah with rice but i felt comfort to digging it on it’s own.
balung mekuah beef ribs soup balinese spicy broth turmeric signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
srombotan salad bali signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
 Serombotan, Balinese salad similiar to Urab with nice tangy kaffir lime dressing and some Balinese base genep or yellow basis seasoning made of turmeric and other spices.
dentist chef restaurant review signatures kempinski hotel indonesia
 Serombotan is actually a compliment of Balinese Mix rice but feel free to enjoying it as appetizer.
The Carbs;
Nasi goreng bali balinese fried rice signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Nasi Goreng Bali, one Balinese delicacy fried rice with  mild spicy taste, it’s flavoursull and really comforting for my Indonesian licking.
Mie kober denpasar spicy hot bali noodle signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Mie Kober Denpasar, a very hot and spicy stir fried noodle with bird eye chili sambal. This is the really spicy, i’m Indonesian and it’s embarrasing that i can’t barely stand it, but my lady partner really enjoying it.
Main Course :
bebek betutu spicy bali duck stew tender signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Bebek Betutu is a Balinese dish of  roasted  duck on Balinese spices. What i really adore about Chef ketut Sumerata is how he used to use local duck instead of imported peking duck for this bebek betutu. Local breed duck gotta threat carefully to turn it into this delicacy and i really appreciate the effort he made this far.
betutu duck
betutu duck balinese duck tender spicy bebek betutu signatures restaurant kempinski jakartaThe bebek betutu is definitely tender because it’s slowly roasted for several hours until the meat it’s fallen off the bone! All the spices penetratedd into the duck meat and made it lovely even more.
dentist chef balinese cuisine review
This is Mr. Dentist Chef Nasi Campur Bali !
tum ayam steamed chicken signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Tum Ayam, a Spicy chicken with yellow-reddish spices, very tender and moist with nice light seasoning. You can served the steamed chicken in banana leaves with some sambal but i’m fine wothout the sambal.
tum ikan steamed fish banana leaf spicy balinese steamed grouper turmeric
Brengkes Ikan, a  spicy spanish mackerel fish fillet with yellowish turmerik and sand ginger spice, very nice!
sate ayam plecing bali signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Sate Ayam plecing, a bamboo skewered chicken breast dressed with spicy chili sambal. I really enjoy  the tangy sambal plecing with nice hint of of tiny local kaffir limes flavour on it.
sate ayam plecing
salmon mekuah signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Salmon mekuah, a spicy and sour salmon head soup. i really enjoying this because it’s similiar to Palembangnese pindang ikan, but the sour agent was bilimbi fruit instead of tamarind or cherry tomato.
plecing kangkung spicy kangkoong water spinach chili morning glory signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesia jakart
 Kangkung plecing, plecing is Balinese translation of chili sambal and kangkung is actually water spinach or morning glory vegetables. I guess this is the most consumed veggies among indonesia, this plecing kangkung is just lovely; despite it’s vivid red color it’s actually not that hot and spicy thou.
plecing kangkung
balinese shredded chicken salad ayam pelalah signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Ayam pelalahAyam Pelalah, a shredded chicken salad made of steamed chicken breast with nice kicking red shallots dressin
opor ayam braised chicken white curry signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta

Opor ayam is a white curry chicken , i thought opor was from Central Java and nver known that opor ayam is also a part of Balinese cuisine.

  opor ayam indonesian chicken white curry signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
 For those who doesn’t like spicy food maybe this opor ayam is your sanctuary and comforting food, lol.
  Ayam Taliwang balinese spicy grilled chicken lombok island signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Ayam Taliwang, grilled ichicken with Spicy Lomboknese spices. I can’t stand the ammount of peper the chef using in this dish.
ayam mekalas bali signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Ayam Mekalas, Shredded grilled chicken with curry like yellowish cucunut seasoning. Lovin the smokey flavour on it; it’s also moist because the chicken is cooked with the coconut seasoning right after it’s grilled and shredded.
ayam mekalas signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
daging bumbu bali signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Daging bumbu bali, a Balinese spicy stewed beef using generous amount of chili on it. The chef using beef shank for this daging bumbu bali, cooked slowly untl the sinew and tough connective tissue turn into transparant gelatine and tender, scrumptious dish!!!
The Dessert!
pisang rai bali banana wrapped in rice flour dessicated coconut signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Pisang Rai, a muct have dessert on Balinese restaurant; nice and sweet plantain wrapped in rice flour and then rolled in dessicated coconut flesh and then steamed. lovely!!!bubur injin bali ketan hitam balinese Black glutinous rice porridge dessert black sticky rice bubur injin bali signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Bubur injin,  swetened black glutious rice porridge that served with savoury boiled coconut milk. the colaboration of sweet and goey black glutinous rice with salty and creamy coconut milk is definitely damn delicious!!!
Just when you think it’s already over; prepare yourself to indulging a next culinary journey. Signatures Restaurant Kempinski Hotel Indonesia got exquisite multi national buffet dining menu; so ypu can extend your tummy capacity and git it a try;

