Opensnap, A Taste Through Eyes Restaurant-Dining Guide Application for Foodies

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Opensnap Taste Through Eyes Dining Guide Application

Opensnap, a brand new open rice restaurant dining guide application! It’s a hitz newbie restaurant/dining guide. Wait a minute, when you think you ain’t down for it? Why should you installed it ? Simply because with Opensnap Restaurant Guide you can taste within your eyes! Opensnap Application it’s more like the “instagram” for foodies.

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Opensnap on Dentist Chef’s Smart Phone

Opensnap Photo Dining Guide Application users  find the hits restaurant spots through food photographs, yeah that’s “the why”!!! Opensnap App provide a dinning guide through out Asia  covering with millions of damn delicious looking food photograps through China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and  Indonesia.

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Mr. Dentist Chef’s Opensnap’s Account

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Capture First Eat Later!

Opensnap Application for Foodie is just perfect for Mr.Dentist Chef, this is what i’m waiting for because i’m a food photography fanatics, i like to sharing damn delicious food photographs. This is what makes Opensnap and OpenRice different; Openrice is way more focun of food review and pardon me because i guess i’m not that good at it.

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 Opensnap Hottest Nearby Promo!

Opensnap App provide the fastest way to find the dish you craving for without typing it. The dish rate is provided in Opensnap Ranking and you also can Personalized Bookmark, and Album of your favourite location, hot offers, and restaurant without writing because it’s syncronised  and organized without typing according to your date of visit and the name of the restaurants. You will never be missed all the offers from restaurants and credit cards provider nearby you when you using the apps.  Bored of the old restaurants? discover  a NEW RESTAURTANT everyday!

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   Opensnap Find Foodies and Social Connection

Restaurant Photo Guidance Opensnap FIND FOODIE also provide personalized other fellow foodies who had the same culinary preference with your taste. New users can register on Opensnap via Facebook and tag friends with their uploaded food protographs and share it across user’s Facebook and Twitter account. Opensnap SOCIAL VISITED  feature made you can know what your friend’s latest meal  and their favourite meals. Last but not least the EVERYONE TAB feature made you connected and still update with all the seluruh foodie in your town. My goal is to upload more and more photo in Palembang to made the South Sumatra capital is feature as major city for foodies and not categorized as “Other City” futher more in Opensnap.

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Every single delicious photo in Opensnap Restaurant Application also contain Adresses, Phone, Reviews, Signature dish, all within  a radius distance of 2 km and directly linked to the Google Maps, what’s more to ask then? Users can hunt down new dining options or browse for nearby restaurants via food photos uploaded by their friends and other users and yet you can filter the result by cuisine, restaurant type and offers!

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Saturday’s Cozy Coffee Cafe Searching on Opensnap

It’s Saturday, so Mr.Dentist Chef want to hang out with bunch of collegues and friends, Palembang is a Hectic City, so finding a new palce to chill and hang out is quite challenging. Thanks God there’s Dentist Chef Opensnap account and i’m going to using it right away..

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Saturday’s Cozy Coffee Cafe Searching on Opensnap

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All Information You Need To Know About The Restaurant Provided by Opensnap

I lived in the suburban area of Palembang, so nearby restaurant is mostly family restaurant, hence i use the Opensnap SEARCH FEATURE for “coffee” and the Starbuck Coffee is the first recommended result.I need some cozy and comforting coffee cafe for talking for hours with bunch of my friends.

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All Information You Need To Know About The Restaurant Provided by Opensnap

The Opensnap MAP VIEW feature linked with my GPS-Google Maps guide me through the hectic traffic and the result it is very pleasing using this app. Opensnap is worthed for hungry foodie like Mr.Dentist Chefs.

opensnap editor's pick palembang most favourite food

Opensnap EDITOR’S PICK Most Favourite Palembangnese Food in Palembang, Trusted!!!

Opensnap EDITORS PICK’S is one of the best reccomendation that litterraty save my day! I used to give this Opensnap Recomended Palembangnese Food Restaurantin Palembang to any other fellow blogger or colleguees who  had the chance to explore the Palembang Cuisine. There’s a myths that food blogger know every single best restaurant in town, the fact is WE DON”T, well i think we know better than common people. This stigma allow my  friend who lived in the USA  and come visit Palembang this week asking me weather i know about Tekwan Model Toshiba ? and without further thingking i grab my smart phones and search for it. The next weeknend i can takem my friend to dining in Tekwan Model Toshiba all thanks to Opensnap, thanks God my credibility as a Foodie is saved because it’s kinda embarasing because i’ve never known about it without Opensnap, lol

buffet all you can eat jakarta opensnap satoo shangri la hotel jakarta

Opensnap Editor’s Pick Buffet All You Can Eat Reccomendation Leading Me to Satoo Restaurant Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

When ever i visit Jakarta, i always use Opensnap to search the best restaurant in the town. I’m not the native of Jakarta so i need a guidance for it, eversince i’m really in the mood for some nice all you can eat butffer; hence i I’m using the Opensnap Editors Pick’s  The Best Buffet All You Can Eat in Jakarta that made me landing to Satoo restaurant Shangri-La Hotel. Gosh i really thankfull that i’m using opensnap because Satoo is definitely satisfiying for it’s category.

opensnap upload selfie picture how using opensnap

Mr.Destist Chef Trying Opensnap SELFIE

One feature that i really like is about this apps is Opensnap SELFIE i you can share your selfie or grupie photographs in the restaurant; and the photographs is in the selfie folder so you ain’t gonna pissed somebody with your face when he/she searching for the food photogaphs.

opensnap photo restaurant decor decoration ambience intetior exterior

Mr.Dentist Chef Uploading Opensnap Restaurant DECOR

Opensnap also allow you to upload the RESTAURANT DECOR, so you can share the interior and the exterior of the restaurant within the  dining scene which is really helping other user choosing the right restaurant to visit before hands because different dining occation need different ambience.

home cooking opensnap picture photo amateur kitchen


Opensnap HOME COOKING, this is what Mr. Dentist Chef really love about opensnap. You can share your amateur photoghaps throgh the application within your fellow foodies and your photographs will be syncronized automatically like a pesonal photo album.

opensnap home cooking picture photo own kitchenWhat you waiting FOODIES??? Opensnap is TOTALLY AWESOME, have your own Opensnap Journey NOW!!!
Opensnap can download in the Google PlayStore and iStore.