Recipe Spaghetti alla Bottarga di Tonno with Slowcooked Crayfish Lobster Tail

spaghetti alla bottarga recipe pasta botargo di tonno sauce salted tuna fish roe angel hair aglio olio

Recipe Spaghetti alla Bottarga di Tonno con Gambero di Fiume

Spaghetti alla Bottarga di Tonno con Gambero di Fiume. Recipe of Angel Hair Spaghetti Pasta with Bottarga or Salted Tuna Roe Sauce and  Herbs Butter Freshwater Crayfish Confit-Sousvide. Pasta with salted and grated salt cured fish roe sauce is a classic southern Italian cuisine recipe, packed with the goodness of the savoury and creamy sea flavour that easily blown your taste buds.

Pasta bottarga sauce recipe spaghetti botargo di tonno tuna roe salted stir fried sauce

Angel Hair Spaghetti Pasta with Bottarga & Herbs Butter Freshwater Crayfish Confit-Sousvide

pasta with bottarga di tonno tuna fish roe salted stir fried angel hair spaghetti lobster tail confit sousvide crayfish

Spaghetti Pasta alla Bottarga d di Tonno & Herbs Butter Freshwater Crayfish Confit-Sousvide

Bottarga with pasta is a fool proof recipe, so simple and easy to made, yet resulting a satisfying and delicacy dish. You can make a batch of spaghetti con bottarga in only 20 minutes. Bottarga is briny with a creamy buttery sweetness, smooth  and slighly grainy texture with a natural savoury sea flavour. Slighly fried it in low temperature heat oil enhanced it’s sea flavour and aromas.  If you love caviar, you probably loves bottarga and vice versa, but few of my friends who doesn’t love caviar lovin the bottarga once it cooked with pasta. Eversince i love both, so i served my spaghetti alla bottarga with Russian black beluga caviar.

tuna botargo bottarga di tonno butàriga tuna fish roe salt cure

Bottarga di Tonno, Salt Cured Tuna Fish Roe

tuna bottarga tonno caviar salted fish roe moist oily botargo crumble grated

Crumbly & Moist Bottarga di Tonno, Salt Cured Tuna Fish Roe

Homemade Botargo di Tonno or Salted Tuna Roe from Scratch. Botargo is a air-dried salt-cured fish egg or roe which considered as  delicacy in Mediterranean cuisine. Bottarga di Tonno is botarga made of tuna roe, while bottarga is refers product made of grey mullet fish or called bottarga di muggine which is the most pricey and expensive. Botargo di Tonno made from freshly extracted  whole sack of tuna fish roe, brined for 24 hours in 37% salt sollution to remove the remaining blood on it, then dusted with fine sea salt and marinated for about 24 hours, washed with cold water and then dry cured to mature it for about 14 days or more until it firm but not rock hard and had a pleasant seafood umami flavour. Beside tuna roe, bottarga can also made from roe of swordfish, halibut, herring, flounder, white seabass, weakfish or mackerel or other small size fish roe

bottarga sauce spaghetti pasta alla botarga di tonno salted tuna fish roe aglio olio pasta crayfish confit sousvide

Spaghetti Pasta with Tuna Bottarga Sauce with Freshwater Lobster Crayfish

grated bottarga tonno tuna botarga grated recipe topping pasta homemade cure botargo

Grated Bottarga di Tonno, Salt Cured Tuna Fish Roe for Pasta Sauce

Bottarga usually thinly sliced or shaved  with mandoline, or simply grated into fine powder using cheese grated before used  and cooked  with pasta. The grated bottarga usually slighly toasted with butter or oil for infused the flavour into the pasta sauce. Bottarga from ripe tuna fish roe got bigger individual grainy egg can easily crumbled once grated and it’s make the it blend and coated the pasta even better. Sliced or grated uncooked bottarga can be added over the top of the pasta as a finishing touch too if you like the raw bottarga.

sous vide crayfish confit lobster yabbies freshwater mudbug crawdad recipe lobster air tawar