Seafood Station:

seafood buffet signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesiaAwesome selection of seafood desplayed today; tiger prawn, shrimp, New Zealand Mussel, flower crab and mud crab. The seafood alse served with several kind of sauces to dip it too.

boiled cockle clams seafood platter buffet signatures restaurant kempinski hotel jakartaBoiled Kerang tahu or tofu cockle; i really lovin it!!!

Japanese Station

udon japanese noodle soup signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
My partned had some udon noodle soup that prepared bt the staff as the custore asking for it; it’s nice!
Nice selection of sashimi; it’s so fresh and lovely. I had tuna tataki, salmon, tuna and seabass sashimi.
sashimi platter salmon belly raw tuna seabass seared tuna octopus signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesia jakartaWe even dicide to had our second plate of sashimi because it’s really that good!dentist chef sushi selection signatures restaurant kempinski hotel indonesiaPlenty delicious japanese sushi on my plate
The Carving Station
slow roasted beef ribeye kempinski hotel jakarta signatures restaurant
Slow roasted beef ribeye, really lovely; tender, juicy, beefy and well seasoned. You can choose served it with sauteed vegetables and your preference sauce. I served my roasted ribeye with mushrooms sauce!
beef ribeye slow roasted mushrooms sauce dentist chef kempinski hotel jakarta signatures restaurantribeye roast signatures kempinski hotel indonesia
Roasted Leg of lamb; it’s cooked into perfection just like i liking it! the boneless leg of lamb well seasoned and cooked until pingkish medium done,roasted lamb leg mushrooms sauce kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta signatures restaurant
Asian Station:
roasted chicken wings roasted duck char siew red chinese style roast signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
Roasted peking duck and char siew chicken wing looks so tempting to try!
The Dessert!
maccaron ice cream sandwich signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
 I’m not a dessert person, but this maccaron ice cream sandwich popsickle is really tempting me to give it a try!
Yuzu Lemon Cheesecake in Glass signatures restaurant Kempinski hotel indonesia jakarta
This is preserved yuzu orange cheese cake in glass is really something to died for, lovin it’s creamy, cheesy and citrusy tangy flavour!
 Overall Signature Restaurant Kempinski Hotel Indonesia served an excellent dining experience; excellent service  with nice and authentic Bali-Lombok authentic cuisine with well known guess chef and i salute fot the dedication to represent and promote the Indonesian traditional cuisine. Thankyou Kempinski Hotel Indonesia!

Weekday lunch: Rp. 265.000++/pax
Weekend brunch: Rp. 360.000++/pax
All week dinner: Rp. 285.000++/pax

Reservation: 021 2358 3898

Opening hours:
Lunch: 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm
Dinner: 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Signature Restaurant 
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta 10310
Tel: 2358 3800

Recipe Lobster Rendang Indonesian Spicy Curry

recipe lobster rendang grilled crayfish spicy curryLobster Rendang Curry Recipe. Spinny lobster or tropical rock lobster pan grilled with spicy rendang sauce. Rendang or mostly known as rendang daging or beef rendang is typically Indonesian spicy beef curry that cooked slowly with constant gentle stirring for several hours until the spices got dark brown color when it well caramelized. Dentist Chef had ever post the Ultimate Beef Rendang Step by Step Recipe  if you want to test the damn delicious CNN NO. 1 World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods’ list.

grilled lobster spicy chili curry rendang coconut milk braised prawn rock lobster crayfish dentist chef

lobster rendang recipe dentist chef rendang udang bakarLobster with the spicy rendang curry sauce, i want made it right so it simply means i need to made the spicy rendang sauce and the coconut cream caramelized and browned before the lobster tail meat overcooked and turned into unedible dried and tough.

