Resep Ayam Pinadar-Manuk Namargota Masakan Khas Batak (Indonesia Grilled Kampung Chicken with Spicy Blood-Andaliman Pepper)

manuk napinadar manuk namargota manuk naniatur ayam panggang batak andaliman darah

Resep Manuk Napinadar -Ayam Margota

Resep Manuk Napinadar Ayam Margota Khas Batak. Manuk Napinadar is Indonesian Batak descent cuisine that made of grilled whole chicken and served with hot and spicy blood with andaliman pepper sauce. Manuk napinadar drived from the Batak Toba word manuk means chicken and napinadar which means cooked with blood.  Manuk Napinadar or ayam pinadar made from young or junvenile ayam kampung or malay chicken (native breed of free ranged chicken) than leaner and sweeter than regular chicken. The chicken blood for the sauce colected while the chicken slaughtered by incision through the carotic artery and jugularis vein in the neck. The blood dripping colected over  a mixture of jeruk purut or kaffir lime juice and salt mixture  to prevent the blood clotting.

manuk napinadar masakan batak ayam margota gota

Manuk Napinadar, Grilled Kampong Chicken with Andaliman Pepper Blood Sauce

ayam pinadar manuk na pinadar na margotah resep masakan batak toba tapanuli utara

Grilled Chicken with Spicy Blood Sauce

Blood is a part of Indonesian cuisines, it’s popular ingredients in non-moslem Indonesian descent like Bataknese, Balinese, Torajanese and Minahasan cuisines. Blood is also well known as a blood tonic in Chinese-Indonesian or peranankan cuisine. Majority of Indonesian is moslem and blood is considered as haram or forbidden in Islam,  so then blood based Indonesian dishes isn’t that popular and i guess it’s my responsibility to share the blood based Indonesian dishes through out the world. So, alternatively for halal version of manuk pinadar, just simply omit the blood or added some chicken liver puree to give the richness and the dark appearence of napinadar sauce.

ayam namargota manuk pinadar blood sauce chicken

Manuk Napinadar-Namrgota-Naniatur

andaliman merica batak lada getir szechuan peppercorn

Andaliman Pepper, Native Citrusy, Tangy and Numbning Herbs

Manuk napinadar got several name, it’s also known as ayam napinadar, ayam namargota or simply ayam pinadar. It’s similiar with saksang or manok dinuguan from Philippine for it’s spiciness and hotness, but chicken napinadar is superior for my licking for it’s andaliman pepper.  Andaliman pepper (Zanthoxylum acanthopodium native citrusy herbs similiar with Japanese sansho pepper or Chinese szechuan peppercorn that give a refreshing numbning and tangy citrusy flavour. Andaliman pepper or lada batak is an essential ingredients for kicking Bataknese cuisine ; Dengke Naniura  (Raw Spicy Pickled Grass Carp Fish), Arsik Ikan Mas Khas batak (Spicy Fish Stew) and Saksang Ayam (Spicy Chicken with Blood Stew.Ayam panggang napinadar or grilled chicken with pinadar sauce is so easy to made, First you should prefer the young and junvenile chicken with a small spurs. Male ayam kampong or malay chicken got firmer texture and sweet taste while the female got more succulent texture for it’s fattier meat and more sweet flesh compare to the male. I personaly love the female more to the male chicken for dorect grilling or barbequing  because the male tend to be dry and overcoooked. Ayam pinadar usually made from male ayam kampung for special occation or ceremonial, but the female ones likely found in domestic kitchen consumption.

ayam napinadar manuk margota panggang bumbu andaliman

Ayam Panggang Napinadar (Grilled Chicken with Andaliman Pepper)

ayam panggang bakar bumbu andaliman  pedas

Ayam Panggang Bumbu Napinadar (Succulent and Tender Grilled Chicken with Spicy Blood-Andaliman Pepper Sauce)

Ayam bakar namargota-pinadar or grilled chicken buterflied and flatened, if you like you spatchcock it to made it evenly cooked ove the griller. The chicken was priorly marinated with salt and pepper and a little dash of kaffir lime juice overnight in the fridge. Eversince the chicken is young, so i guess the collagen is breakdown easily by the acid marinade. My grandmother used to grilled the ayam bakar over  dry coconut husk charcoal for slow and constant heat. Agressive heat made the grilled chicken surface burned out while the inside still undercooked, so steady and low heat it’s preferred. If you using oven, i prefer to roast the chicken in low temperature about 150 C for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours until the chicken is tender and the internal temperature is about 75 C, so you need to stop the cooking if the thickest part of the chicken reach about 60-65 because it’s gonna reach anout 75-80 after taken out from the heat and resting. Temperature gauge is really help, but conventionally you can slice through the thickest part of the chicken, it’s cooked when the meat is white and the dripping juice is clear.