Live Crayfish aka Yabbies, Mudbug, Freshwater Lobster, Marron

trick cook straight crayfish lobster tail recipe bamboo skewer how to poached yabby tail sousvide confit

This Simple Bamboo Skewer Trick Make a Straight Cooked Crayfish Tail Meat

This is crayfish or yabby, a type of freshwater lobster that had a very delicated sweet and succulent tiny tail and clawn meat once it cooked properly. Crayfish also known as crawfish, crawdads, , or mudbugs, and in Indonesia we used to called it lobster air tawar. I purchased this live crayfish at Hero Supermarket Kemang, Jakarta, it tagged 22 USD for a kilo and you’ve got 4 to 6 inches size crayfish weighed about 30-80 grams for each of it. You also can purchased the frozen yabbies or crayfish on Gourmet Supermarket like Food Hall and Ranch Market in Jakarta.

Spaghetti Bottarga Pasta angel hair bottargo tuna fish roe salted with confit crayfish sousvide lobster tail

Recipe Spaghetti alla Bottarga di Tonno with Slowcooked Crayfish Lobster Tail & Beluga Caviar

recipe poached lobster tail sousvide  crayfish confit slow cooked freshwater lobster tender succulent

Poached Crayfish Tail Herbs Butter Confit-Sousvide, Topped with Russian Beluga Caviar

This is a slow cooked crayfish or freshwater lobster tail look a like. The crayfish tail meat is sweet, succulent and bouchy tender if it’s cooked properly. The herbs butter butter for slowly cooking the crayfish tail using Butter Poached Spinny Rock Lobster Tail Recipe, but i’m using the low temperature waterbath sous-vide technique using my rice cooking just like my Sousvide Beef Steak Recipe. The whole raw crayfish or freshwater lobster packed with spices and herbs infused butter and oil mixture  then vaccumed by water submerging air replacement method on a ziplock bag and then put in a constant 60°C rice cooker waterbath.

pasta bottarga sauce stir fried spaghetti tuna botargo lobster confit sousvide crayfish aglio olio angel hair pasta

Spaghetti Tuna Bottarga di Tonno with Slowcooked Crayfish Lobster Tail

lobster tail sousvide pasta recipe crayfish tail slow cooked bottarga aglio olio pasta botargo angel hair spaghetti

Sousvide Crayfish Lobster Tail, Tender Sweet, Moist & Succulent

The basic technique of slowcooking  crayfish lobster meat is similiar, no matter how you called it; confit, sousvide or poaching, the only difference is the media. Gentle low temperature heat is allowed to cooked the crayfish lobster tail meat without boiling any internal moisture within the meat like on boiling or frying techique. This slow cooking technique make a tender, moist and yet tender lobster tail meat.  This technique also allow flavouring spices and herbs infused the tail meat. So, what should i properly called this slow cooked crayfish lobster tail ??? i think it possibly Sous Vide Herbs Butter Poached Crayfish Tail Confit, lol

pasta bottarga di tonno aglio olio spaghetti botargo tuna egg roe

Spaghetti con Bottarga di Tonno with Slowcooked Crayfish Lobster Tail

spagetti con bottarga pasta aglio olio botargo di tonno angel hair pasta lobster confit caviar beluga sturgeon pasta crayfish

Angel Hair Pasta with Tuna Bottarga Sauce

Now we making the bottarga sauce for the spaghetti pasta. First you should know that we want to slighly fried the grated  bottarga in oil or butter without charred or browned it otherwise it’s gonna losen it’s creamy texture and delicate flavour.  You can use only 3 ingredients; bottarga,  oil and pasta, yup that’s simple ingredients taste great, but today i prefer to infused garlic, chili and shallots flavour in aglio olio style into my bottarga sauce pasta.  So, i starting with melting the butter and oil in a nonstick pan, followed by toasting the finely chopped  garlic, shallots and chilli until sighly charred with medium high heat. Grated bottarga then added into the mixture, the heat is lowered until medium low than the bottarga continously stirred and sauteed to allow it flavour infused into the oil for about 2 minutes. The cooked pasta then added into the pan before the bottarga starting to charred, the pasta and bottarga infused oil tossed evenly, then a little bit of heavy cream added too if you like the pasta more creamy, now the Spaghetti Pasta con Bottarga di Tonno and Slowcooked Crayfish Tail ready to served!!!