lobster spicy grilled curry rendang lobster

lobster rendang grilled spinny lobster spicy curry barbeque sauce recipeBefore we takling about rendang, i should acknowledge you that In Minangkabau culinary tradition, there are stages of Rendang spice doness. Rendang doness category is according to the liquid content in cooked coconut milk, ranges from the soupy most wet to the most dry: Gulai Kalio Rendang. The  spices ingredients of gulai, kalio and rendang is almost identical with the exceptions that gulai usually uses less red chilli pepper and got more turmeric, while rendang uses more varieties of  spices.

rendang lobster udang pedas padang kari lobster bakarWhen you making rendang and you stop to cooked it right when the meat is done and the coconut milk has reached its boiling point, you have gulai. If the process continues well until the coconut milk is partly evaporated with brownish colored meats, then you have kalio. When the process continued hours more until the liquid completely evaporated and the color turns to dark brown almost black in color, then you have rendang. According to this notions, the real rendang is those with less liquid contents.

lobster rendang indonesia recipe dentist chefThe colors also indicate of rendang spices doness; rendang is dark brown while gulai have light yellow color and  kalio is brown, and  However, today there are two kinds of rendangs commonly found: dried and wet. Dentist Chef Beef Rendang  show the step by step pictorial of Indonesian rendang doness.

resep rendang udang lobster pedas padang lobster bakar kari pedas padang

pan fried lobster spicy curry rendang sauce lobster rock prawn spicy chili

Making rendang lobster is kinda tricky; you need to USE THE HIGEST HEAT of your stove to fasten the caramelisation of the rendang curry sauce, USING NON STICKY SHALLOW & WIDE GRILLING PAN also made the evaporation of the liquid even better, using non sticky pan also help prevent the rendang spices sticked in the bottom and burned out because you using very high heat while cooking it. USING THICK COCONUT CREAM instead of thin coconut milk it’s a must if you want to make lobster rendang curry because too much liquid on the coconut milk made it boil instead of “fried” the spices and the spices need more time to caramelized, in the other hand the liquid vapour steam the lobster meat insde and made it tent to be overcooked even more. If you attemp to made prawn rendang, shrimp rendang or other seafood rendang this tips is also applied!

Now, let’s we begin to make LOBSTER RENDANG CURRY!!!

lobster pan fried grilled crayfishFirst  you need to cut the lobster into  two equal pieces and seasoned it with, lime juice, salt and white peppercorn.  Heat up some oli in the shallow & wide grilling pan then sear the meat side down until it slighly chareed in the outside. Hear the nice sizzling sound of it when you sear the lobster meat.

recipe pan grilled lobster crayfish pan fried curry rendang lobster crayfish

Turn the lobster meat side up and then sear the shell side down for another 1 minutes. You should need a sizzling sound  and you know you’re doing it right!

lobster curry recipe spicy coconut spinny lobster curried chili garlic turmeric grilled lobsterPour the rendang curry spices, oven the lobster, basting the lobster with it then let the spices sauteed with the oil and completely evaporated with nice sizzling sound. Keep stirring the spices to let it cooked evenly.

lobster curry coconut cream braised crayfish spinny lobster rendang udangTurn down the heat a little bit then pour the heavy coconut cream to the lobster and rendang spices. Keep stirred the rendang spices to let it distributed evenly and let the water evaporates even better. You will see the coconut cream made the rendang spices had whitish creamy color

lobster pan grilled crayfish rendang curry grilled spinny lobster crayfish pan searedThe lobster rendang sauce color now slowly turned out darker when the coconut cream renderred into coconut oil and “fried” the spices once it evaporated. This process is the key of success of lobster rendang, when you see the cream rendered into oil, you need to turn the heat into medium unless you burned out the spices. Keep stirring and distributes the rendang sauce into the lobster meat and stop the cooking process once your lobster meat is perfectly cooked. Making lobster rendang is much more quickl only take about 15-20 minutes for medium size lobster (350-500grams) compare to beef rendang that takes 4 hours.

lobster rendang indonesia recipe dentist chef

Lobster Rendang Recipe:


  • 1 Medium Size Lobster (350-500 grams)
  • 1 medium size lemon or lime, squeezed out the juice
  • 200 ml thick  coconut cream
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil (minyak sayur)

Indonesian Rendang Spice Paste  Recipe:

