Resep Iga Sapi Bakar Bumbu Cabe Hijau (Grilled Beef Ribs in Spicy Green Chilli Sauce)

Resep Iga Bakar Bumbu Cabe Ijo ala Indonesia


Iga bakar bumbu cabe hijau adalah salah satu menu populer di resto iga bakar yang sekarang  menjamur di kota-kota besar. Bumbu cabe ijo menjadi menu wajib diantara iga penyet, iga rica rica,iga bumbu kecap dll. membuatnya sebenarnya sangat mudah tapi membutuhkan beberapa tahapan sehingga menghasilkan iga bakar yang empuk dengan balutan bumbu pedas cabe hijau.cara membuat iga bakar cabe hijau ijo enak grilled ribs


Green chilli pepper sauce with grilled beef short ribs is a popular Indonesian dish. Chili pepper also chile pepper or chilli pepper, from Nahuatl chīlli  is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum, members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The term in British English and in Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries is just chilli without pepper. The GREEN CHILLI is the chilli pepper that harvested when the fruit is unripe and it gives a special hint compares the ripe ones.

The substances that give chili peppers their intensity when ingested or applied topically are capsaicin (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide) and several related chemicals, collectively called capsaicinoids.Capsaicin is the primary ingredient in the pepper spray used as an irritant weapon. When consumed, capsaicinoids bind with pain receptors in the mouth and throat that are responsible for sensing heat. Once activated by the capsaicinoids, these receptors send a message to the brain that the person has consumed something hot. The brain responds to the burning sensation by raising the heart rate, increasing perspiration and release of endorphins. .e “heat” of chili peppers was historically measured in Scoville heat units (SHU), which is the amount of chili extract added to sugar syrup before its heat becomes detectable to a panel of tasters. Bell peppers rank at 0 SHU, New Mexico green chilis at about 1,500 SHU, jalapeños at 2,500–5,000 SHU, and habaneros at 300,000 SHU.

grilled roasted beef ribs green chilli spicy sauceIngredient /Bahan Iga Bakar Cabe Ijo:

1 kg, 2 piece, young beef ribs
1 tbsp lime juice, 1 sdm air jeruk limau
4 garlic/bw putih, haluskan/mashed
5 cm ginger/jahe,haluskan/mashed
1 Lemongrass/Sereh, geprak/smashed
2 Kaffir lime leaves/Daun jeruk purut
2 cups Water/Air, for boiling

Resep Saus  Cabe Hijau (Green Chilli Sauce) :

7 Shallot/ Bawang merah
7 Garlic/ Bawang putih
50 gr green chillies/cabe hijau
7 green bird eye chillies,
3 cm ginger/ jahe,
1/2 tsp Pepper/Merica bubuk
Salt/ Garam, secukupnya
Sugar/ Gula pasir, secukupny

Instruction :

How to make Saus cabe Ijo :

  • Grind all ingredient into a rought paste
  • Heat 3 tbsp oil, saute 2-3 minutes until fragrance
  • Add 1/2 cup water, let it boil
  • Simmer about 10 minutes until the rica sauce is thick

How to make Grilled  Ribs :

  • Drizzle the ribs with lime juice, garlic and ginger. Marinade adout 30 minutes,

Lumuri daging kambing dengan air jeruk, diamkan minimal 30 menit.

  • Boil 2 cups water, put the ribs, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, sa;t n pepper and  let it boil in lowest flame about 1-1.5 hours

Didihkan air, masukkan iga, sereh, daun jeruk purut, garan dan lada, didihkan dengan api kecil selama 1-1,5 jam

  • Drain the ribs well

Tiriskan iga sapi

  • Grill the ribs above charcoal until the surface form a little crisp layer, smear the green chilli sauce evenly, continue grilling until the sauce is dried

Bakar sampai setengah kering, olesi dengan saus cabe hijau dan bakar kembali diatas bara api sampai sedikit mengering

  • Serve with warm rice and the rest of green chilli sauce and Acar/ Indonesian pickle salad

Sajikan dengan nasi hangat dan sisa bumbu cabe hijau dan acar

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