ayam na pinadar na margota ayam panggang andaliman pedas khas batak tapanuli

Spicy Blood and Andaliman Pepper Napinadar Sauce Drenched The Grilled Kampung Chicken

Now the ayam napinadar gota or getah or blood sauce, it should be rich, tangy, citrusy, spicy and how with bursting flavour of numbning andaliman pepper flavour. The chicken blood dripped in a mixture of kaffir lime juice, salt and some water directly once it slaughtered. Mixed the blood gently to prevent it clotted, but if it’s clotted, ust simply processed it in a blender before added it to the sauce. The basic  seasoning is red shallots, ginger,galagal, turmeric, toasted corriander seed, bird eye chili pepper and andaliman pepper. All the ingredients od bumbu andaliman is chopped info coarsly paste and then sauteed with oil until the spice paste is cooked, fragrance and the oil dripping is separated from the edge of the spice paste. The heat is turn off and the blood mixture is poured and the bumbu napinadar sauce is gently stirred until smooth and then the stove turn on and the sauce is bring to boil and simmerred for about 2 minutes.

resep ayam na pinadar manuk namargota naniatur ayam panggang andaliman

Manuk Napinadar Naniatur- Arranged Chicken

Manuk napinadar also called as Manuk niatur, niatur means arranged because the whole grilled chicken is cut into individual portion and then arranged in a serving plate to assable a whole chicken. The chicken is plated from the beak to the tail for a traditional festive occation then the blood and andaliman pepper sauce is added to drenched the grilled chicken. For birthday party, a whole hardboil egg usually added in the middle on the chicken as a simbolize for wishes and thanks for prosperous and wealth lives ahead. Eversince this is for a casual lunch in my mothers home once i got some time off there during the last weekend, i out some tomato rose garnish on it.

braised chicken blood stew dinuguan resep ayam pinadar stew chicken indonesian spicy andaliman pepper chili shalllot garlic ginger

Braised Chicken with Spicy Andaliman Pepper and Blood Sauce

ayam pinadar manuk saksang margota namargota napinadar braised chicken blood dinuguan

Ayam Napinadar-Manuk Namargota- Stewed Chicken with Spicy Blood Sauce, similiar with Dinuguan Manok from Philippine

This is a stewed or braised chicken with spicy blood sauce, the manuk napinadar grilled chicken is cooked within the chicken blood sauce and simmerred for a couple of minutes. Some wateer added into the pan to soften the added some moisture to cooked through the grilled chicken. This version of manuk napinadar is more popular in Batak Selatan or mandailing Batak descent where my mom’s comes from. It’s  sort of looks like chicken digunuguan or  bigger chunck of chicken saksang.  The spice paste of chicken saksang and napinadar is similiar, but the pinadar cooked  without any coconut milk on it.

resep manuk napinadar ayam gota darah masakan batak ayam panggang

Resep Manuk Napinadar or Ayam Gota (Grilled Chicken with Blood Sauce)

Resep Manuk Napinadar or Ayam Gota (Grilled Chicken with Blood Sauce)

  • 1  ayam kampung (whole Indonesian native chicken or malay chicken)
  • 1 jeruk purut (kaffir lime juice)
  • 3 daun jeruk purut  (kaffir lime leaves)
  • 2 daun salam (Indonesian bay leaves)
  • 40 ml minyak kelapa (coconut oil) for stir frying
  • garam (sea salt) to taste
  • 1 tbsp Andaliman pepper for marinade the chicken

Bumbu Halus Napinadar (Spice Paste)

  • 10  gr cabe merah (red cayenne pepper)
  • 30 gr cabe rawit (bird eyes chilies)
  • 100 gr bawang merah (red shallots)
  • 3 bawang putih (cloves garlic)
  • 3 cm lengkuas (galangal)
  • 2 cm kunyit (turmeric)
  • 10 gr ketumbar sangrai (toasted corriander seed)
  • 3 cm jahe (ginger)
  • 3  sereh, ambul bagian putih (lemongrass, take the soft white inner part only)
  • 3 tbsp Andaliman pepper (you can replace with szechuan peppercorn or sancho peppercorn)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Resep Gota /Saus Darah (Blood Mixture)

  • 50 ml air (water)
  • darah ayam atau 2 buah hati ayam segar (blood of chicken or 2 fresh chicken liver)
  • 20 ml air jeruk purut (kaffir lime juice)
  • 1 tbsp  garam (salt)

*mixed the water, salt and lime juice until well combined and then put the chicken blood dripping over it,  stir gently to prevent the blood clotting.