  • 12 red shallots (bawang merah)
  • 6 cloves garlic (bawang putih)
  • 30 gr red chillies or cayenne pepper (cabe merah)
  • 10 bird eye chilies
  • 1/2 tsp HOMEMADE GARAM MASALA SPICE MIXTURE (bumbu rendang/ bubuk kari)
  • 1 lemongrass (sereh), get the soft part in the middle
  • 4 cm ginger (jahe)
  • 3 cm galagal (laos)
  • 2 cm turmeric (kunyit)
  • 2 candlenuts (kemiri)
  • 1/4 nutmeg
  • 1 cm cinnamon
  • 2 cloves (cengkeh)
  • 1 green cardamon (kapol/kapulaga hijau india)
  • 1/4 tsp white pepeprcorn
  • salt to taste
  • 20 ml water

Instruction :

How to Make Indonesian Beef Rendang:

  • Put all the rendang spice paste in a food processor, then process it until smooth, set aside
  • Kill the lobster, clean, cut it in the middle into two equual part, pat it dry
  • Season the lobster all over, with lime or lemon juice, salt and peper, set aside
  • Heat up the oil in a in the shallow & wide grilling with high heat, pan then sear the lobster meat side down until it slighly charred in the outside.
  • Flip the lobster shell side down and sear the shell side.
  • Pour the rendang spice paste, then saute the spice paste with high heat until the spices is throughly cooked. Visual aspect is the key! the oil is slowly separated and formed in the edge.
  • Keep stirring and basting the lobster with the rendang spice paste to let it evenly cooked
  • Lower the heat into medium then pour the heavy coconut cream, stir it and  let it boil and slightly evaporated
  • Continue stirring the rendang mixture until the oil is separated or driven off from the mixture
  • Keep basting the lobster meat with the rendang curry spices and let it caramelized evenly
  • Continue stirring the rendang sapices and flipping the lobster until you’ve got rendang  lobster with a nice caramelized dark brown color
  • Keep doing this until the lobster meat is perfecty cooked, add more water if necessery to prevent the rendang spices burned out.
  • Serve the lobster rendang with steaming hot rice

Opensnap, A Taste Through Eyes Restaurant-Dining Guide Application for Foodies

opensnap indonesia cara menggunakan aplikasi open snap (2)

Opensnap Taste Through Eyes Dining Guide Application

Opensnap, a brand new open rice restaurant dining guide application! It’s a hitz newbie restaurant/dining guide. Wait a minute, when you think you ain’t down for it? Why should you installed it ? Simply because with Opensnap Restaurant Guide you can taste within your eyes! Opensnap Application it’s more like the “instagram” for foodies.

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Opensnap on Dentist Chef’s Smart Phone

Opensnap Photo Dining Guide Application users  find the hits restaurant spots through food photographs, yeah that’s “the why”!!! Opensnap App provide a dinning guide through out Asia  covering with millions of damn delicious looking food photograps through China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and  Indonesia.

dentist chef opensnap aplikasi restoran review makanan foto r

Mr. Dentist Chef’s Opensnap’s Account

opensnap indonesia cara menggunakan opensnap cara pakai aplikasi opensap - Copy

Capture First Eat Later!

Opensnap Application for Foodie is just perfect for Mr.Dentist Chef, this is what i’m waiting for because i’m a food photography fanatics, i like to sharing damn delicious food photographs. This is what makes Opensnap and OpenRice different; Openrice is way more focun of food review and pardon me because i guess i’m not that good at it.

opensnap offers nearby promo promotion review opensnap application dining guide indonesia

 Opensnap Hottest Nearby Promo!

Opensnap App provide the fastest way to find the dish you craving for without typing it. The dish rate is provided in Opensnap Ranking and you also can Personalized Bookmark, and Album of your favourite location, hot offers, and restaurant without writing because it’s syncronised  and organized without typing according to your date of visit and the name of the restaurants. You will never be missed all the offers from restaurants and credit cards provider nearby you when you using the apps.  Bored of the old restaurants? discover  a NEW RESTAURTANT everyday!

opensnaps find foodies friennd feature social media

   Opensnap Find Foodies and Social Connection

Restaurant Photo Guidance Opensnap FIND FOODIE also provide personalized other fellow foodies who had the same culinary preference with your taste. New users can register on Opensnap via Facebook and tag friends with their uploaded food protographs and share it across user’s Facebook and Twitter account. Opensnap SOCIAL VISITED  feature made you can know what your friend’s latest meal  and their favourite meals. Last but not least the EVERYONE TAB feature made you connected and still update with all the seluruh foodie in your town. My goal is to upload more and more photo in Palembang to made the South Sumatra capital is feature as major city for foodies and not categorized as “Other City” futher more in Opensnap.

how use opensnap application

Every single delicious photo in Opensnap Restaurant Application also contain Adresses, Phone, Reviews, Signature dish, all within  a radius distance of 2 km and directly linked to the Google Maps, what’s more to ask then? Users can hunt down new dining options or browse for nearby restaurants via food photos uploaded by their friends and other users and yet you can filter the result by cuisine, restaurant type and offers!