Bottarga sauce pasta recipe spaghetti botargo di tonno tuna roe aglio olio stir fried pasta crayfish confit lobster tail sousvide

Recipe Spaghetti alla Bottarga di Tonno (Tuna Roe Bottarga Sauce Angel Hair Pasta)

Recipe Spaghetti alla Bottarga di Tonno (Tuna Roe Bottarga Sauce Angel Hair Pasta) :


  • 100 grams or more Homemade Bottarga di Tonno (Tuna Fish Roe Bottarga), grated
  • 500 grams angel hair spaghetti pasta (cook according to package instruction)
  • 30 ml  extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 red chili pepper, deseeded, finely chopped  (you can use crushed red pepper flakes instead)
  • 1/3 cup parsley, finely chopped
  • Zest of half lemon
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How to Make Spaghetti con Bottarga di Tonno:

  • Heat butter and olive oil over medium heat in a large skillet
  • Add chopped garlic, shallots and chilli pepper and stir until garlic slighly charred
  • Turn the heat into low and then add the bottarga then stirred it evenly for about 2 minutes
  • Drain pasta and add to pan of olive oil and pepper flakes
  • Add parsley, season with a little salt and pepper and toss until well mixed
  • Serve and top with super thin (shaved) sliced or extra grated bottarga and Slowcooked Herbs Butter Crayfish and finished with lemon zest.

Sous Vide Crayfish Lobster Tail Recipe :

  • 1 pounds (500gr) live Crayfish or Freshwater Lobster
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 sprig of rosemarry
  • 1 sprig of thyme
  • 1.5 tbs
  • 1 stick butter ( about 125 grams)
  • about 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Ziplock plastic bag

How to Make Sous Vide Beef Brisket Steak Using Rice Cooker:

  • Put the live crayfish in freezer for 30 minutes to put it unconcious
  • Brushed the crayfish shell under running tab water to removed any remaining mud or debris
  • Insert bamboo skewer in the crayfish lobster tail to maintain the shape once it cooked sousvide
  • Season the crayfish with salt, pepper and lemon juice
  • Put the crayfish in the ziplock bag, then add the butter, oil, rosemarry and thyme
  • Submerged the ziplock bag in the water partially to pushed the air out ouf it
  • Secure the ziplock seal once the air removed from the bag
  • Place ziplock packed butter and herbs seasoned crayfish lobster lin in the preheated waterbath in 58-60°C (i’m using my rice cooker without the lid cover and i cover 2/3 of the pot mouth with alumunium foil)
  • Let it sit in the waterbath for about 45 minutes, flip it every 20 minutes and put some weight to let the bag completely submerged.
  • Take away the sousvide crayfish lobster bag from the rice cooker waterbath, set aside until it reach room temperature
  • Peel off the crayfish lobster tail meat from it’s shell carefully, packed it with the melted butter and set aside until ready to use
  • Just before serving, heat the  melted butter from the bag until got a gentle bubbly boiling, add throw the peeled lobster tail meat, cook unil it’s warm and served it with Spaghetti con bottarga

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  1. Your dishes are always posh and exclusive unlike what I cook. I am including this spaghetti dish in the list of restaurant style food.

  2. Fish and seafood pasta that doesn’t have tomato sauce. Mmmm, I want, Dedy! But it has chilli pepper. You really like your food spicy 😉 Didn’t know yabby was a kind of crayfish. Sounds cute…and yummy 😀

  3. Looks so good! Salted fish roe with pasta, now, that’s new! Sure would love to give it a try. We can get that at our wet market, but not tuna though. Will usually fry and eat with porridge, very nice too.

  4. Such a beautiful dish – and with so many of my favorite flavors. I am going to cheat and use the tuna bottarga we brought back from Venice! ;).

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