** if using chicken liver, put all ingredients and puree it just before added to the blood sauce

Cara membuat Saus Gotah or Getah Darah Manuk Napinadar (How to make the Spicy Blood Sauce:

  • Panaskan 20 ml minyak kelapa di penggorengan (Heat 20 ml coconut oil in a sauce pan)
  • Tumis bumbu ayam napinadar halus sampai matang  dan harum (Saute the spice paste in a middle high heat until the oil dripping is separated in the edge of the spice paste and throughly cooked)

resep bumbu napinadar ayam gota andaliman saksang

  • Matikan api dan masukkan campuran dahar atau hati ayam ke bumbu ayam napinadar (Turn off the heat and then pour the blood mixture, stir it gently)

recipe braised chicken with blood ayam gota darah bumbu saksang andaliman pinadar

  • Hidupkan kembali kompor, didihkan dan masak diatas api kecil selama 2 menit (Turn on the heat and bring the napinadar blood sauce mixture, bring to boil and simmer for 2 minutes)
  • matikan api dan sisihkan saus gota atau getah darah ayam (Remove the sauce from the heat and set aside)

Cara Membuat Ayam Kampung Panggang Manuk Napinadar or Ayam Namargota  (Instruction):

  • Lumuri ayam dengan air jeruk purut, garam, 20 ml minyak kelapa dan 1 sdm andaliman . Simpan di lemari es hingga bumbu meresap semalaman. (Marinade the chicken with kaffir lime juice, 20 ml coconut oil and 1 tbsp andaliman pepper, refrigerate overnight)
  • Bakar ayam kampung di atas bara api tanpa dikipas. (Grilled the chicken over charcoal with low heat)

manuk pinadar ayam pangang gota darah mudar

  • Bolak balik ayam agar ayam kampung panggang matang merata, angkat, sisihkan. (Flip over the chicken to prevent burned out and cooked the grilled chicken throughly)

resep ayam bakar pinadar gota arang tempurung kelapa

  • Potong ayam menjadi 10 potong, susun diatas piring saji (Cut the chicken into individual pieces, arranged it in a serving plate)
  • Siram dengan Saus Gota atau Saus darah napinadar diatas ayam panggang, sajikan (Pour the spicy blood sauce over the grilled chicken)

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  1. The splayed out barbecued chicken on the hot coals looks amazing. Quite an educational post Dedy – I didn’t know blood featured in Indonesian cuisine. Love the tomato rose on top!

  2. What? The blood sauce is not just that name? You used real blood? Okay…you really have to come over and make this dish, cause I ain’t drawing any blood from any parts of animal. You’re AMAZING!

  3. This looks fantastic Dedy. That chicken is amazing and your local pepper is perfect, such a pretty colour. I will try it with the chicken liver sauce, much easier than the chicken blood but I love your clear instructions and photographs. Fantastic! 😀

  4. Wow, this is wonderful! I’ve never used blood as an ingredient, although I’ve had dishes at restaurants that used it. Not the easiest thing to find in the typical US supermarket. 🙂 Great dish — thanks.

  5. I ALWYAS love visiting your blog! I know it usually starts with me squinting at the picture of your newest dish, trying to figure out what exotic ingredient you have been working your magic on. It is not unusual that I fail at guessing, but this time I almost said out loud: chicken! I adore chicken! Might sounds strange, but ever since I have been a child I have liked it so much that my mother still giggles from the memories when I say the word chicken now. But all this said, I have never had chicken prepared this way – what a fabulous recipe!

  6. A uniquely educationl recipe Dedy. I really enjoyed your explanations and details. Quite a learning expereince. Now for some samples:)

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  7. Wow – another stunner! Thanks for all the hints – I will probably have to use the chicken livers instead of blood! Your girlfriend is the luckiest woman on earth – I hope she knows it!

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