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Saturday’s Cozy Coffee Cafe Searching on Opensnap

It’s Saturday, so Mr.Dentist Chef want to hang out with bunch of collegues and friends, Palembang is a Hectic City, so finding a new palce to chill and hang out is quite challenging. Thanks God there’s Dentist Chef Opensnap account and i’m going to using it right away..

open snap searching nearby restaurant guide

Saturday’s Cozy Coffee Cafe Searching on Opensnap

opensnap search food

All Information You Need To Know About The Restaurant Provided by Opensnap

I lived in the suburban area of Palembang, so nearby restaurant is mostly family restaurant, hence i use the Opensnap SEARCH FEATURE for “coffee” and the Starbuck Coffee is the first recommended result.I need some cozy and comforting coffee cafe for talking for hours with bunch of my friends.

review opensnap aplikasi restoran indonesia

All Information You Need To Know About The Restaurant Provided by Opensnap

The Opensnap MAP VIEW feature linked with my GPS-Google Maps guide me through the hectic traffic and the result it is very pleasing using this app. Opensnap is worthed for hungry foodie like Mr.Dentist Chefs.

opensnap editor's pick palembang most favourite food

Opensnap EDITOR’S PICK Most Favourite Palembangnese Food in Palembang, Trusted!!!

Opensnap EDITORS PICK’S is one of the best reccomendation that litterraty save my day! I used to give this Opensnap Recomended Palembangnese Food Restaurantin Palembang to any other fellow blogger or colleguees who  had the chance to explore the Palembang Cuisine. There’s a myths that food blogger know every single best restaurant in town, the fact is WE DON”T, well i think we know better than common people. This stigma allow my  friend who lived in the USA  and come visit Palembang this week asking me weather i know about Tekwan Model Toshiba ? and without further thingking i grab my smart phones and search for it. The next weeknend i can takem my friend to dining in Tekwan Model Toshiba all thanks to Opensnap, thanks God my credibility as a Foodie is saved because it’s kinda embarasing because i’ve never known about it without Opensnap, lol

buffet all you can eat jakarta opensnap satoo shangri la hotel jakarta

Opensnap Editor’s Pick Buffet All You Can Eat Reccomendation Leading Me to Satoo Restaurant Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

When ever i visit Jakarta, i always use Opensnap to search the best restaurant in the town. I’m not the native of Jakarta so i need a guidance for it, eversince i’m really in the mood for some nice all you can eat butffer; hence i I’m using the Opensnap Editors Pick’s  The Best Buffet All You Can Eat in Jakarta that made me landing to Satoo restaurant Shangri-La Hotel. Gosh i really thankfull that i’m using opensnap because Satoo is definitely satisfiying for it’s category.

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Mr.Destist Chef Trying Opensnap SELFIE

One feature that i really like is about this apps is Opensnap SELFIE i you can share your selfie or grupie photographs in the restaurant; and the photographs is in the selfie folder so you ain’t gonna pissed somebody with your face when he/she searching for the food photogaphs.

opensnap photo restaurant decor decoration ambience intetior exterior

Mr.Dentist Chef Uploading Opensnap Restaurant DECOR

Opensnap also allow you to upload the RESTAURANT DECOR, so you can share the interior and the exterior of the restaurant within the  dining scene which is really helping other user choosing the right restaurant to visit before hands because different dining occation need different ambience.

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Opensnap HOME COOKING, this is what Mr. Dentist Chef really love about opensnap. You can share your amateur photoghaps throgh the application within your fellow foodies and your photographs will be syncronized automatically like a pesonal photo album.

opensnap home cooking picture photo own kitchenWhat you waiting FOODIES??? Opensnap is TOTALLY AWESOME, have your own Opensnap Journey NOW!!!
Opensnap can download in the Google PlayStore and iStore.